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How To Resell Clothes Online In (2024): Step-By-Step

Interested in reselling clothes online? You’re not alone. Many people struggle with where to start reselling clothes online.

Luckily, it’s easier than it seems. Simply, value your clothing items and find the right platform to make some extra bucks.

This article provides step-by-step instructions on how to resell clothes online. It lists all you need to consider during the process, along with the best platforms to resell clothes online.

Is It Possible to Resell Clothes Online?

Of course, it’s possible to resell clothes online. The key is to pick the right items to sell. Though the secondhand market has been in demand for years, it boomed significantly as of late.

It gained popularity among the environmentally conscious who promote sustainable fashion. In other words, some people buy used clothes to reduce their eco-footprint.

In addition, reselling clothes as a side hustle can be a flexible way to make some healthy profit as it doesn’t have high initial costs.

What Kinds of Clothes Sell Well Online?

The clothing item you sell can determine your profit range. For instance, shoe collectors would pay top dollar for rare or limited edition shoes. Also, vintage and designer clothes are always in demand.

Remember that fashion is cyclical, so your old clothes can be in style again.

You can also sell basics, such as T-shirts and hoodies. These clothing items never go out of fashion.

Bags can also be perfect for those still worried about wearing used clothes. Bags hardly touch the skin.

What Is the Value of Clothes Online?

After choosing the items to list, you need to determine their value. It’s crucial that you set realistic goals based on the type and brand of your clothing item.

Most people sell their used clothes for 25% or 40% of their original price. Some even recommend that you don’t list an item for more than 50% of its price when new.

However, this can be unfair for some items. For instance, some vintage or designer items can be worth more.

So, we recommend that you consider the value of the piece when new and in its current state. For instance, an unworn item with its old tag can be worth far more than half its original price. Besides, you should bear in mind the shipping costs.

Do Clothes Online Lose Value Over Time?

Clothes typically lose value fast. In fact, the moment you walk out of the store, they depreciate.

That said, some vintage or rare items come as an exception. For example, a signature runway dress or a limited edition pair of shoes can hold their value over time.

So, you should be realistic when setting the value of your listings.

Things to Consider When Reselling Clothes Online

In addition to pricing and market trends, there are other aspects to consider when reselling your unwanted clothes online.

From the conditions of your clothes to the platform you choose, there are several factors that can determine the success of your endeavor:


First, inspect the condition of the item you’re listing.

As a rule of thumb, don’t think about selling a clothing item with a hole or a burn. Listing such items can decrease your credibility and reduce your profit.


Before listing an item, make sure it’s in season.

For example, a swimsuit is more likely to sell faster than a coat in summer. You should follow the market trend and offer the market what it needs to make a fast sale.


You should check your competition. If 10 sellers list similar items, you must have a competitive edge or hold off your listing for later.

In this case, you may have to offer your item at a lower price, which affects your profit.

The Listing

How you list your item is critical to your success. We recommend taking clear pictures, offering accurate measurements, and writing detailed descriptions.

It’s also crucial that you clean and iron your clothes before taking photos to make them more appealing.

The Market

Every platform has its own characteristics and user base. So, you should research the app or website before listing.

For example, you can resell your old pair of jeans on websites targeting younger users. On the other hand, go for posh websites to resell your highly-priced designer bag.

Where to Resell Clothes Online

Now that you’ve determined which items are worth selling, you should decide where to sell them.

Fortunately, there are several platforms to choose from, including:


screenshot of the poshmark homepage for the "is poshmark legit" post on gigworker.com

Selling on Poshmark is for you if you’re trying to sell clothes with popular brand names.

It’s ideal for vintage items, high-quality clothes, or trendy brand names, such as Louis Vuitton, Annie Bing, Macy’s, Stella & Dot, Zadig & Voltaire, and Jeffree Star.

You can boost your sales by attending a Posh Party, a social event where sellers can offer their products for instant purchases.

As for shipping, Poshmark sends you a pre-addressed and prepaid shipping label. All you need to do is add it to your shipment, and you’re good to go.

  • Fees/Commission: $2.95 flat fee for sales below $15 and 20% of any sale above $15.
  • Payment Methods: the Poshmark app offers several payment methods, such as direct deposit, instant transfer, Paypal, check, and Venmo.


a screenshot of the ebay resell homepage

Perhaps, you’re already tried selling on eBay. People have been selling everything on eBay for decades.

eBay is the go-to choice for reselling your old clothes because it doesn’t require listing fees. You only pay when you make the sale. Such free listings save you money on unsold items.

Plus, it can be fun to see what potential customers bid for your item. eBay enables you to sell for a fixed price or offer your item for bidding.

This website is best for all brands, including Carhartt, Diane von Furstenberg, Zegna, Free People, and Eileen Fisher.

  • Fees/Commission: you don’t pay anything for the first 250 listings you make on eBay. However, you still have to pay a sales commission for sales under $2000 and 9% for sales above $2000 after your item is purchased.
  • Payment Methods: eBay manages payments and delivers the money directly to your bank account or through a Payoneer account.

Facebook Marketplace

A screenshot of the facebook marketplace homepage

Selling on Facebook Marketplace is simple. After all, we use this platform daily.

Facebook Marketplace allows you to create public listings with a wide customer reach. Even non-Facebook users can still view your listings via search engines.

The process on Facebook Marketplace is straightforward. You list an item and receive messages from interested buyers. The rest is all yours; you meet with the buyer and arrange everything else together.

It also offers the option to use a shipping or drop-off service to avoid meeting in person with buyers.

This platform isn’t for long-term sellers. It doesn’t allow you to set up shop or promote your brand name.

  • Fees/Commission: None
  • Payment Methods: Credit card, debit card, or Paypal

What You’ll Need to Resell Clothes Online

The process of selling clothes online isn’t difficult. It doesn’t require much; just a few tools. To follow our tutorial successfully, you need the following:

  • Seller Account: After choosing the platform, you need to create an account. It allows you to manage shipping and payment. In addition, this account can help you create and promote your brand name and style.
  • High-Quality Camera: A camera is crucial for this business, as it allows you to take clear pictures of your product. Although a separate camera comes in handy, using your phone’s camera can be more practical.
  • Smartphone: You can perform the entire process on a laptop, but using a smartphone keeps you in the loop. You’ll be able to receive notifications and respond to them a lot faster.
  • Payment Method: Regardless of the platform you choose, you always need to have a suitable payment method. It’s good to have one that works across different platforms like a direct bank account. That way, you may use the same method on different apps.

How to Resell Clothes Online: Step-by-Step Instructions

Reselling your old clothes is an easy process. Simply, follow these instructions for a smooth online selling experience:

Step 1: Evaluate Your Merchandise

The first step is to determine whether your unwanted clothes are worth reselling in the first place.

Look for any imperfection and knock off the price a bit if you find some fault.

Step 2: Freshen Up Your Clothes

Make sure your clothes are clean and fresh to attract potential buyers.

Dry clean the clothes you want to resell and get rid of any marks. That way, you make your merchandise stand out among the competition.

Step 3: Take Clear Pictures

The right photo is key to making a sale. Put your clothes item on a flat solid surface. Ideally, stay clear of patterned backgrounds to take a clear shot of your clothes.

Direct some light on the item and avoid dim low-quality pictures. A bright and clear photo can mark the difference between browsing and making the actual purchase.

Step 4: Write a Detailed Description

Online shoppers need to know everything about the product. Remember that they can’t see or touch the material before buying it.

So, you should provide a detailed description of the item. Make sure you mention any fault you’ve noticed. Being honest can raise your credibility among buyers.

Step 5: Scan the Competition

Before you set the price, scan the market for competition. This step is particularly important when selling basic items.

No matter how much you value your old clothes, don’t go way beyond your competitors’ prices. Otherwise, you won’t have a competitive edge.

Step 6: Set the Price

Set a reasonable price and be realistic. Prices that are too low aren’t appealing. In fact, a very low price may scare buyers and make them believe the item is faulty.

If your item remains unsold for too long, you can either drop the price a little or update your picture and description.

Can You Make Money Flipping Clothes Online?

Reselling clothes online isn’t just about one or two items you want to clear off your closet. It can be an entire business that brings you good money.

Flipping clothes entails buying used clothes for a low price to resell them once again for a higher price.

What Is a Clothes Online Resale Business?

Some people start their online business by buying wholesale and reselling it. Similarly, this works with flipping clothes. An online clothes resale business is a virtual shop that resells used clothes that can be profitable.

This business can be established as a stand-alone website or on hosting platforms. It may also involve creating a brand and niche for your merchandise.

Is Reselling Clothes Online a Good Way to Make Money?

Now, you should have an idea about the business of clothes resale, but the question is whether it’s a good way to make money.

Let’s see the pros and cons of establishing an online clothes resale business:


Here are some benefits of reselling clothes online:

  • Reselling clothes online doesn’t require startup money.
  • The internet offers you a wider reach even internationally.
  • This business doesn’t require special skills or degrees.
  • Setting up your business online can be very easy.
  • Your business is open 24/7.
  • An online clothing business is flexible, which makes it ideal as a side job.


On the flip side, there are some disadvantages to reselling clothes:

  • You shouldn’t expect a high profit unless you’re selling a rare item in good condition.
  • It can be risky if the platform you use doesn’t offer scam protection.
  • There’s usually fierce competition on resale platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have some questions? Here are some frequently asked questions:

Do People Buy Second-Hand Clothes Online?

Yes, people buy secondhand clothing online for several reasons. For starters, it promotes sustainable fashion and helps reduce the buyers’ footprint.

In addition, buying used clothes saves money and allows you to find unique vintage pieces. However, people usually opt for clean and top-quality items. Thus, make sure that your merchandise is in good condition.

Can I Sell Second-Hand Clothes on Instagram?

Yes, you can sell any fashion brand or quality on Instagram. All you need is crisp pictures that can capture the attention of customers.

Remember that Instagram only allows 125 characters of visible caption. Thus, make sure to include all the details in a brief description.  

Similar Tutorials to Check Out

Did you like the idea of clothes resale? Here are some similar gigs that may interest you:

  • Resell Jewelry: Some platforms allow you to sell your unwanted jewelry. Just make sure it’s in good condition.
  • Resell Bags: Bags can be a great option for resale as they’re not particularly worn. That makes them appealing to those who don’t feel comfortable with secondhand clothes.
  • Resell Jordans: Rare or limited edition shoes in general have a significant market. They can bring much profit if advertised to the right customers.

Wrapping Up

Now you know you can resell your clothes online for some extra cash!

You need to choose the right platform and add clear pictures and descriptions for your product. Remember that honesty helps you build trust with your potential customers.

Whether you’re an occasional seller or starting up your online sales business, follow the instructions in our tutorial. They’ve helped me a lot and would give your business a kick start.

Waiting for your opinions and questions in the comments. Please share this article if you found it useful.

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