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9+ Best Real Online Jobs: Ranked & Reviewed (2024)

Is the 9-5 grind draining?

Do you hate office culture?

You’re not alone.

Many people realize they want to avoid spending their days in an office.

They’d prefer to work from home and have some flexibility over their work life.

You can make this happen with real online jobs.

There are plenty of openings for various tasks, so you’re sure to find one that suits your skill set.

An Overview of Real Online Jobs

Real online jobs provide regular work and pay a living wage.

You can work from home as your full-time job or use this outlet as a side hustle to increase your earning potential.

Almost every industry has online jobs for workers who can create websites, graphics, software, and content.

What Is an Online Job?

After so many companies allowed remote work during the pandemic, working online became a goal for more people.

Online jobs use the same skills as office jobs, but you can work from home without a stressful commute.

Why Are Real Online Jobs Important?

Real online jobs are essential because many scammers take advantage of hard workers.

You need to do research to find jobs that are legit.

Otherwise, you might do work but never get paid.

Working for a reputable company guarantees you’ll find a real online job that pays well and leaves you feeling productive and satisfied.

The Best Real Online Jobs at a Glance

There are many real online jobs available in every industry.

To simplify your search, we rounded up the best online career option and the one that pays the most.

Read on to find out if these jobs are something you can do.

What Is the Best Online Job?

The best online job is a proofreader.

You can use your sharp eye to edit online content to appeal to readers.

You can work from home while harnessing your skills to make online content readable and engaging.

What Online Job Pays The Most?

The online job that pays the most is that of a software developer.

This job requires technical knowledge and innovation.

It’s a lucrative job that allows you to help people develop their ideas or create software to sell to businesses.

Criteria To Look For in Real Online Jobs

When you’re looking for work online, there are certain things to look for to ensure you’re applying to a reputable company.

Make sure you check each job listing for these criteria.

1. Company Name

The company should put its name on the job listing.

There’s no need to be mysterious when trying to find employees.

If the company doesn’t list its name, keep scrolling.

You want to be able to look into the company’s website, mission, and social media to ensure they’re legitimate.

A job listing with no company name has something to hide.

2. Specific Duties

The job listing should explain what you’re doing.

You don’t want to apply for a general online job only to find out later that the company wants you to code a website from scratch if you don’t have that skill.

The job listing should have specific duties you’ll have to complete to earn your paycheck.

3. Job Requirements

In addition to the duties, there should be requirements that the company needs each employee to have.

The guidelines might include a specific degree or work history.

If the conditions include something strange like a passport and no educational benchmarks, it’s most likely a scam.

4. Pay Rate

The pay rate should correspond with the job requirements and work duties.

The company shouldn’t pay minimum wage for a technical job like software development.

However, it’s also a red flag if they pay a massive salary for minor duties.

If you need more clarification about the ideal compensation for a job, check Payscale to get an idea of the pay range.

5. Application Process

The application process should be straightforward, equal to an in-person job.

Instead of relying on texts or emails alone, request a video interview to see that there are real people behind the ad.

The application shouldn’t ask for personal information that could lead to identity theft, and you shouldn’t have to pay them money for the position or training.

Best Real Online Jobs: Our Top 3 Options [Ranked & Reviewed]

With so many online jobs available, you might wonder about the best options.

Our top three picks are jobs that can appeal to various workers: proofreading, virtual assistant work, and bookkeeping.

Proofreader – Our Pick

There are many proofreading jobs available, as written content is crucial for online businesses.

Companies want engaging websites and blog posts that invite readers to comment and interact with the business.

They don’t want to ruin their reputation with spelling and grammar errors, so a proofreader is essential.

Companies That Offer Proofreader Gigs

You can search freelance job boards for proofreading gigs, but some companies focus primarily on this service.

You can apply to work with them to get consistent jobs and regular pay.

  • Scribbr: This company helps students proofread and edit their academic papers, manuscripts, literature reviews, and capstone projects.
  • Wordy: Wordy is a proofreading service that helps people polish their academic papers, business presentations, books, or professional emails.
  • Scribendi: This editing service helps authors, professionals, students, and ESL learners have a polished final product for a multitude of projects.

Pros of Being a Proofreader

  • Flexibility: You can work on your time at home instead of being stuck in an office. As long as you meet deadlines, you can work anytime.
  • Low Expenses: There aren’t high starting costs to become a proofreader; you only need internet access and a computer.
  • Variety: If you work as a freelancer, you’ll experience plenty of variety in your work life. When you get tired of a particular subject, take on a more exciting project for a change of pace.

Cons of Being a Proofreader

  • Hustle: Working as a freelancer means hustling to find work. You can’t guarantee a reliable income if you proofread as a self-employed person.
  • Advertising: If you’re not finding steady work on job boards, you might have to create a website or social media profile to advertise yourself, which takes unpaid time and effort.
  • No Room for Error: As a proofreader, you must show your clients that you catch all errors. You can’t have an off day and let mistakes slip through the cracks or your livelihood will be at risk.

How Much You Can Make as a Proofreader

How much you make as a proofreader varies depending on the type of work you do.

If you accept freelance work, you’ll make a certain amount per project, either paid by the page or word.

If you work as a proofreader for a business, you can make a salary between $45,000 to $65,000.

Conclusion: Should You Choose To Become a Proofreader?

You’ll love working as a proofreader if you have an eye for detail and are good at correcting spelling and grammar errors.

It’s an excellent online job because you can use your computer, laptop, or mobile device and work wherever you’re comfortable.

Remember, you’re helping people put their best feet forward, so you must always tackle your work with an eagle eye.

Virtual Assistant – Runner-Up

Many companies use virtual assistants to help manage different business areas without hiring and training a local person.

When a business hires a virtual assistant, they know the person is professional and can handle any task thrown their way.

Companies That Offer Virtual Assistant Gigs

If you know of a company you’d like to work for, contact them directly.

Otherwise, look for jobs on these online outlets.

  • Upwork: Companies list their virtual assistant jobs on this marketplace so you can find part-time or full-time work.
  • Indeed: Indeed is a massive job platform that lists many virtual assistant positions.
  • ZipRecruiter: Employers post jobs on ZipRecruiter to find qualified employees who can start work immediately, so it’s a great place to find a virtual assistant job.

Pros of Being a Virtual Assistant

  • Broad Range of Duties: Virtual assistants can handle calls and emails, do research for tech companies, or schedule meetings with major clients, meaning work is never dull.
  • Set Hours: A virtual assistant typically works during business hours, so it’s an excellent job for people who want to set regular hours while they work from home.
  • No Formal Training: Virtual assistants don’t need a specific degree because anyone can learn to stay organized, manage the phone system, create spreadsheets, and send invoices.

Cons of Being a Virtual Assistant

  • Organized: You must be meticulous to work as a virtual assistant. Sometimes it’s more complicated than working in the office because you must push yourself to keep up with everything even though you’re not around the other employees.
  • Management: It can be tough to juggle calls when you’re working remotely. You must learn how to manage the phone system efficiently and transfer calls without dropping them.
  • Billing Tasks: Many virtual assistants handle spreadsheets and billing in addition to standard front office work. Make sure you know what the job requires before you accept so you don’t find yourself in over your head.

How Much You Can Make With Virtual Assistant Gigs

If you work as a virtual assistant for an established company, you’ll make a standard salary in the $45,000 range.

However, you can work as a virtual assistant for a large corporation, a start-up, or even an influencer.

Those pay rates vary, so check the job description before accepting a position.

Conclusion: Should You Choose To Become a Virtual Assistant?

Someone who has worked in an office environment and thrives with organizational skills might love being a virtual assistant.

You’ll want to ensure you can handle various tasks without caving under stress.

Keep in mind that, though you work for a person or company, you’ll be remote, so you won’t get the same camaraderie with your coworkers as you would in an office.

Bookkeeper – Also Great

Many jobs are available online, but becoming a bookkeeper broadens your options.

Companies need people who can manage their finances, so these skills will put you in demand.

All you need is the business’s information so you can work remotely and send them back spreadsheets, tax documents, and payroll data.

Companies That Offer Bookkeeper Gigs

Small businesses need bookkeepers, so you can promote your services to local and online companies.

You can also find work on the following sites.

  • SmartBooks: This accountant platform helps match bookkeepers with small and growing businesses.
  • AccountingDepartment.com: You’ll be a full-time employee for this site, working remotely, and they’ll send clients your way.
  • FlexJobs: This job board has plenty of positions for remote, freelance, and part-time bookkeeping jobs.

Pros of Being a Bookkeeper

  • Flexibility: You might need to be available during business hours, but you can work anytime since you’re a remote freelancer.
  • Multiple Clients: A freelance bookkeeper can have numerous business clients as long as you can meet their deadlines and not confuse their finances.
  • Professional Support: You can join professional organizations like the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers for resources and support.

Cons of Being a Bookkeeper

  • No Room for Error: Money is crucial for businesses, so a bookkeeping mistake could throw off the entire business plan.
  • Accounting Knowledge: You don’t need an accounting degree, but you must understand spreadsheets and programs like QuickBooks or FreshBooks.
  • Detail-Oriented: Bookkeeping is similar to proofreading in that you need an eagle eye to catch all mistakes before they become a significant problem.

How Much You Can Make With Bookkeeping

Bookkeepers make about $40,000 a year, which is an excellent wage when working from home.

You don’t need many supplies, which keeps your home office expenses low.

Once you get more experience, you can raise your hourly rates and take on high-volume clients.

Conclusion: Should You Choose To Become a Bookkeeper?

If you’re detail-oriented and love math and money, becoming a bookkeeper is a great way to make a living.

You’ll always find work because every company needs someone to manage its finances.

Though you’ll need to put in some effort with your education and certification, the job security makes it worth the time.

Notable Mentions: Other Real Online Jobs To Check Out

There are plenty of real online jobs beyond our top three picks.

If you have other skills beyond proofreading, assisting, and bookkeeping, check out these possible careers.

Blogger or Digital Marketer: Best for Marketing Strategists

Blogging and digital marketing are excellent positions for creatives who love generating and promoting online content.

Why Is Blogging or Digital Marketing a Great Option?

Blogging is an ideal option for people who like to write posts that share their knowledge or experience.

You can interact with your audience in the comments and grow a dedicated following.

Digital marketing is a way to help businesses implement ad campaigns via ad space, emails, and social media posts.

You come up with the campaign, develop it, implement it, and analyze the results.

Drawbacks To Being a Blogger or Digital Marketer

It can be stressful to work as a blogger or digital marketer because you always have to stay on top of trends.

A boring post or lackluster campaign can hurt a business, so you have to be innovative and flexible to make a difference.

How Much You Can Make as a Blogger or Digital Marketer

If you have blogging and marketing experience, you can make over $150,000 a year as a digital marketer.

Your exact salary depends on if you work as a freelancer or have full-time employment with a corporation.

Graphic & Web Designer: Best for Creatives

Creatives who love to design visuals and websites can find good work as graphic and web designers.

Why Is a Graphic & Web Designer a Great Option?

Web design is crucial for online businesses because they need an attractive, user-friendly website.

If you’re able to code a site, you can find good work helping companies to stay relevant.

Graphic designers can also design websites and also create logos, ad campaigns, and merchandise for businesses.

Drawbacks To Being a Graphic & Web Designer

You need to know the trends if you’re working as a graphic and web designer.

No business wants an outdated site that repels potential customers.

You also have to meet tight deadlines if a company needs a new site by a specific date.

How Much You Can Make as a Graphic & Web Designer

Graphic and web designers can make up to $69,000 annually, but this varies if you’re a freelancer.

Skilled designers can charge a high hourly rate to help offset self-employment taxes.

Social Media Manager: Best for Trendsetters

If you love spending time posting and scrolling social media, consider making it your next career.

Social media managers help companies stay relevant and engage with customers.

Why Is a Social Media Manager a Great Option?

A social media manager is a great career option because it’s a growing platform that many businesses don’t have time to explore.

There are many platforms, such as:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • Pinterest

Each platform has its posting style, so knowing how a business can use each option makes you a valuable resource.

Drawbacks To Being a Social Media Manager

Social media managers are constantly creating content.

If you go a day without posting, the algorithm can make you lose your potential audience.

You have to stay up on trends and always be ready to post a photo, take a video, or record an engaging TikTok.

How Much You Can Make as a Social Media Manager

Most social media management positions are freelance, which is ideal because you can choose to work with a business that exemplifies your passions.

However, that means you’ll most likely make an hourly rate.

It can range from $15 to $100 an hour, depending on your experience.

Software Developer: Most Lucrative

A software developer is one of the most lucrative online jobs.

It takes a lot of technical knowledge, but knowing how to code can pay off.

Why Is a Software Developer a Great Option?

A software developer is a great option because there’s a lot of flexibility.

You can develop your own programs and lease or sell them to businesses that need the technology.

A company can also hire you to take their idea and make it a reality.

Drawbacks to Software Developer

Software developers need to stay on top of the current coding trends.

Even if you have a computer science degree, you might regularly need to attend coding boot camps to learn new skills to stay relevant.

How Much You Can Make With Software Developer

The average income for a software developer is $100,000, making it one of the highest-paying real online jobs.

Since the field continues to grow, you have job security in this field.

SEO Expert: Best for Attention to Detail

An SEO expert helps businesses appear at the top of search results.

In this job, you help increase brand awareness and bring new clients to a company.

You’ll use your knowledge of internet activity to add keywords and backlinks to a site to improve its authority.

Why Is an SEO Expert a Great Option?

An SEO expert is an ideal job for people who love to analyze web pages, conduct keyword research, and figure out how to organically grow website traffic.

There are online tools you can use to help you, as well as courses that grant certification.

You’ll always have unique projects to work on, so the job is far from boring.

Drawbacks To Being an SEO Expert

There’s a lot of demand for SEO experts, so you might take on more than you can handle and burn out quickly.

If you take on this job, start slowly with one or two clients to see how you can manage the workload.

Some businesses will only need to refresh their site once before they take over, while others might put you on a retainer for regular maintenance.

How Much You Can Make as an SEO Expert

If you work as an SEO expert for a company, you can earn $65,000 annually.

Freelance workers might start at $35,000 a year, depending on how many clients they take on and what packages they offer.

You can provide a one-off analysis or an ongoing update bundle to work for the same company repeatedly, refreshing their content each quarter.

Online Tutor or Educator: Best for Students and Teachers

Online education is a growing field.

People like to learn new skills or become more proficient by taking online classes.

You can teach live classes through Zoom or Teams or record lessons and sell entire courses and workbooks online.

Why Is an Online Tutor or Educator a Great Option?

Teaching online is an excellent option because many people can do it.

Teachers who want to leave the classroom can work as online educators.

Students can tutor in their field of study to make money.

Even professionals can teach about their areas of expertise.

Drawbacks to Online Being a Tutor or Educator

It can be tough to find students online, so getting started as a tutor on your own is tough.

The act of teaching online can also be difficult since you need to communicate through writing and video, which might make it tough to explain certain concepts.

How Much You Can Make as an Online Tutor or Educator

If you tutor as a freelancer, you can set your own hourly rates starting at $15.

You can work for a tutoring company like Chegg or Skooli to have guaranteed clients, but the platform takes a cut of your income.

You could also record your lessons and sell them on a network like Skillshare or Udemy.

Other Jobs Relevant to Real Online Jobs

Real online jobs use technical knowledge, like coding and web design, and practical skills, such as bookkeeping and being a virtual assistant.

However, you can do other jobs as your full-time work or side hustle if you don’t have a particular skill set.

  • Best Side Jobs: Some of the best side jobs let you work around your other commitments. You can deliver food, be a rideshare driver, or do chores for other people.
  • Best Gig Jobs: If you can’t commit to a side job, you might want to check out the best gig jobs. These short-term or contract jobs give you flexible hours so you can earn money from a temporary job.
  • Types of Freelance Jobs: You can freelance as a translator, copywriter, editor, or graphic designer. There are many types of freelance jobs that let you take on work as you have availability, as long as you can meet the deadlines.

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve learned about 9+ best real online jobs.

If you need more information, check out the answers to these frequently asked questions.

What is the most trusted online job?

The most trusted online job varies according to your skill set.

You can find quality companies offering all types of remote work.

Make sure you bet the company before you accept their offer.

Check out reviews from previous employees and clients to ensure they’re a trustworthy business.

Which online earning is best?

The best online earning is whatever job best suits your expertise.

If you have experience in advertising, digital marketing will be your best real online job.

If you’re a writer, consider being a proofreader or educator.

You’ll enjoy the work, which makes it an easy way to earn money online.

Wrapping Up

There are plenty of real online jobs available.

Consider your skills and work history before choosing your field.

Maybe you never enjoyed advertising in a high-stakes firm, but working online as a digital marketer is a new, refreshing challenge.

Teachers who don’t want to stay in the classroom can tutor online, create courses, or work as proofreaders.

One of the major perks of real online jobs is that you’re going to find something that suits your needs.

Try your hand at some of the real online jobs reviewed above by applying to some open positions from our site.

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