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15 Ways to Make Money From Home

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It’s never been easier to bring in extra money from home.

More and more companies are comfortable hiring remote workers, and there are plenty of side hustles online for people who are eager to bring in extra cash.

In this article we’ll give you a guide to work-from-home jobs, and provide tips and tricks for making virtual work more efficient and fun.

Then we’ll share 15 great ways to make money from home and answer some frequently asked questions.

The Best Ways to Make Money From Home (Overview)

We’ve included an overview of our top picks below. For detailed information on each pick, scroll down.

  1. Sell Stuff on eBay
  2. Rent a Room on Airbnb
  3. Become a Freelance Writer
  4. Work as a Virtual Assistant
  5. Take Online Surveys
  6. Become a Social Media Manager
  7. Sell Stuff on Craigslist
  8. Start Your Own Digital Small Business
  9. Participate in Cash Back Rewards Programs
  10. Sell Stuff on Etsy
  11. Perform Online Data Entry
  12. Work in Transcription
  13. Become a Search Engine Evaluator
  14. Rent Your Car
  15. Join Online Focus Groups

Jobs That Allow You to Work From Home

The internet has freed many companies from having to find traditional office space.

Companies know they can create a digital space for collaboration, run a smart business, and do so completely virtually.

Because of this, there are more and more opportunities to find work-from-home jobs.

Some of these take the form of the “side hustle,” part-time work that can supplement your full-time income or provide extra cash.

But there are also plenty of full-time jobs out there for qualified people — all of which can be done remotely.

Our list of work-from-home jobs includes both side hustles and full-time jobs, but what they all have in common is that you can make money from home.

First, though, let’s talk about working from home, and provide you some tips and tricks to do so effectively and efficiently.

Tips and Tricks for Working From Home

Ways to make money from home: a desk in a home office

Working from home isn’t for everyone. While the appeal is obvious — avoid the commute, work in your sweatpants — it can take strong self discipline to remain productive at home.

Netflix and your couch are just a few steps away, and for people who lack self control, working from home can be difficult.

A really good way to ensure that you work well from home is to create a routine and a separate space within the home.

Don’t sit in your sweatpants and try to work from your couch.

Create a home office, even if it’s just a space at your dining room table that’s set up with your laptop.

Many remote workers will shower and change into different clothes in the morning, just to send a message to themselves that it’s time to work.

Whatever patterns you establish, routine is important.

Because many remote jobs hire as independent contractors, it’s important that you practice smart personal finance.

Track expenses, stay on top of your invoices, file quarterly taxes — basically do all the small things you need to do to make sure you’re running a smart business and protecting yourself financially.

15 Ways to Make Money From Home

Want to get started, but don’t know where to begin?

Let’s look at some legitimate ways to make money and work from home.

1. Sell Stuff on eBay

A great way to make additional money while decluttering your house is to take all the old stuff you no longer use and find a new home for it — by selling it on eBay.

Old baseball cards, clothing, those sneakers you never got around to wearing, that antique lamp you can’t find a place for … all of those can be sold on eBay to bring in extra cash for you and your family.

2. Rent a Room on Airbnb

If you have a spare bedroom in your house or travel often, renting a room on Airbnb can bring in a ton of extra income and put an empty space to good use.

Learn more in our online guide to becoming an effective Airbnb host.

3. Become a Freelance Writer

If you love to write, there are plenty of companies looking for freelance writers who can help represent their brand, write sharp SEO copy, and more.

English majors, marketing experts, and anyone who loves the written word can thrive in this type of work.

4. Work as a Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistant (or VA) work can take on many forms.

You may be a remote personal assistant for someone, providing organizational and scheduling help, planning travel, following up with emails, and more.

You can also do VA work for small businesses — providing administrative support, or maintaining social media accounts — all from the comfort of your own home.

5. Take Online Surveys

There are many survey sites (like Survey Junkie, InboxDollars, Google Opinion Rewards, and MyPoints) that hire people to take online surveys.

Survey takers can be paid via PayPal or Amazon gift cards.

Some will also pay with gift cards to your favorite retailers like Walmart, Target, and more.

6. Become a Social Media Manager

Ways to make money from home: a home office setup

A great way to earn while you work at home is by helping companies maintain their social media accounts.

This work has elements of marketing and customer support, all in one job.

If you love spending time on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms, you can become the voice of a company and help them craft a compelling narrative through the world of social media.

7. Sell Stuff on Craigslist

Don’t let stuff sit in storage, taking up space and cluttering your life.

Get on Craigslist and find someone who will cherish and use your old stuff (and make some money in the process).

Just make sure you stay safe when negotiating prices and selling things on Craigslist.

8. Start Your Own Digital Small Business

Business owners have the freedom to set their own hours, follow their dreams, and reap the rewards.

Starting an online business has never been easier, either.

Website companies like Wix, Squarespace, and Wordpress allow you to set up a web presence, enable eCommerce, and more so you can channel your own personal expertise into online money.

9. Participate in Cash Back Rewards Programs

There are a growing number of online programs that offer cash back on shopping you’re already doing.

Companies like Swagbucks and Ebates ask consumers to submit their receipts, then offer cash back and other rewards for buying certain items.

These programs can be done in your free time and can help you get money back quickly and easily.

10. Sell Stuff on Etsy

Are you an artist or craftsperson?

Find a new client base and sell your creations on Etsy.

Setting up your digital shop is easy, and they have a secure online payment platform.

All you need to do is post some photos, then mail your crafts to people who will love them.

11. Perform Online Data Entry

In a rapidly growing digitized world, there’s a growing demand for online data entry.

Taking analog data and bringing it into a digital format can earn you plenty of money.

If you’re detail oriented and take comfort in routine, online data entry can be a great job.

12. Work in Transcription

If you have excellent typing skills, you can bring in extra money as a transcriptionist, especially if you’re trained in medical transcription or legal transcription.

You can earn a good salary listening to audio files and converting them into clean, digital copy.

13. Become a Search Engine Evaluator

Search engines are operated by advanced algorithms, but many need the help of people to function at their best.

Search engine evaluators run searches and then evaluate results (and whether they’re what people are looking for).

14. Rent Your Car

What Airbnb did to spare rooms and apartments, apps like Getaround and Turo are doing for your car.

Do you walk to work and only use your car for trips on the weekend?

You can rent your car with those apps and bring in serious extra cash — all without having to leave your house.

15. Join Online Focus Groups

Online focus groups bring people together to provide feedback on consumer products, software, digital games, and more.

UserTesting is a popular site that often offers rewards for people to provide digital feedback.

There’s even a company called eJury that pays people to sit on fake, digital juries so that attorneys can prepare for trials.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve looked at some ways you can bring in extra income from home.

Let’s get to some other questions you might have.

Where can I find jobs that allow me to work from home?

If you’re looking for more consistent remote work, websites like Upwork and Fiverr allow freelancers to post their resumes, sample work, and more, so they can connect with employers who are looking for help on individual projects.

Job boards like FlexJobs specialize in remote jobs and can help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

How can I make passive income from home?

The holy grail of money making is through passive income — taking the money you already have and putting it to work for you.

Examples of passive income can include investments in real estate, stocks, and bonds, but the internet is allowing people to crowdfund in new and exciting ways.
Read more in our guide.

How do I file taxes on money made at home?

It all depends on how the money is made and how much you’re paid.

The IRS has an easy online guide for estimating your taxes for people who are self employed.

Earn Extra Money at Home

It’s never been easier to bring in extra cash while working from home.

With a little bit of work and the know how from this article, you can put some money in your bank account, pay off that credit card, or earn some gift cards that you can use to save on your shopping.

Get after it.

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