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How to Use Gift Card Granny to Earn Extra Cash

Are you someone who has gift cards stockpiled in your home?

Have you received a gift card for a special occasion, only to realize it’s to a place where you would never go?

If so, you may be wondering what in the world you’re going to do with those unwanted gift cards.

Well, there’s a solution.

Gift Card Granny is a discount gift card website that allows you to dump your unused cards.

Because the company will buy gift cards, you’ll end up with cash in your pocket that you can choose to spend any way you’d like.

In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Gift Card Granny so you can ditch those plastic gift cards and get cashback.

What Is Gift Card Granny?

Gift Card Granny is a company based in Pittsburgh, PA, that has worked to save shoppers money since 2009.

The company has grown from a single-man operation to one of the largest discounted gift card websites in the world.

The company’s website now attracts nearly 14 million visitors annually.

Gift Card Granny is based on four primary principles.

It aims to:

  1. Help customers buy personalized gift cards and eGift cards
  2. Make buying gift cards safe
  3. Make buying gift cards simple
  4. Help customers save money

There are a few key features that Gift Card Granny implements to ensure it achieves these principles.

For one, the company guarantees that the gift card you purchase will never lose value, with each card coming with a lifetime warranty.

How Does Gift Card Granny Work?

The Gift Card Granny homepage

Gift Card Granny works by allowing you to buy or sell gift cards.

There are more than 300 brands offering gift card deals on the site, including popular places like Walmart, Amazon, Kohl’s, Home Depot, and Starbucks.

If you’re buying a gift card on the site, you will either receive a percentage discount or cashback from the purchase.

For instance, there is currently a Gift Card Granny offer for 11% off a Land’s End gift card.

This means that a $100 gift card costs $89.

There is also a deal for $1.50 cash back when you purchase a Burger King gift card.

Gift Card Granny also offers bulk selling.

This is more intended for corporations.

But if you’re someone who likes to give gift cards frequently, then it could be a viable option to buy a bunch of popular gift cards at once.

You’ll need to contact the company to secure a quote, as prices can vary based on what store you choose and how many gift cards you wish to buy.

If you’re selling a gift card, the process is straightforward.

All you need to do is enter the brand of the card and the remaining card balance.

After that, you’ll select “Get Offers Now.”

From there, you can choose the best offer and trade in your gift card.

For example, let’s say that you wanted to sell a $100 American Eagle Gift Card.

You receive an array of offers that range from $65 in your pocket to $71.

You’ll also see the methods by which you’ll receive payment and the partner company who would receive your card.

In this case, you’d net the most money if you selected to sell to eBay.

In this case, you’d receive $70.72 cash back via PayPal.

The company’s website says that you’ll receive a payment within a matter of days.

It also says that although offers vary, you can recoup up to 92% cash back from the original value of the card.

Much as there is a bulk buyer option for those looking to purchase a lot of gift cards, there is a bulk seller feature as well.

You’ll need to have at least $2,500 in gift cards.

Gift Card Granny serves as a middleman, connecting you with a buyer.

You’ll need to provide in-depth details about the types of gift cards you have, including information such as the:

  • Merchant
  • Quantity
  • Value
  • Whether it’s a plastic or digital gift card

If you don’t want cash or to give up that much value from your existing gift card, you could look into exchanging it.

Gift Card Granny offers exchange locations throughout the United States.

You’ll probably receive better value if you exchange the card than if you asked for cash back.

Before you complete any sale or exchange, you’ll probably need to know how much value you have on your card.

Gift Card Granny allows you to check your gift card balance.

This is convenient, as the company website gives you one central location to do so, as opposed to having to go to each vendor’s website.

You’ll need both the card number and the PIN on the back of the card.

Another feature of Gift Card Granny is the ability to send digital gift cards instantly.

You can text an eGift card to a friend in a matter of seconds when using the company’s GiftYa feature.

You can send gift cards for any national or local merchant in the United States.

The final feature of Gift Card Granny that stands out is the Secret Deals section of the website.

This portion of the site lists the best gift-card related deals right now.

When you view the site, you’ll see the rating, brand, and available deal.

For instance, a deal from Target was highly-rated by 1,258 people.

The deal states, “List of Target purchases that will give you FREE gift cards!”

You can then view the deal for the specifics.

Deals like this allow you to stretch your earnings.

You’ll also receive cash back if you submit a deal.

How Much Does It Cost to Use Gift Card Granny?

Creating an account on Gift Card Granny doesn’t cost anything.

There are also no transaction fees when buying or purchasing gift cards.

Any fees are built into the value of the transaction.

For instance, if you sell a gift card, you won’t receive a 100% value for the card.

So, the only cost of using Gift Card Granny is the value that you may lose when completing a transaction.

How to Start Using Gift Card Granny

To get started on Gift Card Granny, head to the company’s website, giftcardgranny.com, or download its mobile app.

Gift Card Granny apps are available from both the iOS and Google Play stores.

Once you do so, you have to create an account.

Although you technically don’t have to create an account to buy gift cards, you’ll end up missing out on valuable rewards like cash back.

So, make sure you sign up for the company’s A&F Club, which allows you to save immediately on all purchases.

As a member of this club, you’ll also receive free shipping on all purchases greater than $75.

There is no cost to join this club.

You’ll need an account to sell on the site.

However, creating an account is straightforward.

You’ll just need to provide an email and password to get started.

Eventually, you’ll need to link some form of payment method to your account so you can receive your funds.

But, you can do that when you’re about to complete a sale.

The other thing you can do to maximize your Gift Card Granny experience is download the company’s Google Chrome Extension, Otto.

Otto works to automatically find discounts and coupon codes when you’re shopping.

Otto works in the background and lets you know when a deal is available, helping you save money.

​Is Gift Card Granny Right for You?

Gift Card Granny: A hand holds a gift box

If you’re someone who frequently handles gift cards, we think Gift Card Granny could be a worthwhile option for a few reasons.

For one, you can save money — who doesn’t like that?

Whether you’re looking to purchase a single gift card or buy cards in bulk, you won’t pay full price for a gift card.

You’ll always receive some sort of rewards, such as cash back that you can use to eventually buy free gift cards.

There’s not much to lose under this model.

You’ll also benefit from the Secret Deals section of the website, a central location that allows you to see the best coupon and promo codes so you can maximize your money.

The seller’s section of the website is also a strong resource.

If you’re someone stuck with a bunch of gift cards that you’re never going to use, then Gift Card Granny can help.

The company claimed that you would receive up to 92% back in value, although we did not come across any such offers in our research.

But, it’s better to receive some cash than allow your cards to sit around and collect dust.

In summary, Gift Card Granny is an option worth checking out, allowing you to maximize your earnings and put cash in your pocket quickly.

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