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  • Industry Asset Sharing & Rental Services

Where Does Lime Operate?

Lime was founded in San Francisco, California. But these days, the company operates in countries as far-flung as Singapore, Poland, the United Kingdom, Chile, the Czech Republic, and 12 others.

It also operates on several college campuses in the United States and one in Australia. Lime operates in dozens of cities in the United States, including Austin, Dallas, San Diego, Washington, D.C, and Denver.

The Complete Guide to Being a Lime Scooter Charger

Overview of Lime

Lime is a dockless bike share and scooter rental company that rents bicycles, e-bikes, and scooters to people in densely populated cities.

By downloading the Lime app, you can rent multiple transportation options and ride anytime for a small fee.

LimeBikes: a Lime webpage explaining how to use the service

Instead of spending more money on a rideshare or other form of transportation, you can save money by renting a bike or scooter to quickly get you across town. It’s also much cleaner for the environment compared to other transportation options.

Lime Rental Options

While LimeBikes and Lime scooters are the most popular rental options, these aren’t the only forms of transportation Lime offers.

All of Lime’s rental options are dockless — you won’t find any bike racks in sight.

Lime offers the following scooter and bike sharing rental options:

  • LimeBike: 8-speed dock-free pedal bike that started the micro-mobility movement
  • Lime-S: Electric scooter with a rechargeable lithium battery and 250-watt motor
  • Lime-E: Electric-assist bicycle that helps you accelerate as you pedal
  • LimePod: Car-sharing option, similar to Zipcar, that lets you reserve a car for short periods of time

Now that you know what you can rent, let’s talk about how renting Lime vehicles works.

How Do Lime Rentals Work?

To rent a LimeBike or scooter, you must first download the Lime app. After signing up for Lime, you can open the app and search the map for nearby rentals.

Within the mobile app’s map view, you’ll be able to see all of the available bikes, electric-assist bikes, and scooters you can rent in your area.

Once you find a nearby rental, you either scan the QR code on the bike or scooter, or enter the identification number to unlock your rental.

You can then drive your rental around for as long as you’d like, but remember, you’ll be charged a certain rate for every minute of your rental.

Once you’re finished riding, you can park your rental in a safe location, finish your ride on the app, and lock up your rental to complete your ride.

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Where Is Lime Available?

The LimeBike and scooter share program is available in cities all across the United States. It’s even available in many other countries around the world.

In the United States, cities like Seattle, Boston, and Orlando all have LimeBikes and scooters on nearly every street corner.

Outside the U.S., our neighboring countries of Canada and Mexico also have Lime in some cities.

Even places overseas, like the United Kingdom, Australia, and France have bikes and scooters scattered around town.

For a full list of where Lime is available, you can check out Lime locations.

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