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The Best Uber Promo Codes in (2024)

Are you a new rideshare user and haven't taken your first Uber ride yet? If so, save money by using one of our Uber promo codes to earn ride credit good towards your first ride.

Uber is the most valuable startup in the United States. Venture capitalists recently valued the company at more than $100 billion.

With all the press mentions and hype, it’s easy to think of Uber as a massively successful startup. But they weren’t always a mainstay in your tech feeds across the internet.

Ubercab, as it was originally called, was just another struggling startup. After trying one strategy after another, they eventually landed on using promo codes to incentivize new users and referral bonuses to sign up new drivers.

In this article, you’ll learn what an Uber promo code is, how to find and use one if you’re new to Uber, and where to get them if you’re not.

What Is an Uber Promo Code

An Uber promo code is a discount or credit on Uber rides given to new and sometimes existing users.

If you’re unfamiliar with Uber promo codes, they function very similar to coupon code at a grocery store. But instead of clipping them out of a newspaper, you just have to enter the promo code in the Uber app and you’ll automatically receive a free or discounted Uber ride.

Here’s what it looks like in the Uber app:

Using Uber Promo Code 1

Uber coupon codes are often given out around large sporting events or during a holiday to drive new users to download the app and sign up for Uber.

However, it should be noted that promo codes are not the same thing as referral bonuses.

What Is an Uber Referral Bonus?

An Uber referral code is given to existing Uber drivers to encourage them to refer new drivers to the Uber platform. Although Uber codes and referral bonuses are both incentives Uber uses to create supply and demand on their platform, they’re not the same.

When a current Uber driver uses their unique referral code to get others to sign up to drive for Uber, they receive a cash referral bonus from the company. But if that same driver convinces someone to get rides with Uber, they only receive credit for free rides within the app.

Some drivers are actually making more money referring new drivers than they are completing rides.

New vs. Existing Promo Codes

Besides the distinction between promo codes and driver referral bonuses, it’s also important to understand the difference between promo codes for new riders versus promo codes for existing users.

New User Promo Codes

For several years, Uber has offered discount codes to help incentivize trials of Uber. In the startup’s early days it was to combat the perception that the new technology was risky and in beta.

Today, Uber still uses promo codes to drive new users to test the service. Since a new user is much more valuable to Uber than an existing user, there’s far more promo codes for new users. The promo code will give new users a discount (around $10–$15) off the price of an Uber depending on the code that you use.

Even though the discount has gone down significantly over time, you can still get a free ride just for signing up, as long as the ride costs less than $10–$15. Below is a list of all the discount codes currently available to new users:


Uber Promo CodesPromotion AmountExpiration
CLAIM NOW $2 off each of your first 5 rides with Uber (New Users Only – $10 Value)30 days after code is applied
CLAIM NOW$2 off each of your first 5 rides with Uber (New Users Only – $10 Value)30 days after code is applied
CLAIM NOW$2 off each of your first 5 rides with Uber (New Users Only – $10 Value)30 days after code is applied
CLAIM NOW$2 off each of your first 5 rides with Uber (New Users Only – $10 Value)30 days after code is applied

[su_spacer size=”10″]

*Credit amounts vary and are subject to Uber’s official terms and conditions.


If you’re looking to try this rideshare service at a discount, then check out their latest promo code. We’ve tested these codes as recently as April 2019, so you can be sure that it is currently working.
This coupon code from Uber will give new app users a discount worth up to $2.50 off each of your first 10 trips. But make no mistake, Uber is pretty cheap these days, so getting this discount will still make a dent in the fare price.

Once you apply the free credit to your account, you’ll be able to take a discounted ride in any city that has a coverage area.

How to Use an Uber Promo Code

So you’ve found an Uber code you’d like to use, now what? Well, now it’s time to apply that promotion to your Uber account.

To apply an Uber promo code, you’ll need to follow a few simple steps:

  1. Download the Android or iPhone Uber rider app from Google Play or the App Store
  2. Create a user account and enter all of the necessary account and payment information
  3. Tap the “My Account” button in the top left of the app
  4. Tap the “Promotion” tab and add promo code
  5. Request and take your first discounted trip

This is an important step, so if the overview above didn’t make sense, here’s a step-by-step application tutorial.

1. Open the menu

2. Tap “Payment”

3. Select “Add Promo”

4. Enter the code

Uber promo codes are harder to come by than they used to be, so don’t let this one go to waste. In order to get the most out of it, you should only use it when you actually need to take a ride.

Since the promo code actually gives you an Uber credit, you can enter it without using it immediately.

Mistakes to Avoid When Using an Uber Promo Code

Using an Uber promo code is really simple.

However, there are a few tips you should be aware of that will help you maximize your new rider promotion.

Read them all, as making common novice mistakes could cost you your free credit.

1. Request a driver after you apply for the promotion

I was guilty of making this mistake when I applied my new Uber user promotion to my account like so many others have done before me.

You must enter the coupon code before you request a ride to have the credit properly applied to your account. If you don’t, you will miss out on the promotional credit and your card will be charged.

Unfortunately, there is no way to retroactively apply free ride credit to a rider account, so getting this right the first time is key.

2. Using your credit up all at once

A promo code is good towards a user’s first ride, so anything that doesn’t get used on the first trip disappears. This is very important to note, and if you want to make the most of this free ride credit, make sure to take a trip long enough to use the entire credit.

But just how far does the applied account credit get you? If you want a better idea of how far you can go, then check out our new Uber calculator below.

Simply enter your beginning and ending destination, then our tool does the hard work, giving you an estimate of what your next ride will cost. Our data comes straight from Uber, so you can be sure it is as accurate as possible.

Uber Promo Codes For Existing Users

Do Uber promo codes exist for customers that have already claimed their first rider discount, and have used the app?

The short answer is sort of. While there are not promo codes available, there are still free Uber rides for existing users. You CAN earn Uber credit through a few simple steps.

I have personally earned hundreds of dollars in free Uber credit by following the steps outlined below. They work as long as you have a little patience. Keep reading to learn more.

The Basics – First Time Riders

Download Uber and Use a Promo Code

If you want to earn Uber credit, the first thing you can do is enter a promo code when you first sign up for the app. Enter an Uber promo code from our list above when you first download the app and you will receive a credit towards your first ride.

All of the promo codes and coupons Uber currently offers are for new users only. From what we can tell, there are no codes that work for users that have already begun using the app. Frequently check our list of codes, however, because that could change at any time.

Download Lyft (Easiest Way)

If you simply want a free ride and don’t want to deal with inviting other people or having a friend download Uber, simply download the Lyft app and enter the promo code FREEFIRSTThis is one of the easiest ways to get a free ride, and Lyft will give you a great free ride credit to use towards your first free ride.

Using the code is easy, and can be applied in less than 30 seconds.

  • Download the App. (Click here to download it)
  • Create an account and login.
  • Once logged in, click the settings button in the upper left hand corner. (The three horizontal lines.)
  • The settings screen should open up. Click the “Payment” button.
  • In the box “Add promo code” insert the promo code “FREEFIRST” and then click “Apply”. The promo will be applied to your account.

NOTE: Keep an eye on our Lyft promo code list  for the latest Lyft promo and discount codes!

Special Edition Promo Codes for Existing Users

For existing users, however, there are fewer promo codes. Currently, the best promotion is a $10 refer-a-friend program within the Uber app. To take advantage of this promo just:

  1. Open the Uber rider app
  2. Click the menu in the top left corner
  3. Tap “Free Rides”
  4. Copy your promo code and send it to a friend
  5. Wait for your friend to take their first ride

Once your friend completes their first ride, your account will be credited $10 and it will automatically be applied to your next Uber.

Whether or not you’re already an Uber user, there are several secret ways to get Uber promo codes without spamming your friends or peers.

Other Ways to Save on Uber

Uber offers a variety of promo codes to hook new customers on their platform, but it’s not the only way to get a free Uber ride or discounts.

A less widely known solution is to find promotions Uber is running with brand partners.

1. Sign Up for Credit Cards

American Express:

Uber has partnered with American Express Platinum Card holders to give you up to $30 off of your first Uber ride using your Amex card as payment.

Existing Uber users can take advantage of this promotion, but only if they haven’t added a credit card in Uber already. And the $30 discount only applies to a single ride; you cannot use it to take three $10 rides, for example.


American Express isn’t the only credit card company cashing in on Uber’s millions of users.

At first glance, this promotion might seem a little gimmicky, but the closer you look the better deal it seems.

The Uber Visa gives cardholders 4% back on restaurants, bars, and Uber Eats. Plus, there’s no annual fee and they’ll give you $100 when you spend $500 in the first 90 days.

2. Read the Uber Blog

In the past, new partnerships have always been announced on the Uber blog. If you pay close attention to new posts, you’ll be in a great position to capitalize early on new promotions.

Uber’s website automatically directs users to a geo-targeted blog with relevant content based on your city.

If you’re looking at your city’s blog you can then sort the blog posts by category. Just select the “Promotions” category to see what promos are available in your city.

3. Wait for a Holiday

Uber is notorious for offering company-wide promotions for big holidays, like Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

If you’re very focused on getting a free or discounted ride, mark your calendar and check your app on holidays.

4. Special Promotions 

In most major cities, you’ll see regular promotions within the Uber app around sporting events, new Uber services (Uber Eats, Lime scooters, etc.), and different times of day.

If you pay close attention you’ll start to see patterns emerge and be able to plan your travel around these discounted periods.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re new to Uber, then you might also be new to promo codes. Even though it didn’t start out as mainstream, today it’s fairly common for tech startups to offer affiliate programs and promo codes to incentivize existing users to tell their friends.

It’s more than okay if you still have questions. In fact, here’s a few more answers to the most common questions about Uber promo codes.

1. Can existing Uber users still get credit if they have already entered a new user promo code?

That is one of the questions we get asked the most, so we created a lengthy write-up detailing methods for existing Uber users to earn user credit.

2. What is the easiest way for new Uber users to get discounts?

The easiest way to get a cheap transportation is to enter one of the promo codes that we gave in this post.

These promo codes will grant new users free ride credit, and will get you on the road for free!

It is worth noting that you must enter the promo code before you request your first ride, or the credit will not be applied.

3. How can I sign up to drive for Uber?

If you fit the requirements that Uber outlines for their drivers, then you can drive! See the official Uber website to learn more.

4. Are there any other services like Uber that I can use?

Yes, there are many rideshare services out there, and you can choose any one of them.

But since this post is about Uber, that’s all we’ll cover in this guide today.

5. Can I change my Uber promo code to something else?

You absolutely can. Riders can change their Uber referral code to be whatever they want.

Getting a custom invite code makes referring friends much easier since you can choose a code that will be simple and easy to remember!

6. Why does Uber offer promo codes?

After reading about the promo codes Uber is currently offering new users, you’re probably wondering why they give away millions of dollars in free ride credit every year.

I wondered the same thing until I did a bit of thinking.

The company offers killer promotions to new riders and drivers as a way to attract and retain them to the platform. New riders will try out the platform and drivers will sign up to drive for Uber to claim some of the crazy high sign-on bonuses the company is offering.

And it works, stupidly well.

Here’s the thing: Uber has hundreds of thousands of drivers worldwide, many of which drive for both Uber and Lyft at the same time.

Save on Uber

Uber promo codes are a great way to get a discount off of the leading ride-sharing service in the United States.

If you’ve never used Uber before, there’s tons of promotion codes you can use to test out the service. If you’re already a fan of Uber, it’s slightly more difficult to find a great deal, but not impossible.

If you’re willing to take a new credit card for a spin, then you might be closer than you think.

Uber promo codes are a great way to get a discount on transportation without getting behind the wheel of a car. Start saving on Uber today with promo codes.

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