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Badger Airbrush: 5 Models Reviewed – Which Is Right for You?

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An airbrush is an airbrush, right? Not exactly.

There are actually huge differences in feed style, mix type, and trigger action that will have an impact on how well the airbrush performs for your needs.

Badger is a well-respected name in the airbrush world, but you don’t want to rush out and grab the first one you come across.

Below, we’ll look at each of the Badger models that rank #1 in their category, including my all-time favorite and the best option for beginners, the 105 Patriot.

After reading this guide, you should have a clear idea of the different styles and know which one suits you the best.

Best Badger Gravity-Feed Airbrush

Gravity-feed airbrushes are great for projects that require finer detail work.

The cup on top of the airbrush holds the paint, which mixes with air in the mixing chamber within the airbrush.

It works well at low-pressure levels and prevents potentially messy overspray. 

Badger Model 105 Patriot Airbrush

Badger Air-Brush Co. Model 105 Patriot Fine Gravity Airbrush, Stainless Steel
  • The new Model 105-1 "Patriot" is a dual action gravity feed airbrush; comes with instruction manual
  • The Patriot's innovative and efficient precision design is enjoyed by crafters, artists, and...

The Badger Patriot 105 airbrush has the look and feel of an expensive product with advanced features.

With some practice, you can manipulate the tension settings to see how it works with the paint. With this product, you can spray thin lines or large ones up to 3 inches wide. 

Despite some of its advanced features, it is easy for even beginners to use. The stainless steel parts are interchangeable and it has a built-in balancing system.

There are no flimsy pieces as the entire airbrush is constructed of metal. The paint cup is attached to the body and can hold about 1/3 ounce of paint. 

To clean it, all you need to do is disassemble it and rinse it out with water or soak it in a cleaner for a deeper clean. 

You can read more about this awesome (my personal favorite) airbrush in my full review here.


  • Great for beginners. 
  • Versatile for different projects.
  • Made of high-quality materials.


  • Large paint cup may block your view as you paint.

Best Badger Siphon-Feed Airbrush

Siphon-feed airbrushes are ideal for projects with a larger area to cover.

The container is located at the bottom of the Badger siphon-feed airbrush and can hold large amounts of paint, like acrylic, dyes, inks, watercolors, and more. 

Badger Model 350-9 Airbrush 

Badger Air-Brush Co. 350-9 (M) Single Action Medium Head Airbrush
  • Model 350-9(M) contains Medium airbrush with jar, Propel regulator, vinyl airhose, and wrench for...
  • An excellent choice for beginning students, hobbyists, ceramists, and automotive painters; single...

The Badger Airbrush 350-9 comes at an excellent value for its high-quality production and material application.

As an external mix airbrush, it is much easier to clean than an internal mix. The single-action trigger gives the user control of the paint and is simple enough for beginners to use. 

The kit comes with a medium airbrush, vinyl air hose, propel regulator, a wrench to assemble the needle, and a jar.

This American-made airbrush is constructed of nylon, making it a light airbrush, and it remains durable.

The only drawback is the size of the hose, which may not fit standard compressors. 


  • Provides heavier spray volume.
  • Single-action head is easy to use.
  • Sprays high-viscosity materials.


  • Hose adapter may not fit standard compressors.

Best Badger Side-Feed Airbrush

For those looking for a more versatile airbrush, a side-feed airbrush allows you to adapt it to create finer details.

The Badger R2S Renegade is a high-quality and adaptable airbrush that gives you more control as you paint. 

Badger Model R2S Renegade Spirit Airbrush

Badger Air-Brush Co R2S Renegade Spirit Side Feed Airbrush
  • Model R2S includes a Renegade Spirit Side Feed Airbrush, packaged in a sturdy storage case; . 21...
  • Professional artists, taxidermists, fine scale modelers desiring the finest tools to elevate their...

The Renegade Spirit R2S is a dual-action airbrush that mixes paint and air inside the body.

It is convenient to use because of the smooth and responsive trigger, which you can move using the knob to control how much paint comes out at once. 

This product comes with extremely precise .21 millimeter paint tips for more control over the finer details.

The “smartcenter” nozzle allows you to create accurate details on any project, and it has a good balance to remain steady as you use it.

The hose inside the body can be used with a paint cup or bottle. 

The paint cup can be attached either to the left or right side of the airbrush. The paint then flows from the cup through a tube to the tip.

The convenient and versatile cup can be rotated so you can paint from different angles without spilling.


  • Ultrafine paint tips.
  • Versatile paint cup.
  • Relatively easy to clean. 


  • Accessories may be of lower quality.

Best Badger Airbrush for Beginners

If you’re new to airbrushing, some products may be more advanced or have features that are not the easiest to use.

However, the Badger 105 Patriot and the Badger Model RK-1 are two of the best airbrushes for beginners to use because of their simplicity, high quality, and price value. 

Best for Beginners: Badger Model 105 Patriot

Badger Air-Brush Co. Model 105 Patriot Fine Gravity Airbrush, Stainless Steel
  • The new Model 105-1 "Patriot" is a dual action gravity feed airbrush; comes with instruction manual
  • The Patriot's innovative and efficient precision design is enjoyed by crafters, artists, and...

This stainless steel product is a dual-action gravity-feed airbrush with no breakable plastic parts. It has a simple design that is easy to control.

You can use it to paint models or miniatures and a huge variety of other items as well. It is constructed of high-quality materials and has good balance built into it. 

You don’t need experience to use this airbrush. However, as you gain more experience, you can continue to use the Patriot for more difficult or larger projects.

Runner Up: Badger RK-1 Krome Airbrush

Badger Air-Brush Company RK-1 Krome Airbrush 2-in-1 Ultra Fine Airbrush with Additional Fine Tip, Spray Regulator and Needle
  • Please refer User manual in technical description for any troubleshooting steps
  • The Krome's "softer" trigger tension allows for greater detail triggering control, and the...

The Badger RK-1 Krome Airbrush comes with an ultra-fine tip so you can focus on perfecting details.

In addition to an ultra-fine tip, this kit comes with a ⅜ ounce mounted paint cup, a fine spray regulator, and a fine needle.

The airbrush and its accessories are in a durable storage case.

The Krome features a soft trigger tension, giving beginners and other users more control. Beginners can experiment with the paint by changing the trigger tension setting.

With interchangeable pieces, you can upgrade this airbrush as you gain more experience. 

Buying An Airbrush – Things to Consider

There are several things to consider when buying an airbrush. You want the best product for your project that will remain durable and long-lasting.

Other important factors you want to examine are its feed, mix, and action type. 


Your airbrush can have a siphon, gravity, or side feed. These terms describe how the paint flows to the tip.

A siphon feed is perfect for those who need to use a lot of paint at one time without stopping to refill or change colors.

A gravity- or side-feed airbrush is best for finer details.


There are two types of mixes for airbrushes: internal or external.

An airbrush with an internal mix means the paint and air atomize inside the body, while an external one mixes it outside of the body.

An airbrush with an external mix is often easier to clean. 


Action refers to the functionality of the trigger.

Single-action airbrushes are great for beginners because they only control the paint volume and are simple to use.

Dual-action airbrushes manage the air and paint, giving experienced users more flexibility and control. 

Related Questions:

Here are the answers to some general questions users have about airbrushes. 

Is a Gravity-Feed Airbrush Better? 

The best airbrush depends on personal preference. A gravity feed requires less air pressure than a siphon feed because it uses natural gravity to pull the paint from the cup.
For this reason, gravity-feed airbrushes are often quieter and cheaper than other types. 

Do Airbrushes Need Special Paint? 

Most airbrushes can use any paint, such as acrylic, watercolors, inks, and dyes.
However, the paint needs to be thinned (see my complete guide to thinning here) to avoid clogging inside the hose. 

What Is the Best Way To Clean an Airbrush? 

The best way to clean an airbrush is to disassemble it, making sure you don’t lose any pieces.
Rinse out the hose and needle with water, and then reassemble it. You can wipe the cup with a cotton swab.
For a deeper clean, soak the nozzle, nozzle cap, and needle, and needle cap in rubbing alcohol. 

Quick Review

With a Badger airbrush, you can rest assured that you’re getting a high-quality tool designed for precision and built to last. 

I use airbrushes all the time for painting miniatures (learn about this addicting hobby here) and can confidently recommend the Badger 105 Patriot without any hesitation.

With features like a self-centering nozzle, all metal parts, adjustable tension trigger, and easy precision painting, it’s fantastic for novices and experts alike.

The fact that it’s American made, a breeze to break down and reassemble, and comfortable to hold even for big projects makes this airbrush an all-around winner and a terrific value.

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