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5 Exciting Grocery Shopping Jobs and Where to Find Them Today

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Have you been struggling to pay off bills around the house lately? Or perhaps you’re interested in easy ways to keep your wallet fat every day. Becoming a personal grocery shopper is one quick way to do that.

If you have some free time and are looking to make extra money without inputting much commitment, check out these grocery shopping jobs. 

Types of Grocery Shopping Jobs

Grocery shopping is a service offered by multiple platforms that require shoppers to help customers buy groceries from select grocery stores. 

Customers place an order for the exact food items they want to buy, the shopper accepts the grocery orders and then does the shopping on their behalf.

There are different types of grocery shopper jobs to try. Here are the most common ones:

  • Full-Service Shopper: They’re independent contractors who accept customer orders, then shop from local stores and deliver groceries to the customer. This service is mainly available if you’re working as an Instacart Shopper (more on this in later sections).
  • In-Store Shopper: This is also an Instacart Shopper opportunity for independent contractors, but other stores may offer the role. In-store shoppers don’t do grocery delivery jobs. Their job is to shop on behalf of the customer within the store and then hand the purchase over to delivery drivers to drop off the item.
  • Grocery Delivery Driver: They offer delivery services. If they pass the initial background check, they work with in-store shoppers to hand off already purchased grocery items to their respective owners. 

Tip: Grocery shoppers can also be referred to as “personal grocery shoppers.” This isn’t to be confused with being a personal shopper—one who helps customers shop in stores and boutiques by giving them advice and making suggestions on their purchases.

What You’ll Need to Do Grocery Shopping Job

To become a grocery shopper, you’ll need some skills and gear that can help you provide better services. Though these requirements vary depending on the company you work for, most of them are common to all. 


  • Driving experience
  • People skills
  • Map-reading skills
  • Customer service skills
  • Ability to lift up to 40lbs
  • Bagging skills
  • Time management skills
  • English speaking skills
  • Grocery shopping experience

Tools, Gadgets, and Other Requirements

  • A reliable vehicle (car, motorcycle, bicycle, or scooter)
  • Working smartphone
  • Auto insurance
  • Insulated cooler bag
  • Checking account
  • Driver’s license

How Much You Can Make as a Grocery Shopper

After researching multiple grocery delivery sites and comparing responses from numerous shoppers, we’ve discovered that grocery shoppers earn about $14 to $29 per hour

Depending on your role as a grocery shopper, your city, and the company you work with, you may earn on the lower or higher end of the range. A full-service shopper will earn more than an in-store shopper, for instance. A grocery delivery driver may also earn higher than an in-store shopper.

Top 5 Websites to Find Grocery Shopping Jobs

Find some of the best jobs for people who want to deliver groceries below. Be careful to weigh their pros and cons well before moving forward with any of these jobs. 

1. Uber Eats

screenshot of the uber eats homepage

Uber Eats is likely the most popular grocery shopper job any gig worker knows about. They’re available in 500+ cities across the globe and allow customers to order groceries or food on the app. 

Just like with Uber Driver, Uber Eats Shoppers accept orders, do the shopping, and then deliver food or groceries to customers at their doorstep. 


  • Customer tips can boost your earnings.
  • You can cash out instantly once you link your debit card to the app.
  • You can earn extra money by signing up as an Uber Driver. This means delivering meals and groceries for Uber Eats while dropping off Uber riders on the side.


  • Most drivers complain that the base fares are quite low for the mileage they’re expected to drive. 
  • You may have to deal with traffic congestion at peak hours of the day.

2. GrubHub

screenshot of the Grubhub homepage

GrubHub is one of those grocery delivery services that have been around for quite some time, since 2004, actually. They offer a flexible work schedule and allow you to keep all the customer tips you get. 

To work with GrubHub, you must have a valid driver’s license, a recent tech smartphone, and a clean driving record. You also need a checking account for direct deposit payments.


  • You can choose to deliver groceries via motorcycle, foot, or scooter, not just cars. 
  • GrubHub offers competitive pay. There’s no hourly wage, but they pay a mileage rate for the distance covered on the road.  
  • They have an instant cash-out feature for instant withdrawals.


  • Support for drivers can be improved. Many drivers complain about getting poor service from GrubHub support agents. 
  • Your vehicle may be subject to wear and tear over time as you do delivery runs.

3. Instacart

screenshot of the Instacart homepage

Instacart shoppers can choose between the different Instacart shopping arrangements available: full-service shopping or in-store shopping. 

As an Instacart shopper, you can shop and bag groceries for delivery or choose to do both shopping and delivering as your side hustle. You can also decide to work as a delivery person, picking up and delivering food and groceries alone.

Note that if you choose the in-store option, you’re no longer an independent contractor but a full-time employee.


  • You don’t necessarily need to own a car to do this job.
  • You get paid per delivery, and some gig work options are flexible.
  • You earn up to $10 per referral.


  • Pay is sometimes low depending on your region, and customer tips may be low as well. Shoppers earn about $8 per hour on average.
  • Work may be inconsistent, so your weekly earnings may fluctuate.

4. DoorDash

screenshot of the DoorDash homepage

Just like Instacart, DoorDash allows customers to place orders through their app, and Dashers shop and make deliveries. As a Dasher, once you receive a request to deliver grocery items and accept them, you do the shopping and make payment in the store like a regular shopper. 

Alternatively, you can handle the delivery aspect of the transaction if the merchant chooses to bag the order themselves. 

It’s important to note that a Dasher is an independent contractor and not a full-time employee.


  • You get to keep 100% of your tips.
  • You can earn more at certain peak hours of the night and on weekends.
  • DoorDash offers promotions that can boost your earnings.


  • Sometimes, you may find it difficult to change territories if you no longer live in a location.
  • Deliveries can sometimes be infrequent, so consistent pay isn’t guaranteed.

5. Shipt Shopper

screenshot of the shipt homepage

Shipt Shopper is one of the shopper jobs that gig economy workers love. The app works collaboratively with big retail stores like Target or Walmart, and you’re free to shop at any of the stores you like.

Shipt pays workers a rate of about $20 per hour, which can go up to $22 per hour if you complete 100 orders on the app. 


  • You can choose your work hours. 
  • Pay is higher than most competitors offer.
  • You can earn a bonus of $50 if you refer a new driver. 


  • Shipt customers rarely give tips; sometimes, when they do, they can recall the tips up to an hour after delivery.
  • The orders can be low if you don’t live in a busy region.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Grocery Shopping Company Pays More?

Factors like demand, city, customers’ orders, and more can affect the amount grocery delivery companies pay. Their payment models also differ, so it’s a bit difficult to compare. However, based on popular consensus, shoppers believe working for DoorDash is more profitable.

How Do I Become a Personal Shopper for Groceries?

Easy. Visit any grocery shopping site of your choice and sign up. Follow the prompts to register to work on the platform. If you meet the requirements stipulated on the app, you can begin work immediately. 

Must I Own a Car to Become a Grocery Shopper?

No, not every grocery shopping job needs you to own a car. You’re only required to own a car or some type of vehicle if you plan to deliver grocery orders. As an in-store Instacart shopper, for example, you don’t need a car to get the job done.

Other Side Hustles to Consider

There are other side hustles you can try out if you don’t find the prospects of shopping for groceries appealing. Find them below.

  • Become a Food Delivery Driver: Work with a food delivery service or restaurant to drop off food (not groceries) to waiting customers. You can consider this side hustle because you neither have to do shopping nor bag groceries; just pick up the food package and deliver.
  • Become a Package Delivery Driver: You might be interested in becoming an independent delivery contractor for e-commerce and physical stores. Skip the in-store shopping delays by picking up and delivering pre-packaged store orders. 
  • Become a Personal Shopper: This alternative is worth considering if you prefer not to offer deliveries while shopping for people. Just be in the store to give customers advice about their purchase or help them shop for items that will best suit them. 

Wrapping Up

Shopping for and delivering groceries is an easy and flexible way to make money on the go. 

If you have some time to spare after work hours or on a weekend, you can keep your wallet full by taking orders and delivering them to customers near you. Try any of the companies we listed above to secure a side job and start earning.

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