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Grubhub referral code: an Asian-style noodle bowl

Use the Grubhub Referral Program to Get Up to $144 Off Delivery

Last updated: January 8, 2020
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Grubhub is one of the most popular on-demand food delivery services. The app lets you browse menus from your favorite local restaurants, order food, and pay securely. Then you can track your order in real time as it makes its way to your front door.

The Grubhub referral program allows new customers to save on their first order. And once you’re a member, it allows you to pay it forward — saving your friends on their first order and earning you up to $144 in Grubhub credit in the process.

In this article we’ll talk briefly about Grubhub (and its sister site Seamless), give you a referral code to save you money, and show you how to earn Grubhub credit by referring your friends to the app.

A Brief Guide to Grubhub

Grubhub is an online platform for ordering takeout and delivery from local restaurants. Headquartered in Chicago, the company was founded in 2005 and, as of 2018, boasted 14.5 million users who could order food from 85,000 restaurants in 1,700 cities across the country.

The service can be used either via or the Grubhub app (available on iPhone and Android). The company also merged with Seamless in 2013, so users of Grubhub and Seamless get the same user experience and delivery services with either app.

Here’s how the Grubhub app looks in action:

IMG 1F7B9324B742 1

Through the app, you can look at menus from restaurants near you, order food, and pay with a credit card. Then you can track your order in real time as it’s prepared and brought to your door.

Grubhub Fees

Grubhub doesn’t charge users a delivery fee itself, but it does allow restaurants to set a delivery fee. The fee varies based on the restaurant, but it’s usually between $3.99 and $7.99. (Grubhub’s model is slightly different from other delivery services in that they collect money from the restaurants, as opposed to the user. So to recoup that money, the restaurant may charge a delivery fee.)

That being said, many restaurants will partner with Grubhub to create promotions that give discounts or waive the delivery fee. These are found on the homepage of the app, and when used smartly, can work like a Grubhub coupon.

When you open the app, just scroll down to “Offers Near You” to see the savings you can get:

IMG 683382A9E108 1

Grubhub also encourages users to tip on every order. Tips are automatically set for 15% on most orders, though they can be adjusted up or down based on the user’s wishes. Drivers keep 100% of their tips.

Tips are often the difference between a profitable and an unprofitable shift for drivers. Depending on a state’s laws, drivers are sometimes paid a minimum wage, plus a commission for every delivery. But they make most of their money from tips.

When you check out, you’ll see the option to select a tip amount at the bottom of the screen, like this:

IMG 2078

The app usually provides you with three options — 10%, 15%, and 20% — plus the option to set your own amount or provide a cash tip. They do encourage you to tip (as do we!). It will be a small amount per order and help drivers earn a living wage.

Sign Up With a Grubhub Referral

Grubhub offers new users $12 off their first Grubhub order of $15 or more when they sign up with a referral link.

If you have a friend who uses Grubhub and want to help them (while still saving on your first order), you can tell them to go to, enter their email address, then email you one of their referral links. You’ll get a $12 credit to use toward your first order of $15 or more. And as soon as you complete your first order, the friend who referred you will also get a $12 credit.

Don’t want to bug a friend or don’t know anyone who has Grubhub? No problem! You can follow this referral link to get $12 off your first order. No need to enter a discount code or anything. Just tap that link, sign up for Grubhub, and you’re off and running.

Share (and Earn) With Your Own Grubhub Referral Code

Once you’re using Grubhub, you can pass along the savings by generating your own referral link and then emailing it or sharing it with friends.

First you need a valid Grubhub account. Once you’ve got that, you can refer away — provided you and your friend are both 18 years of age (per the terms and conditions of the referral program).

To start earning free food, first go to Screen Shot 2019 04 16 at 10.32.58 PM

There you’ll see a prompt to put in your email address. Once you’ve entered your email, the site will prompt you to email friends or share your referral on social media.

You can enter a friend’s email address, tap on the social media icons, or simply send the personal link generated at the bottom of the page directly to friends.

To find your special link, scroll down. It looks like this:

Screen Shot 2019 04 16 at 10.35.56 PM

You can give out as many referrals as you want, but you’ll only receive up to 12 referral credits when new users sign up using your referral code. The referral bonus matches the amount saved by new users, so you’ll get $12 in credit up to 12 times for a total of up to $144 that you can use on future Grubhub orders.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve discussed how to save by signing up with a referral link and how to earn credit by using Grubhub’s referral program to sign up friends.

Let’s get to some other questions that people may have about Grubhub and its referral program.

1. Do I have to go to to find my link, or can I use the app?

You can find a referral code in the app, but oddly the code in the app is only worth $10, as opposed to $12 on the website. If you don’t mind passing up the extra two bucks, just go to “My Grubhub” in the app, then scroll down. Below “gift cards,” you’ll see a link to “Refer a friend.” Tap that to get started.

IMG 2080

2. Does Grubhub offer promo codes and coupon codes?

There are sometimes Grubhub promo codes available for new users, and the savings will usually match what you get from a referral link. Coupons are usually offered as saving opportunities in the app, but there are other places to look. You can learn all about Grubhub’s promo codes and coupons in this article.

3. What do I do if I encounter issues with Grubhub?

Grubhub’s service team is on call 24/7 to deal with order issues, help with delivery concerns, or answer questions about the referral program. To get in touch with customer service, open the app, then tap on the gear icon in the top right hand corner.

On the next menu, scroll down and select “Help.” Then you’ll be taken to a page that looks like this:

IMG 366499E322EC 1

Find your issue, tap that option, and the app will connect you with the appropriate person to help solve your problem.

Save With Grubhub’s Referral Program

Grubhub is a great food ordering service that partners with thousands of restaurants across the country to provide reliable delivery service. With their referral program, you can save $12 on your first Grubhub order that exceeds $15. Then you can pass those savings on to friends, while making quite a bit of money for yourself in the process.

Using what you’ve learned in this article you can share your savings with friends, and keep delicious delivery coming to your door. Take advantage of the Grubhub referral program, and eat well.

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