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Drizly Promo Code: Alcohol Delivery on the Cheap

Imagine you’re at a party or social event when you realize you’ve run out of drinks and need to pick up more alcohol.

Or perhaps you’re hosting a dinner party and you’ve been so preoccupied with cooking for your guests that you forgot to pick up the craft beer and wine.

Whatever the scenario might be, you can do one of two things.

Rush out to grab the drinks yourself, or turn to a delivery service like Drizly to help you in a pinch.

If you want convenience, the choice is clear: Drizly.

This delivery platform brings alcohol straight to your location.

Even better, you can save on your delivery with a special Drizly promo code.

What Is Drizly?

Drizly is a beer, wine, and liquor delivery service that will bring alcohol directly to your door.

Using your smartphone or desktop, you can search for alcohol at local retailers, place your order, and receive your goods in under 60 minutes.

Drizly is a safe and easy alternative to purchase alcohol in-store.

Instead of making a late-night run or leaving your dinner party, you can order from Drizly and have alcoholic beverages delivered in under an hour.

How Much Does Drizly Cost?

In most cities, the cost of a Drizly delivery is $5.

In some places like New York City, you may even be able to get free delivery.

All alcohol that’s featured on the Drizly platform won’t be marked up.

However, you may not be able to receive in-store prices and promotions.

You can also expect to pay for standard taxes and an optional delivery driver tip.

The default tip amount is set at 10%, but you’re able to increase this tip amount to whatever you’d like.

But what if you want to save on your Drizly order?

Are there ways to save a few bucks?

Of course there is.

Ways to Save Money With Drizly

There are several ways you can save money when using Drizly.

Among them are using the filters to find low-priced items, special offers, promo codes, and referring your friends for Drizly credits.

When shopping on Drizly, you should take advantage of the filters you have at your disposal.

This includes filtering products by price and sorting them from low to high.
Screenshot of alcohol options on Drizly
You can also go to the menu and filter for special offers and site-wide discounts.

This will show you every Drizly deal that’s being offered at a discounted price and what percentage you’ll save.

You can even see closeout sales on items that liquor stores are trying to get off their shelves.

Another way to save money is by using a Drizly promo code if you’re a first-time customer.

These codes will give you money off your first order.

Lastly, you can refer friends if you’ve already used Drizly before.

This will send Drizly credits to your friend and put money in your pocket as well.

First, let’s look at how you can apply a Drizly promo code to your order.

How to Apply a Drizly Promo Code

Checkout screen on the Drizly app
Where to enter a Drizly promo code

Screenshot of a Drizly promo code
New to Drizly?


You can instantly get $5 off your first order.

Just keep in mind that this promo code is valid exclusively on your first delivery and is only available in select areas.

To find current promo codes, head to the Drizly promo code page to find yours today.

Once you’re signed up, you can also receive periodic emails from Drizly with current promotions and offers.

Drizly coupon codes can be applied to your order when checking out.

When you’re at the checkout screen, tap the link at the bottom that says “Apply promo code.”

You can then copy and paste your discount code and your savings will be reflected on your order summary.

If you were unable to apply your promo code when checking out, you can reach out to Drizly customer support to receive your savings retroactively.

You should note that you can only use this Drizly promo code as a first-time customer and that multiple offers can’t be stacked.

You also must place an order that’s worth at least $20.

If you want to find more savings, you can also refer friends to use Drizly.

How to Refer Friends

Screenshot of Drizly app order screen

You and a friend will both receive $5 to use on your next delivery every time you refer them to use the service.

Referral links are easy to share and can be found within your Drizly account settings.

To find your link, tap on your name in the top right corner to access your account information.

You’ll see a link that says “Invite friends, get $5.”

You’ll then be redirected to your Drizly referral link page where you can copy and paste your link.

These links work on the first purchase only, are available for a limited time, and will have a minimum order in place

However, the more people you refer, the more money you can use on Drizly.

So how can you start referring as many people as possible? Share your code on social media.

Share Your Drizly Referral Code on Social Media

Friend referral page on Drizly

Drizly makes it incredibly easy to share your referral code on social media.

When you’re directed to the friend referral page, you’ll see three options — email your friends, share on Facebook, and share on Twitter.

The first option is to email your friends.

You can copy your referral link and type up an email to one or more friends.

Want to increase your chances of saving money?

Blind copy your entire email list telling your friends how awesome Drizly is and how it helped you get quick and easy alcohol delivery.

Just be sure to include your Drizly referral link so you get proper credit.

The other two options — Facebook and Twitter — will redirect you to each social media channel.

If you’re already signed in, Drizly will auto-populate a Facebook post or tweet with a link to your referral code.

Your best bet is to tag any friends or family who you think will enjoy using the Drizly app.

Try not to be too spammy as it will immediately scare people off.

Drizly Promo Code FAQ

Now that you have a good understanding of how you can place your first order and apply your Drizly promo code, let’s take a look at some common questions people have.

1. Do Drizly promo codes expire?

Yes, promo codes do expire.

Promo codes will expire on the day listed and won’t be accepted after their expiration date.

If not specified, the promo code will be valid for no more than one year.

2. Can you use Drizly promo codes in every state?

Promo codes aren’t accepted in every state.

By law, some states don’t allow coupons that go towards alcohol purchases.

If your state doesn’t allow it, you won’t be able to apply a promo code to your purchase.

3. What if the promo code doesn’t work?

If your Drizly promo code doesn’t work, it could be because your state doesn’t allow it.

If you think there was an error applying your code, feel free to contact Drizly customer service.

4. Where can I find out about other Drizly promotions?

You can find out about more promotions on Drizly’s social media channels.

Head to Drizly’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest and follow along to see any new offers.

And remember to watch your email.

Once you’re a Drizly member, they’ll send routine emails which may have offers.

5. Where is Drizly available?

Although Drizly isn’t as expansive as DoorDash, Postmates, and Grubhub, it has spread across a large number of major cities in the United States and Canada.

Drizly is in over 100 markets across the United States, including major cities like San Francisco, Denver, Chicago, Boston, and New York City.

To find out if Drizly delivers in your area, head to the Drizly city page.

If you don’t see your city on there, stay tuned because Drizly is expanding quickly.

Give Drizly a Shot

If you’re ever in a pinch or could simply use the convenience of alcohol delivery, give Drizly a shot.

You can sit back and relax and have that white wine, lager, or whiskey delivered right to your door in under 60 minutes.

Head to Drizly.com to sign up today.

And don’t forget that you can use a Drizly promo code or a friend referral to get $5 off your next purchase.


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