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How to Become a Product Reviewer [In 5 Simple Steps]

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With the gig economy growing at an unprecedented rate, more people are looking to make extra money these days.

And companies are taking advantage of this and paying people to test products before releasing them on the market.

Being a product reviewer is a great way to make some money by reviewing items. But, the path to becoming a product tester can be tough and challenging.

We’ll walk you through how to become a product reviewer step by step.

An Overview of a Product Reviewer: A Primer

A product reviewer tests various products and services for companies and provides high-quality, in-depth reviews of their products. In return, you get paid or receive free products, making this a great part-time gig job.

The job is simple; you share your insights and unbiased feedback of your experience with the product through a written or video review and make money writing reviews.

This will help companies assess the functionality and aesthetics of their products before putting them out there.

And also help consumers make informed decisions regarding their purchases by highlighting the pros and cons of the product, how it’s performing, etc.

As a reviewer, you share your opinion with the client, who then determines any areas of improvement or if some changes need to be made.

Here’s a list of a product reviewer’s roles and responsibilities:

  • Researching and using products
  • Testing and evaluating products
  • Assessing the features, benefits, and usability of products
  • Identifying strengths and flaws and providing constructive comments
  • Creating an honest, in-depth review of the product
  • Providing unbiased feedback about your experience with the product
  • Staying up-to-date with the latest industry trends and new product releases

How Much Do Product Reviewers Make?

The average product reviewer in the United States makes around $57,392 a year on average, according to Salary.com data from May 2023. The numbers suggest the median salary ranges from $49,406 to $67,959 a year.

The salary can vary depending on several factors, such as region, education, certifications, skills, and experience level.

What You’ll Need to Become a Product Reviewer [& Associated Costs]

If you love to play and experiment, product reviews are a great option for you. But you need a few things before you take the plunge.

  • Good Writing Skills: You’ll need to have strong writing and communication skills to be able to provide detailed, constructive feedback on your experience with the products. Writing effectively will help you create helpful reviews. You need to communicate your ideas and opinions in an informative and concise manner.
  • Researching SkillsTesting products doesn’t require technical skills, but you need good research skills to learn about and understand the products you’re testing. Testing products involve knowing how a product performs, its features, and why consumers should buy it. You can’t give a detailed review of the product if you haven’t used it yourself.
  • Objectivity and Honesty: You have to be completely honest and unbiased with your feedback and opinion. Be transparent and clear about how you feel about the product. Don’t make any exaggerated claims or provide false information about the product. This personality trait will go a long way in building trust with the buyers.
  • Time Management: As reviewers, you often have to review multiple products at once, which makes it a little difficult to keep up with deadlines. You can use time management skills to effectively manage your time. It helps you determine what products need your immediate attention and what not. Prioritization is the key here.

How Much Does It Cost to Become a Product Reviewer?

The cost to start a product review side hustle is significantly less or none. You don’t need a degree or specific training, or any expensive equipment to review products.

However, capturing the details sometimes requires the best cameras for product photography, which in turn requires a great deal of investment.

While having a personal blog or website is not a requirement, it can help build your portfolio and gain subscribers, which ultimately helps increase your online presence.

On average, you could expect to spend around $50 to $200 to get your blog started. Apart from that, there are no strict expenses involved.

Is It Hard to Become a Product Reviewer?

Although no formal education is required to become a product reviewer, most companies seek individuals with knowledge of their products.

If you’re just getting started, you’ll want to register with one or two sites that offer paid product testing gigs. If you wish to do it full-time, you can sign up with several companies.

But signing up for an opportunity doesn’t guarantee you’ll get it. It’s kind of a lottery, and you may not get what you want initially. Don’t get disheartened. You’ll get there eventually.

How Long Does It Take to Become a Product Reviewer?

It takes some time and effort to find the right opportunities. You’ll want to avoid the companies that ask for money. Remember, all the legitimate product testing companies don’t ask for money.

As mentioned earlier, no education is required, but the time duration varies from person to person. Depending on your experience level, it could take just a couple of days to become a reviewer or a few months.

How to Become a Product Reviewer in 5 Simple Steps

A detailed, in-depth review should educate potential buyers about all aspects of a product. Here’s an overview of how to get started in a few simple steps:

Step 1: Find Your Niche

Often the first step in starting a side hustle, like getting paid to write Amazon reviews, is to identify the niche.

If you’re trying to become a product reviewer, start by identifying what products you’d like to test. You’ll be overwhelmed by just how many industries operate out there.

Identify your interests and focus on products that align with our niche market. For example, if you love technology, you could start reviewing electronic products, such as smartphones, laptops, smartwatches, headphones, etc.

Step 2: Create a Review Website or Blog

Creating a review blog or YouTube channel is the best way to gain some traction and build a portfolio before you put yourself out there. There’s also a trust element between you and your audience that takes time to build.

You can start with a single product category and start promoting those on your website. Creating a blog is a great way to monetize your work and gain subscribers.

The more subscribers you have, the better your chances are to be picked up by a company to test their products. 

Step 3: Sign Up For Product Testing Websites

The next step is to sign up for websites that offer product testing opportunities.

Product testing is a lucrative business, and companies are paying hundreds of dollars to people for testing their products before releasing them in the market.

There are several websites, including free product testing sites, Survey Junkie reviews sites, and Amazon review sites, that offer you money or gift cards in exchange for reviews.

Some of the best product testing websites or platforms include PineconeTolunaSwagbucksGet ReviewedSurvey JunkieClicks Research, and more.

Step 4: Complete the Screening Process

After you’ve registered with a website, you may have to complete a screening test.

This is an evaluation test where the company assesses your ability to write quality reviews and determines whether you’re qualified enough to do that.

The screening process typically involves completing a survey and filling out a form with your personal details, such as your hobbies, experience, skills, etc.

For example, a fashion retail brand might ask you if you’re familiar with every aspect of the fashion industry.

Step 5: Start Writing Product Reviews

Once you’re all set and approved, you can start writing reviews. You’re now officially a product reviewer.

You can share your valuable and honest feedback about the product to help the company, and consumers make informed decisions.

You should thoroughly evaluate the products, highlighting both the pros and cons of using that product, its features, performance, etc.

Try to provide as many details as you can and be objective. Share your findings in a clear and concise manner to connect with your readers.

Reasons to Consider Becoming a Product Reviewer

There are many compelling reasons to pursue a career as a product reviewer, like:

  • Sharing is Caring: Sharing your expert, honest opinion can help others make better buying decisions. The majority of people read reviews before making online purchases. As product testers, your reviews can influence the actions of your readers.
  • Access to New Products: Being a product tester has many perks. You get priority access to new and upcoming products in the market and use them before they’re even released to the public.
  • Help Sellers to Improve Products: Your reviews can help sellers to scale up their sales and work on the areas of improvement. This helps companies to evaluate the usability and functionality of their products.
  • Flexible Job and Salary: It’s an easy and fun way to make extra money on the side. You can work from anywhere you want as long as you have a laptop and a reliable internet connection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Website Pays the Most for Reviews?

SoftwareJudge.com is one of the best sites out there for writing reviews. Other websites that pay well for reviews include CapterraCrowdtapGetReviewed, and more.

Do Amazon Product Testers Get Paid?

It depends on the specific program or opportunity. However, reviewers testing through the Amazon Vine program are not paid, but they do receive free products.

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Wrapping Up

Become a successful product reviewer, and companies will come knocking down your door for your valuable opinion and insights.

Even if you’re considering this career as a full-time job, it opens up new opportunities and avenues if you’re serious about being a product tester.

Follow our guide’s steps to kickstart your career as a work-at-home product reviewer and make money doing so.

Like our article? Let us know your views in the comments section below. And share this article with others who might be interested in pursuing a career as a product reviewer.

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