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Six of the Best House-Flipping Classes to Attend in 2023

House-flipping is one of those side hustles that can potentially replace your full-time job, but it’s not exactly easy. 

You’ll need to learn how the business works to set yourself up for success. One of the best ways to acquire this knowledge is by enrolling in a course dedicated to house-flipping and real estate.

This article discusses six of the best house-flipping classes you can attend this year. We talk about course length, course content, price, and more.

Comparison Table

Course NameDurationPlatformPrice
Real Estate Investment Graduate Certificate1.5 YearsHarvard.edu$3,220 per course
Secrets of Buying Auction Properties1h 43mUdemy$7.27 (original price)
Path to PurchaseN/ABiggerPockets.comFree
Real Estate Investing: Learn How to Fix and Flip, Step-by-Step Bundle2h 35mUdemy$26.32 (original price)
Home Flipping Workshop3 daysThe Home Flipping WorkshopFree
House-Flipping for Beginners 20hTeachable$497

The Six Best House-Flipping Classes in 2023

If you want to learn how to get into house-flipping, consider enrolling in one of these classes:

1. “Real Estate Investment Graduate Certificate”


Real Estate Investment Graduate Certificate is a Harvard University Extension School course that offers a comprehensive education to aspiring real estate investors. 

After finishing the course, students receive Harvard certification that proves their expertise without needing an application to register for it.

This course is excellent for meeting people from diverse backgrounds. According to the school, 29% of the course’s students are based overseas. Many of them hold a full-time job and are around 36 years old. 

You can complete the course over a three-year period, which is excellent if you have other time-consuming life commitments. 

What You’ll Learn

  • How to create financial models
  • Land uses and the investment opportunities they provide
  • How to analyze cash flows and measure the economic returns of your investments
  • The various real estate/house-flipping business “debt and equity partnership structures”
  • The real estate enterprise management, risk mitigation, investment strategy, and decision-making tools involved in the house-flipping business
  • The real estate cycle (including the way cities change over time)


Harvard’s Real Estate Investment Graduate Certificate costs $3,220 per course, or $12,880 for all four.

2. “Secrets of Buying Auction Properties”


Secrets of Buying Auction Properties is an Udemy course by Heather Boren, Commercial Real Estate Professional and Professor of Finance. Close to a thousand students have enrolled in her online classes so far. 

This online course provides a solid understanding of the real estate business as it relates to buying and selling auction properties. 

Over 24 lectures, you’ll learn what seasoned professionals like Ms. Boren know about finding deals, flipping your first property, how to get money to flip a house, and more. The course also includes downloadable resources.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to tell the difference between an investor and a flipper
  • How to think like a real estate professional
  • How to tell the difference between reality and fiction when watching real estate flipping shows
  • How to confidently invest in family homes
  • How to find properties to flip
  • How to evaluate properties to tell whether they’re worth investing in


At full price, Secrets of Buying Auction Properties costs $7.27. However, you can take advantage of Udemy’s monthly discounts and get it for as high as 47% off.

3. “Path to Purchase”


Path to Purchase, by the Bigger Pockets real estate investing blog, is a roadmap for beginners who want to get into the business of flipping homes. It covers everything from goal-setting to financing projects, networking, and choosing real estate markets to enter. 

There are two factors that make Path to Purchase an excellent choice for learning: 

  • It’s a free house-flipping course
  • You can choose the lesson format you prefer

Bigger Pockets provides its course as blog posts, video lessons, podcasts, and online bootcamps. Also, you can check out the forums related to each topic covered to learn and discuss with fellow students. 

What You’ll Learn

  • How to set goals
  • How to finance buy-and-hold investments
  • Networking in the real estate market
  • How to find investor-friendly agents
  • How to analyze rental properties 
  • How to do property inspections


Path to Purchase is 100% free.

4. “Real Estate Investing: Learn How to Fix and Flip, Step-by-Step Bundle”


Real Estate Investing: Learn How to Fix and Flip, Step-by-Step Bundle is a Udemy course by Khari Parker, a real estate investor. The course has 1,583 four-star reviews and close to 12,000 enrolled students. 

Throughout the 65 lectures, Mr. Parker breaks down the house-flipping process for aspiring real estate professionals like yourself. He delves into the investor mindset, reveals places to find low-cost deals, walks you through choosing contractors, and more. 

The course also includes downloadable resources and articles you can read to deepen your understanding.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to find, fix, and flip properties in the real estate market
  • How to choose hard money lenders and get pre-approved for a loan
  • Where to find referral services for real estate agents
  • Calculating rehabilitation costs
  • How to secure and stage a house for viewing
  • The mindset of a successful house flipper


At full price, this course costs $26.32. However, you can take advantage of Udemy’s monthly discounts and get it for as high as 80% off.

5. “Home Flipping Workshop”


Home Flipping Workshop is a class by a husband-and-wife team who’ve flipped over 1,100 homes and made over $100 million doing it. 

The couple, Glenn & Amber Schworm, provide a complete real estate investing tutorial and reveal their formula for success. Best of all, you don’t have to pay a dime to get access to their knowledge.

This three-day workshop provides a crash course on how to find great investment properties, raise money to finance flips, and so on. Based on the testimonials of former students, the knowledge you’ll get could set you up for success. 

By the Schworms’ estimate, if you apply the knowledge learned from the workshop, your first two flips could net you between 50 and 100k.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to obtain real estate financing
  • How to add value to real estate deals
  • When to hold onto an investment property to make recurring revenue
  • How to find deals and real estate opportunities close to you
  • Their formula for flipping real estate to make thousands of dollars


The Home Flipping Workshop course is 100% free. Provide your email to enroll.

6. “House-Flipping for Beginners”


House-Flipping for Beginners is a 20-hour course that covers everything you need to know about flipping houses (the real estate industry, design, and construction). It’s put together by the Austin Flipsters, a duo we covered in our guide to house flip shows

Together, the partners have flipped over 100 houses and raised $500,000 in outside financing to fund their projects.

The course’s instructors provide tips on rehabbing properties, obtaining financing, and other aspects of real estate flipping while sharing their most successful flips. You’ll also learn how to manage your construction team and market your completed projects. 

What You’ll Learn

  • Whether it’s necessary to get a real estate license
  • Whether you need a college degree to learn how to flip a house
  • How to find house-flipping investors
  • How much money you need to start
  • How to hire contractors
  • Whether real estate flipping is right for you


House-Flipping for Beginners costs $497.

House-Flipping Courses – Buying Guide

When choosing a house-flipping class, consider the following factors:

Course Length

While you can complete some house-flipping courses in as little as two hours, others require a significant time investment, in some cases lasting over a year. Depending on your schedule, you’ll need to consider a course’s length before making a commitment. 

Instructor Expertise

If you want an accurate and comprehensive overview of the real estate flipping business, you’ll need to learn from people with hands-on industry experience. Pay attention to the course instructor’s credentials when choosing a house-flipping school.

Lifetime Access

Most online courses provide unlimited access to the resources and information you pay for as standard. This factor is important because many course creators regularly update their classes with new information and downloadable resources.

Avoid courses that restrict access after a specific period and stick to the ones you can access forever.


If you want something to show for the knowledge you’ve acquired, choose a course that provides certification after finishing it. 

Please note that some certificates have more weight than others, which means the school you learn from matters. For example, a certificate from a prestigious university like Harvard is sure to impress your future investors and buyers.

Wrapping Up

The courses discussed in the article let you learn house-flipping online and they can be an excellent way to get the knowledge needed to succeed at this business. 

Many of them provide infinite access and certificates once completed, and are taught by instructors who are knowledgeable about real estate investing.

Ready to start your house-flipping journey? Sound off in the comments!

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