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Examples Of Gig Workers: Best Gig Economy Work To Try

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We live in a world of rapidly shifting employment dynamics that has taken the conventional office setting we’re accustomed to and transformed it into something more flexible and adaptable.

According to recent labor statistics, about 40% of the US workforce, or 70.4 million people, do some type of freelance work. That number is expected to increase to nearly 73.3 million by the end of the year.

In this post, we’ll dive into the inner workings of the gig labor force and give you various examples of gig economy workers.

A Brief Background On Gig Workers

The gig economy was born out of a rapidly expanding field of employment and a growing need for flexible work structures. It’s the new face of the labor market characterized by freelance work and independent work contracts in contrast to traditional 9-to-5, permanent, and more stable employment.

This nontraditional career path opens up new, exciting opportunities across a wide array of industries and occupations. In fact, for many freelancers, gig work is their primary source of income.

What Is the Best Example of a Gig Worker?

Based on our research, the best and most prevalent example of a gig economy worker is a food delivery person. This is an industry that has opened up endless opportunities for restaurant owners, retailers, grocery stores, and the gig workers themselves who act as the middleman via these ad-hoc jobs.

What Are Key Indicators of Gig Work?

A key indicator of gig work is that employers are hired on a project-to-project or hourly basis by an employer or a company. Either way, they’re not full-time employees of that company.

Another indicator of what the gig economy offers is that you can choose which projects you’re more interested in working on. Plus, you can set your hours and you can work from practically anywhere that has a high-speed internet connection.

The Best Examples of Gig Workers

The gig definition has expanded in the past couple of years thanks to the high demand for temporary hires by both employers and employees.

Now, it’s easier than ever to participate in the gig economy and make the most of these non-traditional jobs.

To help give you some insight into this new and exciting workforce, here are some various types of gig workers:

  1. Rideshare Drivers
  2. Food Delivery Drivers
  3. Dog Walker
  4. For-Hire Babysitter
  5. Airbnb Hosts
  6. Freelance Writers
  7. Graphic Designer
  8. Virtual Assistant
  9. Digital Marketing Strategist
  10. Personal Shopper
  11. Landscaper
  12. Mover
  13. Courier/Delivery Person

1. Rideshare Drivers

Common gig jobs are those that offer wages for completing one-time projects, aka gigs. Even though they don’t receive a steady paycheck or regular income, this type of employment offers a more flexible work environment. hourly or part-time.

Rideshare drivers are a perfect example of this. Companies like Uber and Lyft take advantage of gig economy workers willing to offer their time and driving prowess to get us to where we need to go.

2. Food Delivery Drivers

A food delivery driving service is one of the most common gig economy jobs currently available. We’ve gotten so used to pulling out our phones and tapping out food orders that we can’t imagine life any other way.

Yet, it doesn’t only help make our lives easier. This industry helped many keep a steady income during COVID-19 when eating at a restaurant or diner was impossible.

3. Dog Walker

Dog walking can be a great way to earn some money on the side while being outdoors and staying fit. Plus, you get to give the dogs a chance to get the fresh air and exercise they need to boost their health.

One of its upsides is that you don’t need any type of training or certification to work. All you need is good time management, reliability, and the ability to provide these pets with the attention and care they need.

4. For-Hire Babysitter

Babysitting is probably one of the oldest freelance jobs around. And now, it’s entered the gig economy.

If you have experience taking care of children, then you can easily find work on apps like Helpr to connect with parents. It’s worth mentioning, however, that these platforms have a strict sign-up process. They also require hefty experience, several professional childcare references, and a CPR certification.

5. Airbnb Hosts

Do you have a spare room in your home, a guest house, or a condo suite that you’re currently not using? Even if you don’t own property, you can still rent it out and bring in extra income.

You can rent out your space to tourists, globetrotters, or business professionals who are in town for a limited time and need a safe, clean, affordable place to stay.

Airbnb is the most popular gig platform, but there are plenty of other sites offering similar services like Vrbo, HometoGo, and Expedia.

6. Freelance Writers

If you enjoy stringing sentences together to create meaningful, thought-provoking prose, then freelance writing is right up your alley. There are plenty of platforms where you can submit your resume, build a portfolio, and then wait for the offers to come pouring in.

The one downside is that competition in this niche is high. So, you may need to bring down your rates in the beginning until you can build a fanbase.

7. Graphic Designer

There’s an extensive market for graphic designers, and it’s proven to be one of the more lucrative side hustles because of the skill set required.

That said, however, the competition is fierce, making it difficult to land clients, even with an impressive portfolio.

Luckily, platforms like Dribble, 99designs, and Behance make finding work a bit easier. But, similar to freelance writers, you might need to lower your rates until your work gains traction.

8. Virtual Assistant

With the rise of user-friendly project management systems and video conferencing, there has been a growing demand for virtual assistants. In fact, numerous professionals and businesses have taken advantage of this low-cost, super-efficient service.

You can find job postings on many of the leading freelance websites like Upwork, Fiverr, and Behance. You can also visit sites like Toptal and The Virtual Gurus, which focus mainly on this profession.

9. Digital Marketing Strategist

If you have a solid understanding of marketing plans and know how to create exciting online campaigns, then you’re a shoo-in for finding work as a digital marketing strategist.

With this gig, your main role will be to design and execute online marketing campaigns for various businesses. You’ll need to find ways to generate leads to boost website traffic and drive up sales.

10. Personal Shopper

When you work as an online personal shopper, you get paid to shop for someone. If you love shopping, then this gig is a dream come true.

Yet, rather than spending your days lounging in high-end luxury boutiques, you’ll likely be shopping for groceries, beauty supplies, or personal hygiene items. It’s not as fancy, but it can be quite rewarding.

11. Landscaper

You can easily find lots of freelance landscape work because it’s one of those tasks that most people don’t want to do. So, if you enjoy being outdoors and are good with your hands, here’s your chance.

There are a couple of apps that offer various landscaping services, such as lawn mowing or gardening. You pick the project you want to work on based on your personal preference and skill set.

12. Mover

Anyone who’s ever moved knows how difficult it can be. From putting everything away in boxes to disassembling large furniture, it’s not something most of us enjoy.

So, why not ease people’s suffering and get paid to help them move? By signing up with an online home moving company, you’ll earn money packing boxes, moving furniture, and helping customers safely reach their new homes.

13. Courier/Delivery Person

Nowadays, most businesses offer a delivery service. So, why not join in and get paid to deliver packages in your area?

There are multiple apps designed specifically for this gig like Yelp, DoorDash, and, of course, Amazon. Some companies involve both on-foot and vehicle deliveries, depending on the size of the package and the location.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Prove You Are a Gig Worker?

The most common way to prove you’re a freelancer worker is through your federal tax returns and 1099 documents. These will serve as proof of income and show that you earn a profit from this type of work, which can come in handy when applying for a loan or renting an apartment.

Why Is It Called a Gig?

The term ‘gig’ is taken from the music world. In the past, performers used to book ‘gigs’ at various venues where they’d perform either short-term or one-time performances. Because freelancing is based on a temporary and flexible work environment, it seemed fitting to refer to it as ‘gig’ work.

Wrapping Up

What do you think of the examples of gig workers mentioned in this post? Do you feel you have the skill, talent, and perseverance to join the gig economy?

Then, start by doing your research on the industries that pique your interest. Then, find as many freelance platforms as you can, submit your resume, build a portfolio, set your wages, and wait for clients to come knocking at your door.

If you have any questions about finding work in the gig economy, please leave us a comment below.

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