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Getting the Most Out of Flywheel on ClassPass

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ClassPass is a popular app and membership service that lets members sample a wide variety of fitness classes.

If you’re a member looking for a class that gives you a great workout, you might want to look into Flywheel, which is available on ClassPass in a lot of different markets.

Flywheel is famous for its cycling class — a combination of indoor cycling, music, stadium-style seating, and competitive rankings that drive people to workout harder — but they also offer barre classes, high intensity workout classes, and recovery classes.

In this article we’ll give a brief guide to ClassPass, explain how its credit system works, provide an introduction to Flywheel, explain how to take advantage of Flywheel classes as a ClassPass user, and show you how to get the most out of your ClassPass account.

A Brief Guide to ClassPass

ClassPass was founded in New York City in 2011 by Payal Kadakia who wanted to sign up for a ballet class but couldn’t find one available that would fit her schedule.

From that inconvenience came an idea: a new kind of gym membership that allows you to sign up for classes at boutique gyms and studios all over your city.

ClassPass has grown significantly since then.

Millions of users had made over 17 million reservations by April 2016.

Users are attracted to the service because it offers them the flexibility of trying different classes every month.

It’s an especially great service for people who like to mix things up, as a ClassPass membership will let you enjoy a boxing class one day, a spin class the next, and a barre class to round out the week.

The service is also very popular with people who travel a lot for work because you can apply your credits anywhere you go, as long as ClassPass is available in that city.

Home or away, you can sign up for classes because your class credits travel with you.

Speaking of which, let’s talk about those credits.

The Credit System

Through ClassPass, users purchase a set amount of credits each month, which can be used to book classes.

(In some cities, you can also use credits to book general gym time or wellness appointments.)

Different classes have different credit “costs,” which are priced based on a number of different criteria.

According to ClassPass, that criteria includes:

  • Class time
  • Studio location
  • Time of booking
  • Popularity
  • Studio equipment
  • Number of visits in a cycle (or month of membership)

Credits are assigned to you based on the membership plan you have, though you can always purchase more credits in a given cycle.

Membership Tiers

Flywheel ClassPass: ClassPass pricing in Los Angeles
Flywheel ClassPass: ClassPass pricing in Austin

ClassPass offers three different membership tiers based on how many classes you wish to take.

The tiers vary in pricing depending on the city you’re in.

The first tier typically allows users to book 3-5 classes per month, the second tier 5-8 classes per month, and the final tier 9-20 classes per month, depending on your city.

(While they once had an option to take as many classes as you wanted, there is no longer an unlimited membership on ClassPass. Read why here.)

The three tiers are typically priced like this:

As you may notice, the pricing levels and credits assigned are different for the two cities.

That’s to allow for the difference in class prices in different cities and to make it so you can fairly apply credits if you travel.

If you want to jump up a level, you can upgrade your plan at any point during the month.

Booking With ClassPass

You can book with ClassPass via their website or using their app, and the process works very simply.

First, search for classes, studios, or workout types.

Then review the schedule, select a workout, and “pay” with your credits.

Once you’ve signed up, you just show up to the class you reserved.

Your name will be on the list, you’ll get your workout in, and that’s that.

What Sets Flywheel Apart

Flywheel is a fitness studio that is meant to appeal to the competitive side of athletes of all ability levels.

It’s broken up into different offerings, including Flywheel Sports: Stadium Cycling, FlyBarre, FlyFIT, and FlyRecover.

Flywheel cycling classes and barre classes are hugely popular in major markets across the country — from Miami Beach to the Gold Coast to Lincoln Square in New York City.

Flywheel Cycling

Flywheel indoor cycling was built as a competitor to SoulCycle and is meant to be a stripped down version of the cycling workout.

SoulCycle tries to feel like a dance party — there are lights, and they play newest, best music.

(You will often be cycling to hits from Ellie Goulding and cooling down with Ed Sheeran.)

Flywheel classes have lights and great music, but the focus is much more on the workout itself.

The bikes are arranged in a stadium-style format, and workout participants can elect to be part of a competition where you see how your ride is going compared to other members of the class.

For people who have a competitive side, the format can fuel them to perform at a higher level than they normally might.


FlyBarre is billed as a total body barre workout that stresses low weight and high reps.

The goal is to develop a toned core and body.

Each class incorporates cardio bursts to get the heart rate up, and they make an effort not to focus on just one muscle group but to hit the upper body, lower body, and especially the core in every class.

FlyFIT and FlyRecover

Flywheel is also starting to offer high intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts with their FlyFIT classes, as well as recovery-focused classes called FlyRecover, which is closer to a yoga class.

How to Check Into Flywheel as a ClassPass User

For first timers trying a new class with Flywheel, there’s a simple process to get set up.

The great part is: If you’ve signed up with ClassPass, it’s no different from signing up as a normal Flywheel user.

If you’ve booked with ClassPass, your visit is paid for ahead of time, and your name will be waiting on the list when you arrive.

That being said, there are still a few things you need to do:

1. Show Up 15 Minutes Before Class Start Time

First, they ask you to get there early to check-in with their front desk employees.

Fifteen minutes before class time may seem like a lot, but on your first visit, a Flywheel staff member will give you a brief orientation on how to use the equipment, provide bike and clip adjustments to get you fitted properly, and show you around the gym.

After your first visit, their arrival policy is to show up at least five minutes before the beginning of class.

That’s not only to avoid a no-show fee but also to make sure that the class can get started on time for everyone.

2. Wear Appropriate Clothing

You’ll be getting a serious workout, so make sure you’re wearing something you feel comfortable sweating in.

Flywheel stresses that for cycling classes you should wear shorts or tight-fitting pants that won’t interfere with the cycling gears.

In FlyFIT, they ask that you wear sneakers.

In FlyBarre, they ask that you wear socks or go barefoot.

3. Drop Your Stuff and Grab Your Shoes

In the cycling classes, Flywheel provides shoes that will be sitting outside the combination locker you’re assigned to.

Lock up your stuff, head into class, and you’ll be ready to go.

While you don’t need too much time, knowing what to do ahead of your visit and showing up early will ensure that everyone has an awesome class.

Merging Your Flywheel and ClassPass Accounts

One critique that ClassPass and Flywheel faced for a while was that by signing up for a Flywheel class using ClassPass, it didn’t give users all the functionality that they got when they signed up with the Flywheel app.

Those features include changing bikes and getting stats on previous rides.

To fix that, Flywheel and ClassPass now allow you to merge your accounts so that you can get all the benefits of the Flywheel account through your ClassPass app.

To do that, all you have to do is ask someone at the Flywheel front desk to merge your accounts before or after class.

It should just take a few seconds to adjust your account settings, and you’ll be good to go.

Unfortunately, the Classpass app doesn’t yet have the Flywheel app’s auto check-in feature, which uses Bluetooth to automatically check you in to your class when you enter the gym.

You’ll have to sign in with the tablets at the front desk or with an employee.

Getting the Most Out of Flywheel and ClassPass

If you’re looking for great instructors to challenge you, whether it be via cycling, barre, or a high intensity workout, Flywheel is an excellent option.

They offer good classes for people who like to compete, and with ClassPass, it’s easy to try it out … along with lots of other workouts and fitness studios in your area.

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