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How to Give and Redeem a Grubhub Gift Card

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If you are looking for the perfect gift for the food lover in your life, don’t overthink it.

You can give the gift of food with a gift card to a food delivery service, a gift that’s both practical and delicious.

And Grubhub has a bunch of options for their gift cards, from digital designs to physical cards that can be delivered to their door.

In this article we’ll talk about what Grubhub is, explain how to buy a gift card (either digital or physical), how to redeem the gift card, and answer some frequently asked questions.

A Brief Guide to Grubhub

Grubhub is a mobile food ordering company

that allows customers to pick items from menus at local restaurants and have that food delivered to their door.

Grubhub was founded in 2004 by Matthew Maloney and Michael Evans, and started first as a digital alternative to paper menus.

The company soon added an online commerce component and started providing delivery service, then merged with Seamless in 2013.

Grubhub and Seamless now function in tandem but are identical both in their interface and offerings.

Any restaurant listed on Seamless is listed on Grubhub and vice versa.

When you use the Grubhub app, it finds restaurants near you that offer delivery and provides sorting by price, delivery time, and user rating, so users can quickly find out what food is available, how much it costs, and how quickly it can get to your door.

Once you select a restaurant, you can select menu items, provide instructions for the restaurant and delivery person, and give your courier a tip.

Once the food is on the way, your Grubhub app acts as a real-time GPS tracking device, letting you follow your food on its journey until it’s right at your door.

Once there, you can meet your delivery driver and get your food, and then it’s time to chow down.

How to Buy a Grubhub Gift Card

grubhub site find gift cards

Grubhub eGift cards and physical gift cards (and yes, you can do both) are the perfect gift for the delivery lover in your life. Gift cards never expire, so there’s no rush for people to use them.

To order a gift card, first head to Grubhub.com.

Log in to your account, then head to the top right corner of the site and click on your name to see your personalized menu.

Once there, you’ll see the option for gift cards.

Once you’re on the gift card page, you’ve got several options to send a gift card to someone.

First, there is the option to send a physical or digital gift card.

Digital Gift Card

grubhub gift card designs
grubhub gift card how much to give

If you want to send a digital gift, select that option and then you’ll be taken to a page where you’ll get to choose the design.

Digital gift cards allow you to choose from 25 different styles, which can be selected based on recipient or occasion.

Whether it’s for a birthday, a congratulations, a holiday, or something else, you can probably find the right card for the occasion.

Once you find a design you like, you will then have the choice to select an amount for the gift.

They have preset amounts of $25, $50, $100, $250, and $500, though they have a blank field for you to enter in any denomination you want as well.

If you want to add a special message to your gift, they give you the option to add a personal message to the recipient.

Write that up, submit it, then it’s time to pay. They accept credit cards and Paypal. Once you pay, your gift is en route!

Physical Gift Card

Want to send something a little more tangible as a gift?

Grubhub also allows you to send physical gift cards in the mail to make that present feel a little more special.

If you want to send a gift card via post, select that option at the start of your ordering process.

Physical gift cards don’t have quite the amount of options that the digital ones do — there are only two different styles for cards to send.

Once you select your card, they’ll ask you to provide them with a detailed shipping address.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll have to select how you want to ship the card.

They have flexible shipping options for cards sent within the United States priced as such:

  • USPS First Class: Free
  • FedEx Ground: $9.99
  • FedEx 2 Day: $17.24
  • FedEx Standard Overnight: $22.85

If you want to send multiple cards to one address, you have the option to do that.

Just note that the multiple cards will all be shipped in one envelope.

(They also ask that you allow 1–2 business days for order processing, and for free standard delivery, they ask you to give them 7–10 days for delivery.)

If you want to let your recipient know that a gift is coming, you can send them an alert message via Grubhub which will give them a heads up that a card is on its way.

(Want to do all this on the mobile app?

It’s all there as well. Just load up your account page and find gift cards there.)

How to Redeem a Grubhub Gift Card

What’s nice about receiving a Grubhub gift card is that it’s easy to follow along with some simple instructions and get your gift, and you only have to redeem it once.

Once you’ve got your gift card, check out like you normally would using the Grubhub website or app.

When checking out, simply select the “Add a Gift Card” link and then you’ll be able to enter in the number there.

What’s nice is, say you’ve got $100 in gift card credit and your order is only $25.

On your next order, that $75 in credit is already credited to your account, and you don’t need to re-enter in the gift card number when you check out.

On top of that, your gift card never expires, so that money is yours as long as you can make it last.

Also nice – multiple gift cards can be applied to a single order, so if you have two $25 gift cards and want to splurge on a big meal, that’s easy to do as well.

Gift Card FAQs

Can you use a Seamless gift card at Grubhub?

Right now, you should use the gift card you get for the app you got a gift card on, even though Seamless and Grubhub are essentially the same company.

But have no fear, any restaurants listed on Seamless are also listed on Grubhub.

It’s as simple as downloading the other app to make it work.

Can I send a digital card for a certain date in the future?


Just select the date you’d like the gift delivered to your recipient’s inbox and that’s when it will arrive.

Is there an expiration date?

No, no matter when you get a gift card, you can apply it to any future delivery date.

This is true even if you only use part of the card.

Are there any fees?

Nope, no fees.

To buy a gift card, you just pay the cost of the gift card and any shipping charges, if you choose to send it in a physical format.

More questions?

Reach out to their customer support.

They have online live chat and phone representatives available, if you want to talk.

And if all else fails, they are responsive to queries on social media.

A Great Gift for Food Lovers

If you’re looking for a gift for the loved ones in your life who love food, whether it’s for a birthday, the holiday season or just because, think about giving them a Grubhub gift card.

They have plenty of fun digital cards you can send quickly, or if you have a little time and want to give them a special something, you can send a physical gift card to give something tangible.

Gift cards never expire, and can be applied easily to multiple orders.

Once you’ve redeemed the card, the money is credited to your account and remains there, so moving forward, so you don’t have to enter in a number every time you check out.

It’s a thoughtful gift for a hungry friend, and doesn’t go out of style.

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