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TaskRabbit is an on-demand service in which people can request (and pay) Taskers to do all sorts of odd jobs and errands.

It’s a mobile marketplace that allows buyers and sellers to discuss the terms, price, and time frame of a given job.

For providing you with the platform to connect Taskers with buyers, TaskRabbit takes a percentage of the hourly rate that you earn.

Here’s how it works: buyers post tasks to the site and Taskers look for tasks they’re interested in.

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The Tasker then replies to the person who posted the task, discusses the project in more detail, and negotiates a price.

Once you’ve finalized the terms, you can get to work on whatever the task may be.

The service is available in lots of cities and major metro areas, including Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and the Bay Area, Washington D.C., and even London.

The mobile tasker app makes it easy to search for tasks and correspond with other users.

You can manage your tasks, update your rates, collect payments, and manage your profile.

The way to become a successful Tasker is to complete lots of tasks and earn strong reviews.

The better your profile is, the easier it will be to book additional tasks.

How Much Does TaskRabbit Cost?

The price of using TaskRabbit will all depend on the task you wish to be completed.

Factors like job details, when the task needs to be done, and the location of the task will contribute to the total cost.

If your task requires a lot of work and effort, then the cost will be higher.

If you have a simple task that requires little time, then your cost will be much lower.

To give you an idea, if we wanted to mount a TV, the hourly rates charged by Taskers ranges from $30 per hour to $175 per hour in our area.

It’s up to you to decide which worker you’d like on your job.

Remember that there will be varying levels of experience and expertise, so choose wisely.

The cheapest option may not always be the best option!

After your job is completed, you’ll receive an invoice that includes the number of hours worked, the hourly rate, a 7.5 percent “Trust and Support” fee, and the task total.

The Trust and Support fee will go directly to TaskRabbit and is used to cover expenses incurred on their side of things.

You’re also charged a 15 percent service fee, however, this fee is already rolled up into the worker’s hourly wage that you’re shown when deciding on the best worker for your job.

If you’re ready to schedule a task, let’s take a look at how you can use a TaskRabbit promo code to get a few extra bucks off your next job.

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