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Titanic Model Kits: 7 Awesome Models – Simple to Deluxe

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When looking for a model of the Titanic to build, you want one that will truly capture the majesty and splendor of the original, right?

From experience, I can say that some Titanic models definitely do just that… and some fall way short and wind up looking more like a toy than a realistic replica.

Here, we’ll bypass the junk and explore only the best Titanic models that are great fun to build and stunning when complete.

After all, you want an historically accurate representation that you can proudly display, not something that will be shoved into a closet as an embarrassing reminder of a poor purchase.

Here’s a quick overview of my top picks:

Product nameSizePriceQuality
Advanced- Academy Hobby Titanic Model1:400Check current priceHigh
Beginner- Airfix RMS Titanic1:400Check current priceMid
Minicraft RMS Titanic Centennial Edition1:350Check current priceSuperior
Airfix R.M.S. Titanic Kit1:700Check current priceMid
Academy Boat Model Building Kit1:700Check current priceMid
CubicFun 3D Titanic Ship RMS With LED Lights1:305Check current priceHigh
16” Wooden Titanic Model W/Flashing Lights16 inchCheck current priceSuperior

Titanic Model Kits 1:400

These Titanic model kits are large enough for you to see all of the details of the great ship, and they come in both advanced and beginner level kits.

If you’re interested in getting into modeling or want a good rainy day activity to do with the kids, these models could be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

They’re large enough to contain a lot of detailing and are a ton of fun to complete.  

Advanced – Academy Hobby Titanic Model

The detail on this model is stunning, and once you’re finished, you will have a very handsome replica of the Titanic.

It is only for advanced modelers, and you will need to work with a lot of precision details like tiny rope riggings and details of the hull, but the end result is truly magnificent.

The kit comes with all of the tools you need to put the ship together, although some people prefer to use crazy glue to speed up the process.


  • Comes with exquisite details.
  • The materials that you need are right in the kit.
  • Great rainy day activity that will challenge advanced modelers .


  • Some of the parts may need to be shaved down to fit properly. 
  • Details might not be completely accurate. 

Beginner – Airfix RMS Titanic 1:400

Airfix RMS Titanic 1:700 Passenger Ship Plastic Model Gift Set with Paint and Glue A50164A
  • Airfix is the oldest UK manufacturer of scale model plastic kits and has been producing kits...
  • This is a multi-colored kit which provides a precise, realistic reproduction without having to...

This highly-detailed Titanic model is great for beginner modelers or even kids who want to see what modeling is all about.

With 141 total pieces, it’s challenging enough not to be boring but not so hard as to make you want to give up halfway through the project.

It’s advisable to supervise children under 8 years old, as some of the parts are very small and could cause a problem if swallowed.

As with most models, it’s also good to work in a well-ventilated area so that the poly cement fumes won’t bother you. 


  • Great for beginners.
  • East to set up in a single afternoon .
  • Truly exquisite details. 


  • Model cement can be toxic if inhaled in a closed space.
  • Some users received a different size model. 

Titanic Model Kits 1:350 

These kits are a little larger, so you can fully expect more details and an excellent replica of the Titanic that you can proudly display.

Many of these models are museum-quality pieces that make excellent additions to any home.

These models are great for Titanic enthusiasts or history lovers in general.  

Minicraft RMS Titanic Centennial Edition 1/350 Scale

Minicraft RMS Titanic Centennial Edition 1/350 Scale
  • Limited Centennial Edition with over 300 plastic parts
  • Illustrated assembly and painting instructions

With 300 pieces, this model is more challenging to put together, but your patience will surely pay off when you see the finished product.

It’s an exceptionally high-quality model where each detail is lovingly reproduced, down to the brass trimming on the ship itself.

Some users even compare the model to something that you might see in a museum.

Novice modelers might struggle a little bit with this one because there are plenty of small details that you need to get right to really make it shine.

It’s advisable to use an airbrush on some of the larger parts and a smaller paintbrush on the finer ones.


  • A museum-quality replica.
  • Stunning details.
  • Perfect multi-day project. 


  • Might not be great for novice modelers.
  • Ship’s rigging can be challenging to work with. 

Titanic Model Kits 1/700 

Many of these 1/700 modeling kits are perfect for kids just learning how to put models together.

They are challenging enough to be exciting but easy enough to put together so that you can have a real show-stopper at the end.

If you have a child who is just getting into the fun of modeling, one of these kits can put them on the right path. 

Airfix R.M.S. Titanic Kit

Airfix R.M.S. Titanic Gift Set (1:700 Scale)
  • package height :46.736 cm
  • package length :7.366 cm

This kit is great for kids 12 and up, and it can be used as a supplemental aid to school projects or classes about the Titanic.

Although you need to have are some modeling skills to assemble it; children can put together their own replicas with adult supervision.

The kit itself will keep kids engaged and interested for several hours, and it makes a handsome display item once it’s finished. 


  • Keeps kids occupied for hours or even the full weekend.
  • Requires minimal adult supervision.
  • Handsome end product. 


  • Requires a lot of attention to detail.
  • Some of the parts are very small and fragile.

Academy Boat Model Building Kit R.M.S. Titanic Centenary Edition

Academy Boat Model Building Kit, R.M.S. Titanic Centenary Edition
  • 1/700th scale
  • New tooling for easy assembly and painting; High quality multi-colored injection
  • Authentic decals included

This model comes with precolored pieces, so you don’t need to worry about painting a thing.

It’s easy to put together and comes with a complete display stand so you can admire your work once it’s finished.

The only other thing that you need to buy is glue!

Most users find the coloration of this model beautiful, specifically the brass propellers and portholes.

Since some of the windows and portholes are already open, you can even install tiny lights (see which work best here) inside of the model to really make it shine!

The instructions are easy to follow and very detailed, so you never have to guess what goes where. 


  • Comes prepainted, saving you a step.
  • Has its own display stand.
  • Customizable product that you can add to.   


  • Some pieces are tiny and require you to use tweezers to put them on.
  • You can’t customize your own colors. 

Titanic Model Kits With Lights

If you really want to make a splash, get one of these Titanic model kits with lights. Many are easy to put together or require no assembly at all.

Showcase the doomed ship in all of her glowing glory!

CubicFun 3D Titanic Ship RMS With LED Lights

CubicFun Titanic 3D LED Puzzle 88 CM – Titanic Model Boat Toys for Adults and Teens, 266 Pieces
  • LIGHTING 3D PUZZLE RMS TITANIC SAIL AT NIGHT - Recreating majestic cruise at night...
  • 3D PUZZLE ASSEMBLY EXPERIENCE WITHOUT GLUE - Made of green paper foam board...

This model is 1/305 and uses 85 LED bulbs to illuminate the ship. You only need to purchase your own AA batteries.

It’s fascinating because it works with foam puzzle pieces that you don’t need to glue together. Each piece locks into the others for a flawless finish.

It also comes with precise instructions and makes a great weekend family project.   


  • Pieces are easy to pop out and they fit together perfectly.
  • Illuminated with 85 LED bulbs.
  • Comes with precise instructions.   


  • Higher priced model.
  • LED lights may go out.

16” Wooden Titanic Model W/Flashing Lights

Minh Xuan Titanic Wooden Model Cruise Ship W/Flashing Lights 16
  • Overall size: approximately. Lenght = 16 inch, Height = 9 inch to the tallest post, Width = 2-1/2 inch
  • will ship fully assembly and ready for display right out of the box.

At 16 inches long and 9 inches high, this model is a sizable piece that will look stunning in virtually any room or setting.

Unlike the other models on this list, you don’t need to put this one together. It comes fully assembled, although some parts may need to be reinforced with glue.

Operating on 110 to 240 electrical volts, this model is bright and stunning.


  • Sizable model at 16 inches.
  • Stunning finish. 
  • No assembly required.


  • Lights tend to flicker. 
  • Glue required to reinforce some parts.   

Related Question:

How Much Is a Titanic Model?

Prices for Titanic models vary mainly depending on the size, detail, and whether or not it has lights.
You will generally see prices range from about $30 all the way to $100.

Wrapping It UP

We’ve looked at some great choices in a range of scales and customizable options, but I know that it can be tough to choose. 

If you’ve build models before and want excellent detail and a moderate challenge, my advice is to go for the Minicraft Centennial Edition.

The details and accuracy are amazing, the instructions are surprisingly helpful, and the finished piece is gorgeous. Add some lights, and WOW!

For the more budget-minded folks who aren’t quite keen on painting lots of small parts, the Academy Centenary Edition is definitely the right choice. 

The color of the parts is quite nice, it includes a display stand and nameplate, and it presents just enough of a challenge to keep you engaged. 

So, now the decision is up to you. Whichever you choose, you’re sure to have a blast building it and enjoy some bragging rights when it’s finished.

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