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How to Get a Grubhub First Time Coupon

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Grubhub is a popular food delivery app that connects diners with their favorite restaurants.

The service lets you browse menus, order your favorite dishes, then track the food as it is made and delivered to your door.

The app is always looking for new customers, and if you’ve never tried Grubhub before, you can save with a Grubhub first-time coupon referral link.

Signing up with the link will act as a promo code for first-time orderers, saving you $12 off your first order of $15 or more.

In this article we’ll share that referral link and show you how to redeem it on your first order.

We’ll also look at how Grubhub works, plus share some other Grubhub deals and special offers that you can use to save even after your first purchase.

At the end, we’ll answer some frequently asked questions about the app.

What Is Grubhub?

Grubhub is an app that partners with local restaurants all over the country and allows them to provide fast and easy food delivery service without having to hire their own delivery staff.

In essence, Grubhub provides the online and real-world infrastructure to make delivery possible — they not only offer online and mobile ordering, but also secure online payment via credit card, Apple Pay, or Google Wallet.

The company also has its own delivery staff to pick up the food orders and bring them to customers’ doors.

Customers can order using the website, Grubhub.com, or with the Grubhub app, which is available on Apple or Android devices.

The app allows people to review menus, make special requests, provide instructions to delivery people, and reach out to the restaurant directly to discuss a Grubhub order.

Once app orders are in, the food order is prepared, and once it’s ready, a delivery driver is dispatched (if the restaurant doesn’t have its own driving staff).

Grubhub works with a variety of restaurants, from local spots you can’t find anywhere else to chains like Taco Bell.

As of 2019, the company boasted that it had over 105,000 active restaurant partnerships across 2,000 cities in America, Canada, and London, and had provided restaurants with over $5 billion in gross food sales in 2018 alone.

Grubhub’s corporate offices are headquartered in Chicago.

Its parent company, Grubhub, Inc., owns many different food delivery and catering companies, the two biggest of which are Grubhub and Seamless.

The two delivery giants merged in 2011 and now act as identical services operating as two brands.

(You can read our primer on the differences between Grubhub and Seamless to learn more.)

A Referral Link to Save for First-Time Users

New diners looking for a Grubhub first-time coupon code are in luck, as the company is now offering $12 off the first order for new customers.

And it’s simple to sign up and get the savings, without having to enter any promo code during checkout.

To get $12 off your 1st order, simply follow this sign-up link and your account will automatically be credited with the savings once you go to check out on your first order.

The sign-up page should look like this when you follow the link:
Grubhub First Time Coupon Sign Up
Simply provide your email address and your zip code, and as long as there isn’t already a Grubhub account linked to that email address, and you’re at least 18 years old, you’ll be all set.

There’s one big caveat, though: The first order must be made through the Grubhub app.

The “$12 off $15-or-more orders for first-time diners” deal applies only to the first app purchase, not one made from the website.

If you sign up from a laptop, that’s fine, just make sure to download the app on iPhone or Android and sign in with your same email.

Make your Grubhub app order and the savings will be there.

To save on your next order (and beyond), keep reading.

Other Ways to Save With Grubhub

A sign-up link for a first-time user is just one way to save with Grubhub.

Their in-app savings can be a great way to find consistent deals, and taking advantage of their referral program can be a great way for you to pass the savings on…and save a lot on future orders yourself.

On top of that, Grubhub’s online and email notifications can be a great way to stay alerted to flash deals both from the app and local restaurants you love.

Savings Within the App

Grubhub First Time Coupon: Click My Grubhub
Your Deals section

Grubhub is often listing new promotions and coupon deals for restaurants in markets all over the country, and odds are there are some deals waiting there for you right now.

To review special offers in your area, you first need to open the Grubhub app.

Once there, look down at the bottom menu and click on “My Grubhub.”

Once you’ve clicked there, you’ll be taken to a page where you can review past orders, see different types of food near you, and then scroll down to a list called “Your deals.”

There you’ll see special offers, coupon deals, and more for restaurants near you that you might love.

Some deals are for first-time orders at the restaurant only, others are available to anyone, no matter how many times they’ve dined there.

Deals can be 25% or 35% off a meal.

Some restaurants might offer free delivery, or they can make a flat cash offer like $5 off, or even up to $10 off orders.

These deals change frequently, so for frugal diners who don’t mind trying new places, the deals can be a really good way to ensure savings when you order delivery.

Generating Your Own Referral Link

Another great way to save is to generate your own referral link, which can then be shared with friends.

Your referral link will get people $12 off their first order of $15 or more, and save you $12 off orders when they sign up with your referral code and complete their first order.

This is good for up to 20 referrals, meaning you can save up to $240 off food by spreading the good word.

To generate your own referral link, simply go to http://grubhub.com/refer.

Once there, you’ll be prompted to give your email address and start “spreading the love.”

On the next page, they’ll allow you to email friends with the referral link, share the link on social media, or copy your own personal Grubhub promo code that so you can start sharing it with people through text or other channels.

It looks like this:
Grubhub First Time Coupon: Refer a friend
Again, you must be 18 and a valid Grubhub user to refer friends, and you will only get the $12 credit when they complete their first order with the app.

Checking for Email Promotions and Allowing Notifications

Grubhub First Time Coupon: Click Settings
Grubhub First Time Coupon: Allow push notifications

Another good way to keep an eye on flash sales and discount codes — both from restaurants and Grubhub itself — is to allow the app to send you notifications via email or on your phone.

While notifications can be intrusive from some apps, Grubhub tends to limit them, and the notifications are usually to alert diners to potential deals or specials they’re offering.

To ensure that you have notifications enabled, go to your app, then click on “My Grubhub” at the bottom of the page.

Once there you’ll notice a gear-shaped icon in the top right corner of the app.

Tap on that.

Once you’ve tapped, you’ll be taken to your Settings menu.

If you scroll down you’ll see an option for “Push notifications.”

Tap on that.

There you’ll be able to select your notification preferences, which allow for the app to notify you on order updates, and for special deals near you.

Select your options and you’ll be good to go.

Frequently Asked Questions

Gift card section

We’ve talked about how to sign up using a referral link, how to generate a referral link, and other ways to save using Grubhub.

Let’s talk about other questions you might have.

1. If I have a Seamless or Eat24 account, can I still sign up for the deal with Grubhub?

Unfortunately, no.

As Seamless and Eat24 are all owned by Grubhub, Inc., the first-time savings deal only works for email addresses that do not have accounts with any of those websites.

2. Can I purchase Grubhub gift cards?


Grubhub gift cards are a really thoughtful gift for new parents, people who struggle to get out of the house, or people who just love delivery food.

You can find them in the app under the “My Grubhub” tab.

Just scroll down and you’ll see a place to order gift cards.

3. Do I have to tip with Grubhub?

You don’t have to tip, but it is strongly encouraged by Grubhub, which automatically adds a 15% tip to most orders.

You can change that if you like, or remove the tip altogether, but Grubhub drivers often rely on tips to make a living wage and the company strongly encourages you to tip.

Saving With a Grubhub First-Time Coupon

If you love ordering delivery from nearby restaurants, Grubhub is a great online service that makes the process simple, painless, and fun.

Being smart about signing up with a Grubhub first-time coupon code can save you plenty off your first order, and then spreading the good word with your own referral code can multiply your savings upward.

Between that and taking advantage of special offers, you can afford to order delivery without breaking the bank.

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