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How to Resell Broadway Tickets: Everything You Need to Know

Do you have extra Broadway tickets, or you can no longer attend a Broadway show that you already have a ticket for?

Reselling your Broadway tickets on reputable online ticketing platforms like Ticketmaster is one way to recoup some expenses.

While selling Broadway tickets online is an easy process, there are several factors to keep in mind to ensure a successful resale of tickets. These include legal concerns and regulations you must abide by and additional costs like service fees.

Learn how to resell Broadway tickets and earn profit with this comprehensive guide.

Is It Possible to Resell Tickets?

Some box office and ticketing companies don’t allow refunds or returns of purchased tickets unless the show cancels.

Given that fact, reselling is always the top solution if you wish to earn your money back, whether you need to resell your ticket due to conflicting schedules that result in the inability to attend or any other reason.  

Thankfully, reselling Broadway tickets is possible and easily done, so you don’t need to worry about putting a precious Broadway ticket to waste.

Fun fact: Did you know that the secondary ticketing market or the ticket resale market is projected to hit USD 1795.3 million in 2023?

With the ticket resale market becoming more competitive, ticket reselling is a potential income-generating business allowing you to earn extra money.

However, you must abide by Broadway’s policies and regulations to ensure a successful sale. You also need to note that certain legal considerations vary per state in order to protect consumers from gouging.

Therefore, you must be aware and follow regulations to avoid serious consequences that may lead to jail time.

What Kinds of Broadway Tickets Sell Well?

Highly anticipated shows and timeless classics often sell well in the Broadway ticket resale market. These shows are known for their exceptional productions, award-winning casts, and limited engagements. Tickets for lesser shows, on the other hand, may not sell well.

For example, season tickets for long-running shows like Hamilton, Wicked, and The Lion King, can fetch a pretty decent price in the resale market.

Additionally, these are also three of the highest-grossing Broadway musicals of all time, generating millions to billions of total gross revenue.

Moreover, tickets for the best seats often sell more. Premium seats for in-demand shows on weekend nights often sell better than regular weekday tickets.

What Is the Value of Broadway Tickets?

The ticket price for a Broadway show depends on popularity, the schedule of the performance, and the seat location.

For example, the price of regular Broadway tickets starts at $20 and can cost up to $145. Meanwhile, premium Broadway tickets can cost up to $600 or more.

Regarding resale pricing, you can charge 10% or more of the ticket’s face value, depending on the demand. The higher the demand and the more limited the tickets, the higher their resale value.

For example, the tickets for the Hamilton show in New York often sell out, leaving fans running to secondary ticketing platforms as a last resort.

The ticket price for the show usually starts at $139 face value but can go a few times higher in the resale market due to high demand. The Premium Orchestra ticket price for Hamilton costs from $200 up to $300 or more.

Do Broadway Tickets Lose Value Over Time?

The value of Broadway tickets often relies on the demand and popularity of a show.

Broadway tickets see a decrease in value if the show suddenly gets unpopular; this is quite a common case for long-running shows that eventually lose the hype as time goes by.

Negative reviews and loss or exchange of casts affect the show’s popularity too.

At the same time, introducing in-demand shows in the area causes a decline in ticket sales.

When this happens, promotional offers and discounts from official ticketing partners come into the scene, resulting in less demand for resale options.

Things to Consider When Reselling Broadway Tickets

Here are essential things to ponder before reselling Broadway tickets:

1. Legal Concerns

Compliance with state laws and regulations is helpful to avoid legal consequences throughout the sale.

While there’s no provision against ticket resale in federal law, ticket resale regulations vary per state. Some states require ticket resellers to possess a license to operate to protect consumers from fraud and scams.

For example, ticket scalping or reselling tickets (usually bulk purchased online through bots) with a charge on top of face value is illegal in some states. Examples include New York, Alabama, and Georgia.

Furthermore, there are certain restrictions for ticket resale locations, especially in New York. According to  New York’s new ticketing law, ticket resale isn’t allowed within 500 to 1,500 feet of a venue’s location. This provision applies to licensed resellers too.

2. Pricing and Additional Costs

Listing your tickets even on reputable online ticketing platforms doesn’t always guarantee a successful sale—proper pricing plays a significant role, and you need to balance customer satisfaction and profit.

That said, whether you’re aiming for profit or concerned with recouping your initial ticket expenses alone, it’s essential to price your ticket fairly in adherence to market standards.

Overpricing will discourage sales opportunities. Similarly, pricing your ticket below face value isn’t allowed under certain circumstances. Such a case happens because event organizers place restrictions on their tickets, so you can’t sell them below or above their prescribed amount.

Meanwhile, determining the right resale price is challenging, given that demands and availability constantly change. Here are some tips for pricing your Broadway tickets:

  • Research price equivalents of the Broadway ticket in the market, and keep your price at face value.
  • The higher the demand for the show, the more profit it can generate. Considering the demand and popularity of your Broadway ticket show is essential in maximizing the return on investment.
  • Consider other potential costs like service fees to prevent financial losses.
  • If you’re planning to sell a physical ticket, you should consider shipping fees too.

Furthermore, pricing is regulated by law in some states, so you can’t just sell your Broadway ticket at any price you want.

3. Ticketing Company Guidelines

Ticketing companies have established rules and policies to ensure secure and transparent transactions. They can also block your listing if you didn’t purchase the ticket from them.

4. Event Organizer Guidelines

Some event organizers prohibit the resale of tickets. For that reason, you can’t sell your tickets even on reputable platforms like Ticketmaster. However, there are instances where they allow resale at a limited time without prior notice, so you need to watch out for those.

5. Sale Method

There are several options to sell your Broadway tickets, but selling them through online ticketing companies or secondary ticketing platforms is the fastest way to close a sale.

Ticketing platforms have a broader reach to your target market, increasing your chances for a sale. They have strict policies that protect both buyers and sellers from fraudulent activity too.

You can also sell tickets through online marketplaces like eBay and Craigslist, but they offer less protection than reputable ticketing platforms.

6. Availability of Bank Account and TIN

You must possess either an American Express, MasterCard, or Visa card to process payments when selling tickets through online ticketing platforms. Some ticketing platforms don’t process payments through e-wallets like PayPal.

Where to Resell Broadway Tickets

Here are three reputable and secure ticketing companies where you can make ticket listings. These ticketing platforms are suitable for reselling concert tickets too:

1. StubHub

a screenshot of the stubhub homepage

StubHub is an online ticketing platform where you can list your tickets for free. The 20-year-old company is one of the biggest ticketing platforms worldwide, operating in over 90 countries. Here you’ll have access to millions of sellers and buyers around the globe.

What Makes This Option Great

StubHub offers a wide range of payment options plus a protection guarantee (FanProtect) for both buyers and sellers. You can also reach their toll-free customer service available 24/7.

  • Fees/Commission: 15% commission fee
  • Payment Methods: PayPal, direct deposit, and Payoneer prepaid card

2. TicketMaster

a screenshot of the ticketmaster homepage

Founded in 1976, Ticketmaster is one of the largest ticket marketplaces globally, partnering with prominent event organizers like Live Nation. They offer safe and secure transactions, with over 500 million authentic tickets sold yearly.

What Makes This Option Great

This ticketing platform offers a user-friendly interface where users can sign up and sell tickets hassle-free.

  • Fees/Commission: up to 50% commission fee
  • Payment Methods: MasterCard, Visa, and American Express card

3. Vivid Seats

a screenshot of the vividseats homepage

Despite being relatively new in the ticket resale industry, Vivid Seats is a secure secondary ticketing platform that offers a 100% Buyer Guarantee with full-service customer care. They have a wide selection of tickets for sale too.

What Makes This Option Great

Vivid Seats charge a lower sale fee compared to prominent online ticketing platforms, allowing sellers to gain most of their earnings.

  • Fees/Commission: 10% sale fee
  • Payment Methods: Paypal

If you’re fond of selling your stuff or other profitable items, you may also want to check out these websites for reselling.

What You’ll Need to Resell Broadway Tickets

Reselling Broadway tickets is easy, and here are some things you’ll need:

  • Ticket details: This includes pricing, ticket quantity, seating information, and other relevant details about your ticket that you should provide on your listing.
  • A valid payment method or bank account: Whether it’s an e-wallet or bank account, this is where you’ll receive payments from the chosen ticketing platform. So make sure it’s valid and working.
  • Ticketing platform account: Sign in and create an account by accurately filling in your details and identification through the platform’s application or website. Some platforms will require you to provide valid credit card information.  

How to Resell Broadway Tickets: Step-By-Step Instructions

Check out this guide on reselling Broadway tickets on online ticketing platforms:

STEP 1: Sign Up for an Account

Signing up for an account on most ticketing platforms like Ticketmaster and Vivid Seats is free. To do so, go to your preferred platform’s website and provide your personal information.

STEP 2: Provide Payment Information

Add valid and working bank or e-wallet details where you’ll receive payments. You should also provide card details to where funds will be sourced in case of refunds to the buyer.

STEP 3: Create a Listing

Create a listing with all the necessary information about your ticket, including your ticket’s barcode. Remember to provide accurate and timely details. You should also enter your price, and you’ll get a breakdown of additional fees.

STEP 4: Process Orders

Now that your listing is active, you can accept offers and orders. You’ll get in-app notifications and email notifications upon receipt of orders.

STEP 5:  Ship Tickets

For physical Broadway tickets, the ticketing platform will provide the shipping label that you’ll download and print. You’ll also arrange the packaging and shipping of the ticket with logistics partners.

STEP 6: Receive Payment

Note that it may take up to seven business days to receive the payment on your account.

Can You Make Money Flipping Broadway Tickets?

Yes, flipping Broadway tickets can be a profitable side gig. The technique for successful Broadway ticket sales is analyzing market dynamics and trends.

However, ticket resale entails several challenges and limitations.

What Is a Broadway Tickets Resale Business?

Broadway ticket resale business involves buying tickets and reselling them at a higher cost for profit. Official ticket sellers take advantage of high demand and limited supply to sell Broadway tickets for a profitable cost.

Resellers usually buy tickets months ahead, sometimes using bots to secure tickets.

Is Reselling Broadway Tickets a Good Way to Make Money?

Reselling Broadway tickets is an excellent way to make money. Despite that, legal considerations and law enforcement are vital issues for states where ticket scalping is illegal.

Apart from legal matters, the Broadway resale business is a competitive venture, and the demands are unpredictable. There are times when tickets go unsold, not to mention that selling through legitimate platforms comes at a high cost.

With service charges and other fees costing up to 50% of the ticket cost, some resellers struggle with generating profit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the answers to some FAQs about reselling Broadway tickets:

Can I Transfer My Broadway Tickets?

Ticket transfer is possible, and you can transfer a ticket to another person’s name and email address through the ticketing platforms where you bought your tickets.  

However, some event organizers may restrict transfer.

Will Broadway Tickets Be Refunded?

Yes, you will receive a full refund for postponed shows, but the cancellation policy varies per ticketing platform.

Some ticketing companies may not issue a refund for no-shows or cancellation requests due to personal reasons.

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Aside from tickets, you can opt for some of the best items to resell that will bring you a fortune.

Wrapping Up

You can turn Broadway ticket resale into an income-generating business. In-demand shows often sell better, and resellers can charge 10% or more on top of face value, depending on the show’s demand.

Compliance with state laws about ticket reselling is essential to avoid legal problems. Resellers should also consider the guidelines and policies imposed by event organizers and ticketing companies.

If you love this article, you might want to check our other how-to articles about income-generating gigs. Please let us know what you think in the comment section below too.

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