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How Does Turo Work? A Step-By-Step Guide For New Users

How does Turo work? This guide will break down the platform and how it works at a high level, step-by-step.

Key Takeaways

  • Turo allows people to rent a wide variety of vehicles directly from their owners.
  • Users can filter searches by type, location, and features to find the perfect rental car.
  • Turo offers three levels of insurance coverage for renters, with no personal insurance needed.
  • Returning the vehicle on time and in good condition is crucial to avoid extra charges.

What Is Turo?

Founded in 2009, Turo has quickly become one of the fastest-growing car-sharing platforms, allowing people to directly rent vehicles from their owners. Unlike traditional rental companies, Turo offers a wider variety of models, makes, and even specialty cars you won’t find elsewhere. Moreover, they present an opportunity to make money from renting an unused vehicle.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of renting a car through Turo. We’ll explain how the platform works and what to expect during your rental experience in a step-by-step guide. So, let’s dive in.

How Does Turo Work?

Turo is like Airbnb for cars . Car owners list their cars, mentioning their make, model, features, and the required rental price. People who look for rental cars browse the platform, communicate with owners, and finally book the vehicles they’re interested in.

Owners set the price they see fit for their vehicles and can also specify or deny certain features, like allowing a pet, for example. At the same time, people looking for car rentals have a huge pool to choose from according to their budget and model preferences. You can also browse the cars by location.

Turo’s website and app, available for Android and iOS, streamline the process, making it fast, easy, and reliable. Once renters pay for the booking, they can pick up the vehicle, use it, and then drop it off when the rental period ends after agreeing with the owner.

Whatever the vehicle you’re looking for, you’ll probably find on Turo. The website lists luxurious, electric, everyday, pet-friendly, and other popular Turo vehicles to help you pick the one you desire.

Setting Up an Account

Creating an account on Turo is straightforward. Once you go to the sign-in page , you’ll have to enter your phone number. You’ll receive a verification code, and then the platform will direct you to the next page.

Turo requires that users should be 18 years old or older to be able to create an account. The age limit differs at other locations, so you need to be at least 21 in the UK and 23 in Canada. You should also have a valid driving license, and they should enter their real name and email.

Renters should notice that there’s a Young Driver Fee. This is equal to $50 if you’re under 21 and $30 per day if you’re under 23 in the US.

Turo might ask for further information for verification purposes, depending on the location . For example, one must have a driving license for at least two years and sometimes even more for some makes before they can list their car on Turo.

Once the platform approves your account, you’ll be able to search for and rent cars. The same applies to car owners, but they’re required to enter their vehicle details and other information that complies with Turo’s safety measures.

This process makes the app trustworthy for both car owners and those looking to rent cars. Your financial information is safe as all the payments are handled by the website.

Searching for a Vehicle

The Turo experience guarantees that you’ll find the right vehicle for your needs. You can browse all the listings on the website using several filters like the vehicle type, location, price, and features like automatic transmission and bike racks.

The filters help you narrow down your search to find the perfect car within your budget and available at your preferred location.

Every car listing provides details like the make, model, seating capacity, amenities, rental price, and owner and vehicle reviews. In the listing, the owner will decide if they can deliver the car or you’ll have to pick it up. Most owners don’t mind delivering it to the airport, train station, or hotel.

Turo encourages users to read the owners’ profiles and check the reviews, as they can get a sense of their response time and credibility. The website allows you to ask questions directly to the owner if you’re asking about a special feature.

Booking a Vehicle

When it’s time to book your first Turo trip, you should enter all your personal information, including your driver’s license. Your information will be reviewed and processed quickly and you’ll be automatically approved for future trips, including day, road, and business trips.

You don’t need personal insurance to book a vehicle. The rental agreement offers three levels of insurance: minimum, standard, and premiere. These levels will determine the coverage you’ll receive.

All the protection plans offered by Turo include a third-party liability. The coverage differs from one location to another.

Unlike most alternatives to Turo, this company allows several drivers to use the car, as long as they’re added by the primary driver. Hosts can’t do this, but only the primary driver can add them free of charge.

The rental agreement allows renters to cancel 24 hours before the trip starts for a full refund. If you book a trip due in 24 hours, you have one hour to cancel your booking free of charge.

Your host will rarely cancel your booking, but if this happens, the company will immediately help you book another vehicle by suggesting available options. You can also use the website to send direct messages to the hosts.

Picking Up the Vehicle

After booking your vehicle and having your booking approved, it’s time to pick it up. Owners either list where you can pick up your vehicle or offer to deliver it to you.

You’ll communicate with the vehicle’s owner to pick a convenient time and location to meet up and receive the keys for a handover. Most renters choose to have a thorough inspection of the vehicle and even go on a test drive to verify the vehicle’s condition.

Turo guarantees that your vehicle will most definitely meet the listed conditions because the website will remove faulty vehicles and fake ads. Exchange contact information with the owner and go over the vehicle’s document. You should receive all the keys, parking passes, and access cards.

As a client, you should follow the owner’s instructions, as owners will also leave reviews upon receiving their cars. For your safety, you can take photos or a video of the vehicle at pickup to protect yourself against any damage disputes.

You must comply with all the owner’s requests. They might request to clean the car before delivery or refuse that you transport pets in the car. Breaking any of these rules might result in the owner leaving you a bad review on the website or requesting an extra charge.

During the Rental

After officially receiving the car, your rental period starts. Be sure to stick to any mileage or geographical restrictions set by the owner. When you book the car, the owner will list instructions regarding refueling processes. Some owners will require a full tank of gas upon returning the vehicle.

Turo’s insurance coverage protects owners, drivers, and vehicles. Emergency roadside assistance is available 24/7 to guarantee a pleasant experience for everyone using the app. You can contact the company for issues like locked keys and flat tires. As a customer, you’re required to let the owner know of any mechanical problems or damage.

Returning the Vehicle

You should avoid having your account canceled by returning the vehicle on time and making sure that you don’t break any of the rental agreement points. Schedule to meet the owner at the pickup time and location, and they’ll probably inspect the car after receiving it.

Before you deliver the car, ensure you’ve removed all your belongings and be upfront about any scratches or stains. Give the owner time to document any changes, as this will allow them to settle any reimbursement for damages through Turo.

Mileage limits vary, so you might be charged extra for extra miles or sent a gas bill after you’ve finished your trip.

Once the owner has inspected the car, you can officially give them back the keys and this marks the end of your contract. It’s recommended to take some photos or another video of the vehicle when it’s time to deliver it to the owner to protect yourself from future damage claims.

In case of damage, Turo will handle the expenses, thanks to the insurance coverage you buy with your signup. Remember that customer service is available to answer questions and handle disputes.

Review and Feedback

As a customer, you should provide honest feedback about your rental experience and the vehicle. Feedback and reviews help improve the Turo community as they reflect your experience. People usually go through the reviews before renting a vehicle.

You can leave a review through the website or the app, explaining in detail how your rental went. Be fair and don’t make false claims, as the vehicle’s owner can respond and prove you wrong if you’re not honest.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Distance Included in a Turo Rental?

Turo sets a minimum limit that varies by location or vehicle’s value. You can’t change the lowest limit, but you can set the highest limit or even offer an unlimited distance.

Do You Pay Before or After On Turo?

As a client, when you book your trip, you’ll be charged $1 until the vehicle’s owner accepts your booking, and then you’ll be refunded. The platform will deduct the full amount from your payment method one hour before the trip starts or 40 hours after the authorization.

Can Renters Message Hosts Before Booking?

Yes, you can message the vehicle’s owner before you book to ask for any specific information or special features. Once you receive their response, you can confirm your booking.

Wrapping Up

Turo’s website and app are straightforward to use and facilitate the process of finding the right vehicle for your needs. As a car owner, you can make money from renting your vehicle to various clients.

If you’re looking for a vehicle for your next trip, download the Turo app or check the website now. You can browse different cars to find the perfect one in no time. It’s more flexible than most car rentals and there’s a vast collection that is nowhere else to be found.

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