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Best Nail Technician Courses & Certifications Online for (2024)

Have you always been passionate about nail art and are now searching for a course that will take your passion to the next level and turn it into a career? 

You’ve come to the right place! This article includes a list of courses that aspiring nail technicians can sign up for. While most of the courses on our list come with a certification, we’ve also included a few courses that you can sign up for if you want to learn about nail art for fun. 

The internet is full of options, and you’ve probably been combing through it in search of the best Nail Technician courses online. Look no further! We’ve put together a list of the best Nail Technician courses available online. 

We have ranked the following courses based on the highest number of 5-star ratings, student reviews, instructor quality, and certifications.  

The Best Nail Technician Courses Online

1. Nail Artistry Certification (New Skills Academy) 

This is the best course for nail technicians available online! By signing up for this nail artistry certification, you can either kickstart your career in the industry as a nail technician or extend your career with additional knowledge and skills to land you more professional jobs!

This nail artistry certification consists of twenty-five informative modules that take around twenty hours to complete. The course also includes instructional videos, helpful illustrations, how-to instructions, advice, and much more. You will also have access to online support as you study the introduction to nails and how to start your own business and market it.

The cost of this certification is $299.

The affordable price provides you with the ability to study online at your own pace, and you can access the course materials from any device. Once you have completed the course, you will receive the certificate, which can be downloaded and printed and used to boost your career as a nail technician!

Here is a list of some of what you will learn in the course: 

  • Understand nail artistry, and what a nail technician does. 
  • Learn the different skin layers and how this plays a role in nail technology. 
  • Get an understanding of nail anatomy, how fast nails grow, and the different sections of the nail that you need to know as a nail technician. 
  • Learn how to prepare your work area effectively. This module covers hygiene and the importance of cleaning your work area effectively between patients. 
  • Understand the importance of consulting with your clients, offering guidance, and how to give clients clear instructions on how to care for their nails moving forward. Learn how to perform a manicure from the supplies you will need and shape the nails for the best results.

Review by Lauren Dean: 

I was bought this nail course as a birthday present, and it has inspired me as I have always had a passion for nail design. This course was well structured, clear, and easy to follow. It ran smoothly, and I knew exactly how long I was expected to work on each module. I learned all about the business side of the salon and physical skills, and it was easy to do the exams and get my certificate. I would thoroughly recommend this course or similar ones to other people as it was so flexible, and I can now take my new skills straight into the working world.

Try New Skills Academy

2. Expert Nail Technician Course – Become a SuperStar Nail Tech (Udemy)

This is one of the best courses for nail technicians available online! We’ve included this course because it is perfect for learners with varying degrees of experience. Whether you are new to the nail technician industry, have decades of experience, or even just a few short months, this course contains different difficulty levels that cater to the needs of all learners. 

There are three instructors for this course: Liliya Saxon, Alex Saxon, and Vitali Fedarchuk. Liliya is the course’s primary instructor with several years of professional nail experience. She has won international nail competitions and is the founder of Liliya Saxon Nail Academy.  Alex is the course’s technical guide; his focus is on UV lamps, disinfection, and e-files. Vitali is the marketing instructor for this course. He will share his expertise and knowledge, giving you the tools needed to grow your business. 

Features of the course:

  • Over six hours of video footage
  • 64 lectures
  • One article
  • Four downloadable resources
  • Access on mobile devices and television
  • Certificate of completion 

What You’ll Learn:

  • Essential knowledge of nail structure and preparation 
  • Advanced knowledge of color combination and composition 
  • Stunning designs including ombre, textured looks, and line art 
  • Proper sculpting of coffin, almond, and oval nail shapes 
  • Detailed knowledge of sanitary conditions and disinfection 
  • Ergonomics of working with clients 
  • Avoiding allergies and work-related injuries 
  • Themed designs that can be used anytime

Over 800 students have signed up for this course, and it has a 4.5-star rating on Udemy.

Review by Rachel Rock: 

This is such an informative course!! She goes into great detail to ensure that you are a successful nail tech and provide the best service to your clients.

Check Course Details

3. The Nail Trail: The Beginner’s Guide to Nail Art (Skillshare)

This short course is designed to provide you with a rapid introduction to nail art! If you’ve been searching for easy tips and tricks to help you get started on a nail art journey, then this course is for you. 

Hannah Weir teaches this course. She is a Melbourne-based digital content creator and artist who shares videos about nail art, beauty, hand lettering, and DIYs, as well as the occasional vlog on her YouTube channel and social media! Weir is formerly known as The Nail Trail online; she started out teaching people to create fun and inspirational nail designs. 

Features of the Course: 

  • 13 minutes of footage
  • 12 lessons 
  • One project (to recreate one of the nail looks demonstrated in the course) 

What You’ll Learn: 

  • Basic nail techniques
  • How to seal the look 
  • Dots
  • Stripes
  • Half-moon 
  • How to clean up 

Over 1,000 students have taken this course. Out of 27 reviews, 18 students liked the clarity of Weir’s instruction, while 16 students liked the actionable steps taken. Additionally, 16 students enjoyed the audio and video quality of the course.

In terms of the cost: Skillshare is free for 14 days after creating an account. Once your free trial is over, Skillshare Premium is $8.25 for the annual membership, with $99 in total for one year or $19 per month.

Review by Johanna G: 

Loved this class. 

Try Skillshare

4. Nail Technician, Acrylic Nail Courses (by NailAdvisor) (Udemy) 

We would recommend this bestselling course to different kinds of learners, from beginners interested in starting a nail extension career to masters of the craft with nail extension experience who want to improve their skills. We’d also like to recommend this course to beauty salon workers and freelance nail artists. 

Maryna Ranchynska teaches this course. She is a licensed nail technician and a professionally certified trainer with over 12 years of experience. Ranchynska is also a former winner and judge of the competition Nail Championship in CIS and GSS Countries. The training center at NailAdvisor facilitates the learning of those interested in working in the beauty field and those who already work in it but are looking for professional advice or updated knowledge to excel more in the field.

These are the requirements for the course: 

  • Nail kit for acrylic nail extension, one that is your choice
  • Tools for manicure
  • Acrylic brushes (numbers 8, 9, or 10)
  • Electric-file, 30k-35k rotation per minute, bits (more details provided after purchasing the course)
  • LED lamp of 48W power

Features of the Course: 

  • Two hours of video footage
  • 22 lectures
  • One article
  • One downloadable resource
  • Assignments 
  • Access on mobile devices and television 
  • Certificate of completion 

What You’ll Learn: 

  • Avoiding mistakes and work-related injuries while preparing natural nails for nail extension 
  • How to make nails of any length and how to form the perfect acrylic nail shape 
  • Valuable knowledge of nail structure and preparation for the nail extension 
  • Advanced knowledge of correct and fast nail filing techniques to save time and money
  • Proper use of materials (liquids) in the process of nail extension 
  • Detailed information about the characteristics and distinctive shapes of the tools and the colors of the notches. 
  • Differences in material required for a manicure and artificial nails
  • Detailed knowledge of how to refill the artificial nails 
  • Proper sculpting of square and almond nail shapes

Over 500 students have signed up for this bestselling course, and it has a 4.7-star rating on Udemy.

Review by Olivia Doubell: 

This course is exactly what the description video says. I enjoyed it and learned from it.

Check Course Details

5. Gel Nail Course (Udemy)

Our next course is perfect for nail technicians and nail art enthusiasts searching for a course specializing in the application of hard gel nails. 

Amanda Fernandez teaches this course. She has over eight years of experience working with nails and is passionate about helping other nail technicians get back on their feet and find their passion for nails! 

Features of the Course: 

  • Over two hours of video footage
  • Eight lectures
  • Two articles 
  • Four downloadable resources 
  • Access on mobile devices and television 
  • Certificate of completion 

What You’ll Learn: 

  • How to apply gel nails 
  • Sculpting 
  • Filing nails 
  • Applying color
  • How to apply the top coat 

Over 100 students have signed up for this course, and it has a 4.2- star rating on Udemy.

Review by Vesela Tiklarova: 

“I have done both of the courses: the hard gel solution package & the gel polish training. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking to get started. The step-by-step tutorial is made so easy to follow, to do, and to achieve a standard of a nail technician. If you are a complete beginner like I was, these courses give you so much to take away and do your own developing. And with all of the support Amanda has given me, now I have the confidence I needed. Thank You very much.”

Check Course Details

6. Aeropuffing Nail Art 101 Course (Udemy)

The next item on our list is one we’d recommend to experienced nail technicians, nail artists, and manicurists. You will learn all about the aeropuffing system! 

Elena Maltseva teaches this course. She is a world-renowned nail artist with over 21 years of experience in the nail industry. She is a global educator for Aeropuffing and EzFlow brands. Maltseva has also worked with and judged nail competitions with Tom Holcomb, Danny Haile, Trang Nguyen, Alisha Rimando, Antonio Sacripante, Antony Buckley, Jewel Cunningham, Carla Collier, Amy Becker, and many others. 

Features of the Course: 

  • Over two hours of video footage
  • 14 lectures
  • Access on mobile devices and television 
  • Certificate of completion

What You’ll Learn: 

  • Aeropuffing technique 
  • Complex nail art with the effect of airbrushing
  • Ombre/babyboomer designs and multicolored gradient backgrounds
  • Perfect pinks and whites in one minute
  • Designs with 3D effect
  • Texture nail art
  • Designs with contour details

Thirty students have signed up for this course, and it has a 4.9-star rating on Udemy.

Review by Stephania Di Vittorio:

I’m very happy to have attempted this course; it was very helpful to understand the aeropuffing technique. I hope in the future there will be other courses with other detailed demos of this technique! Thank you.

Check Course Details

7. The Complete Nail Art Tutorial – Step by Step Manicure Guide (Udemy)

This next course is for aspiring nail technicians and those of you passionate about nail art! It is specially designed for learners with no prior experience as a nail technician. 

The requirements for this course are: 

  • Essential Nails Tools: file, buffers, sensitization, primers, acetone, accelerators, nail clippers, nail sanitizer, cotton pads, and cuticle massage oil
  • UV Gel Tools: UV lamps, acrylic removers, nail gel, electric files, UV primers, and UV top coat. 

Nail Art Academy conducts and teaches this course. The team is highly passionate about everything to do with nails, from experimenting with nail art designs and new techniques for manicures. They thrive on presenting learners with nail art designs that they love. 

Features of the Course: 

  • Three hours of video footage
  • 18 lectures
  • Full lifetime access 
  • Access on mobile devices and television 
  • Certificate of completion 

What You’ll Learn: 

  • Learn about the safe use of nails tools, specifically the file, buffers, sensitization, primers, acetone, accelerators, nail clippers, nail sanitizer, cotton pads, and cuticle massage oil
  • Improve your technique and speed when doing your nails manicure
  • Learn how to select the correct tools and products for the different tasks during manicures and pedicures
  • Learn professional sculpting and decorating techniques.
  • Challenging nail art models with step by step examples
  • Learn about the safe use of nails tools and nail care tools: UV lamps, acrylic removers, electric files, gel prep, gel remover tools, UV primers, and UV top coats
  • Sculpture the perfect nail forms
  • Learn new electric filing techniques
  • How to master Acrylic/Gel setting times.
  • Learn new nail bed extension tips

Over 1,000 students have signed up for this course, and it has a 4.3-star rating on Udemy

Review by Anya Doan: 

I’m a full-time mum and didn’t think that I would have enough time to finish it, but I like that the course is structured in small videos (10 minutes) that I can watch when the little ones are sleeping. I love that the nail designs presented are so cute and very easy to execute. I enjoyed the gel section; it takes a few times to learn the technique, but after that, the results are very rewarding.

Check Course Details

8. Nail Art: Colorful, Creative Designs to Paint and Share (Skillshare) 

This great Skillshare course is for any learner with a passion for nail art! Whether you’re an aspiring nail artist searching for an introduction to nail art or a creative person looking for alternative forms of self-expression, then this course is definitely for you! The colorful designs shared in this course will ensure that you learn multiple new skills and techniques. 

Imarni Nails teaches this course. Imarni is the founder of IMARNI NAILS, based in London. She is also the founder of the agency The Wall Group, and in 2020, she won Glamour UK’s “Nail Art Blogger 2020” award. 

Requirements for the course: 

  • Nail clippers, file, and buffer 
  • Cuticle remover, cuticle pusher, cuticle nipper 
  • Dotting tool 
  • Detail brushes 
  • Acetone/nail polish remover 
  • Cotton pads and q-tips or a clean-up brush 
  • UV Lamp 
  • Gel polish base coat and top coat 
  • To do every design, you will need gel nail polishes in 5-7 colors, including white. 
  • To do one or two designs, you will need gel nail polishes in 2-3 colors, including white 
  • Holographic foil for the shattered glass design 

Optional materials: 

  • Palette (can be simply a piece of cardboard) 
  • Nail cleanser (you can also use acetone/nail polish remover instead) 
  • Cuticle oil

Features of the Course: 

  • One hour of video footage
  • 13 lessons
  • One project (to share your nail designs)

What You’ll Learn: 

  • Preparing, shaping, and applying base color to your nails 
  • Beginner design techniques from dots and rose quartz to clouds 
  • Intermediate designs such as festival nails, color grades, and shattered glass 
  • Advanced techniques like flames and Old English lettering

Over 700 students have signed up for this course. Out of 11 reviews, 11 students liked the clarity of Imarni’s instruction, while ten students liked the helpful examples. Additionally, eight students appreciated the instructor’s engaging delivery.

In terms of the cost: Skillshare is free for 14 days after creating an account. Once your free trial is over, Skillshare Premium is $8.25 for the annual membership, with $99 in total for one year or $19 per month.

Review by Joy Jones: 

My teacher was awesome! She was encouraging and made me feel like I could do it, even if I messed up! She would show you how to make a mistake look beautiful. I could never give up because she was such an encouraging person. This was my first class, and if all of the teachers are like her, I don’t know why anyone can’t use this service! Thank you so much! Good job!

Try Skillshare

Here are some FAQs about being a Nail Technician

What qualifications do I need to be a nail technician?

The answer to this question differs from one country to another. Still, in the United States of America, you must complete a state-approved program that combines training hours and coursework, pass an exam, and then obtain your license. 
The courses listed in this article are designed to provide you with an understanding of what working as a licensed nail technician is like.

How much do self-employed nail technicians make? 

Nail technicians can make anywhere from $27,000 to $104,000 a year.

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