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The 3 Best Social Media Marketing Jobs In (2024) [Ranked]

According to career resource Zippia, 61,443 social media marketers work in the United States.

Social media has become such a substantial part of everyday life that businesses must have a regular presence on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. 

This is where the role of social media marketers comes in. Your job will require you to find new audiences for your company, engage with long-term customers, and introduce products and services compellingly.

This guide to social media marketing jobs will explore what’s out there so you can kickstart this new career path. 

Why You Should Consider Social Media Marketing Jobs

Working in social media marketing is advantageous for these reasons:

  • Fuel Business Growth: The content you post on social media allows businesses to attract new views, likes, reposts, shares, and followers. You help companies become more visible online, and more exposure means more customers. 
  • Influence Trends: Managing the account of a popular business allows you to harness that power to post viral content.
  • Reputation Management: A company must have a good reptuation to continue generating business. Your social media expertise helps companies avoid faux pas and smooth over transgressions without losing too many customers. 

The 3 Best Social Media Marketing Jobs to Consider

Which roles should you focus on as you apply for social media marketing jobs? Here are three to explore. 

1. Social Media Consultant

A social media consultant works with clients individually or through an agency. They provide their expertise for marketing campaigns, helping a company determine its social media goals and identify its shortcomings. 

A consultant will create a roadmap to client success, measuring KPIs throughout the campaign. 


  • You can work from home and choose your clients if you work for yourself.
  • Your job makes a noticeable difference in the lives of clients and companies. 
  • You frequently get to flex your social media muscle. 


  • You have to spend time seeking your next role if you consult on a freelance basis. 

2. Social Media Manager

You can also explore the role of the social media manager. You will oversee a company’s social media strategy and devise ways to build an online presence. You’ll post on the company’s behalf, create new social media campaigns, optimize existing campaigns, plan content, and engage with the company’s audience through replies. 


  • You can earn about $70,000 per year in this role, according to Zippia.
  • It’s your job to post on social media.
  • You receive feedback in real time. 


  • Since you’re managing social media, a campaign underperformance falls on you. 

3. Social Media Analyst 

The third social media marketing role to consider is a social media analyst. This career requires you to review the trends, metrics, and insights driving the present and future of social media. 

Based on this knowledge, you’ll also recommend changes or improvements to your client’s social campaigns.


  • You’ll stay busy, as companies always want social media insights. 
  • You can work with clients across a variety of industries. 
  • Your growing knowledge will make you a valued specialist. 


  • Staying up-to-date on social media challenges is time-consuming and sometimes exhausting. 

Top 3 Places to Find Social Media Marketing Jobs

Where does one begin to seek high paying jobs for social media marketers? We’ve found the top online resources for landing your next great gig.

1. Glassdoor

a screenshot of the glassdoor homepage

Glassdoor is one of the best career resources, so it’s handy for finding social media marketing jobs. Put in your location and the marketing role you’re looking for, and Glassdoor will show you the most pertinent options. 


  • You can count on Glassdoor reviews when researching a company to determine its legitimacy before you apply.
  • You can search according to more parameters that matter to you, such as salary.
  • You can learn about the interviewing process by reading Glassdoor reviews, offering valuable insights. 


  • You must have a login to browse jobs and reviews on Glassdoor.
  • You can’t begin using many features before sharing personal details about yourself.
  • It’s a general job board. 

2. LinkedIn

A screenshot of the linkedin homepage

Sometimes, it takes using social media to find a social media job. That’s what LinkedIn is for. This networking site helps you connect with professionals. You can also search for and apply to jobs.


  • Subscribing to LinkedIn’s email service alerts you of jobs you might be interested in.
  • You can research a company’s structure and connect with hiring managers directly before applying for jobs.
  • You can also use LinkedIn for gathering unique industrywide insights. 


  • Since it’s laid out like Facebook and other social platforms, you can get sidetracked scrolling through your feed.
  • It’s not free to use all services.
  • It’s a general job board. 

3. Mediabistro 

screenshot of the mediabistro homepage

An excellent site for seeking social media marketing jobs is Mediabistro. This creative and media job board focuses on marketing and communication jobs, among other types. You won’t have to sift through listings unrelated to the job you’re seeking to find open roles near you or remote positions.


  • Mediabistro is a specialist job board for aspiring social media marketers.
  • You can set up job alerts to be one of the first to apply to suitable new roles.
  • Mediabistro offers excellent career services and resources. 


  • The interface is somewhat clunky. 

What You’ll Need to Do a Social Media Marketing Job

You want to stand out head and shoulders above your competitors, which requires having a panache, a strong resume, and skills like these.

  • Social Media Expertise: This is a given, but you must understand social media inside and out. You vigorously follow social media trends, keep track of the latest small platforms that could become tomorrow’s next smash hit, and monitor the metrics that matter.
  • College Education: Many hiring managers request that social media marketers have at least a bachelor’s degree in marketing, business, or media.
  • On-the-Job Experience: You must have some related experience on your resume, ideally upwards of five or six years. Entry-level job seekers should have an internship or volunteer experience. 

Tips for Finding a Social Media Marketing Job

Has your quest for a social media marketing job been fruitless? Here are some tips and strategies to gear you up for success.

1. Sign Up for Job Alerts

You don’t want to miss viable positions when they go live. Job alerts tell you when interesting roles have dropped so you can begin writing your cover letter and shining up your resume. You’ll also save time searching for jobs when they’re delivered straight to your inbox. 

2. Network

Your presence is mostly online as an aspiring social media marketer, but you should network online and off. Rubbing elbows at industry conferences and local job-seeking events will expand your social circle.

You never know who’s aware of a great position that can help you get your foot in the door of your new career.

3. Find Your Niche

What is your social media marketing niche? For example, do you provide services for companies that offer spiritual retreats, or perhaps it’s car customization companies or luxury apparel brands? Your niche is part of what makes you unique as a job-seeker, so double down on it in your resume, cover letter, and job applications. 

4. Create a Website

Today, building a website from scratch is easier and more inexpensive than ever. You can get your new site up and running in one afternoon. Your website is part of your broader business presence, where you can showcase a portfolio of case studies detailing the social media work you’ve done. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Social Media Marketers Get Paid Well?

Yes, social media marketers get paid a generous wage for their services. Indeed estimates the annual earnings at $37,000 to $90,000, with many social media marketers making about $58,000 per year. More experienced employees climbing the social ladder will have the opportunity to earn even more. 

Are Social Media Marketing Jobs in Demand?

Indeed, social media marketing jobs are highly sought-after. Companies new to social media especially need your services, but even businesses with a social media presence may require assistance managing their growing audience. 

Is a Career in Social Media Marketing Worth It? 

Many social media marketers would agree that, yes, this career is worth it. Like many jobs, social media marketing has its high-stress moments. However, you get to use and grow your skills and see your hard work pay off at the end of every campaign. 

Wrapping Up 

Social media marketing jobs run the gamut from consultants who offer their services freelance or for hire to social media managers who oversee and run entire campaigns.

These jobs require a college education, some experience, and strong social media skills and knowledge to excel. You can use general job boards like LinkedIn or Glassdoor or specialty boards such as Mediabistro to find your next social media marketing job.

Are you considering beginning a career in social media marketing? Which part of this article did you find the most valuable? Let us know in the comments below. 

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