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Best Side Hustles for Teachers in 2023

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People are not meant to live paycheck-to-paycheck, and it’s no secret that teachers are shamefully underpaid.

That gets incredibly stressful as financial responsibilities pile up. So it’s often necessary for teachers to start looking outside of the school for some side income that keeps them financially stable.

The good news is there’s a lot that teachers can do to earn extra money, and that’s what we’ll be touching on in this article. Here are some of the easiest side hustles for teachers that can earn you money within days!

Best Side Hustles for Teachers in 2023

These are some of the best teaching side gigs and tips on how to streamline each and maximize the extra income you get out of them.

  • Teach Students Independently
  • Create and Sell an Online Course
  • Sell Small Digital Assets
  • Start Teaching Summer School
  • Do Summer Camp or Youth Sports

1. Teach Students Independently

Giving online lessons is the first thing that any teacher can think about as a side hustle for several good reason. For one, it lets you set your hours and can make you a lot of extra money if you play your cards right.

If you want to work smart and not hard, target adult students instead of school kids. Professionals pay top dollar for a good teacher who’s organized and effective. 

You do not need to create curriculums from scratch to teach independently. Instead, use ready-made lesson plans and outlines; they are always available online.

There’s also a good chance that you won’t need to stick to one subject. If you’re a native speaker, you can teach English online without any extra qualifications. 

If you have qualifications in other fields or specific backgrounds and niches, you’ll probably find a specialized teaching job and set your own rates.

2. Create and Sell an Online Course

Creating and selling virtual classes is arguably the best side job for teachers, though it’s unfortunately not one that comes to every teacher’s mind. 

Though it’s not exactly easy, it can be lucrative and convenient since it has the potential of earning you passive income. 

The core idea is simple:

  1. Pick a topic to teach, preferably with a specific angle to it
  2. Record video sessions with all the visuals 
  3. Sell it either on your own website or on a dedicated platform like Skillshare and Teachable. 

It doesn’t usually end there; you’ll need to get your course the exposure it needs to sell well. The more time you put into marketing it, the more money it’ll make you.

While the marketing phase can be a pain, it can take off after a while, making you money in your sleep. 

This is perfect for people who already have a social media following on YouTube or TikTok, or would like to get started on that. It can also work if you recommend it on local Facebook groups and communities.

3. Sell Small Digital Assets

If designing an entire course, figuring out your unique angle, and spending time marketing seems like way too much work, this side hustle might be a better fit for you. 

Instead of making entire video lessons, you can make any small digital products and sell them on dedicated platforms such as Gumroad or BusyTeacher for ESL.

The possibilities with this one are endless. In fact, you probably have a whole bunch of ideas and existing documents you can start selling immediately. 

You can sell lesson plans, classroom printables, writing prompts, tests, you name it. The important thing is to refine it as you would any product and, again, market for it.

Unlike selling online classes, small educational materials offer much more flexibility in terms of how much time and energy you put into it. 

You can make a little money online with just a few hours every month, and make anything from a $1 worksheet for kindergarten kids to entire packets that can go for up to $30.

4. Start Teaching Summer School

Maintaining your financial stability throughout the year is a challenge for most teachers, so instead of adding to your workload during the school year, you might want to consider taking up a summer job instead. 

Summer school teaching is a great side job for teachers since it offers an opportunity to expand their resume working on specific topics like art, coding, math, and more. 

You also get to deal with people in person instead of adding to the hours you spend on your computer. 

The cherry on top is that you get to bond with local students in different ways. This takes community work to a whole different level. 

Plus, you can often choose what kind of work you’d like to focus on unless your state requires specific certifications for the programs you’re heading. 

5. Do Summer Camp or Youth Sports

If holding kids hostage inside a classroom during the summer gives you secondhand boredom, you can become a summer camp counselor or youth sports coach instead. Not only do you break the routine of your job, but you also get a chance to spend time with local families.

It’s fulfilling, often a great stress reliever, and a great way to network with parents and other community members, which might lead to other opportunities down the line. What’s not to like?

This could be your chance to coach a sport you’re passionate about, and you’re probably already qualified to do it. 

Certifications aren’t always required but can make you more marketable, especially for local colleges, if you’re looking to coach college students.

Alternatively, you can apply for camp counselor positions which are generally more focused on management and organization than athletic knowledge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need a Bachelor’s Degree to Tutor Online?

If you already work as a teacher, you probably already have the qualifications you need to tutor. Many online ESL platforms only require you to be a native English speaker, and adult education centers often accept teachers based on existing credentials. 

How Fast Can I Make Money from a Side Hustle as a Teacher?

Private tutoring can offer immediate income as you set your own schedule and rates. Selling digital assets like lesson plans can also provide quick, small returns, while selling online courses takes time, but can be extremely rewarding.

Can I Do Consulting as a Teacher?

Absolutely. Many teachers advise school districts, ed-tech companies, or curriculum developers. For lighter commitment and teachers with less experience, online surveys and focus groups are a great way to earn money on the side.

Other Side Hustles to Consider

We’ve been talking about side jobs for teachers, but there are a ton of other things you’re more than qualified to do as a teacher. Search online job boards for the following and you’ll most likely find something that fits you like a glove within some hours of research:

  • Voiceover Jobs: Being a teacher means you likely have a clear, articulate voice and can probably go from approachable to serious in a split second. Capitalize on this talent by doing voiceover acting or narration.
  • Freelance Writing: Being a freelance writer can be a fun and stress-free way to make some extra cash.
  • Virtual assistant: If you know how to manage the time of a few dozen students, you can handle some scheduling tasks for a business. 
  • House or pet sitting: If you’d like to make money while kicking back for a change, this might be a better fit for you.
  • Sell your photography: Teachers often have unique access to school yards, classes, and more. That, along with an artistic flare (and the legal permissions required) means you can start selling in-demand photos on stock photo sites.

Wrapping Up

There are several side jobs for teachers that can earn you extra money; you can house sit, take up freelance writing, become a virtual assistant, sell educational materials, teach summer school, and so much more! 

Each of these require a different amount of energy and time. That means you can always find jobs that suit your needs and unique knowledge.

Share this article with your friends and drop a comment below with any creative side hustle ideas you’d like to share!

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