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How to Delete Your Uber Account as a Rider

Uber is a mainstay in the gig economy.

It will always be known as the pioneer of ridesharing and a major disruptor for the entire transportation industry.

The rideshare service has made getting from A-to-B a cheap, convenient, and hassle-free experience.

They’ve also provided employment to hundreds of thousands of independent contractors all over the world.

But what if you’re not feeling Uber anymore and would like to get rid of it?

Perhaps you’ve had a bad experience with the service or you don’t agree with their company policies.

Or maybe you just don’t have a use for it anymore.

Whatever your reasons may be, we can give you a hand.

In this article, we’ll walk you through the steps to delete your Uber rider account.

Why Riders Want to Delete Their Uber Account

There are a handful of reasons why people delete their Uber accounts.

Some of the more popular reasons include not using the app anymore, having a bad experience, or no longer supporting Uber’s company policies.

If you don’t use Uber anymore, there’s no point in keeping the app around as that makes it one more place where your personal information is stored.

With company databases being hacked left and right these days, it’s important to keep your personal information in as few places as possible.

You may have stopped using Uber because you bought a vehicle or public transit works just fine.

You could have moved to a place where Uber isn’t available.

This could be in another country overseas or in a rural area where Uber doesn’t operate.

It may also just be too expensive for your liking.

Another reason why riders leave the platform is a negative personal experience that can’t be mended.

Or maybe you don’t agree with Uber’s business practices.

Perhaps you think they’ve gotten too big and they don’t care about the little guys.

Former CEO Travis Kalanick also made a splash in the headlines that could rub people the wrong way.

If you’ve decided that you want to delete our Uber account, make sure you remember your reasoning because you’ll be asked by Uber when completing the process.

Before showing you how to delete your account, be forewarned: There is a difference between deleting your account and deleting your app.

Deleting Your Uber Account vs. Your Uber App

Let’s make one thing clear, deleting your mobile app doesn’t mean that you’ve deleted your account.

It just means that you no longer have to look at that app icon on your home screen.

If you delete the app, you’ll still be signed up for the Uber service and all of your personal information will still be stored in their databases.

This means that you can redownload your app at any time and pick up where you left off without missing a beat.

In order to fully delete your account, there are a few more steps you need to take, which can be done via mobile device or desktop.

Before you take the plunge, you should really consider your reasoning since deleting your account will also get rid of your rewards, promotions, and Uber Cash.

If it’s just because you’re annoyed by all of the notifications and emails you’re sent, there are steps you can take to change your notification settings, which we’ll cover below.

If your heart is still set, let’s get you on your way to deleting your account.

How to Delete Your Uber Account on a Mobile Device

Delete Uber account: the account settings menu in the Uber app
Delete Uber account: the app's privacy page with the delete account button
Delete Uber account: the app screen where you must click continue to delete

Deleting your Uber rider account is relatively straightforward.

It’s only a few short steps on the app or on your desktop, and it will only take a couple of minutes.

If you decide to delete your account on mobile, you’ll need to follow these steps.

First, you go to the settings sections in the main menu.

From there, scroll down and select “Privacy.”

On the privacy settings page, tap “Delete Your Account,” which is written in red at the bottom.

Then follow the instructions on the screen.

You’ll need to provide your password before going forward.

Uber will then summarize your ride history with them and tell you stats like your ratings, how many rides you’ve taken, and how many cities you’ve used Uber in.

You’ll also see your Uber Eats account information if you have any.

If you delete your Uber account, you’ll also be deleting your Uber Eats account — so make sure you can live without both.

Then tap “Continue” if you want to move forward.

Uber will then want to know why you’re deleting your account.

You’ll need to choose between the following reasons:

  • Bad experience on a ride
  • It’s too expensive
  • Issues with my account
  • No longer support the company
  • Prefer not to say
  • Other
Delete Uber account: The final app screen to confirm that you're deleting your account

At that point, Uber will give you one last chance to back out.

If you’re confident you want to end the relationship, tap delete.

The breakup will then be official.

You’ll longer have an Uber account.

If you change your mind, you’ll have 30 days to sign back in and reactivate your account.

If you’d rather go through this process on desktop, you can follow the instructions below.

How to Delete Your Uber Account on Desktop

Delete Uber account: the Uber Help page for desktop
Delete Uber account: account and payment options on the Uber Help Page for desktop
Delete Uber account: the Delete my Uber account page on desktop
Delete Uber account: Your ride stats page where you must click continue to delete
Delete Uber account: the menu of options to select why you're deleting your account
Delete Uber account: the final delete account button for desktop

Deleting your Uber rider account on a desktop computer is nearly the same as on mobile, except for a few subtle differences.

The first step is to head to the Uber.com help page.

If you’re not signed in to your account, you must do so at this point.

This will bring you to your rider account where you can find all sorts of helpful content.

Scroll down and tap on the “Account and Payment Options” section.

Then scroll down and look under the “Changing my account settings section.”

Towards the bottom of this list, click on “Delete my Uber account.”

Once you’re on this page, tap on the “Delete my Uber account” link.

Again, you’ll need to type in your Uber password before moving on.

This is the page where you’ll see all of your ride stats as well as your Uber Eats account.

You can then tap the “Continue” button.

This is where you’ll need to describe your reason for canceling Uber.

Now you’re at the final step.

If you want to finalize your account deletion, tap the “Delete Account” button.

Remember, if you change your mind, you can sign in and reactivate your account within 30 days.

Uber will officially delete your account information after 30 days.

Account Deletion FAQ

For those of you who still need a few questions cleared up before you cancel your account, here are some common questions people have.

1. Do I lose my rewards, promotions, and Uber Cash when I delete my account?

Once you delete your account, you will permanently lose all of your rewards, promotions, and Uber Cash that you’ve saved up.

You won’t be able to get any of these back, so make sure you’re absolutely sure before deleting.

2. Is my personal information deleted once I delete my account?

For the most part, yes.

Uber will get rid of the majority of your personal information.

They’ll retain select personal information for local regulatory taxes and fraud prevention, but only information that’s required by law.

If you’d like to know more, you can read Uber’s privacy policy.

3. How can I reactivate my account?

If you decide you want to reactivate your account within 30 days of deletion, you can simply go to Uber and sign in.

It will be like you never left.

If the 30-day grace period has passed, you’ll have to create an entirely new account.

4. How can I stop email and mobile notifications?

Some people get overwhelmed and annoyed by the ridiculous amount of notifications and emails that companies send.

We completely understand.

If you want to manage your notification settings, you can head to this Uber help page to adjust your settings.

5. What are some other transportation options?

If Uber isn’t your cup of tea, you can always head on over to Lyft to find your new go-to rideshare service.

You can also check out a variety of other rideshare startups like Careem, Juno, Via, and zTrip.

You could even check out car rental options like Zipcar and the peer-to-peer car rental service Getaround.

Say It Ain’t So …

The deletion process for your Uber account takes only a few minutes.

If you really want to move on, you can follow the quick steps above.

And if you want to pursue other rideshare alternatives, make sure to check out the list we provided above of transportation companies in the gig economy.

We’re sure Uber will miss you, but we hope you enjoy your Uber-less future.

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