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How to Make Money With a Rover Promo Code and Referrals

Being a pet owner is a lot like being a parent.

You know everything about your furry friend, from their weird habits and favorite toys to their potty schedule and unique personality.

Our pets mean the world to us, which means when it’s time for us to go on our own adventures, we’re planning stays at three-star inns while seeking five-star pet sitters to take care of our loved ones back home.

Rover makes it easy for you to find a trusted community member to care for your pet, any day of the week.

With plenty of opportunities to save with Rover promo codes, the platform is just as affordable as it is useful.

This article will show you how to earn through exclusive deals for sign-ups and referrals, and how to continue earning when you start your own dog walking ventures.

Where to Find Rover Promo Codes for Signing Up

If you’ve ever hired somebody to walk your dog, you’re probably aware that Rover prices are fairly high.

That’s where a Rover promo code comes in handy – saving you money at signup.

While Rover doesn’t typically offer discount codes for new members, they do offer a generous referral program to help you save on your first-time booking.

Anyone currently on the platform can send you a referral link — here’s one to get you started.

When you use a referral link to sign up for your free account on Rover, you’ll be taken to a screen like the one below and immediately get $20 in your new account when you complete the process — no Rover.com promo codes needed.

Rover promo code for a friend

To make things even better, your sign-up is a win for your referrer, too.

Once your first pet sitting service is completed, they will earn up to $50 in Rover credit for their own dog walking needs.

Two Ways to Earn Through Referrals

Once your Rover account is all set up, you’re ready to start earning additional Rover credit by inviting your network onto the platform with your user-specific referral link.

To do so, you can head to the referral page on Rover.com to grab your link to share.

How to send Rover promo code to a friend

You won’t immediately earn credit when someone signs up, but once they’re active on the platform, you’ll gain a significant discount or full coverage on your pet-sitting services.

Refer Pet Owners

When someone clicks on your referral link, one option they have is to sign up as a pet owner.

This is the easiest way for you to frequently get deals on pet services site-wide.

Upon the first booking of new sign-ups who use your referral link, you’ll be guaranteed to earn Rover credit.

Once the first service they book is complete, you’ll receive your $20 coupon code in your email inbox.

It’s that simple: You refer.

They book.

Dog walker walks dog.

Rover rewards you.

Repeat as many times as you’d like.

Refer Pet Sitters or Dog Walkers

Your network will also have the option to sign up as a Rover dog walker.

This is the best-case scenario for your potential earnings.

When someone uses your referral link to sign up as a pet sitter and completes their first service, you’ll receive a big $50 credit for your doggy day care needs.

Finding the right person to complete the process can be a bit tricky. It’s not by chance that Rover is a trusted app for thousands of dog owners.

After background checks, they accept less than 20% of pet-sitting applicants.

Without any verified reviews, you may need to wait a while before your Rover balance goes cha-ching.

Regardless, when it only takes a share of a referral link to get a $50 coupon code, we’d say it’s well worth the wait.

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How to Redeem Your Rover.com Promo Code

How to enter your Rover promo code

Once you receive a promo code for a successful referral, using your $20 or $50 credit is a simple three-step process:

  1. Head to the Rover.com coupon redemption page
  2. Enter your code and tap “Redeem”
  3. Use your credits on any services on the site

This is the same process you’ll follow to redeem any future coupon codes, promo codes, and gift cards on the site.

Your credits will automatically be applied to your next booking.

Promo codes and coupon codes can also be applied at checkout.

Earning on Rover Beyond Promo Codes

Golden retriever on a walk

While referring users is the prime no-hassle method of earning on the Rover platform, we don’t all have a million followers on Twitter to promote our referral link to.

When you’ve exhausted your network, but still want some extra bucks to give your dog the best care, you can always sign up to start accepting dog walking gigs.

As with most popular platforms across the gig economy, you’ll be able to accept the requests that work best for your schedule and animal preferences, and pass on the rest.

Only have time for a quick drop-in?

Enjoy dog walking more than house sitting?

You can limit the services you provide on your profile.

Plus, if you follow our tips for making more money on Rover, you’ll have enough cash for dog boarding and a treat for yourself in no time.

Better yet, work your way toward making over $100K annually as an independent contractor on Rover, and you can spend quality time with adorable pups for a living.

Frequently Asked Questions About Rover Promo Codes

With your account all set up, you can start using Rover regularly to make your pet care routine more convenient than ever.

We’ve answered a few frequently asked questions to help you out ahead of your first booking.

1. Does Rover offer promo codes outside of its referral program?

Rover has historically offered coupon codes as part of special promotions or partnerships.

However, these are typically limited to new users and a specific time frame.

Referring new pet owners or pet sitters is the only guaranteed way for existing users to receive promo codes.

2. Can I use my promotional credit for more than one booking?

Credits earned from one promo code redemption can only be used toward one booking.

For example, if you are using a promo code worth $50 for a service worth $30, the excess of $20 will not be rolled over into your next booking.

Redeeming your promo code on services equal to or greater than its worth can help you take full advantage of Rover’s referral program.

3. How do I tip my pet sitter?

While not required or supported by the Rover platform, some users may choose to tip their pet sitter in cash for taking good care of their furry friend.

4. How can I receive additional support on Rover.com?

If Rover’s Help Center doesn’t answer your questions, you can submit a request directly to the Rover team.

The platform also offers a Q&A community forum, where you ask general questions about dog ownership for your fellow dog lovers to answer.

Give Your Dog the Care It Deserves

Rover is a great platform for all dog lovers, whether you’re looking for affordable pet care from trusted community members or seeking a new gig to boost your income.

With this guide, we hope you’ll earn plenty of free or discounted bookings to make every day the best day for your furry friend.

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