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How Does ClassPass Work? Your Guide to a ClassPass Membership

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When did life become so busy?

It’s almost as if we woke up one morning and suddenly realized that our days and weeks were jam-packed with responsibilities and obligations to be met.

With so much going on in our day-to-day lives, it’s no wonder why consumers have been turning to services that help them simplify their lives while saving some cash along the way.

Take for instance ClassPass, an all-in-one fitness membership that gives you access to boutique fitness studios all around your city.

ClassPass helps users make educated decisions when scheduling their fitness classes and cuts down on monthly expenses at the same time.

In this article, we’re going to tell you about the origins of ClassPass, how the service works, and some of the perks you receive for being a member.

Quick History of ClassPass

ClassPass — originally called Classtivity — started its journey into the fitness world in 2013, when founder Payal Kadakia found it terribly difficult to find and book a workout class in New York City.

She thought that when people want to work out, it shouldn’t be that hard to do so.

There must be a better way to simplify your fitness routine, she reasoned.

She decided to create her own solution to the problem.

She hit the drawing board and began laying the groundwork for what would eventually evolve into the ClassPass we know today.

ClassPass started as an app and website that simplifies the fitness class scheduling process.

With Fritz Lanman as the new CEO, ClassPass has become a household name and is now a staple in the fitness industry.

What Is ClassPass?

ClassPass is a flexible fitness membership that enables users to discover and book different fitness classes for only one monthly membership fee.

Instead of having multiple fitness and gym memberships, you can use one fitness subscription service that gives you access to many studios.

How Does ClassPass Work? Your Guide to a ClassPass Membership

ClassPass also gives you an enormous amount of flexibility.

Not only can you pick and choose which classes and studios you want to attend, but you can also take control of your calendar and schedule a workout routine that fits your lifestyle.

Additionally, ClassPass offers more than only in-person workout options.

There are also a few more options like ClassPass Live, which is an online workout platform, and ClassPass Go, which is a free workout app you can download.

Head to the following link to learn more about all of the ClassPass workout plans.

There are plenty of other perks of using ClassPass.

Let’s dig a little deeper and give you what we see as some additional benefits of using the service.

Perks of Using ClassPass

Selection of Classes

How Does ClassPass Work? Guide to ClassPass Membership
The number of classes that ClassPass offers is unbeatable.

There’s a class for every type of workout and every type of person.

If you’re looking for something that has high intensity, there are strength training classes, CrossFit, cycling, and kickboxing options.

If you’re looking for something that focuses on flexibility, then there are plenty of great pilates and yoga classes that you can test out.

The best part is that you can try out a variety of classes without having to worry about wasting a bunch of money every month.

Ease of Use

How Does ClassPass Work? A Guide to a ClassPass Membership
Booking classes with ClassPass is extremely easy and only takes a few short minutes.

When you hop on the app, you can use several filters to find your perfect workout.

You’ll be able to search for your next class by details like location, price, workout type, class times, and ratings, which leads us to our next point — ratings and reviews.

Ratings and Reviews

How Does ClassPass Work? Guide to a ClassPass Membership
Many ClassPass users have a much easier time making an educated decision if they’re able to read through reviews of previous experiences at studios.

With ClassPass, you’ll have ratings and reviews for every studio you might be thinking about booking.

With reviews and class information all in one place, you’ll be able to effortlessly find new classes that you can trust will be top-notch.

Class Recommendations

Lastly, ClassPass will give you personalized class recommendations based on your previous workout history, workout style, and your favorite studios in town.

This can open doors to a whole world of new possibilities.

Perhaps you really love your cycling classes.

ClassPass may recommend other cycling options in your city that you can try out.

Or maybe you’re a CrossFit fanatic.

ClassPass may throw a similar high-intensity workout recommendation into the mix and open you up to a completely new class that you’ve never thought of.

How Does ClassPass Work?

ClassPass is an online platform and mobile app that enables you to sign up for a monthly membership, discover new classes, book classes, and pay for your service all through its booking platform.

ClassPass is like the middleman and you will never need to contact or pay workout studios directly.

Since you’re paying for a ClassPass membership, you won’t be required to have memberships at each individual studio you take classes at.

Any studio that you’ll find on the platform is a ClassPass partner that you’ll have access to.

Instead of paying cash for each individual class, you’ll pay for one monthly membership that will give you an allotted amount of credits to be used towards your classes.

To give you a better idea of how payment works, let’s take a closer look at the ClassPass credit system.

What Are ClassPass Credits?

ClassPass credits are used to pay for classes instead of using cash.

When you sign up for a monthly subscription, you’ll decide the number of credits you’ll need depending on how many classes you intend on taking.

The more classes you want to take, the more credits you should sign up for.

As you take classes, you’ll use up your monthly balance of credits.

If you’d like more credits, you can always add more by upgrading your plan.

After each month, you’ll be allowed to roll over a certain amount of unused credits to the next month.

So how much do classes cost?

When you’re searching for classes, you’ll see a credit rate for each class.

The pricing for classes is dynamically priced and will vary depending on several factors, which we explain in the next section.

How Much Do Classes Cost?

The three different membership plans of ClassPass will cost a different amount depending on which city you’re in.

Likewise, the price of each class is influenced by several factors.

To start, ClassPass membership tiers will be different from city to city.

The prices for a monthly membership in Seattle is cheaper than the price of a membership in Los Angeles.

Sure, they’re both on the West Coast, but other factors come into play, like the cost of classes or the overall supply and demand of classes.
How Does ClassPass Work? How Does ClassPass Work? Your Guide to a ClassPass Membership - Pricing
Also, some classes may have a higher credit rate depending on the type of class, the demand of the class, the time of day, and what time you booked.

For instance, popular classes like spin and Pure Barre tend to have higher credit rates compared to less popular classes.

Class credit amounts follow dynamic pricing and will constantly be changing, so make sure you double check on the ClassPass app before booking.

If you’d like more information on ClassPass pricing and whether or not it’s worth it, then head to this article to learn more.

Time to Hit the Gym

So what’re you waiting for?

There’s no point of waiting for the New Year to kick your fitness routine into high gear.

ClassPass lets you book fitness classes with ease so you can maximize your gym time instead of worrying about membership fees and class schedules.

If you’re a new customer and think you might be interested in joining the service, then you should definitely take advantage of the ClassPass two-week trial period.

Give it a shot today to see if ClassPass can elevate your weekly workout routine.

We’ll see you in the gym!

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