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Yelp Eat24 Is No More: Make the Most Out of Yelp and Grubhub

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When your late-night cravings for a delicious appetizer or a full-blown meal kick in, online delivery platforms are by your side.

Ice cream, Italian, burgers, Chinese — whatever you want, there’s probably a way to get it right to your door.

The online food delivery industry is growing more saturated by the day.

In a world that’s starving for convenience and growing more tech savvy by the day, the next foodie app is right around the corner.

Each app is fighting to give customers the most impressive user experience and desirable prices as they connect you to as many local restaurants as they can gather.

Some, like Yelp’s Eat24, caved into the competition.

Others like Grubhub continue to thrive under pressure.

Keep reading to learn about Yelp and Grubhub’s history with Eat24, and you can easily and efficiently order from both.

What Was Yelp’s Eat24?

Six open boxes of pizza on the ground with people sitting around them

Founded in the late 2000s, Eat24 was one of the first food ordering platforms to enter — and essentially create — the mobile delivery market.

The app functioned much like that of modern food delivery giants: Users could find local restaurants on the platform and order items to pick up or be delivered.

If you’ve heard of Eat24, there’s a good chance that you knew it as a subsidiary of Yelp.

This is because Yelp Inc. acquired Eat24 in 2015, continuing an ever-expanding list of services for businesses on the reviews site, including restaurant reservations and self service advertising.

By pairing a large database of business owners and consumers with online ordering, Yelp’s Eat24 doubled in value.

However, with a competitive food delivery market ahead of them, Yelp sold Eat24 to Grubhub for a large $287.5 million by 2017.

Eat24 Is Now Grubhub

Yelp Eat24 homepage

If you’ve recently headed to Eat24’s website, you’ve probably seen the message: Eat24 is now Grubhub. So what happened since the acquisition?

By the end of 2018, Grubhub chose to spend more time on its own platform, partner with Yelp, and shut down Eat24 for good.

After all, Eat24 was virtually the same product as Grubhub and Seamless, another one of the company’s food delivery business acquisitions, so without a significant user base, there was no need to continue diverging from the primary brand.

Now, hungry customers can order food from Grubhub in two ways: Through Grubhub’s original platform and through Yelp.

With DoorDash now being the one to watch, Grubhub doesn’t have the extraordinary majority market share it once boasted.

However, by increasing the convenience of Grubhub orders through partnerships, the company is keeping itself relevant among its competitors.

For delivery drivers, this means extra opportunities to make money.

For everyone else, this means it’s easier than ever to make food appear at your heart’s desire.

Ordering Food on Grubhub

With over 15 years in the business, Grubhub’s platform offers a reliable and intuitive user experience.

You won’t have to play around too much to figure it out.

Upon entering the address you’d like your food delivered to, you’ll receive suggestions for local restaurants that are open and delivering near you.

Grubhub homepage on Yelp

The benefit of using this platform is that you can select delivery and sort by delivery time, or select pickup and sort by distance to save on delivery fees.

In addition, Grubhub allows you to sort by restaurants that are offering exclusive coupons on the platform, by rating, and by price.

Once you’ve selected your eatery of choice, click into it, select your menu items of choice, and check out.

The checkout process should run smoothly, especially if your payment method is already saved in your account.

Even if it isn’t, Grubhub offers a wide variety of payment options, including Venmo, PayPal, and Apple Pay.

Placing your order shouldn’t be a problem.

Ordering Food on Yelp

When a hungry customer orders food through Yelp, one of the platform’s four partners — Grubhub, Delivery.com, EatStreet, and ChowNow — will receive and deliver the request.

While you won’t be able to use Grubhub promo codes on Yelp, since you won’t immediately know which food delivery service is fulfilling your order, ordering on Yelp you will get additional restaurant options.

Plus, you don’t necessarily need an account to place an order.

Yelp front page

To order through Yelp, start by clicking the “Delivery” button on the front page of the website, or by tapping the “Delivery” tab on the app.

You may be prompted to add your location, then you can view all the restaurants near you or select the specific food category your taste buds are craving.

Yelp app with arrow pointing to delivery

Found a restaurant you’re interested in?

Click “Start Order” underneath the restaurant description on the desktop website, or tap directly on the listing on the mobile app.

If you have a particular commitment to using Grubhub, this action will bring you to a menu page, where you can find which delivery service will fulfill your order.

From there, select the menu item of your choice (browse individual item reviews for assistance in making the important decision) and follow Yelp’s steps to complete the order.

If you have questions or issues after submitting the order, it’s out of Yelp’s hands.

The fastest course of action is contacting Grubhub or whichever delivery service is fulfilling your order directly.

Receiving Yelp Orders as a Grubhub Driver

Driver smiling out the window

If you want to add Yelp orders onto your delivery flow, you’re in luck: You have to do absolutely nothing.

Because Grubhub is fully integrated into Yelp’s platform, Yelp orders are automatically sent to delivery drivers straight on the Grubhub app.

The partnership between two companies simply means that you’ll be getting requests from beyond your direct user base, allowing you to maximize how much you’re earning as a driver for the online food delivery service.

Frequently Asked Questions About Yelp and Eat24

Burgers and fries ordered on Yelp Eat24

Now that you’re all caught up on Grubhub and Yelp’s Eat24 history, and how they’re serving customers and food couriers today, here are the answers to questions you may have about these online delivery services:

1. How much do I typically need to pay for a Grubhub or Yelp order?

Your food will typically be the same price as it would be in the restaurant, with some deviations if the restaurant owner has a different price listed for delivery.

However, Grubhub delivery orders and Yelp orders fulfilled by

Grubhub come with additional delivery fees and small cart fees.

Some restaurants on Grubhub will have delivery minimums that can be viewed on the restaurant listing.

Your account will always remain free.

2. Where do Grubhub and other Yelp partners deliver?

These food delivery services are widespread in most major cities and surrounding areas across the United States, with thousands of restaurants to choose from and plans to continue growing out their platforms every year.

3. Do I need to tip my delivery driver?

It is highly recommended to tip your driver for their service — and it doesn’t take much effort either.

Tipping is integrated directly into Grubhub’s checkout page, with no calculations required.

If you have cash in hand, you can opt out of tipping on the platform; many drivers will appreciate a cash tip when possible.

4. How can I figure out when my Grubhub order will arrive?

While scrolling through restaurant options on Grubhub, you’ll be able to see estimated delivery times under each listing.

After checking out, you’ll have the option to view your order status under “Your Orders,” or alternatively get live tracking information from your confirmation email for a more exact time.

5. I used Eat24, but have never used Grubhub. Should I expect anything different?

For the most part, Grubhub offers the exact same experience as Eat24.

All restaurants on the discontinued platform were automatically migrated over, and all services are still in tact.

The only difference should be the branding.

If you see your favorite Eat24 restaurant missing, you can request for Grubhub to reach out by filling out the form on their contact page and selecting “Diner” as your restaurant role.

Start Saving on the Food You Need

Sometimes, the clock doesn’t stop for you to create a home-cooked meal.

Other times, you’re just too tired to leave the comfort of your home.

With food ordering services like Grubhub and Yelp at your service 24/7, your time can be as precious as it should be.

After all, what’s better than the food of your dreams appearing at your doorstep?

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