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House Flipping Business Names: 7 Can’t-Miss Suggestions

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A company name is a reflection of its brand. It’s a moniker that may someday reach household status.

House flipping business names have to be catchy yet concise, memorable, and mentionable on social media to drive interaction and get people talking about your business!

It can be a lot of pressure to search for the ideal name. That’s why this guide will take some of the stress off you, as we explore how to select a name for your house-flipping business and provide examples to inspire you.

The Importance of House Flipping Business Names

William Shakespeare once declared that “a rose by any other name would smell as sweet,” but Shakespeare never owned a business. 

Your company name reflects so much about your services, quality, and professionalism that it’s worth taking your time pondering the perfect one. 

Here are the benefits of house-flipping businesses having a professional name. 

Legitimizes Your Business

When you’re John the house flipper, you’re someone who flips homes in their spare time. However, John the House Flipper, LLC is a legit house-flipping business. Seeing that name on a social media page or the side of a truck tells you John is a bonafide house flipper. 

Naming your business will cause others in your network to take you more seriously. You might find it easier to build professional contacts as more doors begin opening for you. 

Builds Your Brand

Every business has a brand, and its corporate name is one of its biggest and most substantial components. Harnessing your brand cements your legacy and sometimes gives people an idea about your business values and what you stand for. 

Once you’ve established your name, you can create your logo, select your brand colors, discover your tone, and create a comprehensive brand representing your business values and objectives. 

Makes a First Impression

You only get one opportunity to make a first impression, and that often begins with your company name. 

A customer who hears your ad on the radio or sees your post on social media will have your name and little else to base their first impression upon. If your name is lackluster, you’ll elicit an equally underwhelmed response from your audience. 

You need an attention-grabbing name that sticks in someone’s head, reminding them to look into your house-flipping business.

How to Choose a House-Flipping Business Name

If you’re more motivated than ever to name your house-flipping business, but still not any closer to coming up with the name, here’s how to make your decision clearer:

Research Your Competitors 

You don’t want to call yourself John the House Flipper, LLC if there’s already a Jon the House Flipper, LLC in town. The names are too close and will cause confusion. 

Customers who might have gone to you to sell a home might choose the competition, and vice-versa due to the name similarities. Separate yourself head and shoulders from your competitors by creating a name that doesn’t match anything they’ve done.

Use a Keyword Tool

Think of your brand values as a house-flipping business. You should prioritize customer value, reliable craftsmanship, and high-quality work. 

These keywords can be a fantastic starting point for your business name search. Use a tool like Twinword to recommend suggestions based on your keyword input. 

For example, by typing in “house flipping,” Twin Word produces related keywords like “flip it house,” “fix and flip lender,” and “flipping this house.”

Any of those would make strong house-flipping business names if they’re available!

Utilize Your Family Lineage

If you’re a home-grown flipping company, push your family history to the forefront by naming your business by your family name. For example, you might call your business Michaels & Sons House Flipping.

This name is simple but distinguished, and if your family business continues expanding, future generations can take over without a required name change. 

Dig Deep Into the Past

Have you ever wondered how the iconic brand Nike created its moniker? The athletic retailer is named after the goddess of victory. 

Greek mythology offers no shortage of names to explore. However, you shouldn’t name your house-flipping business after a Greek name because it sounds cool. It should have some connection to your brand and values.

That’s why Nike selected its name. Its products help people excel, so calling itself in honor of the goddess of victory is a perfect fit. 

Use Acronyms or Initials

Discovering that the perfect name is unavailable can leave you crestfallen, but you’re not necessarily back at square one. Why not use the initials of the name you wanted instead, if that’s available? 

BBC, IBM, and BMW are three examples of companies that have risen to success based on using a contracted name. 

You can also explore the fun world of acronyms when narrowing your list of house-flipping business names. Many household names are acronyms, such as Nabisco, which is short for the National Biscuit Company, and GEICO, aka the Government Employees Insurance Company. 

Find Related Words

Expanding your vocabulary can sometimes help you alight upon that perfect business name. Thinkmap is a visual thesaurus that makes exploring words more exciting. It builds a branching network of related words that connect to the main search term.

You might find a more interesting word than what you started with by using a tool like this. That word could form the basis of your business name. 

Use a Business Name Generator 

If all else fails and you’re still drawing a blank, you can always seek the assistance of a business name generator. 

Many name generators are free, and some have even begun harnessing the power of AI to offer more intuitive suggestions. 

Shopify’s Business Name Generator offered these names for a house-flipping business in New York: 

Some of the names are quite innovative and perhaps exactly what you’re looking for. However, if they’re still not right, Shopify’s Business Name Generator will produce another group of names for you.

You can add more descriptive terms to your original keyword string to sharpen the naming suggestions, as seen here.

50 House-Flipping Business Name Ideas

Are you ready to get started brainstorming names? We used a series of online name generators to produce this list of house-flipping business name ideas to inspire you.

  1. Trendy Transitions
  2. Maven Mansion
  3. Chic Renovations
  4. ProHouse
  5. Crafty Crib
  6. TidyFlip
  7. Flipping Fabulous
  8. FreedomHomes
  9. Transforming Trends
  10. Borneflip
  11. Profit Property
  12. VertexFlipper
  13. Flip Masters
  14. Fliplyfe
  15. TwistedHouse
  16. Flipping Visionaries
  17. Resolve Real Estate
  18. Elevated Estates
  19. GoodFlip
  20. Flips&Finds
  21. Flip and Prosper
  22. Flipr
  23. Deluxe Digs
  24. Renovation Royalty
  25. Retroflip
  26. Boho Homes
  27. Smart Swap
  28. Investor Haven
  29. ParaFlip
  30. Flip Genius
  31. Renowned Residence
  32. Project Renovate
  33. CashHome
  34. Paragon Realty
  35. House Flippers Hub
  36. FindandFlip
  37. CashHome
  38. Flipping Expert
  39. Rehab Riches
  40. Transforming Trends
  41. Buy ‘n’ Bin
  42. Smart Sellers
  43. Rethinking Homes
  44. Hot Property
  45. Cornerstone Restoration
  46. TonedHomes
  47. Crafty Rehabbers
  48. Flipside Real
  49. Tartan Homes
  50. Wipeout Homes 

Best Practices for Selecting House-Flipping Company Names

Naming a house-flipping business is tough. You will initially throw a lot at the wall to see what sticks. Save yourself valuable time by avoiding these pitfalls: 

Don’t Pigeonhole Yourself

What’s the difference between a name like John’s Construction Services, LLC, versus John the House Flipper, LLC? One paints you into a corner, and the other has more freedom.

While a house-flipping business name such as John the House Flipper, LLC is straightforward, making your services unmistakably clear, it pigeonholes you. You can’t expand into other services without renaming your house-flipping company.

A name like John’s Construction Services, LLC is broader. Construction can mean fixing up homes for flipping, but it can also refer to new construction, custom homes, and house remodeling and renovations.

Who says you have to stop at residential homes? Construction can refer to commercial projects, too.

Likewise, watch out that you don’t limit yourself locationally. A name like John the House Flipper in Georgia, LLC will make it difficult to expand to other states if your business grows. 

Keep It Easy to Spell and Pronounce

Word of mouth remains one of the most effective ways to spread business awareness. A name that uses umlauts, accents, or unconventional spellings might look cool but is a nightmare to remember and will make it super hard to find your business online. 

The result is that people won’t bother trying, which will cost you opportunities for new business. By all means, maintain creativity in the naming process, as it’s supposed to be fun. However, don’t let your quest to create a unique name veer off into strange territory, as your house-flipping business will pay for it.

Catchy Is Good

A catchy name that sticks in someone’s head like a jingle will incline them to seek out your services or at least do more research into the brand. 

How do you create a catchy moniker for your house-flipping enterprise? Let your imagination roam free. Use alliteration (Carl’s Construction Co.), puns (Flippin’ Out Remodeling), and rhyming (Schippling House Flipping). 

Run a Language Check

Do any of the house-flipping business names you’ve curated sound exotic? If you used a language outside your native tongue to name your company, you might want to translate it to be safe.

Crude words can make it into popular vernacular, so just because a name seems appropriate on the surface doesn’t make it so. It takes only minutes to translate a word and avoid a reputation-damaging faux pas.

Sample Your Name

Sometimes, a name can sound good on paper, but when you begin applying it, it doesn’t work. Make a mock logo or draft a fake website homepage to see the chosen name in action after testing it on family and friends. Does it feel like a natural extension of your brand, or are you having second thoughts about it?

Sleep on it, and if you still don’t love the name later, retool it or switch gears. You still have the luxury of time, as your name isn’t official yet, so use it to your advantage. 

Learn Your State’s Naming Rules

You must register your house-flipping company with your home state. Depending on its corporate structure, you might have to use identifiers like LLC, Inc., or Corp in your house-flipping business name. Do not use an LLC if you aren’t a limited liability company or Corp if you’re not a corporation.

Ask for Feedback

Other stakeholders in your house-flipping company should have some say over the name, as it will represent them as much as you. Request the feedback of your most trusted partners or advisors, and consider what they tell you.

They might bring up good points about the name you hadn’t considered, causing you to reexamine it before proceeding. 

Is My House-Flipping Business Name Available? Here’s How to Check

Crafting the perfect house-flipping company name is only half the battle. Your name has to be available or you can’t legally use it for your business. State laws require new businesses to register a unique name.

If you don’t, you risk a lawsuit due to copyright infringement, which can destroy your house-flipping business aspirations.

Here are some house flipping tips for confirming the availability of house-flipping business names. 

Do a Quick Online Search

It’s not enough to type the name of your company.com. You might not get any results if the company uses a .net web address. 

Instead, use your favorite search engine to search for the name. If you don’t see any business websites using the name, it’s likely available.

You can confirm that by searching for house-flipping business names on Crunchbase, LinkedIn, and Yelp. You shouldn’t see any company names in your searches if the business is available. 

Contact Your Secretary of State

Each state in the US has its own Secretary of State Office that can provide guidance on the availability of the house-flipping business names you seek. If you discover the name is available, you can reserve the name through your Secretary of State. 

Check on ICANN 

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, or ICANN, is another invaluable resource. You can use ICANN for free to search by internet service provider or domain name. 

After looking up a domain, ICANN will provide a page of information on the domain if it’s already registered. You can review its domain status, nameservers, when the domain was created, when it was last updated, and when its registry expires. 

ICANN even provides contact information for the registrant, including the business name, address, email address, and phone number. 


The United States Patent and Trademark Office, or USPTO, allows you to search for existing trademarks and patents. Discovering that your brand name idea is patented and/or trademarked means going back to the drawing board. 

USPTO recommends these internal tools for patent research:

  • Patent Examination Data System or PEDS
  • Patent Assignment Search
  • Publication Site for Issued and Published Sequences or PSIPS
  • International patent offices, including the China National Intellectual Property Administration or CNIPA, the Korean Intellectual Property Rights Information Service or KIPRIS, and PATENTSCOPE from the World Intellectual Property Organization or WIPO
  • Common Citation Document or CCD
  • Electronic Official Gazette
  • Patent and Trademark Resource Centers or PTRCs


Is your prospective house-flipping name already trademarked, or at least you think it is? The United States Patent and Trademark Office has the Trademark Electronic Search System or TESS to eliminate your confusion.

TESS is a record of US trademarks, including inactive trademarks. However, trademark owners don’t always register through TESS. If they don’t, you won’t find their trademarks no matter how hard you search, despite the fact that they’re active trademark holders.

Between TESS and USPTO, you should feel confident proceeding with your house-flipping business name if it isn’t trademarked. 

Bottom Line

You can flip houses all you want, but coming up with house-flipping business names isn’t always easy. Your name should suit your brand. It should also be catchy, interesting, and–most importantly–unique. 

The best way to begin formulating house-flipping business names is brainstorming. Create a dozen or so words related to your brand, then use a keyword search tool to expand your word list. Business name generators can also guide you in a suitable direction.

Your name has to be available for you to be able to use it, so search for patents, trademarks, and available domains before you proceed with registering it. 

If you found your next house-flipping business name through this post, please comment below and give it a share!

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