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Caviar Tipping: Do You Need to Tip Your Driver?

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When ordering online food delivery services, there are often questions regarding tipping etiquette when it comes to your delivery person.

Users of apps like Postmates, DoorDash, GrubHub, Uber Eats, and Seamless have often wondered about this, and while it’s encouraged to tip all of those drivers, this article will focus on Caviar tips.

Caviar is the slightly more upscale food delivery app that works with high-end restaurants that don’t typically deliver.

Because of this, Caviar does charge slightly more for a delivery fee, and says they pay their couriers more than competitors.

That being said, tipping is still good form.

In this article we’ll look at what to tip a Caviar courier, talk about the delivery fee, and compare the app to competitors.

Should You Tip Your Caviar Driver?

A lot of people reason that because you are not being waited on like in a restaurant, no tip is necessary when you are ordering delivery service.

That’s somewhat silly, mostly because tipping isn’t mandatory anywhere.

It’s always up to the consumer — you won’t be arrested for shoplifting if you neglect to leave a tip in a restaurant.

Tipping has become part of our culture, a way to keep the cost of meals down and give customers a little more leeway in rewarding servers for good service.

Does it make the most sense?

Maybe not! But it’s what we do.

In that regard, you don’t have to, but you should tip your Caviar courier.


Because it’s what we as a society do, and because while Caviar does pay better than other food delivery services, these couriers do work as independent contractors who are often not making a ton.

And at a time when someone working minimum wage can’t afford rent anywhere in the country, tips may help make the difference for someone over the course of a month.

How Much Should You Tip Your Delivery Driver?

Tipping amounts vary, dependent on what you thought of the service, the cost of the delivery fee, and where you live.

Couriers trying to pay rent in San Francisco or New York can use the help, I think we can all agree, though you should tip even if you don’t live in Manhattan or California.)

That being said, for delivery, the standard 20 percent tip is a good benchmark for service.

Caviar gives you the option to tip anywhere up to $5, before or after the order, and for most orders, that’s a good range.

A guiding light in determining how much to tip can also be good old-fashioned empathy.

If you ask a driver to bring you food in the pouring rain, or a snowstorm, and they are forced to navigate awful traffic and weather, going beyond the standard 20 percent tip would be appreciated.

You’re paying someone to do something you have no interest in doing, and rewarding them with a nice tip is a nice way to acknowledge that.

Likewise, if you make a large order, or have a complicated drop-off routine that takes time out of the courier’s day, you should tip and tip well.

If I Need to Add a Tip, Why Is There a Delivery Fee?

A service fee is standard on delivery platforms, and allows these companies to stay in business. Some of those fees will go to pay the drivers’ hourly wage, but tipping is the best way to ensure that the cash goes directly in their own pocket.

Delivery fees can vary a bit more in Caviar than in other services.

This is because of the restaurants that Caviar is working with, most of which do not typically allow for delivery.

Pick up routines can be a bit more time consuming at restaurants working with the app because it’s not as simple as going to the front table and grabbing whatever’s ready in a bag.

Likewise, some of the partnerships that Caviar has forged requires them to compensate the restaurants.

Delivery fees can vary from $0.99 to $8.99, and while the upper end of that may seem a bit steep, you are paying to get delivery food from places that don’t typically deliver.

On a side note, if you’re getting a Caviar free delivery via a promotion, you really have no excuse not to tip.

Spread the love and add one to your order.

Does Caviar Have Different Tipping Practices From Its Competitors?

Caviar’s tipping policy is similar to other delivery apps — it’s not necessary, but it’s a nice thing for their couriers.

It’s worth noting that there has been a bit of a sea change when it comes to tipping practices with on-demand services like this.

In the early days of Uber, there was no tipping, and it trained some people to think that tipping wasn’t customary for on-demand services.

But Uber has tipping now, as does Lyft and most of the apps in the on-demand space.

This change was sparked because Uber drivers wanted to be able to have more control over direct income, and because they wanted to be rewarded for good service.

They fought hard to get tips, and it’s now become an industry standard.

Because Caviar works with higher-end restaurants and pays their drivers a bit more than other apps, you could make the argument that it isn’t as imperative to tip, but again — it’s just a few bucks for you, and over the course of a shift, that money can make a real difference for a courier.

For many people, this is simply a part-time job they do until they can work to something better.

Help them on that journey.

Can You Tip Cash or Do They Prefer the App?

When it comes to Caviar, you always have tip options.

You are able to tip in the app, whether iOS or Android, and able to do so before or after the order is made.

The tip is simply deducted from your credit card or Apple Pay, whatever it is you use.

In Caviar, they call tips a “Courier Bonus” and you can change them when you’re reviewing your cart for checkout.

Caviar Tipping: Do You Need to Tip Your Driver?

That being said, drivers also always love a good cash tip.

It’s money that goes directly in their pockets.

In reality, there’s not much of a difference to the driver.

As long as he or she is being rewarded for good service with a little extra money to bring home, it’s all good for them.

Reward Good Service

Tipping, for how strange a custom it is, is part of what we do in America.

There’s a long history of handing pizza delivery guys a few bucks when they bring your food, and it continues on now.

Delivery couriers work for not-so-great wages, and by tipping a few bucks, you can contribute to extra money that will add up over the course of a shift.

Caviar, while it works with nicer restaurants and pays better than competitors, is not exempt from this.

You get wonderful, high-end food delivered to you right on your couch.

A couple bucks to the person who brought it to you is not the worst thing to do to make that happen, and ensure that it continues to happen in the future.

2 thoughts on “Caviar Tipping: Do You Need to Tip Your Driver?”

  1. Tips for delivery drivers is a must. If you want your order delivered, that is. I don’t know about Caviar, but I know about DoorDash, and when the order comes to your phone and there is no tip, a lot of drivers will say, “no tip no trip”. Do customers understand that this is much different than dining out at a restaurant? You normally tip your waitress/waiter a percentage of the meal cost, and other factors. However, delivery drivers are playing a whole different game. They aren’t just walking back and forth to the kitchen for their customer’s, they’re driving to the restaurant and picking up your order and driving it to you. This can include waiting for it also as it’s not always ready when the driver arrives, and time is money. When the order is ready then they’re on their way to your home, or wherever it is you chose them to deliver. The driver is using their own vehicle and spending their own money for gas. There is no “gas allowance” as some may think. Gas prices are through the roof right now. Gas prices have doubled in one year, DOUBLED. So, if your gig work has cost you $300 this month, a little more than a year ago it would have been $150. Still, that is a lot more than the average person that doesn’t drive for a living. I’ve always felt that if you live close by, meaning the restaurant is within 3 miles, you should definitely be tipping the cost of a gallon of gas. That cost is average (Northeast) $3.50/gallon. Anything more than 3 miles from you, you should be tipping $1/mile. Let’s not forget that the delivery will be double those miles too, as they have the ride back. However, the tip can be calculated for the mileage for one way. Yes the driver is paid a “base pay” for the delivery, but it’s not much and it also will depend on the distance. However, if you believe someone should deliver your food and not be tipped, be prepared for that order to constantly be “declined”. It can continue to travel around that “space” out there and may never be taken by anyone. Drivers don’t fill their gas tanks to deliver your food for nothing, and customer’s should be thinking about that. If you tip your waitress for walking back and forth to the kitchen for you, why wouldn’t you feel the need to tip someone who’s driven to the restaurant of ‘your’ choice, picked your food up and then driven it to your house? You have to be crazy to think that it’s not more than fair to reward your driver, and reward them well I might add. Some can use the excuse that after all the fees these companies charge the customer, they don’t feel the need to now tip. PEOPLE, having your food delivered by one of these platforms is a LUXURY, and nothing less! If you simply “can’t afford” to tip your driver, then don’t place the order. It’s that simple. There are still the old pizza places around that have been delivering for years. And, they don’t have those hefty charges either. All you need to do is tip! So the bottom line is, if you want to live like Kings and Queens, be prepared to walk in their shoes from start to finish, it’s that simple. The good thing about life is we all have choices. Make good choices!!!


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