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Best Office Chair For Sciatica

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Sciatica is an extremely painful condition, and it is very common. It is caused by a compression of a nerve, usually from the spine. The nerve pain travels down to the lower back, hips and sometimes legs.

Sciatica is no fun, and it is typically self-diagnosable. So many people work from home, which cause actually causes more strain on the back. Your sciatica may also be worse if you have worked in physical jobs for a long time, or you have other health conditions.

Having a comfortable office chair for when you are working or using your computer is so important.

There is nothing worse than sitting for extended periods of time and being uncomfortable. Working at a desk should be comfortable, considering you are there for many hours a day.

If you have sciatica, it is essential to have a comfy office chair that will alleviate the sciatic pain, and even help the long term effects. If you’re looking for a good office chair to help your sciatica, look no further.

In this article, we will be giving you some of the best office chairs for sciatica, along with a buyer’s guide and FAQ section. 

Best Office Chair For Sciatica

1. Serta Ergonomic Executive

This ergonomic executive office chair is one of the best office chairs for those suffering from sciatica. This chair has motion technology, so you can sit at the best angle for your back.

The chair is comfortable and supportive, and it continually gives you the best lower back support. The sea tilts forward and backward, allowing you to be as comfortable as you can, improving the strength and flexibility in your core.

The chair also has push buttons for you to adjust the armrests. The levers in this chair are all adjustable, and you can be in optimal comfort whilst sitting in this chair. This chair is simple, yet effective.

It is slightly more pricey than some other options on the market, but with the soft cushioning and supportive frame of this chair, you are bound to feel better. People with sciatica need support in their lower back, and this is exactly what this chair does. 


  • This chair is perfect for supporting your lower back, and it has some excellent reviews for helping relieve back pain. We thought this chair was worth the money, as it was so firm and supportive. 
  • The chair is pretty easy to assemble.


  • This chair is definitely on the pricey side.

2. Flash Wooden Ergonomic Kneeling

Although this chair may not look comfortable, kneeling office chairs have their benefits for your physical health. Sciatic pain may often feel like tension in your back.

By changing the way you’re sitting, the pain will slowly alleviate from the area that is most affected. This chair is an excellent invention. The chair has seated and knee padding that is filled with a soft foam, meaning that you will be comfortable kneeling.

The frame of the chair is also adjustable, so you can adjust the chair to your needs, height, and weight. The chair frame also has dual wheel casters, making it super easy for it to roll across the floor.

These frames are supposed to engage your core muscles and strengthen them. By strengthening these core muscles, it will alleviate the pain from other areas.

These types of kneeling chairs are popular in Asia, and they allow you to be comfortable in a unique and strengthening way. Strengthen your core muscles and take the pressure away from your sciatica. 


  • This chair is good for relieving the pressure off of your lower back, forcing you to sit up straight naturally.


  • If you have severe sciatic pain, these chairs may be too painful for you. You need to slowly ease into the strong position that this chair will put you in. 
  • This chair has a wooden frame, so it may not be as reliable as some other chairs on the market.

3. Oline ErgoPro Ergonomic

This ergonomic office chair is one of the highest rated ergonomic chairs on the market. The chair has rolling wheels, with an adjustable armrest, as well as a mesh back support and lower support.

With sciatic pain, you need support on the lower half of your back. This chair is rated as the absolute best ergonomic office chair, and it is designed to give your body continuous and intense support whilst you sit for long hours.

This chair also has thin bladed looking wheels, meaning they are more sensitive to movement, and they will not damage your flooring. With this chair, you are able to adjust your headrest, armrests, height, and knee tilt.

With so many options to optimize your comfort, there is no doubt that this chair was rated the best ergonomic office chair. With the tilting action, you can tilt backwards whilst maintaining a great posture.

When you usually tilt a chair, you may change the position of your lower back, amplifying the pain of your sciatica. This chair is lightweight, but incredibly supportive for those suffering from sciatica. 


  • This chair has been rated the best ergonomic office chair. 
  • The chair has so many ways to adjust your comfort, as you can tilt each part of the chair, and adjust it to your every need. This means that those with sciatica can customize the way they are sitting.


  • This chair is slightly complicated to assemble, and we thought it was quite time consuming due to all the different parts.

4. NOUHAUS Ergo3D Ergonomic

The NOUHAUS ergonomic office chair is one of the best office chairs on the market, and it is highly reviewed from all corners of the internet. This chair has been said to conform to your body and life. This chair has a lot of features.

The NOUHAUS chair sports an adjustable armrest and lumbar system, as well as an elasticated mesh exterior. It also has the capabilities to tilt 135 degrees.

The chair also has hydro lift features, as well as dual blade castors, meaning that the blade wheels will not damage your flooring and will glide peacefully. The chair is excellent for sciatica, as it hugs your back and supports your body.

As it hugs your back, the hydro lift seat lifts you up and down to conform to the angle of your back.

The elasticated mesh that holds the chair together assists in relieving your sciatic and lower back pain. It means that the chair is not restricted, and if your back needs to lean back a little more, the chair will allow you to do this.

This chair is heavy duty, and also has a lunge option. 


  • This chair is kitted out with some exceptional features that make your life so much easier. For example, the lounging option, the blade wheels, and the support from every angle. 


  • Again, this chair is on the pricier side compared to others on the market, but you may not get the same quality.
  • According to some reviewers, this chair is less customizable than you’d expect. 

5. Furmax Office Chair

This Furmax office chair may be a great choice for those on a budget. This office chair is an ergonomic mesh chair that has armrests, as well as a height lever and other features. The whole design of the chair is ergonomic, and it completely supports all sides of you.

When you lean backwards into the chair, it feels completely supportive. It is the most supportive feeling around the waist, an area where people frequently suffer with sciatic pain.

The chair is made from high quality materials, meaning it is likely to last a lot longer, and it will be noticeable when you are using it. The height of the seat and the tilt can easily be adjusted.

This chair may look like your regular desk chair, but it is definitely a lot more than meets the eye. This chair is cost effective, due to its versatility and value. The seat is extremely plush and comfortable, and the price is 10% of other chairs on the market.

The seat is made up of a sturdy wooden base, thick layers of sponge, and a mesh cloth layer. The mesh is extremely breathable, and it is designed to be used for hours upon hours.

This chair is perfect for those with minor sciatic pain, because the back support is one back, rather than a few to support different areas. 


  • This chair is simple, and extremely easy to set up.
  • The Furmax chair has a simple and supportive ergonomic design.


  • The back is not as high as some other ergonomic chairs.
  • The back only has one mesh support type, rather than a gap with a lower back support mechanism.

6. Herman Miller Aeron Ergonomic

Now, this Herman Miller ergonomic chair is at the top of the scale; in quality, and price. This ergonomic chair is formed from recycled material, and it is a sleek and attractive chair. The chair has a tilting function, with a limiter too.

This allows you to customize its reclining range at one of three positions, and you can adjust the amount of effort needed to recline with the tension control setting.

This chair is phenomenal for sciatic pain, and it is one of the highest rated chairs for helping with back pain of any kind. The chair has a posture fitting adjustable back, which is formed from a hard mesh.

Two pads flex on their own to adjust and stick to the natural curve in your spine, reaching optimal comfort for you. The arms of this chair are also fully adjustable. This chair truly is a modern marvel that reflects the modern office experience.

No one should have to suffer from sciatica, and nobody should have to sit down all day, and be in more pain. This chair was designed with pure human centric design, and this chair is attentive to your every need. 


  • This chair has been known to help and even solve some of the most serious and painful back conditions due to how supportive it is. 
  • It is made from only recycled materials, and it is super comfy.


  • This chair is on the very pricey side, so it may not be the best choice for those who are not in the financial position to buy it.

Buyer’s Guide

It is known that ergonomic chairs are some of the best chairs for sciatica. Well, in addition to ergonomic chairs, there are some other types of chairs that may help with sciatica.

This includes kneeling chairs that limit the weight on the sciatic nerve, and saddle seat chairs. These are definitely chairs to look out for if you cannot find the best ergonomic chair. 

Now, let’s talk about some things to look out for when buying a chair office chair to help with sciatica. 

1. Shape

The shape of your chair is heavily important when buying a chair to help relieve the symptoms of your sciatica. With office chairs, the seat is usually rounded, saddle shaped, or rectangular/square-shaped.

When you are finding a good chair for sciatica, you will see a lot of the chairs have saddle shaped or circular seats.

This is not something that is particularly significant, but you will notice that with these shaped seats, the edges will actually support your legs and bum, which is also something you need when you have sciatica.

When the edges are shaped towards your body, it will have a more supportive feel for you. 

Additionally, the shape of the back of the chair is the absolute most critical thing to look out for when buying an office chair to help with sciatica. Ergonomic chairs have a shaped, firm, and thin back that is often made of mesh like material.

This material directly supports your body, and conforms to the shape of your body. This helps with sciatica because it keeps you at an angle that is comfortable for your sciatic nerve. The chair should not be straight at the back, as this will make the pain a lot worse than it already is. 

Office chairs should also have ample room for your legs. Sciatica often travels down the upper legs, and it can be exasperated by the angle that your legs may be set at.

When you are trying out office chairs to help with your back, you may notice that your sciatica may hurt more if your legs are in a closed position, and crammed into one space.

Your legs should be slightly open, and the hips should have extra room than normal to sit naturally. Make sure your legs are set straight, and your feet sit straight on the floor, forming a natural and comfortable position.

This will help take a lot of nerve pain away from your lower back. 

Finally, chairs with higher backs provide excellent posture. This practice of good posture will actually help alleviate the pain in the lower back and hips. Having a high back in an ergonomic chair is perfect, as you can get molded support at all levels of your body.

2. Material

The material of your chair is also massively important. When buying a chair for sciatic pain, you need something that is prepared to be sat on for a long time. Mesh fabric is one of the best materials, because it does not retain heat.

There’s nothing worse than being set in an uncomfortable, hot office chair. Make sure the chair is comfortable, and makes you want to sit in it. Additionally, the material and comfort of your cushion matters just as much as the shape of your chair.

Although soft and comfy surfaces may seem cozier, they will actually make your sciatica more painful after a while. You need a firm yet supportive and soft cushion for your office chair, similar to a firm memory foam mattress.

This will mold to the shape of your body, and will help you remain comfortable. It is important not to have too hard of a cushion too, because it will put more pressure on the sciatic nerve. 

3. Budget

Your budget is essential to think about too. When investing in an office chair to alleviate your sciatic pain, think about it as just that; an investment.

It is probably better in the long run to have a reliable and expensive chair, and have less pain. Although a cheaper office chair may seem like more of a deal, remember it is you who will be set in that chair, potentially for hours. Always invest in a chair that will invest in your physical health. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

image showing the best office chair for sciatica

Can A Bad Office Chair Cause Sciatica? 

A bad office chair can definitely cause sciatica if you already have some pain on your sciatic nerve. It is so important to have a good office chair.

An uncomfortable office chair does not support your back, nerves, and body. It will absolutely make your sciatica worse, and will cause you some real discomfort. 

How Do I Get My Sciatic Nerve To Stop Hurting? 

Heat and ice therapy are two clever ways to stop your sciatic nerve from hurting. Ice can reduce the inflammation, whereas heat encourages the blood to flow to the painful area, meaning it will heal quicker.

In terms of chairs, a firm and supportive chair will stop your sciatic nerve from hurting, because it puts the pressure in a different area. 

Does Sitting A Lot Make Sciatica Worse?

Sitting a lot can make your sciatica worse, and this is especially true if you are sitting in a chair that is not supportive, and is too soft or hard.  

Final Thoughts 

Sciatica is painful, and you should have a chair that helps the pain. It is difficult to know what to look for when buying a chair to help with sciatica or back pain. The chair should be firm and supportive, with a supportive and ergonomic style back.

You should always put comfort first when you have sciatica, and it is worthwhile to invest in a quality chair. We hope you’ve enjoyed this article, and we hope you may find a great chair for your sciatica too. 

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