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How to Resell Tickets on SeatGeek: A Comprehensive Guide

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Would you like to sell tickets for some profit but don’t know where to start? Do you already have some tickets on websites like SeatGeek but don’t know what to do with them?

It’s quite common to get tickets for an event only to end up not attending it for any reason. In this case, you don’t want to waste the money that you spent on those tickets.

Worry not; our guide will show you everything you need to do. Today, we’ll discuss how to resell tickets on SeatGeek in detail. 

Why You Should Consider Reselling Tickets on SeatGeek

Here’s why reselling tickets on SeatGeek is a good idea:

  • Safety: Fraudulence and scamming are all over the internet. Fortunately, SeatGeek is one of the legitimate websites where you can safely perform your transactions without worrying about being scammed.
  • Large audience: SeatGeek is an active website with thousands of tickets sold every month. It takes the 5th place in its category and has over 20.5 million visits at the time of writing. That’s why you can be sure that you’ll have the audience you need. 
  • It’s easy to use: SeatGeek has one of the easiest selling processes out there, making it easy to sell tickets even for those who aren’t computer geeks. 
  • You’ll often find buyers: SeatGeek sells tickets only for the events available on the website. Some people think of that as a con because you can’t list anything you want, but having a “controlled” number of events can work for you. Your tickets have a much less chance of being lost in the swarm of tickets. 

Problems With Reselling Tickets on SeatGeek

Here are the issues you may find while reselling tickets on SeatGeek:

  • You can’t sell just any ticket: You may only sell the tickets for events that are available on the website. Any ticket that’s not present in their dropdown list isn’t sellable on the website. 
  • Relatively high fees: SeatGeek charges a relatively high 10% on every sold ticket. That’s $100 per $1,000, which reduces your income. It’s still not as high as other websites (like Ticketmaster’s 15%, for example), but it’s worth considering, nevertheless. 
  • High competition: SeatGeek is a popular website for selling and reselling tickets. There are even some tutorials on how to make sustainable money by selling tickets. As such, expect a high competition.
  • No control over prices: Unlike other ticket-selling websites like Vivid Seats, you have little control over your ticket’s price. Instead of allowing you to freely decide the price, SeatGeek will determine the price range based on the current market demand and the event’s proximity. 
  • You get no refund: If you aren’t able to sell your tickets before the event starts, you won’t get any refund from SeatGeek.

What You’ll Need to Resell Tickets on SeatGeek

Here are the requirements to resell tickets on SeatGeek:

  • Valid tickets: Your tickets must be valid and purchased from a reputable place like Ticketmaster. SeatGeek will verify your ticket through its barcode, which is applicable for MLB and NFL tickets. Otherwise, you’ll have to upload a screenshot of your e-ticket. Keep in mind that camera shots aren’t valid; only screenshots, mobile tickets, and PDF tickets are accepted. 
  • An account: You can’t sell tickets unless you have a SeatGeek account. We’ll discuss the account-making process in the next section.
  • Bank account details: To get paid, you must link a valid bank account with SeatGeek. To do that, fill in the requested information.
  • Tax-related information: For tax purposes, you’ll need to provide extra information, like your name, address, social security number, etc. 

How to Sell Tickets on SeatGeek: Step-By-Step Instructions

Here are the steps to follow in detail: 

Step 1: Create a SeatGeek Account 

Note that this step assumes you bought the tickets outside SeatGeek.

If you don’t have a SeatGeek account, creating an account is as straightforward as it gets. The only hiccup is that there’s no “sign up” button. As such, you’ll need to click on the login account in the top right corner of your screen, then click “Sign up here.” 

You’ll be asked to provide an email address, a first and last name, and a password. 

Be careful while entering your password, as there’s no password confirmation. If you write the password wrong, you’ll create an account with the wrong password, which you’ll then have to reset. 

From there, you’ll be sent a verification email, and then your account is up and running.

Step 2: Add the Ticket You Want to Resell Into Your Collection

If your ticket isn’t already in your collection, you’ll have to add it. To do that, go ahead and click on the “Add Ticket” button to access the tickets tab.

You can add NFL and MLB tickets by scanning their barcode. Every other eligible ticket should be added by sending its screenshot or a PDF. To do that, drag and drop the ticket from its location on your computer to the indicated box in SeatGeek. 

Keep in mind that when you add NFL tickets, you have to add the ticket details. Select the team and the game, as tickets are bought for specific seats in the stadium. Make sure that you don’t rush this step, as selecting the wrong seat by mistake will make SeatGeek think that your barcode is invalid, and your listing will be taken down. 

If you have bought your tickets from SeatGeek, then you may skip this step. You only need to make sure that the tickets you bought are already present in your account. 

Step 3: List Your Tickets for Sale

Now that your tickets are added to your account, it’s time to browse them and list them for sale.  To do that, you should go to the “My Tickets” page. Click on your profile and tap “List Tickets.”

Find the tickets you need to sell, and click on them. Select “Sell” from the dialogue box, and set your price. 

Step 4: Setting Your Price

We mentioned earlier that SeatGeek controls the price range, but that doesn’t mean you have no control over your price.

What SeatGeek does is set a minimum and a maximum price that you can list your tickets at. This policy prevents people from losing money by selling at unreasonably low prices and stops the greedy ones from setting ridiculously high prices for important events.

Typically, the face value (the price written on the ticket) should be a good reference to set your price around. 

Step 5: Choose Your Preferred Delivery Method

You have the option of mailing your paper ticket to your customer or sending them the electronic one.

Should you choose to mail the ticket, you’ll need the recipient’s shipping address. Don’t worry about delivery fees, as those are paid by your customer.

Step 6: Make Any Necessary Changes

You may still make any changes you need after listing your tickets. For example, you can change the price as you see fit, and you can even take down the listing entirely. 

Step 7: Get Paid

Within 48 hours of the event, SeatGeek will send your payment to your bank account.

Keep in mind that the transaction can take up to five business days, so don’t panic if the money doesn’t immediately show up in your account. 

Things to Consider When Reselling Tickets on SeatGeek

Here’s what to keep in mind while reselling on SeatGeek:

  • It won’t be easy to profit: While purchasing tickets at a cheap price from another place and then reselling them on SeatGeek can be profitable, the same can’t be said about purchasing from SeatGeek itself and then reselling there. That’s because you don’t control the price as much as you’d like.
  • It’s not available everywhere: Whether you’re selling, reselling, or buying, you won’t be able to use SeatGeeks outside Canada, Mexico, and the U.S. 
  • Pick your events: Not every sport will have the same ticket price; even within the same sport, the ticket price will depend on the game stakes and market availability. That’s why if you’re planning to profit, make sure to resell tickets for important games. 
  • Pick your timing: The closer you are to an important event, the more value you’ll gain from reselling your ticket. Yet, make sure not to overdo it and wait too long before selling it. Others might be doing the same, and they may end up stealing your customers when they reveal their tickets earlier than you. When too many tickets for the same event suddenly appear, their value will drop.
  • Don’t attempt fraudulence: SeatGeeks has zero tolerance for fake tickets. Not only do you risk being banned, you also risk being financially penalized. 

Tips to Make Money Reselling Tickets on SeatGeek

If you plan to keep all your transactions (buying and reselling) on SeatGeek, then here are some tricks to help you out:

List Your Tickets in the Beginning or Near the End

To get the most out of your tickets, you should list them right when they are out or as close to the event as possible. Let’s break this one down.

People often turn to online ticket-selling websites when tickets are no longer available through conventional means. As such, when ticket booths quickly run out of tickets during an important event, people will rush to websites like SeatGeek to secure their tickets. 

On the other hand, some people may realize that they can’t find tickets when it’s too late. That’s when they would be willing to pay higher when the event is next door.

In other words, if you want a better chance of selling your tickets, list them as early as possible. If you want a better chance of getting more value off your tickets, list them as late as you can. 

However, keep in mind that you always run the risk of finding no buyers near the end. This risk will be reduced if you’re able to identify the best time to list your tickets.

Keep an eye out for other veteran sellers. They already know the patterns, and they list their tickets at the proper time.

List Your Tickets in Pairs

People often go to games, shows, or concerts with a partner. That’s why you’ll have a much better chance if you offer two tickets instead of one.

That doesn’t mean you won’t sell if you have only one ticket, but the chances of the buyer skipping you in favor of someone else with a pair of tickets are higher.

Reduce the Price When Needed

Even when you’re within SeatGeek’s range, the price may still be a bit too high for people. 

If you’re consistently failing to sell your tickets, chances are that your price is on the high end. In that case, consider gradually reducing your price every day or, if the event is close by, every few hours. 

It’s true that you’ll sell for less value than expected and may even lose money, but sometimes it’s about cutting losses. 

Be Smart While Reducing the Price

If you resort to reducing your tickets’ price for any reason, be smart about it. Don’t reduce the price all of a sudden. Instead, do that in increments.

You should also refrain from doing that in predictable increments. For example, don’t reduce the price every two hours. Smart buyers will be able to identify that pattern, and they’ll wait it out as long as possible until they get a good deal on your expense.

What you should do is fake a pattern (every hour, for example) and then stop reducing the price for like 10 hours. This will give the illusion that you’re done reducing the price, and the buyer has already reached the best deal they can get. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind of Tickets Can I Sell on SeatGeek?

You can sell tickets to almost every event you can attend on American, Mexican, and Canadian soil. This includes but isn’t limited to tennis matches, concerts, theaters, sports, motorsports, and comedy. 

What Are the Transaction Methods in Seatgeek?

Currently, bank transfers through credit and debit cards are the only acceptable method of selling and buying on SeatGeek. PayPal and Payoneer payments are currently unavailable.

Do I Have to Sell My Ticket at Its Face Value?

While the ticket’s original price may be considered a good average of the value you can get out of the ticket, some factors, like the event’s importance, can increase the ticket’s value beyond its face value.

In other words, even if your price is above the face value, you’re not scamming anyone because you’re still limited to SeatGeek’s maximum price range.

Is Reselling Tickets on SeatGeek Worth It?

SeatGeek is well-ranked among ticket resale websites, making it a decent method to make money for those who know their way around it. 

But is it worth it? The short answer is yes, but it will depend on how good you are at identifying the patterns that can help you get a good return value.

Do I Get a Refund if the Event I’m Listing Tickets for Gets Canceled?

No, you don’t get a refund after listing a ticket only for its corresponding event to get canceled. However, if someone had bought your ticket before the event got canceled, they’d get a refund from SeatGeek’s buyer guarantee, not from you. 

Similar Tutorials to Check Out

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  • Sell old postcards: If you’re a postcard collector, you’ll be happy to know that they have some value. Try selling old postcards; you may get some decent money out of it.

Wrapping Up

SeatGeek allows you to sell tickets for a variety of events. You can even sell concert tickets with ease. All you have to do is upload tickets and list them for sale.

If you’ve benefited from this post or think that there are more ideas to be included, do let us know in the comments.

Also, share the article with your friends if you think they may find it useful too. 

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