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99 Online Course Ideas You Can Use

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Creating an online course is an excellent way of sharing your knowledge with the internet and profiting from it.

You can create an online course about virtually anything that you can imagine! If you don’t know where to start, here are online course ideas that might help you get started.


  1. Repair Your Smartphone or Computer Software: How to fix general problems that may come up in their devices.
  2. Web Coding: How to properly use web coding tools to build a website.
  3. App Development: How to make a mobile app from the ground up and publish it to an app store.
  4. (Software) Course: How to get started with any software such as Photoshop, After Effects, Blender, and others.
  5. Office Tools: How to use Microsoft Office tools such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.
  6. Cyber Security: How to set up a proper cyber defense for devices and personal networks.
  7. Operating Systems: How to get started with any operating system (macOS, Windows, Linux).
  8. Programming for Children: Set up computer projects for kids to learn necessary coding through games and other tools.
  9. UX / UI Design: How to design a product’s user interface to help the user get a better experience.

Business and Marketing

  1. Blogging: Indicate the best tools that can be used to create and manage a personal blog.
  2. Search Engine Marketing: How to implement the right strategies to get a business on the search engine result page using paid advertisements.
  3. Social Media Marketing: How to boost a business’ sales and traffic by using popular social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook…)
  4. Content Marketing: How to properly create relevant content for a business and generate web traffic and customers.
  5. Branding: How to successfully create the branding of a business by providing the necessary tools.
  6. Digital Marketing: How to use digital platforms such as social media, streaming sites, course creators, and others, to boost an online business.
  7. Business Fundamentals: Teach basic concepts of the business and entrepreneurship world.
  8. E-Commerce: How to properly implement e-commerce in your products to sell goods and services online.
  9. Project Management: How to properly manage the projects implemented in a business by determining the resources available to work.
  10. Business Plan: How to develop an effective business plan that helps it achieve its goals over a certain period of time.
  11. Starting a Business: What to know before starting a business, and what resources are needed to achieve certain goals.
  12. Finding an Idea for a Business: Tips to find, develop, and test an idea for a future business.
  13. Crowdfunding: Teach the fundamentals of crowdfunding and how it can help to start a small business or product.
  14. Customer Service: How to provide excellent and effective customer service on any type of business.
  15. Create a Podcast: How to produce a good podcast and upload it to leading streaming platforms.
  16. Affiliate Marketing: How to set up affiliates and earn a commission by promoting another company’s products or services.
  17. Copywriting: How to effectively write posts that engage an audience.
  18. YouTube Monetization: Step-by-step guide on how to monetize a YouTube channel and what its benefits are.
  19. Personal Branding: How to create an excellent personal brand and what tools can be used to achieve it.


  1. Makeup: How to properly do makeup based on the person’s facial structure, and their needs.
  2. Pet Care: How to take care of your pets at home, and what to do in cases of emergency.
  3. Traveling: Tips on how to plan a trip depending on needs and budget.
  4. Clothing: How to find a clothing style that suits the person correctly.
  5. Skin Care: Tips on how to maintain healthy skin based on a person’s specific needs.
  6. Hair Styling: How to find and maintain a proper hairstyle for a person.
  7. Fashion: Teach about current fashion trends and how to apply them in daily life.
  8. Home Improvement: Tips on how to improve a person’s house with new furniture or other items.
  9. Gardening: How to keep a personal garden as clean as possible, and which are the best tools to use.


  1. Gym Workouts: How to find the best gym routine, depending on the person’s body type and goals.
  2. Home Workouts: How to work out at home and maintain a good physique.
  3. Weight Loss and Diet: How to keep up a proper diet and workout routines to lose weight.
  4. Muscle Building: Tips for working out, targeting muscle building goals, and proper diet for healthy weight gain.
  5. Yoga: Teach the benefits of implementing yoga in a person’s daily routine.
  6. Sports: Teach the fundamentals of a sport and its benefits.
  7. Survival Skills: How to survive in dangerous or extreme situations.


  1. Meditation: How to properly meditate to improve a person’s well-being.
  2. Nutrition: How to properly eat based on a person’s needs and body goals.
  3. Meal Planning: How to plan a week’s meals based on a person’s goals.

Personal Development

  1. Goal Setting: How to correctly set realistic life goals that can improve a person’s life.
  2. Life Purpose: How to find purpose in life activities and goals.
  3. Self Esteem: Teach self-esteem techniques that can improve a person’s image and life over time.
  4. Skills for Studying: Tips on how to get prepared for a test or to study a specific subject.
  5. Organization Skills: Tips on how to organize a person’s environment, schedules, activities, or goals.
  6. Anxiety Management: Exercises and tips on how to manage anxiety attacks.
  7. Conflict Management: How to properly manage situations of conflict in any context.
  8. Emotional Intelligence: Tools to achieve emotional intelligence and improve a person’s life.
  9. Public Speaking: How to assess stage fright and tools to improve a person’s speaking skills in public.
  10. Body Language: How to recognize and analyze another person’s body language to determine how they feel.
  11. Negotiation: How to properly negotiate and get the wanted results.
  12. Confidence: Tools and tips on how to improve a person’s confidence.


  1. Video Production and Editing: How to accurately produce an audiovisual project.
  2. Film-making Fundamentals: Teach the basics of film-making and tips on how to start producing a movie.
  3. Mobile Photography: How to make the most out of a mobile device’s camera.
  4. Live Streaming: How to set up a live-streaming account and which platforms are available to use.
  5. Cinematography Fundamentals: Teach the basics of cinematography to implement it in a movie or short film properly.
  6. Video Editing Software: How to use video editing software such as Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas, Camtasia, etc.
  7. Gaming Set Up: Tips on how to make the most out of a personal gaming setup.
  8. Music: Teach how to play an instrument or musical theory.

Arts and Crafts

  1. Acting: Essential tools that teach how to become a better actor.
  2. Photography: Photography fundamentals, how to buy proper equipment, and how to take better photos.
  3. Drawing or Illustrating: How to improve drawing techniques and how to use digital software such as Adobe Illustrator to make digital art.
  4. Storytelling: How to write engaging books, novels, scripts, etc.
  5. Creativity: How to boost creativity and find inspiration to create something.


  1. Writing a Resume: Tips on how to create a good resume or portfolio to apply for a job.
  2. Career Guidance: How to accurately choose the best career considering the person’s interests.
  3. Business Etiquette: How to behave appropriately at a workplace and keep professionalism.
  4. Job Interviews: Tips on how to do better at job interviews-
  5. Entrepreneurship: How to successfully create a small business that generates profit and avoids risks.


  1. Math and Science: Teach about relevant math or science topics that may help solve a common problem.
  2. Languages: Teach about the fundamentals of a language and how to study it properly.
  3. History: Teach about an exciting historic event and how it impacted the current world and society.
  4. Politics: Teach about the fundamentals of politics and other relevant topics such as governments, diplomacy, immigration, and others.
  5. Social Science: Talk about topics that help people understand how society works and how to enhance communication in that context.

Make Money Online

  1. Sell Photos Online: How to sell photos on a digital platform properly and which one to use.
  2. Fundamentals of an Online Course: How to create an engaging and informative online course.
  3. Freelancing: How to successfully implement a person’s acquired skills in an online job, and which platforms to use.

Family and Relationships

  1. Preparing for Marriage: Tips on how to prepare for marriage and what to expect from it.
  2. Improve Sex Life: Tips on how to improve sex life and to enhance a person’s relationship with their partner.
  3. Communication: How to properly communicate with a significant other or with a family member, and avoid constant conflict.
  4. Breakup Recovery: Tips on how to recover from a bad breakup and move on
  5. Betrayal Recovery: Tips on how to recover after getting cheated on or betrayed by someone else.
  6. Dating: Tips on how to start dating someone and build a connection with them.
  7. Handling Family Members: Tools that help to handle a complicated family member.
  8. Building a Healthy Relationship: Tips on how to build a long-lasting and loving relationship.


  1. Parenting: Tips on how to properly be a parent, whether it’s single parenting or co-parenting.
  2. Getting Ready for a Baby: How to prepare to receive a child and adequately care for them.
  3. Baby Development: How to teach a baby its first steps, such as talking, walking, potty training, etc.
  4. Time Management: How to manage and organize time to care for the baby and oneself.
  5. Teenage Handling: Tips on how to properly handle a teenager.
  6. Self Care: Tips on finding time for personal interests and other relationships.

Final Thoughts

Making an online course can seem like a hard thing to do, but once you find a topic that you feel comfortable talking about, the possibilities are endless! There are a lot of online course ideas, so you just have to choose the one that fits your goals the best.

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