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1Q: The Platform That Pays You to Answer One Question

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The gig economy is more than a one-trick pony. Instead of one source of income, it takes an arsenal of money-making ideas and side gigs to earn a substantial amount of money.
Some gigs may pay much more than others, while some pay only a few dollars per week. One platform that will make you a couple of extra bucks per week is 1Q.
1Q is an app that sends you questions to answer. It’s free to sign up, takes only a few seconds to answer questions, and pays you right away. While it will only pad your pockets slightly, it can definitely add to your bag of tricks to help you earn cash in your free time.
In this guide, we’re going over the question-answering app. We’ll answer any questions you may have and get you set up with your profile. You’ll be making extra cash answering questions in no time.

What Is 1Q?

1Q: the website's homepage
1Q is a market research company that pays people like you to quickly answer questions for money. As a member, you can make money giving your opinion on simple questions.
Here’s how it works: Businesses turn to services like 1Q to receive critical information on their products and consumers. For a small fee, companies can ask consumers real-time questions that helps their business.
However, this survey service is slightly different from the rest that you might be used to. For starters, their name stands for “one question,” and the company stays true to its name. They’ll send you one question periodically based on your demographic profiling and geo-targeting.
These questions, surveys, polls, coupons, and promotional offers are sent via text directly to your mobile device for you to answer. Questions take only a few seconds and can be done from wherever you are.
You’ll be paid a small fee for every question you answer, which we’ll cover in further detail below. Just remember, 1Q understands that time is money. The questions you’ll be sent are incredibly easy to answer and can be done in the snap of a finger.
Let’s get into some questions you may have before signing up for the app.

Signing Up for 1Q

Signing up for 1Q is quick, easy, and free. First, let’s address any concerns you may have.

Is 1Q Legit or a Scam?

There are many survey sites that make lofty claims of allowing you to rake in riches from your couch. Some of these live up to this promise while others do not. Some services can even be unreliable about sending payments in an appropriate time frame.
So which type of company is 1Q? We’re here to tell you that this is a legit and reliable survey-taking company.
To paint a clearer picture, the app has some solid ratings on Google Play and the App Store. On Google Play, it has a 4.2 out of 5-star rating with nearly 20,000 reviews. And on the App Store, it has a 4.3 out of 5-star rating with over 10,000 reviews.
Head to Scamadviser, and you’ll see that the company has a 93% positive rating. With all this in mind, you can be assured that the company is legitimate and will pay you for your work.

Does 1Q Sell my Personal Information?

Now that you know that the app isn’t a scam, the next question is whether or not your personal information is private and secure. The company states that it will never sell your personal information.
You’ll always remain anonymous, and the information that’s collected from you is only used to pair you up with questions to answer. On top of that, they’ve pumped millions of dollars into ensuring your data is never at risk.

Do I Need a Smartphone?

You don’t need a smartphone to create a profile and answer questions with 1Q, but you will need to have a mobile phone that can accept text messages. Once you get a text message, you’ll log on to the platform online and can answer questions from your desktop.

Does It Cost Anything to Sign Up?

It doesn’t cost you anything to sign up to answer questions. It’s free to use and will pay you for every question you answer.

Where Can I Download the 1Q App?

You can download the 1Q app from Google Play for Android and the App Store for iPhones. Download the app, sign up, and then create your profile.

How Do I Sign Up?

After you’ve downloaded the app, open it up and tap the “Join now” button. You can either register with your Facebook account or fill out your personal information.
1Q: the app homepage
When signing up, you’ll need to provide your:

  • Name
  • PayPal email
  • Mobile phone number
  • Country
  • Date of birth
  • Password

After that, accept the terms and conditions and privacy policy. A verification text will be sent to the mobile number you provided. Type the code into the text box and tap “Confirm.”
1Q: the Verification section of the app
At this point, you’ll be redirected to your profile information. You must then fill out extensive details regarding your personal info, like your demographics, employment, and household information.
1Q: the About Me section of the app
You can then enable location services to increase the likelihood of receiving a question. Once your profile is complete, the only thing left to do is wait around for questions to be sent your way.

Answering Questions With 1Q

Now that you’ve downloaded the app and you’re ready to go, let’s see what answering questions is like.

How Are the Questions Sent to Me?

You’ll be sent a notification directly to your mobile device. When you receive a notification, you can open the app, and you’ll see the question or questions you have to answer.
In most cases, you’ll be sent one question at a time. In other cases, you may receive multiple questions regarding the same topic, but this is much less common. Remember you won’t need to worry about spending a lot of time answering. Questions can be answered at the drop of a hat, and you’ll be paid for every question answered.

What Are Some Example Questions?

You may be asked questions on a wide range of topics. Sometimes, they will be about lifestyle products, while other times they may be about restaurants. It will all depend on the company asking the questions and the insights they’re trying to glean.
An example of a question might be, “How often do you purchase a meal rather than cooking at home?” Another question could be, “Did you watch the half-time show of the big game last night?”

How Many Questions Will I Get per Week?

One of the biggest complaints across the web is that 1Q sends you a low amount of questions every week. You can expect to be sent 2-5 questions per week, but it depends on the companies that are working with the app.
You’ll only be sent questions that match your demographic, household, family status, and geo-location. As you can tell, this will make it hard to make a substantial amount of money with 1Q.

Can I Get More Questions?

Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do to receive more questions. One tip is to always keep your profile fully filled out and up to date, as questions will be sent based on what you provide in your profile. It’s best to stay on top of this to ensure a steadier stream of opportunities.

Getting Paid by 1Q

So, you’ve answered questions. Now it’s time to get paid.

How Much Does 1Q Pay?

1Q pays either $0.25 or $0.50 for every question you answer. Questions worth $0.25 are much more common and will make up most of the questions you answer.
Before you answer a question, you’ll be able to select what you want to be paid. You can head to the “About Me” section of the app to select whether or not you want to receive $0.25 or $0.50 questions.
It’s easy to see that this app isn’t going to make you rich. With the combination of few questions being sent and the low pay, you will only bring in a dollar or two per week. That’s why we recommend combining this opportunity with other survey sites like Swagbucks, Vindale Research, or Survey Junkie.

How Do I Get Paid?

After you answer a question, your payment will be sent instantly. Unlike some other survey apps — like Swagbucks and Survey Junkie — you’ll only be able to receive cash payouts and won’t be following a points system or choosing between gift cards and cash. You also don’t need to wait until you surpass a certain minimum to cash out. You get paid instantly without having to wait.
If you don’t have PayPal when you sign up and answer a question for the first time, you’ll be sent a link with instructions on how to download PayPal and redeem your earnings.

Can I Donate My Money to Charity?

Yes, you can. You can go into your 1Q profile and select a charity of your choice from the approved list of charities. All of your earnings will then be sent to that charity.

What If I Didn’t Get Paid for a Question?

The number one reason for not getting paid is due to an outdated PayPal account. Make sure your PayPal is up to date and properly connected.
Another reason why you didn’t get paid could be because the question you answered expired. You should answer questions as soon as possible to avoid this dilemma. However, it will typically say whether or not a question already expired.

Cash for a Second of Your Time

1Q isn’t going to make you rich, but it will give you extra money every week. This won’t be life-changing money, but it can help bring in quick money on top of other side hustles. Plus, it literally takes seconds of your time.
Head to 1Q.com to sign up and start making money online. If you’d like to have more information before getting started, check out our guide to taking surveys online. You can also find more opportunities at these nine other survey sites.

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