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Courage Over Comfort: Who Said It & What It Means

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When presented with a choice of courage over comfort, people often choose what is comfortable for them.

There’s a reluctance to get out of your comfort zones because of meeting with the unknowns.

However, you’ll find many benefits when working in uncomfortable situations, as Brene Brown puts it.

Choosing discomfort helps you grow and discover who you are.

You won’t have to hide your character; you must reveal and learn other skills and traits to brave your new mission.

This way, you discover your potential and improve yourself.

What Does Courage Over Comfort Mean?

Choosing courage over comfort means embracing the unknown.

It pushes you to new experiences and makes you open and accommodating when you are tired of working for other companies.

It requires courage and confidence to do what your mind would otherwise assume and ignore because it anticipates failure or challenges.

Being brave or courageous takes a lot from you.

Despite the attractive comfort zone you crave and enjoy, you must overcome your fears and doubt.

You get to know parts about your personality that you wouldn’t have discovered.

These realizations help you grow your potential and expand your network.

It opens you up to new possibilities and opportunities.

Who Said “Courage Over Comfort?”

When you hear integrity is choosing courage over comfort, it’s overcoming the fear and discomfort over being comfortable.

It’s letting go of the comfort zone and periods and choosing a different path that may seem more daunting.

Brene Brown encourages people to choose courage over comfort always because of the possibilities and benefits.

Using this quote, she helps you understand your imperfections and disbelief as you take on new levels and tasks.

Why Is Courage Over Comfort?

Choosing courage helps you explore other areas in life. It shakes up your life, bringing in new experiences.

It builds your foundation as a leader, skilled employee, and person.

Your network and net worth will grow when you venture into uncertain and uncomfortable moments.

Leaning Into Discomfort Can Lead To Growth

Choosing courage doesn’t always guarantee success.

It’s why the apparent option would be holding back and choosing to stick in your comfort zone.

However, new opportunities have other benefits to brighten your life professionally and socially.

For instance, self-employment requires believing in yourself.

You start evaluating your growth goals when you want to work for yourself.

It Helps You Gain Wisdom

Courage helps you build your wisdom and knowledge.

You’ll discover more about yourself when learning or training yourself to adapt to a new role or situation.

As a result, you’ll change how you make your decisions and react to conditions.

Being in that uncomfortable place helps you gain insight into handling certain situations.

Instead of panicking and focusing on unnecessary details, you’ll know what to do even with little facts or knowledge about it.

Thus, you’ll make wiser and better decisions.

Allows You To Be Vulnerable

Being open to scary opportunities makes you vulnerable.

Exposure to unknown situations and the possibility of failure is scary to everyone and makes us vulnerable.

This vulnerability makes you depend on your abilities alone, which is a good example of bravery.

Other Famous Quotes About Courage

You’ll find many people who talk about being courageous over being fearful.

They encourage and motivate you to choose another option regardless of your fear.

Here are some famous quotes about courage.

What Does Plato Say About Courage?

Plato described courage as the ability to walk and persevere through anything despite fear or challenges.

He characterizes courage as the virtue of the spirited part of the soul (among the three parts).

Courage allows rulers and moneymakers to control society and individuals.

What Did Winston Churchill Say About Courage?

Winston Churchill defined courage as the ability to triumph over fear – where you master your fear as you take on new opportunities in your life.

He regards courage as the first quality that others will follow.

When you are courageous, you can’t do anything as you have the confidence and belief that you can take on the world regardless of fear.

What Is Tim O’Brien’s Theory of Courage?

Tim O’Brien defines courage as an emotion.

For example, he likens a warrior’s courage in war to the courage you need to face your fears.

In his book, The Things They Carried, he explores the idea that war victories might not be due to organic bravery, but instead cowardice.

The warriors feared death.

They took on the wars and tasks given to them, but their success wasn’t a result of having superhuman valor.

They could only imagine and fantasize about the heroic stories and reception they could get back home.

These stories are what helped them face their fears and drove them to victory and success.

What Did Eleanor Roosevelt Say About Courage?

Eleanor Roosevelt defined courage as moving forward one step at a time instead of having fear rule over you.

She encourages people to take it slowly until they overcome fear.

Of course, there is no absolute absence of fear, but you are courageous when you choose to do something despite the fear.

Further, she describes courage as a long-term project where you focus on doing the right thing even when it’s not the popular opinion.

How To Choose Courage Over Comfort in Life

Choosing courage is challenging as you don’t have complete control of the results.

But how can you choose courage over comfort in life? Consider these tips.

Let Go of Your Fear of the Unknown

Letting go of the fear of uncertainties is an excellent place to start.

Instead of thinking of why you shouldn’t do something, be positive and look at the benefits.

Understand the benefits of overcoming your fear and taking a new path in your life.

This excitement and exhilaration help you get off the fear of the unknown.

Try Even if It Means Taking a Risk

Being a risk taker presents numerous opportunities to grow socially, professionally, or mentally.

You’ll be able to challenge yourself on new fronts that’ll help you enhance your thinking and potential.

Taking risks is still one of the things people struggle with today.

Go About Confrontation in the Right Way

Confronting a situation without the correct facts could go wrong when taking a risk or choosing courage.

So collect your points and look for an appropriate method when facing someone or a situation.

Don’t be quick to act but be wise when deciding.

Tackle Challenges Head-On

The best way to overcome your fear is by tackling your problems head-on.

Some people are afraid of difficult challenges, as they can require hard work, which means hustling through work and life.

However, you shouldn’t delegate your issues for others to solve because you won’t learn the value or lesson of the challenge.

Instead, brace yourself and let your qualities speak for themselves when handling the challenges.

Have a cool head, and always be ready to seek help when you can’t find a way out.

Work On Your Inner World

Your belief and attitude often determine how courageous you are.

How your inner world feels will show on the outside.

Therefore, you must start believing in yourself before taking anything.

This belief gives you a never-say-die attitude that will carry you through difficult situations.

Wrapping Up

Choosing courage will always be challenging, but also the best option.

The benefits you get when you get out of your cocoon could be the breakthrough you need in your business, career, school, or social life.

Don’t limit yourself because you are afraid of what will happen.

Instead, be ready to take the chance and work toward better options and opportunities.

As Brene Brown says, integrity is choosing courage over comfort.

Do you have stories about choosing courage over comfort or questions about how to do it? Let us know in the comments!

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