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How to Land a Part-Time, Work-From-Home Job

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For people who cherish flexibility, or those looking for extra money without wanting to add a major commute, part-time work-at-home jobs are an attractive option to allow you to bring in extra income from your desk.
In this new gig economy, more and more remote jobs are available for people who want them…and know where to look. This article will examine some options for jobs that allow you to work from home, give places where you can look for opportunities, and advise you on how to make it work as an independent contractor.

Why Work From Home?

Working from home often lets you set your own schedule, erases a commute, and gives you flexibility that a traditional office job just can’t. For people who need to be at home to care for family, struggle with mobility in getting to an office, or want to be location independent, working from home is the ideal solution.
There can be negatives to working from home, of course. Some people crave human interaction at the office, and find that working from home leaves them feeling starved socially.
Not everyone has the benefit of having a home office, so some people find themselves traveling around to different coffee shops, dealing with unreliable public WiFi, or having to block out noise at co-working spaces. Others struggle to maintain productivity and find it easy to get distracted at home.
One bit of advice for those trying to work at home is to set a routine. It’s tempting to stay in your pajamas all day, lounge on the couch for a few hours, and get to work during commercial breaks.
People who have found success working from home say the same things over and over: They have a set place to work, even if it’s a desk in the corner of the house or the kitchen table. They set schedules and routines and keep to them. Some shower in the morning, get dressed in work clothes, then commute…to the other room. To do your best work, you need to mentally set yourself up to do your best work possible.

What Types of Jobs Can I Do From Home?

Part time work from home jobs
Some companies allow any employee to work from home, provided they maintain a level of productivity. But there are plenty of companies whose entire workforce is remote. Here are a few to consider if you are looking for part-time, work-from-home jobs.

Call Center Employee

Plenty of companies prefer to hire a work-at-home customer service representative. It allows them not to have to set up a physical space, and the benefit for you is the chance to work from home. Customer service jobs are often available for anyone with a working phone line. You just need patience, the ability to think on your feet, and strong interpersonal skills.

Social Media Specialist

This job can appeal to strategists, consultants, copywriters, creative thinkers, and more. Many brands need help maintaining their social media presence, either by handling customer requests or by crafting and pushing the brand’s narrative to a digital audience.

Virtual Assistant

These companies allow people to rely on a digital assistant to take care of what they need…though there are plenty of things that a computer can’t do. That’s where a human being comes in, to handle the requests for a host of clients who need help with their day-to-day lives, travel plans, and more. If you’re a detail-oriented planner who likes executing on tasks, this could be a job worth looking into.

Data Entry

There will always be a need for data entry, and companies will pay well for people who can do it efficiently and accurately. If you have a strong attention to detail and take comfort in work like this, it’s a great way to bring in extra money.

Sales Representative

Sales reps don’t need to come into an office anymore. For those who are confident making a sale, love talking to people, and are eager to take in a big commission, this is a job worth looking into. Companies always need people who can sell, and if you have that skill, you can make it work.

ESL (English as a Second Language)

Being fluent in two languages will always make you attractive on the job market. Whether for translation services, teaching opportunities, or something else, the ability to move between two languages is a skill that is in demand.

Freelance Writer

There are many ways to be a freelance writer in the digital age. You can pitch publications on story ideas, though the work can be inconsistent that way. Companies are always looking for clean marketing copy and SEO (search engine optimized) copy, which can be a consistent way to bring in extra cash.

Online Tutor

Test prep is a booming industry as a generation of young people looks to gain that extra edge on the standardized tests that will help them get into college. Plenty of students of all ages are looking for extra help to thrive in school. For those with a bachelor’s degree or higher, online tutoring can be lucrative work.

Search Engine Evaluator

One of the fastest-growing jobs in the work-from-home market is a search engine evaluator, a person that analyzes search results to see which terms bring results that are relevant. If you like surfing the web and pride yourself on an analytical approach to problems, it’s a field worth exploring.

Where Can I Find Part-Time Jobs?

If you’re on the job search for part-time work-from-home jobs, there are plenty of fantastic online job boards that will help you find what you are looking for.
Glassdoor is a site that not only specializes in job postings but in answering the questions most job listings sites don’t: How much do people make at the company? How do people who work there like the company? What are common complaints of employees? It provides more comprehensive information and reviews of workplaces beyond just the job title and company listing, which can be helpful in evaluating who you want to work for.
Indeed is one of the biggest job boards online, with countless full-time and part-time positions posted, and thousands upon thousands of companies hiring. A strong search function allows you to specify exactly what you are looking for.
Monster is another popular job site with everything from entry-level positions to senior level positions, and more importantly, a ton of part-time, work-from-home jobs listed. Specify that you are looking for remote work in your search query on any of these sites, and select part-time, and you should be able to identify exactly what you’re looking for.
Beyond job sites, exploring the different job types you might be interested in should lead you to companies that specialize in the space, and could give you a lead on possible openings that aren’t publicly listed.

Becoming an Independent Contractor

One of the most important things to realize when deciding to start a part-time, work-from-home job is that you will most likely be classified as an independent contractor.
If you are working in the United States, being an independent contractor has benefits — flexibility, the ability to set hours — but also misses out on plenty of benefits that full-time employees might expect, such as healthcare and 401(k) matching.
The other thing to know is that independent contractors typically do not have taxes withheld by their employer. Most people who work from home as an independent contractor choose to file quarterly taxes instead of annual taxes, because it allows them to break up what they owe to the government and stay on top of it instead of getting hit with one big bill from the IRS at the end of the year.
This IRS website is a good resource for independent contractors, with a guide on how to pay quarterly taxes and more.

A Flexible Way to Work From Home

There are plenty of flexible jobs out there for people who would prefer work-from-home positions. For job seekers, it’s about knowing who is hiring, where jobs are listed, and identifying what you could succeed at.
It’s also about knowing how to work as an independent contractor and run your own business. Explore, do research, set yourself up for success…and then get to work.

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