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Is GLG Consulting Legit? Pros, Cons & Unbiased Thoughts

Are you a professional looking to venture into consulting?

Companies like GLG Insights promise experts benefits like flexible hours and unlimited pay.

But before you join them, you should check their credibility and ask questions such as, “Is GLG Consulting legit?”

Read along because we’ll answer that and a lot more.

What Is GLG Consulting?

GLG Insights, also known as Gerson Lehrman Group, Inc., is an insight network company active for over twenty-five years.

They bridge the gap between large firms and the subject matter experts they need to make great professional decisions, providing market research, project issues, industry forecast services, and a lot more.

GLG has the largest network of industry experts compared to other focus group sites, having more than twenty locations outside and inside the US.

They meticulously vet each expert to ensure they possess real-world experience, proven track records, and deep knowledge in their respective fields.

How Does GLG Insights Work?

GLG Insights provides a unique and technology-driven approach to connect clients with top-notch expertise on a global scale.

Unlike popular paid survey websites where anyone can join, GLG only caters to professionals, such as academics, policy experts, scientists, and company leaders.

There are three different ways to make money as a subject matter expert.

1. GLG Direct

GLG Insights will connect its clients directly with network members. As a subject matter expert, you’ll provide your service through a consulting call (phone or video call) or longer-term projects.

Clients need to provide GLG with their requirements regarding the specific expertise of the consultant they’re looking for.

Keep in mind that GLG doesn’t have the sole discretion of who to choose to participate in a direct project, and the clients can make the final call.

2. GLG Research

Aside from one-on-one discussions, GLG conducts other methods of study to provide their clients with quantitative and qualitative insights.

You can participate in online surveys, focus group discussions, panels, and workshops as a GLG consultant.

3. GLG Syndicated Insights

GLG Insights offers a library where clients can access thousands of resources. As an independent consultant, you can contribute to this library through webcasts and in-person GLG Events.

Common Questions to Understand

Working with GLG Insights brings up various questions that require answers, like:

How to Become an Expert for GLG Insights?

If you’re familiar with the basics of consulting, you know that the usual first step is to send an application.

The same goes for GLG insights. You need to register on their website and provide the necessary information, such as your name, location, and time zone.

As with other sites, you also need to create an online resume. After that, you need to rate your level of confidence in particular areas of expertise.

To apply, you must read and agree to their Confidentiality Agreement. After that, you’ll go through their interview process.

If they approve your application, they’ll give you access to their new member tutorial. This will guide you on how to use their platform and the proper way to collaborate with projects.

How Do I Land a Consulting Work with GLG Insights?

GLG mentioned that you could screen a particular industry project and choose to apply for it in a Reddit comment posted years ago.

But based on their current website, the only way to land consulting work is to “monitor open opportunities.”

GLG will reach out to you if they have a potential project that matches your expertise.

You’re expected to respond as soon as you can, but it’s worth noting that this doesn’t necessarily mean you get the job.

GLG will compile the profiles who responded to a project and will still present this to the client for a decision.

That being said, it’s important to keep your profile up-to-date and include all information that you can.

This will increase the possibility of getting picked for a consulting call since it helps GLG find your profile among their sea of experts more easily.

What Type of Industries Do Glg Insights Cater To?

If you’re looking for a job as a GLG consultant, you’ll be glad to know that they serve almost every industry.

You can provide consulting work for life sciences, technology, marketing, financial institutions, and other firms.

Is GLG Consulting Legit?

GLG Insights is a legitimate and respected company. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Trusted by Large Companies: GLG Insights has worked with almost half of the Fortune 100 companies, the largest law firms, the most powerful pharmaceutical companies, and even more than 500 public equity investment firms.
  • Top Performing Company: LinkedIn has awarded GLG Insights as one of its top companies in 2021. This tells us that GLG is not only legitimate but has shown company stability over the years.
  • Recognized Company: The World Changing Ideas Awards by Fast Company acknowledge companies that are actively pursuing innovation to benefit society and the planet. GLG Insights has been awarded this in 2022.
  • Professional Website: GLG’s website is well-designed and doesn’t have any malicious advertisements. You won’t expect to be directed to other sites when navigating their pages.
  • Transparent Company: They post their Corporate Policies and Statutory Disclosures. This openness allows clients and consultants to gain valuable insights into the company’s practices and ensures a trustworthy and accountable relationship with stakeholders.
  • Fairness: They also adhere to government laws, such as United Kingdom’s Modern Slavery Act 2015. This means that GLG actively promotes fair practices and ethical standards in its operations. They prioritize the well-being of all involved parties and strive to create an environment that upholds fairness, equality, and social responsibility.
  • Real-World Experts: GLG has employed consultants from reputable companies like Bosch, HBO, and Livestrong Foundation. Their association with such well-established organizations attests to their credibility and authenticity.
  • No Registration Fee: You don’t have to pay anything to be a GLG Insights consultant. As long as you have the necessary skills and expertise, you can join their organization.
  • Testified by Employees: Hundreds of users have testified that they worked with GLG Insights, both as consultants and in-house employees.

Is GLG Consulting Reliable?

GLG Insights is a reliable company where you can earn money through consulting projects.

They work with large businesses and have a streamlined process of conducting discussion panels, paid surveys, and phone calls.

They also have an innovative process for making sure you’re the right fit for the project.

GLG Insights have in-house Compliance and Network Quality teams who evaluate the accuracy of your profile and identify any issues or possible conflicts of interest. 

This added layer of the process ensures there’s little to no room for issues when you’re already picked for a project, making your entire experience smooth.

However, it’s not worth relying on GLG Insights as your main source of income. There’s no assurance as to how often you’ll land a project.

Is GLG Consulting Safe?

It’s safe to work with GLG Insights. They have strict compliance standards that both consultants and clients need to adhere to. GLG reviews each project before accepting them, ensuring consultants won’t be forced to participate in fraudulent activities.

Before you can offer your consulting service, you need to complete their interactive tutorial.

This way, you’ll have a deep understanding of their confidentiality policies, ensuring your insights and information remain safe.

Familiarizing yourself with their other policies also provides an additional layer of protection, safeguarding you from clients who may attempt to take advantage of your expertise.

What Are Users Saying About GLG Consulting?

We’ve examined two popular review platforms to discover the real sentiments expressed by users regarding GLG Insights.

What Indeed Reviewers Liked About GLG Consulting

screenshot of the glg consulting reviews on indeed
  • Flexible Hours: Many subject matter experts appreciated the flexibility they have while working at GLG Insights. They liked how they could earn additional income while still retaining their full-time jobs.
  • High Paying Gigs: Other users were happy to be compensated well by providing specialized help to clients.
  • Freedom to Choose: Some users also appreciated that they could decline projects they weren’t comfortable with.
  • Unbiased Opinion: Some reviewers mentioned they could share insights without bias to a certain company’s interest.
  • Great Support System: Other users liked how supportive the employees were. They mentioned that the support team was able to orient them properly and explain the needs of the clients.
  • Professional Environment: Some reviewers applauded how professional GLS Insights were in hiring them. They needed to complete the necessary documents to ensure ethical and compliant participation when consulting, which made them respect the company.
  • Exciting Work: Other users liked how interesting and engaging the consulting calls were.

What Glassdoor Reviewers Liked About GLG Consulting

screenshot of the glg consulting reviews on glassdoor
  • Great Source of Income: Glassdoor reviewers were also happy with the amount of money they made with GLG.
  • Growth Opportunity: Many reviewers liked how they could stay up to date with industry trends and learn new things from the clients.
  • Fast-Paced Environment: Some users appreciated how quick the process was.
  • Proactive: Other users liked how the talent team does their best in contacting them for potential projects. They mentioned that they get notified promptly when there are opportunities.
  • Easy to Work With: One user said that everyone had been professional, personable, and easy to work with, regardless of whether they were talking to employees of GLG Insights or actual clients
  • Validated: Apart from a high consulting rate, many users were happy and felt that clients were open to hearing their advice.

Why Are People Worried About Using GLG Consulting?

We also found some complaints regarding GLG Insights.

What Indeed Reviewers Are Worried About

  • Infrequent Work: The most common negative review about GLG Insights is that they don’t have opportunities available for everyone. There’s a huge gap in the number of clients and experts.
  • Non-Payment: One user mentioned, “On several occasions, I have completed work for GLG, and due to ‘errors,’ they did not compensate me.”
  • Misunderstandings: Several miscommunications during consultations could have been prevented if consultants had access to more information.
  • Late Payment: Users didn’t like how long it took GLG to process their payment after completing their services.

What Glassdoor Are Worried About

  • Terrible Management: Unfortunately, not everyone had a good experience with GLG Insight’s management team. Some users mentioned that they weren’t given any directions before a consulting call.
  • Unfit Offers: Some were concerned because the talent team notified them about opportunities that didn’t align with their expertise. Even if they tried accepting these offers, they were later declined by the company, which caused further confusion.
  • Payment Method: Other users didn’t like that they had to be paid via gift cards. They even mentioned that these gift cards did not arrive, and GLG Insights eventually asked for their bank accounts instead, which made the process take longer.
  • Missed Opportunities: While many experts are willing to give useful advice, the topics and questions presented by clients can sometimes be obscured due to Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs). As a result, consultants may not have full visibility into the specific needs and context of the client’s inquiry, making it challenging to provide the most relevant and helpful answers.
  • Repetitive Job: Some users expressed their dissatisfaction with the repetitive nature of the job. They found that certain projects or tasks within GLG Insights can become monotonous over time, leading to a sense of routine work for consultants.

GLG Insights Quality & Guarantees

GLG Insights ensures the quality of service they provide to clients by matching them with the right consultants.

They also have implemented various measures to guarantee a smooth experience for their experts.

For one, it’s included in their process of becoming a consultant that you have to answer their Profile Questions. This helps them understand any conflicts and limitations you may have, ensuring you’re not picked for a project that may put you at risk.

You’re also given guidance to discontinue any project that unexpectedly poses a compliance concern for you.

However, rest assured that you will still receive compensation for the time you had set aside for the project.

They also have a diversity statement that guarantees equal opportunities for all consultants, irrespective of their backgrounds or identities.

Does GLG Consulting Offer Customer Service?

GLG Insights offers customer support through various channels in case you’re facing any issues or clarifications about their process. 

Many of the reviews we’ve read highlighted the great support provided by their teams, demonstrating their dedication to addressing concerns from both customers and consultants.

What Customer Service Options Are Available?

The main way to reach out to their customer support team is through their Contact Us page.

You need to enter your name, location, and the industry you’re related to. You can also choose the type of inquiry.

Since GLG Insights is an international expert network, they have more than twenty phone numbers you can call.

Conclusion: Is GLG Consulting Legit?

GLG Insights is a legitimate company that pays experts per hour. It’s worth noting that they have high standards when accepting experts.

They’re trusted by million-dollar businesses worldwide and have more than 25 years of experience.

The company has been recognized and awarded by multiple platforms, which attest to their excellence.

They have strict policies that ensure both their customers and consultants experience satisfaction and ensure confidentiality.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Get Paid by GLG?

Consultants are paid per hour. For US-based individuals, payments are made via electronic bank transfer or prepaid card. For non-US countries, payment options vary.

Payments are typically processed in 7–10 business days before being sent to your bank account, and you’ll receive an email notification once processed.

How Many Interviews Are at GLG?

There are a total of five interviews you need to prepare for. The first is a self-recorded interview, followed by a phone screen with a recruiter and another phone interview.

A case study examination type of interview and a final interview complete their recruitment process. 

Similar Gigs to Check Out

Here are a few more alternatives to consider when looking to provide consulting services:

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Wrapping Up

GLG Insights offer a convenient and reliable way to make money as an industry expert.

Even if you’re planning on starting a consulting business or looking to expand your expertise, joining GLG Insights can be a beneficial stepping stone. 

Their established process can provide valuable insights into the consulting industry, helping you learn from professionals and fine-tune your skills.

What do you think about GLG Insights? Let us know in the comment section below!

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