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DoorDash Scams That Target Customers & Drivers

Learn about the most common DoorDash scams that target customers and drivers, and learn simple tips to stay safe by avoiding them.

Key Takeaways

  • Beware of email scams, fake drivers, phishing links, and Dashers stealing food.
  • Drivers face false delivery claims, baseless complaints for discounts, and direct deposit scams.
  • Report suspicious activities to DoorDash and protect personal information.
  • DoorDash generally safe but stay vigilant; drivers can text for delivery purposes.

DoorDash Scams (For Customers)

When using DoorDash to place an order, it’s important to be aware of possible scams that could affect your order.

These are some of the most notable ones that customers have reported when using the app.

  1. Email Survey Scam
  2. Fake Delivery Drivers
  3. Phishing Attempts
  4. Dashers Stealing Your Food

1. Email Survey Scam

Beware of email survey scams that mimic DoorDash communications. These emails typically offer a discount for completing a survey and direct you to a fraudulent website designed to look like DoorDash.

By logging in, you inadvertently provide your personal information to scammers.

2. Fake Delivery Drivers

A distressing scam involves individuals posing as DoorDash drivers and showing up at customers’ homes. Distinguishing between a genuine mix-up and a scam can be challenging.

For example, one victim noticed on her security camera a fake driver arriving with a group, intending to deceive.

This tactic may utilize delivery addresses leaked in DoorDash’s 2019 data breach.

3. Phishing Attempts

Phishing involves deceptive messages that lure you into clicking a link, leading to personal information theft.

DoorDash users may receive fake texts (smishing) asking them to confirm delivery details on a bogus website, particularly exploiting the phone numbers leaked in 2019.

This scam is effective as people often click to verify orders they didn’t place.

4. Dashers Stealing Your Food

There have been instances of DoorDash drivers tampering with or stealing food.

If your order is incorrect or missing, consider potential non-malicious reasons like restaurant errors or address mix-ups.

DoorDash provides resources for reporting such issues, and while drivers are independent contractors, the company does not tolerate tampering or theft.

However, it’s important to thoroughly investigate before making accusations, as false claims for free food or discounts are common.

DoorDash Scams (For Drivers)

For Dashers who depend on DoorDash to make a living, it can be just as difficult to detect scams. Many scammers target customers and employees of DoorDash although in different ways.

  1. False Delivery Reports by Customers
  2. aseless Complaints for Discounts
  3. Direct Deposit Scam
  4. Cyber Shoplifting

1. False Delivery Reports by Customers

Unfortunately, drivers sometimes fall victim to deceitful actions by customers.

There are rare instances where customers falsely claim they did not receive their food, or even pick up the order themselves before the driver arrives.

These actions unfairly tarnish the driver’s reputation. Drivers are advised to report such incidents through the DoorDash app and contact the company to resolve these unfair situations.

2. Baseless Complaints for Discounts

Some customers falsely report issues with their food to obtain discounts. Drivers encountering such claims should immediately communicate their perspective to DoorDash, either via the app or phone.

Prompt response from drivers often helps in clarifying the situation and resolving the issue.

3. Direct Deposit Scam

In a concerning phishing scam, drivers are tricked into logging into a fake DoorDash account, leading to the theft of their login details.

Scammers then use this information to redirect the driver’s wages to themselves.

For example, one driver lost about $900 in wages after being deceived by a scammer pretending to be DoorDash and offering a cash prize for a delivery challenge.

DoorDash advises against sharing account information and has procedures to reimburse affected employees.

Drivers should also be cautious of suspicious emails related to DoorDash 1099 documents, as scammers may request sensitive information like social security numbers for identity theft.

4. Cyber Shoplifting

Scammers engage in ‘cyber shoplifting’ by using stolen credit card information to purchase items and then initiating chargebacks.

They exploit customer protection measures by reporting fraudulent activity to the bank, which then reimburses the account holder, allowing the scam to go unnoticed.

This method has been used to acquire free meals and DoorDash orders, causing losses to the company and its partners.”

What To Do If You Suspect A Scam

To protect against scams or identity theft, immediately report any suspicious activity by contacting DoorDash customer service.

If your payment information is compromised, inform your bank right away.

Always keep your login details private and never share them. Be wary of unusual emails, texts, or offers; verify them with DoorDash before taking any action.

If you feel unsafe, consider deleting your DoorDash account as a precautionary measure.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can DoorDash be trusted?

DoorDash can generally be trusted as it maintains standards similar to other delivery services. They emphasize strong communication and address issues effectively.

However, like with any service, it’s wise to stay vigilant against potential scams, especially during times of increased demand like the pandemic.

Can DoorDash drivers text you?

If necessary for communication, Dashers can send you texts if you have the capability turned on within the app. Still, the driver will never see your phone number unless you provide it directly to them.

How to get money back from DoorDash?

Select your order in the app and fill out a refund request through the app. Refunds can come in the form of a credit to your account or a refund directly to your credit card or debit card.

Final Thoughts

Next time the urge to snack hits, you’ll be ready to use the DoorDash app with confidence. Make sure to keep these scams and schemes in mind. Doing so will keep your information and your yummy indulgences protected.

Have you ever experienced a scamming attempt through a delivery app like DoorDash? Let us know about your experience!

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