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How to Sell Used DVDs: Monetize Valuable Collectibles

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So, you have a DVD collection collecting dust and taking up space?

Well, you can make a side hustle out of it! You can even peruse through thrift shops and yard sales for rare DVDs you can sell for profit.

Finding the value of your old DVDs can be tricky. It might also be challenging to find the right audience for your DVDs.

So, you must be wondering how to sell used DVDs and if they’re worth the effort.

Unlike what many people believe, DVDs aren’t obsolete. Many cinephiles love collecting physical movies.

If you have a box set or a limited edition DVD, you’ll make a hefty sum of money. Keep reading our guide to find out how to start your used DVDs endeavor!

Why You Should Consider Selling Used DVDs

If you consider all the different reasons why your DVDs are so valuable, you might want to keep them to yourself!

Though, if you don’t own a DVD player, here’s why you should sell DVDs instead of letting them collect dust:

  • Limited edition DVDs are worth a fortune: Some DVDs, like a director’s cut or a box set with commentary and other bonus content, are limited editions. So, you might be able to sell the old CD for hundreds, especially if it’s a classic DVD movie or TV show.
  • Some people love expanding their DVD collection: The demand for vintage DVDs is never-ending. Film buffs love collecting physical versions of movies. DVDs can be a part of a larger collection of certain franchises, such as Marvel or Star Wars.
  • Streaming services are becoming less efficient: While streaming services are the popular option, there are plenty of them. Viewers can’t possibly subscribe to all the services. Even if they do, they might still not find their favorite movies in the limited selection. Naturally, this calls for DVDs!
  • DVDs preserve the authentic quality of movies and shows: DVDs offer a superior audiovisual experience. They show you movies in the way they were intended to be viewed. 

Problems With Selling Used DVDs

If you’re thinking of selling your used DVDs, you might run into the following issues:

A smiling young man choosing movies on DVD at a store

Casual Viewers Prefer Streaming Services

Having a hard copy of a film or show is the way to go if you’re a film lover. Unlike digital copies, it can’t be removed, and you can’t accidentally delete it.

However, a lot of casual viewers don’t mind losing a movie. After all, that’s why video rental places like Blockbuster were so popular. You could rent a DVD, watch it once, then return it. So, there was never a reason to buy DVDs in the first place.

Now, most viewers opt for streaming services. It’s cheaper and more convenient. They also can have extra space by getting rid of the bulky DVD player and DVDs.

DVDs Lose Value Over Time

A movie or TV show might’ve been a success when you first bought it. Yet, only a handful of movies have maintained their success over decades.

DVD players are no longer in manufacture. Now, you can only buy new Blu-ray players, and even those have failed in their clash with streaming services.

There’s Only a Limited Number of Profitable DVDs

Just because you have a large collection of DVDs doesn’t mean you’ll make a fortune. Most of your collection will sell for mere dollars, or might not even sell, while others can retail for hundreds or thousands. Those include:

  • Original vintage Disney animated movies
  • DVD collection of franchises
  • DVDs that include bonus content
  • DVDs in excellent condition

Finding the Appropriate Market Is Tricky

Assuming you’ve found a pot of gold in your used DVD collection, there isn’t a specific place people go to in search of used DVDs.

Instead, you’ll have to find buyers yourself, which can be difficult. For example, you can sell old Lord of the Rings DVDs in comic book stores or online forums.

On the other hand, if you have a rare edition of a 70s horror movie, you should try your luck on eBay or Decluttr.

What You’ll Need to Sell Used DVDs

Selling DVDs is easier than you think. You can start earning extra money if you have the following:

  • An extensive DVD collection: You must understand that having a couple of DVDs won’t make you a fortune. The larger your collection, the more likely you are to make cash.
  • Original packaging: Since most DVDs lose value over time, having the original DVD case can preserve their worth. Even rare collectible DVDs won’t amount to much without the packaging.
  • DVD player: You should ensure that your DVDs are working perfectly. That’s why you’ll need a DVD or a Blu-ray player to test the quality of your CDs.
  • Internet access: While you can sell your unwanted DVDs anywhere, DVDs are some of the easiest things to sell online.

Where to Sell Used DVDs

The first place that comes to mind for old DVDs is a yard sale, flea market, or pawn shop. However, you can reach a much wider audience online.

The reason is that you’ll likely find a potential buyer who’s interested in the specific DVD you’re offering. So, you’ll be able to sell your old CD for a fair price.

1. Decluttr

Decluttr is an extremely convenient website that helps you sell used goods, including old DVDs and CDs. You won’t even have to deal with any haggling customers.


What Makes This Option Great

Decluttr is a great option for your old CDs, as they authenticate your DVDs, ensure they’re in good condition, and price them for you.

You won’t need to wait for a film collector to take an interest in your collection. Decluttr directly buys the products from you, then sells them to customers.

  • Fees/Commission: Decluttr doesn’t charge sellers any fees. Though, they might lower the product price based on its condition.
  • Payment Methods: PayPal or direct deposit to your bank account

2. Facebook Marketplace

If you prefer to deal directly with customers, Facebook Marketplace would be the best choice for you.

What Makes This Option Great

When you sell on Facebook Marketplace, you’re able to reach thousands of Facebook users where they’re already scrolling for hours. You can also advertise your products, targeting customers with similar interests.

The best part is that you’ll easily engage with potential buyers. So, you can agree on a price that suits you both, and they can even reach out to you if they’re looking for any other DVDs.

  • Fees/Commission: 5% per sale.
  • Payment Methods: Transfer into your bank account.

3. Amazon

Amazon is the number one e-retailer for a good reason. It’s the go-to online store for almost anything.


What Makes This Option Great

If your DVD collection isn’t particularly sought-after, Amazon’s trade-in program would be beneficial for you.

Amazon trade-ins aren’t only for old electronics. The retailer specifies the DVD titles that they’re looking for. Make sure you have a match in your collection, and they’ll even pay for the shipping fees and provide you with a free shipping label.

  • Fees/Commission: No fees.
  • Payment Methods: The payout will be reflected in your Amazon account once the products are received.

How to Sell Used DVDs: Step-By-Step Instructions

header image for faq schema on how to sell used dvds post on gigworker.com

Selling used DVDs isn’t that complicated. Still, if you want to make maximum profit, you should do the following:

1. Sort Your Old DVD Collection

The first step you must take after you’ve decided on selling DVDs is to organize your collection.

To start, you should assess whether you have any collectible DVDs. Then, list the titles of every CD, including its condition, release date, and bonus content.

It’s crucial to ensure the DVDs are working properly, so quickly run them through your DVD player.

2. Find Rare DVDs

After arranging your collection, research the value of any special DVDs online. Owning a limited edition DVD doesn’t automatically mean it has plenty of fans!

Yet, while everyone can watch Disney movies on their streaming service, an original Disney DVD can be worth hundreds.

If you have DVD movies of a specific franchise, it would be useful to explore specific forums. You might even find potential buyers!

3. Price Your DVDs

Now that you’ve estimated the value of your DVDs, it’s time to price them. If you’re selling to a local store, Decluttr, or Amazon, they’ll price the products for you.

That said, if you want to make some extra cash, it’s best to set your price. You can also try online auction websites, such as eBay, to get the best deal.

4. Decide on an Audience

Another thing that will help you set a price tag is deciding on an audience. Naturally, if you sell your DVDs at a yard sale, you’ll make a lot less money than if you were to sell them directly to collectors.

Ultimately, this depends on your preferences. The reason is that finding a buyer can take a lot of time and effort. You’ll have to reach a specific audience, find out their needs, and negotiate a price.

In contrast, you can earn quick money by selling to a retail store or at a yard sale.

5. Start Selling

Lastly, you can start selling your used DVDs. If you want to make a side hustle out of the venture, you can browse through yard sales, eBay, and your local thrift shop for old items and DVDs.

Since you’ll have already found the target audience, you can sell the old CDs you find for profit!

Things to Consider When Selling Used DVDs

Whether you’re considering selling DVDs as a side hustle or as a way to tidy up your home, you should consider the following aspects:

Shipping Is Crucial

DVDs are pretty delicate. You don’t want to get away with storing an old DVD for years only for it to get damaged during shipping!

That’s why you must find a reputable shipping company to handle your vintage CDs. You must also pay attention when packing the DVD.

To protect your valuable DVDs, use an appropriately-sized box, then place it inside a padded envelope, and use a layer of bubble wrap.

Box Sets Are Worth It

If you have a full box set, never sell the DVDs separately! Not only do the box set collections contain the full DVD movie series or show, but they typically include exclusive content too.

That’s not all. Film buffs and fans of certain franchises can gravitate towards box sets due to the impressive packaging. This means that if you own a mint-condition set, you can earn some extra money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth it to sell old DVDs?

Selling your old DVDs can be significantly profitable, especially if you have an extensive collection including limited edition items.

Even if your DVD collection is basic, clearing out your unused DVDs is worth it. You’ll have plenty of space for new items, and you’ll make a bit of money out of it.

Do DVDs still sell well? 

DVDs aren’t as popular as before. That said, some fan favorites, cult classics, and limited edition DVDs sell pretty well.

Some film buffs prefer owning a physical copy. This way, they can watch movies without an internet connection, and they won’t risk losing their favorite flicks.

Similar Tutorials to Check Out

You can make money from any used items you own! Here are some similar tutorials to help you declutter your home and earn some cash:

  • How to sell VHS tapes: People love collecting nostalgic VHS tapes. They have a unique quality that streaming services can’t replicate.
  • How to sell Disney VHS tapes: There are plenty of Disney enthusiasts out there. Even non-Disney fans can appreciate the artistry of old animations as shown on VHS.
  • How to sell a PS5: Gaming consoles are always in high demand. If your PS5 is in good condition, you might be able to sell it without any losses!

Wrapping Up

After learning how to sell DVDs, you’re ready to start your profitable side hustle.

The best part is that you can do it from the comfort of your home through websites like Decluttr, Facebook Marketplace, and eBay.

To make the most out of your old DVDs, do your research! Maximize your profit by understanding how rare your DVD is, and by marketing it to the correct audience.

Finally, if you want to build a loyal customer base, take the time to ensure the DVD is working and to properly package it.

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