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Best Laptop Stand For Bed

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Working from home, while sometimes lonely, certainly has its perks. One of the biggest perks will forever be the ability to work in our pajamas, from any room in the home. Yes, we have been known to work from our beds too.

However, you still have to feel comfortable and have good posture while spending time on your laptop in the comfort of your bed.

If you’re going to be spending hours typing and reading, but you can’t see the screen clearly and you’re experiencing pain in your hands, then you might need to adjust your working habits.

This doesn’t mean doing work at a desk, but it does mean investing in a laptop stand! These will alleviate hand and wrist pain, and will also reduce the risk of your laptop overheating.

To help you choose your work aid, we have narrowed down a selection of the best laptop stands for beds currently on the market!

Best Laptop Stands To Use While Sitting In Bed

1. SAIJI Adjustable Laptop Stand for Bed

This laptop stand has all of the features you could possibly need for working from your bed. Its adjustable designs mean that you can change the surface angle, to give you the best view and posture possible.

This has a max of 36-degrees and has four different angles, which is more than enough angle difference to make your working environment (in bed) far more comfortable. 

It also has an adjustable height element so you can have plenty of legroom while getting your work done!

There are five different settings for these, which means that once you’ve chosen what is comfortable for you, it will be locked in and won’t accidentally slip back down to its original state.

To help this, it also has auto-lock buttons on each side of the stand to prevent a collapse. 

Made out of MDF board, this stand is very durable and hard-wearing, and it has a no-slip leather surface. This means that you can keep all of your items firmly on the top of the stand, even when it is at a slanted angle. 

Another feature that makes it simple and effective is its sled-style legs. Instead of having ‘feet’ to plant it on a surface, it has two long pieces of plastic that are curved up at the ends (hence the sled-style).

And this means that the laptop stand can be moved really easily by sliding it along your bed surface. 

When it comes to the work-oriented features on the actual stand surface, you won’t be disappointed! There is a small draw on the left-hand side of the stand top, which will be perfect for storing glasses or small notebooks.

It has a book stand to hold your books open while you are doing research, and it also has a pen holder and a tablet/phone holder on the far side of the stand. Its foldable legs mean that it can be easily stored. 

Finally, it has a laptop stopper that can be moved depending on where you want to place your laptop.

This means that your laptop won’t slip off if you are using a sharper surface angle. All of these features are brilliant extras that ensure that you are in for a productive work environment. 


  • Adjustable height and angle – This means that you can match your stand to your height and posture, to match your needs exactly. 
  • Laptop stopper – This will prevent anything from falling. This can be moved depending on where you want to place your laptop. The surface is also covered in non-slip leather. 
  • Lots of extra features – It has a book stand to hold open books if using it for research while working, a pen holder, a tablet and phone holder at the top, and a small drawer on the side. 
  • Can fold flat – This makes it much easier to pack the stand away for storage when you aren’t using it. 
  • Good customer service – If you have an issue with the product, you can receive a replacement within 12 months. 


  • Height issue – Some users say that even the lowest setting – 10.7 inches – can be a bit tall if you are sitting in bed – something to bear in mind! 
  • Weighs 9 pounds – This is quite heavy for a laptop stand, which can make it difficult to carry around. 

2. Besign LT06 Adjustable Standing Bed Desk

Besign’s collection of working accessories is known for being incredibly useful, especially when you are working from home.

This standing bed desk lives up to this reputation! Its monochrome color scheme will fit in with most bedrooms, and it can be used for a huge range of tasks. 

It is medium-size, which means that it will be able to fit all of the ‘main’ laptop sizes. This covers 10 inches to 17 inches.

However, it isn’t too large that it would be overwhelming to sit behind it. As well as this, its size doesn’t add much weight to it at all. It only weighs just over 4 pounds (but it can hold up to 77 pounds), which makes it incredibly durable and lightweight. 

The adjustable table’s foldable design means that it can be easily stored away when it isn’t being used. As well as this, the legs have an adjustable height so you can give yourself room to spread out in bed while you are on your laptop.

To adjust these, you simply have to press a button on the legs that will change the height to one of five settings. 

It also has an angle adjustment. The bed desk has a lock button on the joint between the flat surface and the legs. This lock will prevent it from reverting back to a flat angle while you are using it. 

As well as this, your mouse and laptop/tablet will be firmly kept on the laptop stand while it is at an angle, with this product’s handy stoppers at the bottom of the ‘table’. These will prevent anything from rolling down and off the stand. 

While this laptop stand is brilliant and ticks all of the boxes, some users did have an issue with the legs. A few people commented that the legs were weaker than they were expecting and that the joints connecting the legs to the stand weren’t entirely secure.

However, only a few people experienced this issue, so the Besign laptop stand should still definitely be considered as a tool for your work. 


  • Foldable design – This means that it can be easily stored away. 
  • Medium size – It will be compatible with all laptop sizes – 10 inches to 17 inches. However, it isn’t too large to be overwhelming.
  • Adjustable height – All you have to do is press a button, and it can be adjusted to a range of height settings. 
  • Angle adjustment – The bed desk has a lock button for its surface angles, which will prevent it from reverting back to a neutral angle while you are using it. 
  • Has mouse and laptop stoppers at the bottom to prevent them from rolling down if it is at an angle. 
  • Lightweight – It only weighs just over 4 pounds, but it can hold up to 77 pounds. 


  • Weak legs – Some users have found the legs are poorly made and can break when being unfolded. 

3. Hossejoy Foldable Laptop Table

Hossejoy’s foldable laptop stand is perfect for working from your bed – and eating food in bed too! Hossejoy as a company is very reliable, and it has a brilliant customer service team that will help you with any of your inquiries. 

As stated, it is foldable which means that it can be used in any situation, whether you want to rest it on a table with the legs folded up, or in your bed with the legs out. This also means that it can be easily stored away when you aren’t using it. 

Its large size allows you to put a huge range of laptops on it, without it being too small to hold them. It comes pre-assembled, which also means that you can avoid all of the stress of building a work accessory. 

The laptop surface has a handy slot on the far side, which you can pop a tablet, a phone, or even a book into.

As well as this, its non-slip legs help the stand to avoid any instability, so you don’t have to worry about spilling any cups of coffee that you place on it. 

Made from MDF board, it is sturdy and durable, and it is also very lightweight – weighing just under 6 pounds. This makes it easy to maneuver and pick up, so you don’t need to strain yourself on those lazy work days! 

One issue I found when using this laptop stand in bed was that the height of the product is non-adjustable. This meant that I couldn’t adapt the legs to suit my height and needs.

As well as this, some users had an issue with the fact that the legs don’t have a locking system to make sure they stay in place. You might find that when it is resting over your legs and you move to the side, the legs might shift too. 

Other than those issues, however, I thought it was a great product that is incredibly simple to use and fulfills the purpose of helping me work from bed! 


  • Foldable – This means that it can easily be slotted away when you aren’t using it, but it can also be used in other situations, like working on a table. 
  • Large surface area – It can fit different sizes of laptops, which means that you won’t have to worry about your device not fitting on the stand. 
  • Extra feature – It has a tablet/phone/reading holder, which is very useful for doing work. 
  • Good customer service – This is helpful if you are having trouble with your product. 
  • Non-slip legs – This will help you to avoid instability while you are working. 


  • Non-adjustable legs/height – This means that if it is too tall or short to suit your height comfortably, you can’t change it to suit you. 
  • Legs don’t lock in place – This means that the legs might shift in if you move the stand. 

4. Mind Reader Adjustable

This adjustable, mini laptop desk from Mind Reader is very versatile, lightweight, and easy to use. One of its best features is that it has eight different positions for you to angle your laptop at.

This means that you will definitely find an angle that suits you, and that will help your posture and work mindset in the long run. 

While it may not have legs, like some of the other laptop stands, it has two built-in cushions that are designed to be comfortable, and also elevate the stand slightly so you will be able to see your laptop/tablet screen better. 

Since this stand is made from plastic, it is durable and will last a long time, but it is also incredibly lightweight. It weighs less than 2 pounds! This doesn’t affect the stability of the product either, as it can hold laptops up to the size of 15.6 inches. 

When I tried it out, I thought that it was incredibly stable, which is surprising for how thin the surface is. Its portability is helped even further by a handy handle, so you can carry it if you decide to go anywhere. 

To change the angle, all you have to do is lift up the top layer, and inside this, you will find two legs and some ridges directly below them. Place the legs in between whichever ridges you like, and you can change the surface angle at any point. 

Some users did have a slight issue with this design because there is nothing holding the legs in place in the ridges, like a lock system.

While the legs won’t slip out easily, you might need to be careful with your hand placement, just in case a big movement does cause the legs to give way and your fingers get trapped in between the stand. 

Other than this problem, which is just a precaution, it functions incredibly well and is definitely a worthwhile investment. 


  • 8 different angle positions – This variety of angles is perfect for helping the stand suit your needs and help your posture. 
  • Built-in cushions – The dual cushions are perfect for making working a comfortable experience, and your legs won’t get tired while resting the stand on your lap. 
  • Very easy to use – It has an incredibly simple design, and the angle positioning is an easy mechanism to understand. 
  • Good size – The stand will fit laptops and tablets up to 15.6 inches, which means that you won’t have to worry about your devices not fitting properly. 
  • Under 2 pounds – This means that it is incredibly lightweight when it is resting on your lap. It also has a handle to help with the stand’s portability even further. 


  • Nothing to keep the adjustable angle part of the tray in place – While it is unlikely to slip, if you are moving about and the stand moves with you, the tray could collapse. 

5. Amazon Basics Adjustable Laptop Tray

The Amazon Basics laptop stand is easy to use, carry and adjust to fit your needs. Its large surface is able to comfortably hold a 17-inch laptop and a mouse, both of which will be kept on the tray with handy stoppers at the bottom of the stand. 

You will be able to adjust both the height and angle of this laptop stand with the push of a couple of buttons. To change the height you will need to press a button down on the leg, and this can range from 9.4 inches to 12.6 inches.

The surface angle button is slightly higher than the height button, and you can switch this from 0 to 36 degrees to make your laptop screen comfortable to use. 

If you feel like you want to occasionally move your home office from your bed to another room, this laptop stand will also work amazingly well as a stand-up desk if you pop it on another table or hard surface. 

At a lightweight of 4.4 pounds, you will be able to easily move this laptop stand over your lap while you are in bed without any struggle, and it can also readily be folded up to put away when you are finished with it. 

Something users of this laptop stand commented on was how high the stand was – even at its lowest height of 9.4 inches.

While this may not be an issue for some people, it is still something to check beforehand. Grab yourself a measuring tape and check whether this laptop stand’s height will be right for you while you are sitting down! 


  • Large size – The stand will comfortably fit a 17-inch laptop, and there will still be plenty of room on the rest of the surface for other items. 
  • Stoppers at the bottom of the stand – This means that the holders will stop your laptop and mouse from falling down the surface if you are at a steeper angle. 
  • Foldable – This means that it can be placed on a desk if you want to change your work environment, or it can be easily stored away. 
  • Weighs very little – The stand only weighs 4.4 pounds, which means that it can be easily lifted and carried around. 
  • Adjustable height and weight – The height can be adjusted from 9.4 inches to 12.6 inches, and the angle can be adjusted from 0 to 36 degrees. This means that it can be tailored to your needs and posture. 


  • Height issues – Some users say it can be too high for a bed tray or laptop stand at its lowest setting. You will need to check the height is right for you! 

Buyer’s Guide

If you are still unsure of which laptop stand to invest in, have a look at this clear buyer’s guide that pinpoints the main features to consider when choosing the stand for you! 

1. Style Of Stand

There is a huge variety of laptop stands you can find on the internet, but the main choice seems to be between those with legs and those without legs.

While legs on a laptop stand can be more comfortable as you will have room to stretch out underneath the elevated work aid, the stands without legs reduce the risk of the product being too tall/short for you to work at. 

Some stands without the adjustable height option might not fit everyone, and it is difficult to know this until it arrives. A stand without legs will suit everyone! 

2. Weight

If you are going to be picking up and carrying around your laptop stand, you are going to want it to be lightweight.

This is especially important if you are in bed, and you have to lift it on top of you – picking up a heavy object while sitting down is difficult! Some laptop stands will be heavier than others, depending on the extra features they have.

 For example, the SAIJI stand has a huge number of extra slots and drawers to make your working life more efficient, but it weighs 9 pounds.

On the opposite end of this is the Mind Reader stand that weighs less than 2 pounds, but it simply is a stand that can only physically fit one laptop on it without any other space to store things. 

While you can find stands that are a happy medium between lightweight and heavyweight, think about how often you are going to be using this stand, what you are using it for, and whether you will be strong enough to regularly lift it on to you. 

3. Surface Angle

It is good if you can find a laptop stand that has a slightly elevated surface at one end, which means that your laptop will tilt towards you. This will help you read your screen more clearly, and it will also make it easier to type on. 

However, it is even better if you can find a stand that has an adjustable surface. This means that you would be able to adapt your screen angle to suit you and your posture best, which is important because everyone will sit differently and have different torso lengths. 

4. Ventilation

It is important to not let your laptop overheat. Your laptop is designed to self-ventilate while it is on flat surfaces, but if you are working from bed, you are likely to place it on a blanket that won’t allow the heat to escape.

This can cause your tech to switch off while you are in the middle of something important, make horrible noises, and it can also permanently damage your laptop if something blows inside the computer from the heat. 

While some laptop stands do offer specific sections on their flat surface that allow for ventilation (such as cut-outs), the main thing to do is check that the laptop stand is a solid, flat surface and is made out of a material that won’t easily absorb heat. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are Laptop Stands Bad For Wrists? 

Laptop stands aren’t bad for your wrists – in fact, they are incredibly good for your wrists! Because you are able to adjust the height and angle of most laptop stands.

You can reduce the risk of experiencing hand and wrist pain, which is common when you are typing in an uncomfortable position.

This can also lead to carpal tunnel syndrome. So, you should be using laptop stands to help you see your screen better and to help you type more efficiently without any pain. 

Are Laptop Stands A Good Idea? 

Laptop stands are a brilliant idea! They can help you adjust your laptop screen so you can comfortably see it without affecting your posture, and the stands with legs also help to free up space on your lap.

This means that you can stretch out while you are getting some work done in bed. Finally, a laptop stand means that your device won’t be heating up on your legs and it improves its ventilation.

This will reduce the risk of your electronic devices overheating and being permanently damaged. 

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