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Best 8 Side Hustles for Social Workers to Earn Extra Income

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Are you a social worker looking to make some extra money? You’re well qualified for plenty of great part-time gigs with your background, so it’s a fantastic idea to look for more work if you need it. 

Side hustles for social workers are actually easy to come by. You can find a gig from home or in your community. But you’ll want to consider the benefits before committing to a second job, as there are many different side hustle ideas! 

Here are some ideas you can try out:

1. Content Writing

One of the best ways to earn extra cash is by creating content relevant to social work. You can find an agency or seek out opportunities as a freelance writer. Either way, you can build a schedule around your own hours. 

Various websites will seek social workers to create blogs, E-books, educational content, and more. You’ll need previous experience in writing to land jobs, but if you don’t have this, consider starting a personal blog to build a portfolio. 

Check out platforms like ProBlogger or Freelance Writing to find freelance writing opportunities. You’ll likely be paid by the word, which can range from $0.01 to $2, depending on your experience.   

2. Teach Online Courses

A community college or local university may be interested in hiring you to teach an online course. It’s a great way to make additional income without impeding your main job. You can create your hours around an existing schedule. 

You’ll want to look for universities that teach social work to find these jobs, as they may need fill-in teachers for some of their courses. Online tutoring platforms may also look for people who can create content for them. 

You can expect to earn around $29 per hour. While a teaching degree would supplement your credentials to get a job, it’s not necessary in most states.  

3. Offer Consulting Services

Consulting is a very lucrative side hustle. You can utilize your knowledge in social work to consult with corporations, individuals, or organizations. They’ll want help with issues within their organizations for professional development.

You can start a business or find a firm that would hire you. While starting a business may take more time and work, it’ll eventually give you more money. Working for a firm is a great option as well if you can get hired. 

Private social worker consultants make an average of $31 per hour. If you haven’t done consulting before, it may be best to find an organization to work for. Reach out to organizations with your resume and information on what you can offer. 

4. Private Practice

You can start building a private practice on the side, as there is higher demand than ever, so the market is there for you to use your skills. It does take time and effort, but it can turn into a fulfilling and lucrative gig. 

You’ll make your own hours, duties, and rates with a private practice. You can start small with only a few clients to ensure you don’t overwhelm yourself and grow it as needed. Eventually, it may even turn into a full-time job for you. 

You’ll need business and networking skills to start. Having years in the industry under your belt will be important to establish yourself, which comes with several benefits. For one, you get to establish your rate(over $100 an hour is common for private therapists). 

5. Art Therapy

With the burgeoning mental health crisis, the demand for alternative therapies is increasing, and art therapy is growing in popularity. 

You don’t need extra credentials to teach art therapy. You’ll work with people from a variety of backgrounds to create art as a form of expression. It’s a fulfilling job that can have a great impact on people’s lives. 

Art therapists can make around $29 an hour

6. Social Media Influencing

Earn extra income by creating a presence across social media platforms. There are many ways to monetize from here. You may get sponsorship deals with partner companies, ad revenue from social media, or gain a following that opens new opportunities. 

You may consider monetizing a YouTube channel with educational content, creating a Facebook page to share information, or building an Instagram following. You don’t need any credentials or certifications to start this, but you’ll want to understand digital marketing. 

The amount you can make from this type of side hustle varies on your success. Starting, it won’t be much, but as you gain your following, the possibility for income increases. 

7. Grant Writing

Freelance grant writers are always in high demand, but the jobs are competitive. Getting your foot in the door isn’t easy, but once you do, it’s lucrative. Organizations depend on grant writers to fund their entire operation, so it’s an important role. 

You’ll need to be a strong writer who understands funding within organizations. It can be a challenging role that requires extensive research and persuasive writing skills. Getting in on the job without experience may be difficult, so you should consider enrolling in some courses to boost your credibility. 

The good thing is that it can be done on your own time and pays great. You’ll start out making $25 an hour but can easily work your way up to $100 an hour with more experience.

8. Social Work Supervision

If you don’t want to become a professor but still enjoy working with other social workers, you may consider supervising new graduates in their career journey.

This side hustle does require additional education, as you’ll need continuing education units in many states to become a supervisor. Look into RISE for opportunities to become a supervisor for groups or even individuals.

The pay ranges, but you can expect around $30 an hour

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Balance a Side Hustle and a Full-Time Social Worker Job?

It can be hard to balance another job on top of your full-time job, but not impossible. It requires reflection on your mental health often and not overcommitting yourself. 

How Much Money Can I Make With a Side Job?

If you do a side hustle for 3-5 hours a week and make $25 an hour, which is standard for these gigs, thus could sum up to $100 more a week. There are opportunities to make more than this, as well. 

What Skills Are Needed for Social Worker Side Hustles?

All the side hustles require different specific skills. The one thing that they all need is good time management. Having a side hustle on top of your main job can be overwhelming without knowing how to manage your time.

Other Side Hustles to Consider

There are plenty of side hustles beyond social work that you may be qualified for or enjoy more than the jobs mentioned. Consider some of these: 

  • Highest-paying remote jobs: The best jobs are the ones that pay a lot, and there are plenty of remote jobs that you can do outside of your social worker job. 
  • Passive side hustles: Making money without doing anything is the dream for many. Set up a passive income stream that you don’t need to think about while working your main job. 
  • Weekend side hustles: Social work is often a weekday job, so consider picking up some weekend side hustles if you want to earn more money. 

Final Thoughts

It’s a great idea to get a part-time job as a social worker if you need extra income. There are tons of options for jobs that vary in commitment and skills, so you’ll surely find the perfect job for you.

Think about what you’re looking for before applying to jobs. You want to be realistic when picking up a side hustle and not overcommit too early to ensure it’s successful. 

If this helped you find your perfect side hustle, then leave a comment. If you have social worker friends who would want to learn more, share this with them! 

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