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Travelling Hair Stylist: Job Description, Income and Salary, and How To Become

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Are you a hairstylist struggling to find the perfect gig?

Do you find yourself burnt out by reporting to the same salon chair every single day?

If the idea of taking your styling talents on the road excites you, there’s a budding market for you!

There are plenty of opportunities to share your skills with clients who crave a makeover, and it’s easy to get started!

This article will help you understand what to expect when becoming a traveling hair stylist.

What Is a Traveling Hair Stylist?

A traveling hair stylist is a person skilled in cutting and styling hair who elects to travel to their clients rather than work in a traditional salon setting.

The stylist may travel to clients in their city for various functions and purposes.

They also may travel outside of their city or state.

How much and how far they travel is up to them.

Though it is not necessarily a gig economy job, a traveling hair stylist can enjoy various benefits and flexibility.

Despite that, the gig does come with several challenges and obstacles not found while working in a salon.

What Does a Traveling Hair Stylist Do?

A traveling hair stylist travels to private homes, offices, parties, or other venues to meet their client(s).

Once there, the stylist provides the service(s) the client has hired them to provide.

Hair stylist services include, but are not limited to, haircuts, hair color, perms, wash & dry, blowouts, and more.

The stylist must understand their client’s needs and determine if they have the necessary tools and equipment to meet them.

What Does a Traveling Hair Stylist Usually Focus On?

The focus of a traveling hair stylist gets split between a few things.

The stylist must focus on creating a solid yet somewhat flexible schedule.

If the stylist intends to make this their full-time job, they must create a plan that keeps them busy enough to generate ideal income.

However, flexibility is necessary in case any clients run late, traffic jams occur, or other unforeseen circumstances arise.

The stylist also should focus on understanding the unique needs of each client.

They must be sure they have the equipment to meet those needs and do their homework on any new and trending ideas their clients might desire.

Traveling Hair Stylist Job Description

A traveling hair stylist is responsible for traveling to and from clients at their place of residence, work, or elsewhere.

Once there, the stylist must provide the requested hair services to satisfy their client.

The stylist must keep an up-to-date inventory of any tools and equipment needed to meet the client’s requests.

Failure to do so could result in poor performance and a damaged reputation.

Top Traveling Hair Stylist Jobs and Careers

The traveling hair stylist can easily take their talent and turn it into a hobby that makes money.

1. Bridal Hair Stylist

A bridal wedding party needs a skilled hair stylist to give them a fabulous finishing touch.

A professional stylist learns and understands the needs of these clients and preps them all for the special day ahead.

2. Company Production Stylists

Companies may hire a traveling hair stylist to prepare their employees for a photo shoot to promote their brand.

The stylist should get to know the message and tone of the company and work with them to find the look that best represents this.

3. Personal Stylist

Some stylists might work one-on-one with individual clients for their everyday style needs.

These stylists work for individuals as needed to prepare them for various events or as a part of their daily routine.

Where Can a Traveling Hair Stylist Work?

A traveling hair stylist can work just about anywhere their client needs!

Given that they supply themselves entirely with their equipment, they never have to worry about their location not having the tools needed.

What It’s Like To Be a Traveling Hair Stylist

As with any job, there are certain perks to being a traveling hair stylist.

Some things can cause stress or difficulty.

Consider the following if you think this career path is for you.

Is Being a Traveling Hair Stylist Hard?

A person with the skills and talents needed for this role will find the job simple enough.

Instead, juggling various clients and sticking to a strict schedule can take time to stay caught up.

Specific requests that clients may have can be challenging to meet and, therefore, can create difficulty for anyone in this position.

There’s also general exhaustion to consider.

A hairstylist works primarily on their feet, sometimes for hours.

Is a Traveling Hair Stylist’s Job Stressful?

Given that the traveling hair stylist travels to and from client addresses, this alone can create a layer of stress.

Depending on the location, the stylist may encounter a stressful experience getting to and from the gig.

Time management is critical for this role, which can further complicate things.

Being able to juggle multiple stressors at any given time is something a traveling hair stylist needs to be prepared to do.

Common Traveling Hair Stylist Work Day

The typical work day for a traveling hair stylist can feature a variety of routine occurrences, along with a few things that depend on the particular client and the day of the week.

Traveling Hair Stylist Tasks & Duties

A stylist must arrange their schedule in a comprehensive and manageable form.

They must carefully pack their supplies in an organized manner and travel safely to the work location.

At the location, the stylist listens to the client’s needs and uses their expertise and equipment to satisfy them.

They ensure proper cleanup and disposal of excess hair and repack their gear when it’s time to leave.

The stylist must set their prices and manage their transactions and finances.

Traveling Hair Stylist Work Hours & Schedule

The traveling hair stylist should expect to work both during the week and on weekends, as needed.

Certain events that prove lucrative take place on weekends, and hair stylists must prepare to take these opportunities.

Depending on the complexity of client needs and the number of clients daily, a stylist’s job could make for a long day.

Does This Career Embrace Work/Life Balance?

Because traveling hair stylists create their schedule, they can enjoy as much balance as they see fit.

It’s essential to find the right balance that works best for you if this is a career you should consider.

Do Traveling Hair Stylists Make Good Money?

Regardless of your passion or talent level, it’s essential to consider how much money you can expect to make as a traveling hair stylist.

The revenue and profit a traveling hair stylist brings in depends solely on their commitment to their new and existing clientele.

They must never stop promoting themself or seeking opportunities to network with others in the field.

How Much Do Traveling Hair Stylists Make?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, hairstylists and barbers make, on average, close to $30,000 per year.

This salary equates to around $14 per hour.

While this amount may seem like little, remember that each hair stylist sets prices and may receive tips from clients.

How Do Traveling Hair Stylists Get Paid?

Traveling hair stylists receive their payment in several ways.

Clients may pay them cash or write a personal check to the stylist.

Checks are uncommon but still possible.

Some hair stylists operate solely via electronic payments.

These methods can include mobile apps or other technology using a mobile device.

One great perk of creating your hair stylist career is determining what works best for you!

Requirements, Skills, and Education Required for Traveling Hair Stylists

As with any career path, adequate skills and proper training can mean the difference between successful and dismal results.

Though some stylists may not undergo any formal training, we don’t wholly recommend this.

The right amount of education, training, and experience under your belt will make you a more marketable stylist.

That will earn you more clients and additional income.

Who Should Consider a Traveling Hair Stylist Career Path?

Anyone with a passion and a keen eye for giving people the makeover look they desire would be a fantastic candidate for this position.

Though you can learn the necessary skills, it is best that you truly enjoy the career and understand what a client needs and how to make it happen.

Who Should NOT Consider a Traveling Hair Stylist Career Path?

A person who does not possess a natural skill or talent to craft and style hair.

Although creating fantastic hairstyles sounds appealing to many, there must be a genuine ability to see it through.

Otherwise, you’re setting yourself up for failure.

Is It Hard To Become a Traveling Hair Stylist?

Though many people may not realize it, successfully establishing yourself as a traveling hair stylist is no simple task.

Along with training and education, marketing your services can be a tricky and daunting task.

Stylists must use plenty of media forms to put their name out there, and even then, it’s not a guarantee they will find enough clientele to pay the bills.

Proper, consistent networking and promotion are the secrets to success, but it is always challenging.

What Do I Need To Become a Traveling Hair Stylist?

Along with fantastic people skills and excellent communication, there are plenty of physical and psychological needs to be successful in this career path.

Requirements for Becoming a Traveling Hair Stylist

Stylists must have reliable transportation to get them from client to client.

Once there, the stylist uses their equipment to get the job done.

A traveling hair stylist must always keep their inventory stocked and up to date.

If they run low on supplies and don’t restock, they may be unable to get their job done effectively.

What Skills Does a Traveling Hair Stylist Need?

As noted, a keen ability to see and understand the client’s needs and wants makes all the difference.

Hair stylists need to be able to take an idea and make it a reality.

They also need to juggle multitasking, as some clients want to make conversation while they get their hair done.

What Education Does a Traveling Hair Stylist Need?

Each state has different requirements for hair stylists regarding licensure.

Properly completing some form of beauty school or cosmetology education is required to establish yourself as a hairstylist whether you intend to travel or not.

What Experience Does a Traveling Hair Stylist Need?

Although it would be nice to jump into this path immediately, it might be a good idea for the prospective stylist to have had experience working in a salon or barbershop.

This way, they have the credentials and experience to share with prospective clients.

Some stylists may choose to work in a salon and travel here and there as a great side hustle.

It all depends on the desires and ambitions of individual stylists.

How To Become a Traveling Hair Stylist

If you meet the required criteria and have the proper skills to get the job done well, consider taking steps to make this a career.

1. Where To Find Traveling Hair Stylist Opportunities

Depending on their geographic location, there may be plenty of opportunities for a traveling hair stylist to find work in their city.

There are usually many job postings on online boards, which also might be an excellent place for a traveling hair stylist to find the ideal job.

Another excellent place for potential work is GlamSquad, the Uber of hair care positions.

2. Applying for the Gig

Once a stylist has found the client they believe would be ideal for working for/with, the application process may vary.

If the stylist responds to a posting for services needed, they would be wise to include their credentials, proof of education, and resumé to the prospective client.

It might also benefit the stylist to have a portfolio of photos at the ready, which will give them a boost amongst the competition.

3. Interviewing for the Gig

Some clients may wish to bring their prospective stylist in for a formal interview.

If this happens to you, don’t sweat it!

Remember your training, skills, education, and experience.

Showcase your talents by bringing all the documents listed in the last section.

Keep calm, and let them know you are the best fit for the gig!

How Do I Prepare for Traveling Hair Stylist Gigs

Prepare for the role of a traveling hair stylist by confirming that you have all the necessary equipment, tools, and cosmetics to meet your client’s needs.

Stock yourself with the best clippers, combs, brushes, razors, colors, and more. Have a plentiful selection of capes for your clients to stay clean.

Lastly, make sure you understand the environment where you will work.

Similar Careers to Check Out

There are a few related gigs that you may consider.

  • Virtual Assistant: A virtual assistant acts as the primary administrative assistant to another person, though the job is remote rather than in an office environment. This gig is similar to a traveling hair stylist because it requires independence and the occasional need to travel.
  • Freelance Massage Therapist: A freelance massage therapist travels to clients’ homes or businesses to provide massage therapy and other sought-after therapeutic services. The job is related to the traveling hair stylist because the masseuse must market and advertise their services the same way the stylist must.
  • Freelance Hair Stylist: A freelance hair stylist provides hair services to clients from the convenience of their homes. This career is highly relevant to our topic because the stylist markets themselves and doesn’t work in the traditional salon environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most common questions people ask regarding the traveling hair stylist career.

Where Do Hair Stylists Make the Most Money?

The top three states in the United States where hair stylists earn the most money are Washington, Montana, and North Dakota.

If earning potential is a big piece of the puzzle for you, states to stay away from are New Mexico, Arkansas, and Georgia.

Is Traveling Involved in Cosmetology?

In cosmetology, there is not always a requirement to travel.

Many cosmetologists opt for the security of working for salons or barber shops rather than doing freelance or travel work.

Traveling positions are voluntary and at the individual hairstylist’s sole discretion.

Wrapping Up

The career of a traveling hair stylist can be grueling and complex, but it can also provide fantastic opportunities for growth and work.

Hair stylists will always be in demand, no matter what the future may bring.

After all, people across the world need skilled hair stylists to keep us all looking our best.

If a career as a traveling hair stylist is the best fit for you, we strongly encourage you to check the profession out.

Be sure to consider all the education, training, and practice you will need before the work begins.

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