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How to Resell Motorcycles [Step-By-Step]

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Many people find treasures in their basements or garages, especially when it’s time to move out. You might find an old motorcycle that has been neglected for too long because you no longer use it.

Does this sound familiar?

With our help, you won’t watch your money go to waste. You can read this detailed guide to learn everything you need to know about how to resell motorcycle. So, let’s find out.

Is it Possible to Resell Motorcycles?

People can resell used and new motorcycles. Some old and used-up motorcycles can represent a lucrative opportunity for collectors. They’re no longer available on the market, so they will get a unique classic item.

After some maintenance work, they’ll have a unique motorcycle that collectors appreciate. Moreover, they can benefit you if you want to declutter your space or make space for a home office or a new bike.

If you bought a motorcycle and then changed your mind about using it, you don’t have to lose all your money. After determining a fair resale value, you can resell it and sometimes even for profit.

Depending on the bike’s condition, you might have to do some maintenance and repair work, which might add to its cost. But some buyers would be glad to get the bike as it is to do the cleanup on their own and even customize the motorcycle a little.

What Kinds of Motorcycles Sell Well?

Several road-specific and off-road motor vehicles can sell well whether they’re preowned inventory or newly bought. This includes standard bikes, adventure bikes, dirt bikes, scooters, choppers, cruisers, motocross bikes, sport bikes, and dual sports. Some customers are also interested in buying vintage, modern, and electric bikes.

What is the Value of a Motorcycle?

Determining the value of your motorcycle depends on various factors.

  • The age of your motorcycle.
  • Its current condition.
  • Its mileage.
  • Its visible appearance.
  • All previous claims.
  • Any replacement parts.

These rules might not apply to some customized or vintage motorcycles.

Do Motorcycles Lose Value Over Time?

Knowing the actual value of your motorcycle will help if you want to resell it. It can also help to negotiate your insurance with the provider.

Specific rules of depreciation apply to motorcycles. They lose 5% of their value when they leave the lot, and by the end of the second year, the bike will lose between 19% to 27% of its value. After that, it loses 5% each year.

After the tenth year, the depreciation rate drops from 2% to 3% yearly. Some owners avoid using older motorcycles because they can’t find replacement parts.

However, these numbers differ according to the mileage and usage of the motorcycle. Moreover, some brands, like Harley-Davidson, will depreciate much slower than other brands on the market.

Even without these calculations, some bikes will have a lower value due to visible scratches on the handlebar. A dropped bar has a bent frame that affects its resale value.

Things to Consider When Reselling Motorcycles

Selling motor vehicles and motorcycles follows specific rules that might differ between states. So, you need to check with your DMV to see if certain things should be considered before reselling your motorcycle.

1. Think of the Right Motorcycle Value

Although particular rules can help you determine the motorcycle’s value, you don’t always have to follow these rules. The asking price might not be the selling price, so expect the buyer won’t immediately pay the price you ask for.

You can determine the adequate resale value of your used or never been used motorbike by examining the values of similar items on the market. Special upgrades and add-ons can be sold separately.

A good tip would be to list the bike for 10% to 40% of what you’re willing to sell it for. See how buyers react to the price and then lower it accordingly. Remember that your bike might be worth more than your set value because it’s special or has unique add-ons.

2. Get Your Documents Ready

You should have the vehicle’s title ready to show your motorcycle ownership. Selling a vehicle with a loan is more challenging because it involves more paperwork. Moreover, you’ll end up with less money because you have to use some of the sale proceeds to pay off the loan.

Other documents include an agreement to test drive the car, a deposit agreement, and the final sale agreement. Several forms are available online, but you can ask a lawyer for help if you’re unsure how to formalize these.

3. Give It a Good Clean

If your bike has been left in your garage for years, it’s probably time you wash it properly. A buyer will immediately assume a lot is wrong with a dirty bike. It simply shows that you didn’t take good care of a simple thing like washing the vehicle, so you probably neglected other essential things.

4. Make Sure Your Records Are Good

Check your vehicle’s status using its title and Vehicle Identification Number or VIN. This proves you aren’t liable for legal issues like damaging another vehicle or property. This type of information will affect the buyer’s decision.

If there’s any problem or error, you should have it settled before you sell the motorcycle. Remember that a buyer has multiple options, and no one wants to buy a vehicle with legal issues.

5. Address Maintenance Issues

You don’t have to be an avid mechanic to know something is wrong with a vehicle. If something breaks or falls if you shake it, you’ve probably neglected to maintain it for too long.

Most avid bike riders like doing the maintenance and replacement work on their own. But for detailed jobs, it’s always better to hire a professional.

You should be honest about the bike’s status and any work done. You can have any upgrades uninstalled and add them to your new bike. You can also sell them for an extra price because they don’t come with the original bike.

Some maintenance work, like an oil change, doesn’t cost much, and having a functional bike will tempt buyers to close the deal. Other issues, like a broken fuel tank or flat tires, will cost more, so you should consider adding them to the final price.

6. Choose Where to Sell Your Motorcycle

Although you can list your motorcycle for resale at the local dealership, many people resell their motor vehicles online. This way, they can avoid paying the dealership commission, which might represent several folds of what a website will charge you.

Dealing with a dealership might work for you if you don’t have time to worry about meeting potential buyers or comparing offers. However, if you choose to list your vehicle for online resale, you’ll have to do everything on your own.

Be accurate while describing your motorcycle in the online listing, and choose several angles to show its uniqueness. Use a professional camera to highlight the extra or special features as they attract buyers.

This will also be an excellent chance to list any previous work or upgrades done and issues the buyer might face while dealing with the bike. This way, you can guarantee that they won’t bother you after buying your vehicle, and it shows that you’re trustworthy.

Where to Resell Motorcycles

Several online marketplaces are available for used and new bike resale, and each one comes with some pros and cons. Luckily, you can list your bike for sale on several platforms and hope for the best.

Cycle Trader

a screenshot of the Cycle Trader homepage

Cycle Trader is one of the most popular platforms for reselling motorcycles. You can choose between three listing packages to list your bike and then create an account. The second and third packages grant you several premium features like posting a video or showing your listing on the homepage.

What Makes This Option Great

Cycle Trader offers an exclusive pre-sale inspection service that can make buyers secure about doing business with you. A certified inspector will run a computer-powered diagnosis of your bike and confirm that your listing isn’t fake.

  • Fees: The Basic package costs $49.95, the Enhanced package costs $79.95, and the Best package costs $119.95.
  • Payment Methods: You can pay using your credit card.


a screenshot of the ebay resell homepage

eBay is a big marketplace that allows you to sell several items. It will work for you if you want a vast platform with thousands of potential buyers, as it always works on expanding the number of its clients by investing in its marketing strategy.

It’s best to sell your motorbike as a classified ad on eBay. If you don’t want to, you should have a feedback score of 10 at least, or people will view your ad as a scam.

What Makes This Option Great

eBay offers low fixed rates, so you can easily predict your profit after deducting the website’s fees. They’re affordable compared to other online marketplaces.

Fees: eBay has special fees for selling motorbikes that differ according to the package you pick. The Basic package costs $19, the Plus package costs $49, and the Premium package costs $79. The website charges about 2.8% of the deposit paid by the buyer.

Payment Methods: eBay accepts payments through debit and credit cards. You can pay using previous proceeds if you already sold items on eBay.

Chopper Exchange

a screenshot of the Chopper Exchange homepage

If you have an American bike, choosing Chopper Exchange to list it for resale will be a wise decision. This platform attracts buyers who are exclusively looking for American brands, so you’ll have access to potential buyers who might be actually interested in buying your bike.

What Makes This Option Great

Chopper Exchange represents a loyal community. It’s not a vast marketplace, so it’s a real home for those interested in bikes who will appreciate your motorcycle even if it seems a bit beaten up. You can also list your bike for free, and the website doesn’t charge extra costs once a purchase is made.

Fees: You can list your bike for free, choose the Premium package for $30, or pay for the Ultimate package for $70.

Payment Methods: You can pay using your credit or debit cards.

What You’ll Need to Resell Motorcycles

Reselling a motorcycle can be a daunting task. Here are all the items you need to have ready to go on with the deal, in addition to the actual possession of the bike itself.

  • All the vehicle’s legal documents, like the title and VIN.
  • Proof of ownership.
  • Documents related to any loan.
  • Proof of handling any legal issues like pending fines.
  • A detailed description of the vehicle’s specifications.
  • Proof of maintenance work in addition to any extras or upgrades installed.
  • A certificate of professional inspection will be a plus.

How To Resell Motorcycles: Step-By-Step Instructions

If this is your first time selling a motorbike, you might be overwhelmed by the whole process. Here are the proper steps to follow.

1. Get Your Bike Ready

This includes washing it, doing minor maintenance, and having it ready for inspection. After inspecting your bike, you should take professional photos for your listing.

2. Have All the Documents Ready

All the legal documents that show you’re the rightful owner of the bike should be available. This also includes proof from the DMV that your vehicle wasn’t involved in any accident. You’ll have to pay your motorbike loan before reselling it.

3. Choose a Marketplace

After assessing the pros and cons of each online marketplace, pick the most suitable one. Study the packages available and see which one works for you.

4. Create Your Listing

Write a detailed description of your vehicle, listing all its features and add-ons. Be honest and show actual pictures of the bike to avoid being flagged as a scammer.

There are several rules to determine the fair asking price, but it might not be the final selling price. So, do some research and give yourself room to negotiate.

5. Follow Up with your Sale

Monitor your listing and arrange inspections and test drives with potential buyers. Remember to have some documents to hold the potential buyer accountable if something goes wrong during a test drive after ensuring the motorcycle works correctly.

Once you’ve agreed on the price, pick your favorite payment method. Most people accept cash or wire transfers, while others might agree on other payment options. Whatever you do, follow the guides on the marketplace and beware of scams.

Can You Make Money Flipping Motorcycles?

We talked about selling an old motorcycle that you no longer need. But some people flip motorcycles. They don’t use them, but they buy them for resale purposes.

You should have some experience maintaining and renovating bikes to make this work. But with the right tools, it can be a lucrative opportunity to secure some cash.

What is a Motorcycles Resale Business?

This business model is based on buying motorbikes to resell them for profit. It might involve renovating neglected old bikes or purchasing new ones for discounts.

Many people engage in this business not because they want to make good money but because they enjoy renovating bikes. You can customize a new bike or revive a vintage one and then sell it to a collector. There are no rules, as some people are willing to pay thousands of dollars for the right bike.

Is Reselling Motorcycles a Good Way to Make Money?

Reselling motorcycles can be an excellent way to make money, but it has disadvantages.


  • You can sell an old bike that has been sitting in your garage for years.
  • Cleaning up and maintaining an old bike doesn’t always involve a lot of money.
  • You can list your ad on a platform that does all the work on your behalf.


  • You might have to pay a lot to revive an old, beaten-up bike.
  • You might pay hundreds of dollars to keep your bike listed on the marketplace if no one shows interest in buying it.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Should You Sell Your Motorcycle?

You should consider selling your motorcycle if you’re no longer using it or are considering an upgrade. When your bike has high mileage, repairs become costly, so selling it while it’s still good to use might be better. Finally, you should monitor market trends to see when your bike is in high demand.

Who Sells the Most Motorcycles?

The Japanese brand, Honda, sells almost one-third of the bikes used worldwide. This isn’t a surprise as this brand is highly valued for its unique models and focus on detail among bike lovers. In the US, Harley Davidson dominates the market of American bikes.

Similar Tutorials to Check Out

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  • Resell Apple Devices: Apple Trade-In is the safest option to resell your old Apple devices, but you can also list them on auction sites like eBay or marketplaces like Amazon.
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Wrapping Up

The bike you no longer need can be what an avid biker is looking for. There’s a huge market for vintage and barely used bikes that represent an excellent opportunity for sellers and buyers.

If you know someone willing to get rid of a bike they no longer use, don’t forget to share this article with them. Tell us what you think in the comments section.

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