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Grappling Hook – Top Picks for Magnet Fishing

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Grappling hooks come in many sizes, designs, and strengths. While the size is largely a personal preference, what really matters is the quality of the build.

Cheap material or poor weld jobs will lead to disappointment, lost hooks, and irretrievable treasures.

Here, we’ll only focus on grappling hooks that will hold up to a substantial amount of use and abuse and are designed to last a lifetime.

After carefully reviewing dozens of options, I’d say the best overall choice is the FengWu.

Three hooks. Different sizes including one monster. Excellent construction.

A great all-around choice that gives you the versatility to drag up practically anything!

Best Three-Claw Grappling Hooks


FWEEK 3 PCS Grappling Hook Stainless Steel 3-Claw Hook, Heavy Duty Anchor Hook Set-M L MAX Size, Outdoor Climbing Claw for Hiking, Tree Limb Removal, Catch Fish
  • Various Size:This package includes 3 sizes, meeting most of your using demands...
  • Work-Hardened:Work with solid stainless steel materials, with silvery-white shine...

It can happen to anyone; your rope breaks or your hook becomes impossibly stuck and you have to cut the rope and count your losses.

With this set of grappling hooks, those situations don’t mean your magnet fishing adventures are over because you get not one, but three hooks.

The smallest hook can handle loads up to 100 pounds, and the next size up can safely bear up to 150 pounds easily.

The beast in the pack can lift approximately 440 pounds; just make sure the rope you’re using is up to the task.

Made of quality, solid stainless steel, these hooks will ensure you do not have to leave large finds in the water.


  • Three hooks of assorted sizes.
  • Durable, rust-resistant construction.
  • Extra-sharp claws.
  • Comes with protective plastic sleeves on prongs for safety.


  • No rope is included with this set.


MHDMAG Grappling Hook, Anchor Hook Carabiner Climbing with 3-Claw Stainless Steel Hooks for Anchor Retrieving, Outdoor Hiking, Tree Limb Removal
  • 【Grappling Hooks】 This 3-claw stainless steel grappling hooks is a must adventure tool...
  • 【Durable Performance】The Grappling Hooks with rope is made of best stainless steel...

What’s great about this max-size grappling hook is the length. Measuring 9.8 inches long, it’s much bigger than similar max hooks and is capable of holding up to 440 pounds.

As an added bonus, this hook comes with a rugged 65-foot nylon rope and a carabiner.

If this hook is more than you’re looking for, there are two smaller sizes of equal quality available: a “big” size to hold up to 132 pounds and a “middle” size with an 88-pound capacity. 


  • Includes 65-foot nylon rope and carabiner.
  • Only weighs 1.32 pounds – easy to throw.
  • Solid stainless steel.


  • Some users have been disappointed with the quality and strength of the carabiner. 
  • May be too light to toss great distances or drag effectively along a riverbed.

Long Buy

JCPLYNN 3-Claw Stainless Steel Outdoor Carabiner Grappling Hook/Climbing Claw/Aquatic Anchor Hook Climbing, Hiking, Tree Limb Removal Mountaineering Wild Escape (M Size/5.2x5.1x2.5)
  • ⇒ Grappling Hook - The steel 3-claw grappling hook is a EDC tool loved by many explorers... 
  • ⇒ Strong and Durable - It is made of high-quality stainless steel with excellent bearing...

For those interested in ordinary magnet fishing and not looking to drag up massive finds, this medium-size grappling hook is just right.

With a 132-pound weight-bearing capacity, this hook has more than enough holding power to bring treasures up to the surface and comes at a very reasonable price.

At only 5.2 inches long and only 4.23 ounces, it’s the perfect size for easy throws and convenient to pack and carry.


  • Solid stainless steel with protective finish.
  • Top ring is large enough to accommodate most magnet fishing ropes and carabiners.
  • Light enough to throw long distances.
  • Small enough to fit in tighter places than the larger hooks can.


  • May begin to rust soon after using in water.
  • Too small and light for hauling in large items.

Best Four-Claw Grappling Hooks

US Stainless

US STAINLESS Stainless Steel 316 Hook Anchor 15
  • Stainless Steel 316 Marine Grade
  • Corrosion and rust resistant - for a long service life

If you value quality and want a grapple hook that will last a lifetime, this is the ideal option.

Marine-grade construction and AISI 316 stainless steel guarantees that you are getting the finest hook for your money, and the slope of the prongs is ideal for magnet fishing.

Weighing almost 2 pounds allows the hook to cut down into waterbeds as you drag it to increase catching ability and ensure a firm grasp of the target object. 


  • Superior quality U.S.A. stainless steel 316.
  • Tips of claws are slightly blunt for safety.
  • Marine-grade product.
  • Rust and corrosion resistant.


  • Has not been tested for weight bearing.

Ant Mag

Ant Mag Grappling Hook Stainless Steel Claw Carabiner for Fishing & Retrieval with 20m/65ft 8mm Auxiliary Rope for Outdoor Activity and Salvage Underwater
  • ✔ 【GRAPPLING HOOK】- This 4-claw stainless steel grappling hook is a must strong and... 
  • ✔ 【DURABLE PERFORMANCE】- Made of high quality steel, this strong claw catch firmly...

This four-claw hook not only features serrated claws and a 440-pound bearing capability but folds compactly for storage and transporting.

The ring is an extension of the shaft – not welded in place – making it more durable than similar designs.

This hook weighs 1.7 pounds and is 9.44 inches long – just right for retrieving catches when magnet fishing.


  • High-quality steel construction.
  • Includes 65-foot rope rated at 1,000 pounds and a carabiner.
  • Shaft and ring are one-piece design – no welds that could potentially fail.


  • Some users have been dissatisfied with the rope’s quality.

Best Heavy-Duty Grappling Hooks

JY-MARINE 12 inch Heavy Duty

  • The grappling hooks made from stainless steel 316, wear-resisting, anti-corrosion, anti-rust,strong and durable.
  • The Grappling Hooks are best for outdoor sports, It is a essential tools.

This whopper of a grappling hook is 12 inches long and can handle loads as heavy as 1,200 pounds.

One of its best features is the free-moving solid ring on the top. This allows for more maneuverability under the water than rings that are welded in place.

Everything about this hook’s construction is quality, from the stainless steel 316 form to the extra-strong weld on the claw base.

This hook should last a long, long time and enable you to haul items that other hooks could not handle.


  • Super strong – 1,200 pound weight bearing ability.
  • Heavy – more than 2 pounds.
  • Resists rust, corrosion, and wear.


  • Claws may not be angled enough for some people’s taste. 

Ruipoo Multifunctional

Grappling Hook Folding Survival Claw Multifunctional Stainless Steel Hook for Outdoor Camping Hiking Tree Rock Mountain Climbing (4 Claws)…
  • ★Catch Firmly and Strong Bearing: this survival claw with strong and non-slip saw-tooth...
  • ★Widely uses: this climbing claws is good for wilderness outdoor climbing activities...

This is one tough grappling hook designed for survival activities and capable of bearing 1,102 pounds.

The one-piece design of the ring and shaft add to the overall sturdiness and durability, and the textured handle design reduces the chance of it slipping out of your grip.

The saw-tooth claws provide extra grip and collapse compactly to make it easy to store and carry to the site.


  • Weighs 1.86 pounds and is 9.84 inches long.
  • Solid stainless steel.
  • Extremely strong grip.


  • End of the shaft may have sharp edges which can cut your rope.

Best Foldable Grappling Hooks

Brute Magnetics

Brute Magnetics Durable Stainless Steel Foldable Grappling Hook | Compact with Non-Slip Stainless Steel Prongs | for Fishing & Retrieval, Outdoor Activity and Salvage Underwater
  • DURABLE STAINLESS STEEL Brute Magnetic grappling hook claws are made from... 
  • SECURE GRIP Brute Magnetics ensures each grappling hook claw has non-slip serrated...

Unlike other grappling hooks, this one was designed specifically for use when magnet fishing.

The saw-tooth grooves provide extra snagging power and superior grip, and the SUS304 stainless spring steel ensures durability even with rugged use and protects against rust.

At 1.2 pounds and 7.25 inches long, it’s the perfect size for accurate throwing, and for convenient storing and transporting, it collapses easily to just 2.75 inches wide.


  • Modestly priced compared to similar hooks.
  • Quality construction – built to last.
  • Expands to 7 inches wide.


  • May skip along the riverbed instead of effectively dragging the bottom due to the light weight.


TargetEvo Stainless Steel Gravity Hook Folding Grappling Hook Survival Claw Carabiner with Magnetic Iron for Camping Climbing Hiking
  • The strong stainless bearing can hold up to 661 lb, compact enough to fits easily into your... 
  • Equipped with one Gravity Hook. Comes with the carabiner and strong magnet...

This grappling hook is sturdy and durable, capable of holding up to 772 pounds, but surprisingly light, weighing less than ½ pound.

It is made with SUS304 stainless steel and features saw-tooth serrations on each claw for maximum grip.

When expanded, this hook measures 8.3 inches wide, but it collapses with ease to a compact size. A handy storage bag is included. 


  • Durable, rust-resistant steel.
  • Storage bag included.
  • Serrated 4.7-inch claws 


  • May need to be tightened after use.

Looking for the ideal fishing magnet? Find the best magnet choices here.

Buyer’s Guide

Deciding between similar products can be tough. For magnet fishing, you really don’t need a massive grappling hook that will be difficult to toss accurately.

You want a hook that’s built for durability and will stand up to repeatedly being used in wet conditions. Additionally, consider the following.

Size and Weight Bearing

For the majority of magnet fishers, a grappling hook measuring between 5 and 9 inches long, weighing between 1 and 2 pounds, and capable of bearing 100 – 200 pounds is more than sufficient.

To guide your decision, consider how much you can actually lift and how far you can throw a football (weighs 1 pound) and a pineapple (weighs approximately 2 pounds) accurately.


While this may not be a deal-breaker, grappling hooks for magnet fishing should be nonmagnetic.

This is to prevent the hook from affixing to the magnet instead of grasping the item you’re trying to catch.

Austenitic stainless steel is mostly nonmagnetic. Contact the manufacturer directly to inquire of the type of steel used in production.

Related Question:

How Much Weight Can a Grappling Hook Hold?

Weight-bearing capacity depends largely on the size and quality of the grappling hook. Most small grappling hooks are capable of bearing around 100 pounds.
Medium-size hooks can typically handle between 100 and 200 pounds, and large grappling hooks can carry anywhere from 200 to 400 pounds or more, depending on the model.

To Wrap It Up

Really, any of the above options will efficiently help you haul magnet fishing finds out of the water.

If you’re having trouble deciding and are relatively new to the hobby, I’d go with the FengWu Set of 3.

You’ll have a couple of backups if you need them and  a good variety of sizes and strengths, and you’ll be impressed with the quality. It’s a great deal all around.

For the serious magnet fisher, I’d recommend the US Stainless Grappling Hook.

The heavy weight enables you to efficiently drag the bottom of a waterbed whereas other lighter hooks may bounce along the bottom, missing target items. 

Not only is it superior quality and incredibly well built, but it’s durable enough for many outdoor applications.

While other hooks are great for magnet fishing but can’t tackle heavy-duty jobs, this hook can do it all.

Pulling down limbs, clearing debris, and removing downed trees in ponds are no match for this guy.

Well worth the money!

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