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How to Contact Uber [for Drivers]

Uber makes things very simple for drivers, but unfortunately, issues do arise. When they do, you'll need to contact help. Here are the methods drivers can use to contact Uber.

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It can be dreadful to get in touch with a company via their support line, especially if the representative is having a terrible day or they seem to not like you for whatever reason.

But it’s better to obtain the answers you need than not get any help at all.

So, when users started complaining about Uber’s lack of support and resources, the rideshare company took action.

Over the last few months, Uber has focused on improving how drivers get their questions answered.

Designed to answer the majority of the questions you may run into while using the app, the FAQ page is helpful.

Despite this well-organized resource, every once in a while the FAQ guide is not enough.

To remedy this, Uber has created five different ways to contact the driver support team.

These intuitive methods make it easier than ever to resolve any issue you may experience while using the app.

To find out more about the five new ways you can now contact Uber, read on.

Note that most of the advice below also applies to contacting Uber Eats, as both use the same app.

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Use the Uber Driver App

Since you are already using the Uber driver app, it makes sense to try and contact the rideshare company by using it.

After navigating through the app, users will discover that there are two ways to contact support: by phone or in writing.

But, reaching these areas within the app is a bit tricky.

Users that would like to contact Uber via the app may choose to start their journey by tapping Account.

The next step is to hit the Help option followed by clicking on Account and Payment.

This will direct you to a series of Help sections.

Pick the best one that fits your issue (unless, of course, nothing sounds close to what you are experiencing).

If that happens and you want to contact Uber by writing them, look towards the top of the screen and choose “I can’t sign in or go online.”

Now, more than likely your question or issue has nothing to do with signing in or going online.

Even so, choosing this option will take you to where you can send a written message.

Once the next page loads, the screen will have a “Message Us” button on it.

You can now message Uber about your issue and start receiving in-app support.

Contact Uber Phone Support

As we have mentioned, the most logical place to start to look for answers is by clicking the Account option.

Users may locate this image at the bottom right-hand corner of the app.

After you tap Account, tap the Help tab and a menu list will pop up.

You will then have the option to contact support.

Those that prefer to communicate by telephone will need to select the phone icon, located in the upper right-hand corner

Bear in mind, when you do decide to call Uber the amount of time you have to wait to speak to someone will vary.

This variation is due to a fluctuation in call volume, so if there are a bunch of calls coming in you are likely going to be waiting a while.

[su_note note_color=”#fb7753″]If you would like to bypass having to navigate to this page again to call support in the future, we recommend saving the Uber phone number, 1-800-593-7069, to your phone.[/su_note]

To avoid long wait times, consider contacting Uber via writing or text.

On average, the Uber support team is a bit faster with written response than they are with oral ones.

By sending your pressing issue in writing, you free yourself up from having to wait on hold.

Also, be aware that Uber does have another phone number for emergencies only.

It’s called the Critical Safety Response Line, and you can use it to reach Uber if there’s a serious problem such as an accident, a passenger who has hurt or threatened you, or any other emergency.

As always, be sure to call 911 if you’re in immediate danger; once you’re safe, you can call the Critical Safety Response Line.

Send a Message Via the Uber Website

Users are welcome to contact the support team through the website as well.

This desktop- and laptop-friendly resource is another option users can use to contact Uber by writing them a message.

Keep in mind, there is one catch for mobile users.

Since the website is not mobile-friendly, the best way to navigate the website is by using a desktop or laptop.

Trying to navigate the site by touchscreen is time-consuming and we do not recommend it.

When using the website, users go to partners.uber.com first, then click on Help.

If you want to save yourself some time, enter help.uber.com into the search or navigation bar.

By doing so, you can skip the partners’ page altogether.

While scanning over the Help page you may notice that there does not seem to be a way to write Uber a message.

Don’t worry.

Although the rideshare giant doesn’t make sending a written message straightforward, it’s possible to do so (that is, if you know where to look and have the patience and time to go hunting for the option).

As a matter of fact, we tried it out ourselves.

After tapping through a bunch of different menus beyond the help page we finally got to an area where users can submit a comment or message.

To save you the trouble of having to jump through all those hoops, here is the direct link to the contact page.

Use Your Specific City Page

Besides web pages with important information, there are also city-specific pages to refer to.

These unique web pages cater to different cities based on location-specific information.

Contacting the support team through your city page may be one of the best options.

You will be able to get city-specific information on these pages, which can be more helpful than the generic support topics.

This is especially helpful for those of us who live in areas with unusual laws or regulations.

To-date, there are city-specific pages for the United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada.

Below are some of the top city pages:

Reach Out to Uber in Person

Sometimes talking to someone in person is the best way to get information.

It’s not the fastest way to get assistance, but it can be essential for issues that are too complex to explain over the phone or in writing.

Luckily, the rideshare company has a way for you to meet face-to-face with a friendly representative in your city to discuss support issues.

Uber has designated areas for this type of in-person support. Dubbed Greenlight Hubs”, these helpful resource centers are in most major cities.

Depending on where you live or work, the nearest area is not too far either.

To find out which Uber Greenlight Hub is closest to you, just Google “Uber greenlight hub + [NAME OF YOUR CITY].”

Bonus Tips for Getting Answers Fast

To assure that Uber customer support is able to help you in the best way possible, it helps if you describe the issue in detail.

By being specific, users are likely to get the answers they want and need quicker.

Also, keep in mind that Uber has automated a lot of their support services.

Uber designed their support methods to make sure you are able to reach the right resource the first time around.

Due to this, it is important that you provide enough detail in your message without going overboard.

Expect to receive an intelligent, helpful response back.

Get the Uber Driver Support You Need

Contacting Uber customer service doesn’t have to be a nightmare.

There are plenty of ways to reach out to an Uber representative now, so do not hesitate to do so if you are unable to find the answers you need in the FAQ.

Every day, Uber is taking the time to provide their customers and driver partners with the support and help they expect from the rideshare company, as well as coming up with new ways for you to contact Uber support.

It takes time and effort to improve a company based on user feedback.

This variety of options is indicative that Uber is trying to improve.

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