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Poshmark Tips for Making More Money Selling Your Clothes Online

Looking for a side hustle that you can do from the comfort of home?

With the Poshmark, you can set up your own store online and make money just by selling the things in your closet that you no longer wear.

But, as with all side hustles, everyone is always looking for a way to make even more profit.

Many wouldn’t mind turning that extra money into a full-time job.

Today we’ve got seven excellent Poshmark tips that will help you make more money in online clothing sales.

1. Be More Social

The Poshmark app is meant to be social, so if you want to succeed and sell lots of product, you have to engage with the community.

Head to your feed and interact with the community!

Be active in what you post, what you share, and how often you do so.

How to be social on Poshmark

If you comment on an item and share it, the poster might reciprocate.

According to one person who made $1 Million on Poshmark, the more active you are on the platform, the better.

Active sellers get more comments, likes, favorites, and shares – exactly what you need to make more sales.

The more comments and likes you have, the higher Poshmark will push your pics up in the feed.

The higher your items appear in the feed, the more exposure you’ll have to more potential buyers and the easier it will be to make a sale.

If you’re not willing or able to engage in the social aspect of the app, you’re probably not going to sell that many items.

There’s always a chance that someone will find your item by doing a specific keyword search.

But without social interaction, your items can easily get lost in a sea of other products from other sellers.

2. Post New Items Regularly

Treat your Poshmark closet like you would a brick and mortar store and keep it stocked as best you can.

If you had a boutique with nothing in it, you certainly wouldn’t get a lot of foot traffic in and out of your store.

And just like a regular store, if your Poshmark closet only holds one or two items, you’re probably not going to get a whole lot of interest in what you’re selling.

The trick is to keep your closet stocked as much as you can.

The more products you have, the more followers you’re likely to attract.

But there’s one other thing to keep in mind:

You have to post new products on a regular basis.

If you post new items consistently, you have a better chance of keeping your followers engaged.

If you don’t, you may lose followers or your closet may end up looking outdated.

It’s also important to post when customers shop – and most people shop at night.

Poshmark users love to shop in the evening and late at night when they’re relaxing and scrolling through their social media feeds at the end of a long day.

By posting new items at night, you have a better chance of making a quick sale and commanding your asking price.

3. Take Great Photos

Photos are everything.

Let’s repeat that:

Photos. Are. Everything.

A photo is the best chance you have at grabbing a buyer’s interest and making a sale.

So keep these tips and tricks in mind when taking your photos and styling your closet:

Take front and back shots of every garment

You need to show the details of the garment – and that includes showing what it looks like from every angle. If an item has damage, take photos that show the damage as well.

That includes the bottoms of shoes, the inside of handbags, and close-ups of any wear and tear.

Lay garments flat

Take your photos on a floor, on a bed, or hang them against a closet door or wall.

You want each and every garment to look its best, and that includes having good lighting.

Don’t take photos of wrinkled garments or shoes tossed haphazardly where you can’t see the shape or details of the item.

If you prefer to hang your garments, make sure that they have hanger appeal!

Not all garments do – so if it looks better laid flat out on the floor than hanging against the wall, take a flat photo.

A person modeling clothing in the streets.

Use a model if you can

People are more likely to buy something if they can see how it fits.

If you can, take photos on a model (or on yourself) to showcase how the garment fits the body.

You don’t have to include your face in the photo if you don’t want to – a neck down shot is more than sufficient to show how the garment is supposed to fit.

If you absolutely can’t use a model, get inventive with a mannequin instead.

Provide styling tips

Buyers look to Poshmark sellers for more than discounted clothing.

They also look to Poshmark closets for style inspiration.

To reach buyers looking for total outfit inspiration, curate your closet to show complete looks together.

For example, you can provide styling tips within your description of what you can wear the item with.

You can also take pictures of different things in your closet that can be worn together.

Get creative with your styling and you will attract loyal followers who love your personal sense of style.

4.  Be Competitive With Your Pricing

You won’t get any sales if your products aren’t competitively priced.

Before you list a product, do your research to see what other Poshmark sellers are listing similar designs for.

The general rule for pricing a used garment is to list it at 50% off the original cost.

However, that’s not the only thing to consider…

If you’re selling an item that’s currently on sale from another retailer, price it less than the current sale price.

For example, let’s say you’re trying to list a sweater that you paid $50 for.

The general rule would be to list it at $25.

But if a current retailer has it on sale, new, with tags, for $20, then price it for less than $20.

No one will want to pay $25 for your used sweater when they can pay $20 for one that’s brand new.

It’s also wise to follow other Poshmark sellers who sell looks and brands that are similar to yours.

Keep up with your competitor’s pricing.

That way you can ensure that you’re as competitive as possible by listing your items at the exact same prices.

Another way to make even more sales is to bundle items.

If a buyer wants to purchase more than one piece from your closet, you can offer them a discount to entice them to buy more.

You can give them 10%, 20%, or 25% off.

Let your followers know that the more they buy, the more they can save!

5. Share Items in Posh Parties

This social app is super social – many sellers throw Posh Parties at various times throughout the day.

Posh Parties are different groupings of products that have different themes.

Sometimes it’s a theme such as “denim” or “going out.”

Poshmark parties on the Poshmark app.

Sometimes the theme is a certain brand or a certain look, such as preppy, boho, or athletic.

Lots of Poshmark buyers shop these parties, so when you have items that relate to a specific party, share them.

Sharing your products with a party is a great way to get more exposure for that item and your closet in general.

Joining in on Posh Parties is also a great way to attract new followers.

Posh Party shoppers are very social and very active, so it’s a great way to get more likes and shares.

6. Join the Poshmark Wholesale Market

If you really want to feel like you own your own boutique, you might want to venture into the Poshmark Wholesale Market.

Through the wholesale market, you can purchase wholesale goods with the sole intention of reselling them.

You’ll have access to over 200 brands and thousands of stylish items.

To use the wholesale market you have to first make ten successful sales on the app.

And, you must have a 4.5 rating or better.

Where to find the wholesale marketplace in Poshmark.

Once you reach that level, you’ll be given access to purchase wholesale goods to sell in your personal Poshmark closet.

While this is a great way to keep your closet stocked and make more sales, there are two key things to keep in mind:

1. Buying inventory means that you will have to purchase goods first.

To use the wholesale market, you’ll need to buy and stock your own inventory in your own closet until your items resell.

You’ll need to be able to pay for those items beforehand, and you’ll also need the space to store them.

Make sure you have the cash to invest and the physical space in your home or apartment to hold them.

2. Other Poshmark sellers are doing the same thing.

All Poshmark sellers using the Wholesale Market have access to the same products – so there is quite a bit of competition for resale.

Like all listings, you will need to price your wholesale listings fairly and competitively.

Don’t want to venture into the wholesale market but don’t have any more items in your closet to sell?

Try heading to a thrift store instead.

Look for styles that are popular on Poshmark that you think you can resell to make a profit.

To identify which products are selling best on the app, check out the Poshmark trend report.

You’ll find a listing of particular styles and brands that are in demand for the current season.

7. Sell Items From Family and Friends

Do you have friends and relatives who are always donating clothing or looking to clean out their packed closets?

If so, ask them if you can have their items to resell.

Some people don’t want to be bothered taking photos or interacting on social media as a way to make a few extra bucks.

So if you know people like that, offer to take their donations off their hands and sell them on your Poshmark page.

The best way to do this is to strike a deal with family and friends.

Offer to split the sale with them 50/50, or if they have high-end designer items that can fetch a high price, offer to take 25% of the sale and give them the rest.

If they’re more concerned with cleaning out their closet than making money, they may even agree to let you keep all the profit.

Just be honest about what you’re doing.

Don’t let someone think you’re going to donate their clothing to the Salvation Army or Goodwill.

If you plan to make a profit from their products, be upfront about it from the start.

Anyone can sell a few items here and there on the Poshmark app.

But remember, if you want to turn it into a profitable side business, you’ve got to do a fair amount of work:

  • Take great photos of every piece.
  • Price your inventory competitively and post new items on a regular basis.
  • Get social by interacting with other buyers and sellers
  • Share your items to Posh Parties

The more likes, comments, and followers you have, the more exposure you’ll have on the site which will lead to higher sales.

The more access you have to stylish, in-demand items, the more you’ll sell.

And that just means you’ll have even more money to stock your personal closet with pretty new things.

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