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The Definitive Guide to HopSkipDrive: The K–12 Transportation Solution

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Getting around has never been easier thanks to ridesharing apps like Uber and Lyft.

But those ridesharing services are just for adults.

What if you’re a high schooler who needs to get around?

Or a parent of multiple children who needs to ensure they all make it to their own after-school activities which are inconveniently across town from each other and start at the same time?

If you’re lucky, you live in a city like Los Angeles or Denver which has HopSkipDrive.

This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about the service, the drivers, the cost of using HopSkipDrive, HopSkipDrive deals, and the details about becoming a HopSkipDrive driver.

What Is HopSkipDrive?

HopSkipDrive is basically Uber for kids.

It’s a ride service company that provides a transportation solution for kids ages six years and older and was designed to take the stress out of a family’s busy schedule.

HopSkipDrive was founded by three moms who understand the struggle of getting children around town in a safe way.

How HopSkipDrive Works

You can request a ride for your children on HopSkipDrive.com or on the HopSkipDrive Apple app or Android app.

To create an account, click on the orange “sign up now” button on the top right of the HopSkipDrive.com homepage.
The Definitive Guide to HopSkipDrive: The K–12 Transportation Solution
You’ll be asked to enter your first name, last name, email address, home address, cell phone number, and a secure password.

Once you’ve created this account, you’ll be able to start scheduling rides with HopSkipDrive.
The Definitive Guide to HopSkipDrive: The K–12 Transportation Solution - Sign up
Rides can be canceled up to eight hours prior to when the CareDriver is scheduled to arrive.

When your CareDriver arrives, they will confirm the personalized code word that you and your child created, ensuring your child is getting into the right HopSkipDrive car.

You can track the ride on the HopSkipDrive app for peace of mind and know exactly when your child arrives safely at their drop-off location.

For additional peace of mind, every HopSkipDrive ride is monitored by ZenDrive to ensure caredrivers are focused, in control, and not illegally using their cell phones to text or talk during a HopSkipDrive ride.

HopSkipDrive also monitors all the rides in real time and safe ride support is available by email at [email protected] or by phone at 1-844-HOP-SKIP (1-844-467-7547).

Who Is Driving Your Kids Around

Safety is everything to the HopSkipDrive team as their children are also being transported by HopSkipDrive CareDrivers.

All HopSkipDrive applicants are required to go through HopSkipDrive’s 15-point driver certification before they are hired and certain aspects, like their extensive background checks and DMV checks, are continually monitored.

You can read more about HopSkipDrive’s CareDriver requirements and screening process further in the article.

Where Is HopSkipDrive Available?

HopSkipDrive operates in Southern California, the San Francisco Bay Area, and the Colorado-Front Range area.

If you’re somewhere else and would like HopSkipDrive to operate in your area, you may not have long to wait.

HopSkipDrive is expanding and is choosing where to go based on the demand.

To suggest your city, just create an account with HopSkipDrive using your home zip code.

HopSkipDrive will alert you when they’re rolling out in your neighborhood.

What Does HopSkipDrive Cost?

Ride fees for HopSkipDrive vary by market.

You can use the HopSkipDrive Fare Estimator to get an idea of what things cost.

The HopSkipDrive Fare Estimator for Southern California and the HopSkipDrive Fare Estimator for Colorado will both calculate your fare using the following metrics:

  • Single Family: $1.00/mile + $0.50/actual min + $3.00 booking fee. $15.00 minimum fare.
  • Two-Family Carpools: $0.60/estimated mile + $0.30/actual min + $1.80 booking fee per family. $9.00 minimum fare.
  • Three-Family Carpools: $0.50/estimated mile + $0.25/actual min + $1.50 booking fee per family. $7.50 minimum fare.
  • Four-Family Carpools: $0.40/estimated mile + $0.20/actual min + $1.20 booking fee per family. $6.00 minimum fare.

The HopSkipDrive Fare Estimator for the Bay Area will base its estimate on these criteria:

  • Single Family: $1.50/estimated mile + $0.50/actual min + $3.00 booking fee. $20.00 minimum fare.
  • Two-Family Carpools: $0.90/estimated mile + $0.30/actual min + $1.00 booking fee per family. $11.00 minimum fare.
  • Three-Family Carpools: $0.76/estimated mile + $0.30/actual min + $1.00 booking fee per family. $10.00 minimum fare.
  • Four-Family Carpools: $0.60/estimated mile + $0.20/actual min + $1.00 booking fee per family. $8.00 minimum fare.

No matter where you are located, billing starts at the scheduled start time or when the driver arrives for pickup (whichever is later) and ends when drop-off occurs.

You can also use promo codes to lower the cost of your HopSkipDrive rides.

HopSkipDrive Promo Codes

There are always HopSkipDrive coupon codes available, especially for your first ride.

To use a HopSkipDrive discount code, order a ride on the website, HopSkipDrive.com, or on the HopSkipDrive mobile app.

Some of the latest discount codes are:

  • CATHYXUANN1 for $20 off your first ride
  • Monika17 for a free ride worth up to $20
  • SAMANTHA557 for a free ride  worth up to $20
  • JOSTEN2 for a free ride worth up to $20

How to Use a HopSkipDrive Promo Code on the Website

The Definitive Guide to HopSkipDrive: The K–12 Transportation Solution - Promo Code
The Definitive Guide to HopSkipDrive: The K–12 Transportation Solution - Apply promo code

To apply a HopSkipDrive.com promo code on the website, schedule a ride as normal.

When it’s time to confirm your payment method, just enter the code in the box that says “Promo Code”  and click “Apply”

When the code is accepted, you’ll see an orange check mark next to the code.

How to Use a HopSkipDrive Promo Code on the Mobile App

To use a HopSkipDrive Promo Code on the mobile app, book the ride as you normally do.

When the app asks you to confirm a payment confirmation, you’ll be able to enter a promo code.

To apply it, press the “Apply” button.

The Definitive Guide to HopSkipDrive: The K–12 Transportation Solution - Promo code screen

HopSkipDrive Driver Requirements

Because HopSkipDrive drivers are transporting children, the requirements to become a HopSkipDrive driver are stricter than the Uber or Lyft driver requirements.

HopSkipDrive CareDrivers are subjected to a 15-point driver certification process which includes:

  1. At least five years of caregiving experience — being a parent counts
  2. No criminal record — HopSkipDrive conducts the deepest criminal record check allowed at the federal, state, and county levels in every location the applicant has lived in the last seven years
  3. Being fingerprinted — for ongoing background checks. California drivers are registered with Trustline
  4. No sex offender record
  5. Valid driver’s license — confirmed in person
  6. Good driving record — confirmed upon hire and reconfirmed repeatedly during their driving tenure
  7. 23 years of age or older
  8. Owner or leaseholder of a four- to seven-seater vehicle less than 10 years old
  9. Pass a 19-point vehicle inspection by a certified mechanic
  10. Pass an in-person meeting with a HopSkipDrive team member
  11. Complete an in-person driver orientation
  12. Personal auto insurance coverage that meets or exceeds state-required limits
  13. Adopts the HopSkipRules
  14. Adopts HopSkipDrive’s zero tolerance policy for smoking, alcohol, and drinking while driving
  15. Adopts the zero tolerance policy for illegal mobile device usage while a HopSkipDrive rider is in the car

How to Become a HopSkipDrive Driver

The Definitive Guide to HopSkipDrive: The K–12 Transportation Solution - Driver application

As a HopSkipDrive CareDriver, you can set your own schedule and earn up to $32 per hour.

HopSkipDrive CareDrivers are able to earn bonuses, know what they’re earning before they accept a ride, and are provided with comprehensive insurance coverage, with no deductible, when driving on the platform.

If you meet the HopSkipDrive driver requirements, you can apply to be a HopSkipDrive driver on their website.

You’ll be asked to provide your title, legal first name, last name, email, mobile phone number, and address.

Once your online application has been accepted, HopSkipDrive will ask for your required information.

You’ll need to submit the following documents: driver’s license, insurance (your name and vehicle information must be listed), and vehicle registration.

You will also be expected to complete an online orientation.

If your documents meet their requirements and you complete your online orientation successfully, you’ll now be expected to attend your CareDriver Orientation, an in-person meeting with a HopSkipDrive team member.

At the CareDriver Orientation, you’ll be fingerprinted, listen to a short presentation, and participate in a Q&A session.

Your vehicle will need to pass the 19-point vehicle inspection at this juncture.

After attending your CareDriver Orientation, you just have a few steps prior to being activated as a HopSkipDrive driver.

They are:

  • Pass an online background check
  • Pass a Driving Record Check
  • Complete a medical exam (as required by specific states)
  • Complete a W9
  • Brush up on the online training

Once you’ve passed these steps, you’ll receive an email or text from HopSkipDrive with instructions on how to get set up and you’ll be able to accept your first ride and start earning money as a K–12 transportation service provider.

HopSkipDrive Careers

As a HopSkipDrive CareDriver, you’ll have a flexible schedule and be able to choose between a full-time and a part-time schedule around your current commitments.

If you’d prefer to be a full-time employee with all the usual benefits, you can monitor the HopSkipDrive careers page to see when they’re hiring for roles like Sales Operations Associate, Devops Engineer, Account Executive, Community Support Associate, Growth Marketing Manager, or Driver Operations Associate.

While these roles aren’t as commonly listed as CareDriver, they do show up sometimes.

Note that while these roles will make you part of a mostly remote team, you’ll still be required to be in certain cities.

These cities include Washington, D.C., Dallas, St. Louis, Austin, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Seattle, Boston, Los Angeles, Chicago, Baltimore, and Arlington, Virginia.

No matter which role you apply for, HopSkipDrive will expect you to have excellent people skills and be a master of multitasking.

Is HopSkipDrive Worth It?

HopSkipDrive is one of the few ridesharing services which focuses on providing kids access to a safe rideshare service.

To safely serve the enormous market of children needing a transportation solution, HopSkipDrive requires additional screening of its drivers.

The extra rules result in more money for their CareDrivers and peace of mind for the parents who need help transporting their children, whether it’s from school, a sport, or any other after school activity.

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