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Full Review of GoShare Moving App

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Moving can be as stressful as it is exciting.

From finding the right vehicle to recruiting affordable movers to help, it’s a process that requires both manpower and brainpower to successfully complete.

Whether you have a full truckload to move or just a few timely packages to deliver, GoShare can help you get your belongings to their destination without the stress.

With the average 1,000-mile move costing nearly $5,000 and local moves still costing well over $1,000, moving can demand an enormous amount of resources in a short amount of time.

GoShare is built to help you save up to 50% in moving costs while providing the exact help you need.

If you need help moving or help with deliveries, keep reading to learn what GoShare can do for you.

We’ll also go over how you can start making money with a GoShare delivery job.

What Is GoShare?

GoShare homepage

GoShare is a desktop website and mobile app that connects you to car, truck, or van owners who double as drivers, movers, and delivery professionals.

These on-demand drivers are fully vetted through background checks and covered by commercial insurance, so you know you can trust them to deliver sensitive documents or bring heavy furniture to your new home without a scratch.

Since it was founded in San Diego in 2014, GoShare has expanded throughout the United States to nearly 30 cities in 15 states.

These locations include:

  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Dallas, Texas
  • Houston, Texas
  • Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Los Angeles, California
  • Orange County, California
  • Phoenix, Arizona
  • San Francisco, California
  • Washington, D.C.

GoShare now also works directly with well-known businesses like Costco, Pier 1 Imports, HomeGoods, and West Elm to help customers get better delivery services.

How Does GoShare Work?

screenshot of vehicle selection page

When you want to book a vehicle and driver, all you need to do is click “Book Now” on their homepage to go to an order page that lets you fill in information about your delivery needs and desired services.

After you submit your request, your delivery request will be forwarded to local drivers, and you’ll be informed as soon as your request is accepted.

While the best way to guarantee that you get matched is scheduling ahead, GoShare does allow users to make on-demand requests any day of the week.

As long as your requested pickup time is between 6 a.m. and 11:30 p.m., there’s a good chance you’ll be able to find a driver within an hour.

You can expect to pay a minimum of $39.99 for any delivery service, but we’ll break down GoShare’s exact services and costs below, so you get a clear idea of how much you can save.

Courier Services

GoShare’s courier services are designed to help you with the same-day delivery of small packages, parcels, and documents.

When you request this low-cost service, you’ll be matched with a driver who has a standard passenger vehicle.

GoShare couriers can also help you pick up purchases from retail locations and deliver to your home, if your car is a bit too small for the items.

Cost: $7 base fee, plus 69 cents per minute

Pickup Truck Services

If you have a couple big-box items or small loads to move, GoShare’s pickup truck service can match you with a driver who has a standard pickup truck.

The truck’s bed length will be 5-7.5 feet, but since the exact length can’t be requested, upgrading is recommended if your items won’t fit in a 5-foot bed.

Pickup truck services can also help you pick up large items from furniture stores and home improvement stores and bring them to your house.

Cost: $10 base fee, plus 99 cents per minute

Cargo Van or Large Pickup Truck Services

jason leung jsVdv4CSgSk unsplash

GoShare offers full-sized cargo vans and large pickup trucks with bed lengths of at least 8 feet.

This is a particularly great service if you want to bring all your belongings to your dorm, studio, or small apartment in a single trip.

Drivers with these vehicles can also help out with up to three big-box items as well as large deliveries.

Cost: $10 base fee, plus $1.29 per minute

Box Truck Services

Box trucks are the largest vehicles that GoShare offers.

Ideal for moving all belongings for a one or two-bedroom home, these trucks range from 10-26 feet long.

These vehicles can easily fit four large items and are great for big deliveries.

Cost: $10 base fee, plus $1.49 per minute

Additional Services

In addition to its core services, which each include one vehicle and one helping hand, GoShare also allows you to request an extra helper (typically a GoShare courier) for an additional 99 cents per minute.

If the items you’ll be moving include particularly large items, like beds and sofas, this add-on is highly recommended, as GoShare drivers may request to reschedule if they can’t move these items themselves.

Other add-on services and equipment on GoShare include:

  • Furniture assembly: $74.99-$129.99
  • Dollies: $4.99 for standard and furniture dollies or $19.99 for appliance dollies
  • Ramps: $14.99
  • Pallet jacks and trailers: $24.99
  • Lift gates: $29.99

How to Become a GoShare Driver

man driving truck

If you’re looking for an opportunity to earn money on the road and help people move, GoShare is one of the best opportunities to earn in the sharing economy.

In the midst of backlash against Uber and Lyft driver treatment, the company has shared its commitment to fair wages for all of its independent contractors.

With delivery drivers on GoShare making between $33.12 and $71.52 per hour (compared to $14.73 per hour on the Uber app) and receiving a weekly paycheck, you’ll have more than enough to cover your job-related expenses and bills.

At the same time, you’ll have the freedom to accept only the delivery requests that work for you.

GoShare Driver Requirements

Before you spend time signing up for to drive for the GoShare moving service, you’ll want to make sure you fit all the requirements.

Eligible drivers must:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Be able to pass a background check
  • Be able to pass a driving history check
  • Own a vehicle that’s 15 years old or newer with no salvaged titles
  • Have proof of valid car insurance and registration
  • Have a checking account to receive payouts
  • Be able to speak English
  • Have an iPhone or Android that’s compatible with the GoShare app

Your car, truck, or full-sized cargo van should also be able to fit into one of GoShare’s services and pass a vehicle inspection.

As long as you meet all of these requirements, signing up to become a GoShare delivery professional is a pretty efficient process.

All you need to do is submit information about you and your vehicle on this application page, then wait about a week for your background check to go through.

Frequently Asked Questions

GoShare: dog in moving box

Now that you have a full understanding of what GoShare can offer you, you can take advantage of the opportunities by signing up for services or as a GoShare driver.

Here are some frequently asked questions to help you learn more about the platform:

1. Can I use GoShare to move across states?

GoShare can help you with moves and deliveries up to 1,000 miles away, so cross-state deliveries and moves are definitely possible, though cross-country services are not.

However, keep in mind that the company still charges based on a per-minute rate no matter what, so you may want to compare and contrast your local options for long-distance moves.

2. Can I bring along a friend or a contractor to help to avoid purchasing GoShare’s helper add-on?


Because GoShare’s helper add-on can be pretty expensive, coming out at nearly $60 per hour, you can easily save by offering a friend lunch or by requesting a contractor from sites like TaskRabbit for about $30 per hour.

For heavier items, GoShare drivers will simply need any helper, which could be you or anyone you know.

3. Do I need to tip my GoShare driver?

While not required by GoShare, it’s highly recommended that you tip your driver through the GoShare app or in cash.

This is because they’re providing a service — and a laborious one at that.

A standard tip is 15% of your total cost, though you should always tip more for great service.

Make Your Move Easier

Using GoShare is a great way to alleviate the biggest pains of moving.

By giving you the cargo space you need, working with your time constraints, and cutting down costs while offering a set of helping hands, the platform solves some of the most common problems in both moving and deliveries.

Plus, if you want to start earning, GoShare driver applications are always available.

If GoShare isn’t available in your area or you simply want to consider other options, read our definitive guide to Bellhops moving services.

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