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How to Resell Junkyard Parts: A Complete Guide

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Are you looking to resell junkyard parts but having trouble figuring out the best approach?

You’re not alone. Whether you’re trying to make some quick extra cash or thinking about making a business out of it, the process can be complicated. Although it can be quite profitable as the demand for junk cars increases, many people don’t know where to start.

Luckily, today’s guide covers everything you need to know about reselling junkyard auto parts. From the things you should consider before reselling to the best places for selling, we’re getting into it all!

Is it Possible to Resell Junkyard Parts?

Reselling car parts from a junkyard is a legit way to make money.

Junkyards, also known as scrap metals, are filled with ruined vehicles that vary widely in condition. Once you’ve paid the fee to search through a certain auto salvage yard, any part of any vehicle that you find on the premises is up for grabs.

From there, you can reuse these items, resell them as are, or refurbish them for a higher resale price.

What Kinds of Junkyard Parts Sell Well?

Although vehicles in junkyards are mostly wrecked, your parts search can lead you to many valuable auto body parts.

Here are some examples of the most lucrative items to resell:

  • Engines and engine parts: these are extremely expensive when new, so many people look for an affordable alternative in the secondhand market.
  • Transmission system: this is essential for car movement and comes at a hefty cost if new.
  • GPS systems: many people rely on their car’s GPS for directions when driving rather than their phones.
  • Fenders, doors, and bumpers: all these are frequently damaged components that are always in demand.
  • Wheels, rims, and tires: these parts are always in demand as they endure the most damage on the road.
  • Stereo equipment: most people don’t want a silent ride or looking to upgrade their vehicle’s sound system.
  • Lights: cracked/broken headlights and taillights are a common issue.
  • Windshield: this auto part often gets damaged, so a spare is always in demand.
  • Radiator: one of the aluminum-rich auto parts of any vehicle that sell for good money after removing the coolant.

What is the Value of Junkyard Parts?

Valuing the resale price of auto parts from a salvage part is the trickiest part of the entire process.

Generally, the prices of used electronic and mechanical parts from junkyard cars should be much less than new ones. The typical rate is at least 40% less than the original value, and it can go as low as 80%.

Among the auto parts that sell for even cheaper are wheels, rims, and tires. These seem to resell at a 50% to 60% discount.

Prices of junkyard parts vary quite a lot depending on multiple factors, including the vehicle’s model, make, and year. The component’s condition, ease of extraction, and availability on the market also affect its price.

Do Junkyard Parts Lose Value Over Time?

In most cases, auto replacement parts from a newer car are more valuable than those from an older car. That’s because newer parts are usually less worn out and feature more recent technology.

Classic vehicles, however, are an exception. With components of high quality, these are even more valuable if kept in good condition.

Another aspect to consider is commonness. A rare old part only gains value over time and even resells for a higher price than new.

Still, popular car models such as Toyota Tacoma or Honda Civic hold their value well given the wide market.

Things to Consider When Reselling Junkyard Parts

Before reselling junk car parts, here are a few additional things to keep in mind:

1. Do You Have a Business Plan?

Unless it’s a one-time thing, you need a solid business plan to ensure your kickstart goes as smoothly as possible.

Determine how much money you’ll invest in inventory and how much revenue you expect to bring in. Set up short-term goals for tracking progress and be aware of market trends.

2. Can You Take Apart Components?

You can save yourself a lot of money and hassle if you can remove car parts yourself.

Working knowledge of the tools you need for the job and how to extract different components from vehicles means you can immediately start taking what you need ahead of the competition.

3. Legal Situation

You should also consider the legality of reselling parts from a salvage yard in your area.

While it’s perfectly legal in most regions across the US to resell scrap parts after paying any necessary fees to the junkyard, you should still check to be 100% sure you won’t get in trouble.

Where to Resell Junkyard Parts

You can resell junk car parts through many platforms, but the most convenient route is online. Here are the most popular resale websites you can try:

1. eBay

a screenshot of the ebay resell homepage

If you’re looking for the biggest possible chance to land a sale for your salvage auto parts, reselling on eBay is the way to go.

What Makes This Option Great

eBay has a massive audience, which means a wider reach and a higher sale guarantee.

Additionally, you get access to the platform’s unique auction-based style of selling. This allows you to almost always sell at a reasonable price with a potentially substantial profit margin if your listing is in high demand.

  • Fees/Commission: eBay charges $0.30 per listing and keeps a percentage of the sale, so the final fee depends on how much you’re selling auto parts for
  • Payment Methods: eBay supports PayPal, credit/debit cards, cash, wire transactions, and Google or Apple Pay.

2. Craigslist

a screenshot of the craigslist homepage

One of the best options for selling junkyard parts locally, Craigslist is a hassle-free platform with a lot of visitors.

What Makes This Option Great

Besides its high traffic, Craigslist offers a straightforward buying/selling experience. A description and a few photos are all you need to put up a listing.

Craigslist also allows you to easily track your listings and is free to use.

  • Fees/Commission: selling used/junkyard auto body parts on Craigslist is free of charge.
  • Payment Methods: Craigslist supports cash and physical checks only.

3. Facebook Marketplace

A screenshot of the facebook marketplace homepage

Facebook’s marketplace has established its place as a reliable buy/sell platform over recent years, especially within the local scene.

What Makes This Option Great

Although Facebook Marketplace doesn’t reach as wide as eBay or Craigslist, it still offers a solid opportunity for a sale. It makes up for the more limited audience with an easier selling process that only requires a Facebook account.

  • Fees/Commission: for every listing that costs $8 or less, Facebook charges a flat rate of $0.30. For listings above $8, Facebook keeps 5% of the sale.
  • Payment Methods: Facebook supports PayPal and credit/debit cards as payment methods. You can also set up a meeting with the buyer to deal with cash.

What You’ll Need to Resell Junkyard Parts

Now that you’re familiar with considerations and platforms to resell salvage auto parts, here’s what you’ll need to go through for the sale process:

  • A camera (phone or standalone): you need to take good quality pictures of the parts you want to sell.
  • Knowing how to evaluate parts: you need to determine the condition of junkyard parts for accurate description and fair pricing.
  • Knowing how to remove parts: you need to be able to take apart vehicle components, or at least have access to someone who can.
  • An online presence: you need to create accounts on online platforms to facilitate the sale of your junkyard car parts.

How To Resell Junkyard Parts: Step-By-Step Instructions

Here are step-by-step instructions to guide you through the selling process:

Step 1: Do Your Research

Planning is key to the successful selling of junkyard parts. Consider the following questions:

  • Where will the parts come from?
  • How much money will you need to invest?
  • Are there risks involved?
  • What sort of components are you selling?
  • Is there local competition?

Step 2: Prepare Parts

Head over to the junkyard(s) to gather the necessary parts. If you already have them, make sure they’re in working condition and safe to use.

Step 3: Choose a Resale Platform and Make Listings

Pick a resale platform to showcase the junkyard parts you want to sell. Once you’re set on a platform, create a listing with a detailed description, pictures to back it up, and a reasonable price.

Step 4: Communicate and Sell

Finally, wait for customers to reach out and communicate with them to complete the sale. If you need extra exposure, consider posting online ads.

Can You Make Money Flipping Junkyard Parts?

Yes, you can make money flipping salvage vehicle parts.  Let’s take a look at how some people turn it into a business.

What is a Junkyard Parts Resale Business?

Just like the junk removal business, reselling junkyard car parts is a legit business with great profits to be made, although it’s mostly a side business.

Sellers start by visiting junkyards to salvage vehicle parts and then they buy what they find/want. From there, they resell the components as replacement parts (possibly after refurbishing).

Is Reselling Junkyard Parts a Good Way to Make Money?

Reselling junkyard parts allows you to pick out the exact parts you want to sell. So if you’re dealing in a certain niche, you can focus your efforts on it.

This also means you get to choose whether or not you want to sell parts of certain conditions.

Another advantage to reselling junkyard parts is the low risk given how relatively low the initial investment is.

That said, there’s no guarantee of when or if you’ll find the parts that you want, nor is there a guarantee of their condition.

There’s also no fixed way to deal with junkyards as they often differ in policies and prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you’re familiar with reselling salvage parts from junk car yards, some questions are bound to come up. Here are a couple of the most common ones:

What is the Most Valuable Part of a Car?

The engine (and its cylinders) is the most valuable part of a car to buy or sell. It’s also the most expensive car part to fix or replace as it converts fuel to power to enable the vehicle’s movement.

The more luxurious or powerful a car is, the more costly is its engine.

What is the Demand for Car Parts?

The global market for automotive parts is projected to reach $984 billion by 2033. Growth is estimated at a rate of 5% as the demand for passenger vehicles and car parts steadily rises.

The US market automotive parts market should witness an increase to $20 billion by 2028 from 2023’s $17.5 billion valuation.

Similar Tutorials to Check Out

If you’re interested in other ways to earn money, check out the following similar tutorials for inspiration.

  • Resell Items From Goodwill: you can make a profit by selling items after thrifting from Goodwill outlets. Electronics, brand clothing, and books are just a few examples.
  • Resell Pallets: if you’re strategic about it, reselling pallets can bring in serious extra income. Make sure you buy pallets with items you’re familiar with while avoiding seasonal products.
  • Resell Clothing: a lucrative gig that you can start with limited funding right from your home, reselling clothing is also eco-friendly and easy to learn. Make sure your items are well showcased and priced appropriately for the season.

Wrapping Up

Wrecked vehicles may not seem like much to some, but to many people, it’s a great opportunity to make money!

To resell junkyard parts, you need both patience and automobile experience for salvaging. Once your auto parts are ready, you can easily list them online.

Hopefully, our guide helped you figure out how to start selling automotive parts from scrap yards. Feel free to tell us what you think in the comments, and please share the article if you liked it!

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