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6 Best Jobs For Retirees To Generate A Side Income

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Shortlisting suitable part-time jobs before or after retirement is the new norm.

This fresh phase of life is now approached as an opportunity to supplement post-retirement income streams. Contrary to popular opinion, one in six retirees eagerly seeks a new career gateway to re-enter the workforce.

Such job hunts are justified for retired professionals. This stands true as previous roles may’ve equipped them with seasoned skills applicable to several side hustles. 

We’ve listed seven of the best jobs for retirees to enroll in and reinvent the wheel of their retirement plan.

The Best Jobs For Retirees [An Overview]

An overview of our favorite jobs for retirees. For a detailed explanation of each, scroll down.

  1. Real estate agent
  2. Author 
  3. Freelance photographer
  4. Executive administration assistant
  5. Online tutor
  6. Licensed Practical Nurse

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Best Side Gigs for Retirees

Here are seven of the best jobs for retired individuals looking to earn some extra cash. 

1. Real Estate Agent

Retirees can leverage their people and communication skills amassed over their working years. These traits help guide interested homeowners in buying, selling, or renting real estate. 

The agent’s age and persuasion etiquette could translate to higher earnings. Expect tasks like property deal negotiations or real estate showings. You can even advise clients on high-value transactions. 

There’s a high demand for real estate experts. Try collaborating with a home insurance agency to earn extra revenue through partnerships.

What You’ll Need to Be a Real Estate Agent

  • Negotiation and persuasion skills
  • Networking skills to find more sellers and buyers
  • A license and other possible requirements according to your state’s regulations
  • Accurate knowledge of property sale regulations


  • Hourly rates equal the median salary of intermediate real estate agents
  • Job nature helps retirees stay active while moving across properties
  • No minimum requirement for a bachelor’s degree


  • Slow periods because inactive property markets can affect side income goals

2. Author

The rising demand for authors suits retirees who’d like to share their expert opinions. For example, they can author and publish books and articles for niche brands and solopreneurs. Many authors also write fictional content and scripts for ad-hoc requests by customers.

Many positions in this sector pay handsomely for add-on services. These services may include editing or proofreading business-to-business (B2B) content for niche sites. These duties can demand researching and fact-checking non-fictional works. 

Alternatively, they may collaborate with publishers and literary agents to access broader audiences.

What You’ll Need to Be an Author

  • Exceptional writing and research skills
  • Attention to detail for fact-checking and proofreading
  • Expertise in the niche you want to work in


  • Freedom to write from your own home or preferred outdoor settings
  • An associate degree can multiply your per-article payout
  • The median hourly pay is between $25-$30


  • Lack of co-workers makes the job mildly lonely

3. Freelance Photographer

The photography industry offers positions for amateur and expert camera management experts. 

If you have an eye for catching original points of view and own a camera, you can work on photography projects as a freelancer. You can work for individuals who want to create memories with a photoshoot or collaborate with marketing agencies on their own projects. 

What You’ll Need to Be a Freelance Photographer

  • A professional camera
  • Photography editing skills and familiarity with image editing software
  • Some online courses or lessons at one of your community colleges 


  • Exercise your artistic sensibilities developed over decades
  • Companies may sponsor your food and accommodation requirements
  • The average pay stretches between $45-$74, which is high for the creative industry


  • You may need to purchase some extra equipment if working in professional settings

4. Executive Administrative Assistant

Previous corporate experiences strengthen your understanding of offering administrative support to top-level management. This upper hand makes it a good retirement job. 

Hiring companies may task executive administrative assistants with managing calendars. Expect a lot of effort in coordinating appointments for smooth business functionality.

While an inexperienced administrative assistant may receive low pay, senior candidates with a master’s degree receive high-income prospects for their services.

What You’ll Need to Be an Executive Assistant

  • At least a high school diploma
  • Organization and communication skills
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality of sensitive data


  • Job opportunities across all industries
  • Access to behind-the-scenes business operations


  • Issues of blurry duties are a common occurrence

5. Online Tutor

Online tutoring holds a strong reputation amongst part-time jobs for retirees. It involves teaching students online and gauging their strengths and weaknesses. 

Consider choosing a subject closely related to your previous jobs. It’ll be simpler to tailor lesson plans offering spot-on academic support.


  • The ability to charge by the hour increases daily earnings
  • Helping others is fulfilling
  • Retirees with subject matter expertise can charge more


  • Work stability isn’t guaranteed

6. Licensed Practical Nurse

If you’re interested in healthcare assistance, you may collaborate with expert physicians to collectively improve a patient’s well-being. 

If you’re familiar with basic medical procedures such as applying bandages, inserting catheters, and administering injections, you’re already halfway through getting the job. Other tasks may involve collecting samples for lab tests and administering relevant medications. 

What You’ll Need to Be a Practical Nurse


  • Choose your preferred setting (doctor’s office, individual houses, hospices, etc.)
  • No shortage of job openings ensures you’ll keep earning passive income
  • Flexible hours and health insurance included


  • Acquiring your nursing license can require a few years of training
  • Working in health care can be pretty competitive 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Make Money After Retirement?

There are many jobs for retirees across online and offline sectors. These include career development advice, writing Amazon reviews, landscaping, and more. It’s best to list high-value skills acquired over the years and apply for consultancy jobs that pay by the hour.

Can I Work After the Age of 60?

If you still feel like working in your sixties, you can surely find a part-time or freelance job that matches your interests, experience, and skills.

What Are Low-Stress Jobs to Consider After Retirement?

Pet sitters and life coaches are low-stress positions ideal for post-retirement gigs. They demand less intellectual and physical effort for a retired person. Both gigs offer hourly payouts and continual interaction with your preferred pets or success-hungry individuals.

Similar Jobs

Here are similar creative jobs for retirees to add a source of passive cash to their post-retirement side income streams:

  • Rent Your Additional Rooms via Airbnb: Host travelers from across the globe and create a hospitable reputation as a homeowner. Providing top-notch comfort and amenities can fetch you high daily rates.
  • Get Paid to Read: Platforms like Booklist, Publishers Weekly, and Findaway Voices offer high-paying reading jobs. Individuals can share expert reviews of published books in exchange for money.
  • Get Paid to Give Advice: Use your experience in creative and corporate domains to offer much-needed advice. People sharing their roadblocks and generic queries are willing to pay for insights.

Wrapping Up

Finding part-time employment post-retirement is much simpler than you think. You can rely on your previous experience or transform your favorite hobby into your next side hustle. 

Drop your comments below and share this piece with retired family and friends looking for well-paid jobs for retirees.

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