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Making extra cash straight from home sounds like a dream, but can it ever be a reality?

When you find the perfect solution for your busy schedule, it may appear to be a miracle or an outright scam.

However, there’s a good chance that it’s neither — it’s just Clickworker.

For all the skeptical minds that landed on this Clickworker review, we’ll provide the facts to help you determine if this legitimate earning opportunity is for you.

Keep reading to learn about Clickworker, joining the platform, and receiving job opportunities.

Stick around until the end to receive our final verdict on working with the company.

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What Is Clickworker?

Clickworker homepage

Based in Germany and the United States, Clickworker.com is a unique crowdsourcing platform that breaks down large client projects into small tasks that you can complete in exchange for real money.

These micro tasks are often as simple as recording a video or taking a survey, but their impact on real-world companies is enormous.

When you and thousands of other “Clickworkers” complete offered jobs, every piece is compiled to provide companies with desired results — which can even include fully trained AI.

Clickworker is a wonderful opportunity for anyone seeking a fully flexible gig.

Whether you’re a college student juggling classes or a stay-at-home mom juggling children, this platform is definitely one to consider.

How to Join Clickworker

Register as a Clickworker

Clickworker is completely free to join for anyone who is at least 18 years old, has access to a computer with reliable internet connection, and lives in a country that can receive payments via PayPal or Single Euro Payment Area (SEPA) transfer into your bank account.

To sign up for your account:

  1. Head to the company’s registration page.
  2. Under the “Earn money online” section, select “Register now. It’s free of charge.”
  3. Fill out required information in the form that follows. This includes your country of residence, full name, address, email, and date of birth. Click “Sign Up” at the bottom of the page when complete.
  4. Head to your email inbox and open up the account activation email sent by Clickworker. Follow the link within the email to activate your account.

Once you’ve completed these steps, you’ll receive another email with a link to log in to your workplace.

From here, you’ll be prompted to complete your profile by filling in information about you, your language and copywriting skills, and your hobbies.

Doing so can unlock assessments that qualify you for additional work-from-home jobs.

Regardless of whether you unlock assessments, Clickworker does provide a handful of job opportunities that don’t require special skills.

We do recommend downloading the Clickworker app on your smartphone, as many jobs aren’t compatible with laptop or computer technology.

Clickworker Job Opportunities

One thing’s for sure: If you’re earning money through Clickworker, you’re unlikely to become bored.

The micro jobs you’re offered, even without any major qualifications, are incredibly diverse.


Here are a few common job opportunities that you’ll see on the platform, to give you a taste of the kind of work you can accept:

AI Training

Clickworker offers plenty of opportunities for you to earn simply by uploading photos of yourself, recording audio of yourself saying certain phrases, or recording videos of yourself making specific facial expressions.

These bits of information from a huge group of Clickworkers help train artificial intelligence quickly and improve machine learning.

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Mystery Photography

Woman taking photo of bakery items on iPhone

Based on your location, you may be sent to a nearby store to take pictures.

Often, your goal will be to send in images that showcase the retailer’s product placement or other types of displays.

On these jobs, you’re expected to not interact with store associates or tell anyone what you’re taking photos for.

Related: If you like mystery photography, you’ll love mystery shopping.

Companies like Mobee and EasyShift take mystery shopping to the next level and pay for your opinions of your shopping experience.

Survey Completion

Clickworker may offer you opportunities to earn money when you complete surveys or help with academic research.

Much like traditional survey websites like Swagbucks, you do need to answer questions to determine whether you’re qualified for the questionnaire before you begin the paid portion.

Related: There are many companies that offer gig workers the opportunity to take surveys for money.

These include SurveyClub, Survey Junkie, and Mindswarms.

Data Categorization

Similar to many search engine evaluation and web research gigs on the internet, you’ll be tasked with analyzing search results when pulling up specific keywords.

You may also be asked to compare landing pages and determine which one is more relevant.

Categorization can also help with market research, asking you to sort products to help companies better understand consumer thoughts.

Text Creation and Proofreading

Woman working on laptop wearing beautiful rings and Apple watch

If you’re a skilled writer, you may be asked to write anything from product descriptions to informative texts.

These won’t take as much time as a standard freelance writing gig, as these tasks are still broken down into small pieces.

Proofreaders take on the next step, correcting written texts for grammar and implementation of job instructions.

In the same vein, you may also be offered copy editing jobs after you’ve successfully taken enough proofreading and writing-based gigs, and passed appropriate assessments.

Copy editors review proofed copy to guarantee accurate content and style based on job instructions, acting as a final checkpoint before finalized content reaches a client.

Related: As the gig economy grows, so does the need for proofreaders.

Take advantage of the many proofreading jobs available to gig workers today.


Another position offered by ClickWorker is one of a translator.Translators, like you would assume, translate one language to another.

Assessments are always required before you can accept or be offered translation gigs.

These jobs require you to translate texts from one language you’re fluent in to another.

You can receive assessments for a particular language by inputting your language skills in your profile.

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How Much Will I Make on Clickworker?

Clickworker: Earn cash by completing simple tasks

Clickworker estimates that its independent contractors make an average of $9 per hour, though freelancers with high-demand skills and diligence can easily exceed $10 per hour.

Though this number may appear meager, it’s actually quite impressive for the level of work that most members provide.

However, we will note that this impressive compensation does come with a couple caveats.

First, Clickworkers must receive $10 before they can start cashing out (though your balance will never expire).

Second, clients must review and approve your work before you’re paid — and they’re notorious among users for taking their sweet time doing so.

This means that your weekly payouts will likely not include the work you actually completed in the same week, and you may have to wait a couple weeks just to receive a revision request.

Is Clickworker Worth It?

If you’re not totally pressed for time and can wait a few weeks for your earnings to enter your PayPal account, Clickworker is certainly worth it.

The company is one of the more credible and higher paying home-based jobs around.

Unlike survey sites, which allow you to earn slowly for a large amount of data, Clickworker ensures consistent payments for incredibly easy online gigs that you may actually find fun.

While we definitely don’t recommend that you turn your membership into a full-time job, this can be a reliable side gig for almost anyone in the world seeking one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Woman working as a Clickworker on laptop

Joining Clickworker is an easy way to receive opportunities for extra cash.

If you have additional things you’d like to consider before you get started on the website, here are our answers to some frequently asked questions to help you out:

1. How often will I receive new work?

New jobs are actually fairly common on Clickworker.

Due to the popularity of the company for freelancers and clients alike, your page will likely be filled with diverse options every day.

Of course, how much work you’re offered does depend on your profile and qualifications, but since there are often thousands of “positions” available for every micro task, there’s a good chance you won’t run out quickly, even if you’re slow to accept.

2. Are there penalties for producing low-quality work?

All Clickworkers have ratings that are negatively impacted if reviewers are consistently returning work to them for reworking.

If your rating gets extremely low, there is a possibility that you’ll be temporarily excluded from jobs.

However, the company does state that most accounts are re-enabled after a given time.

Plus, your rating is only impacted by your most recent 25 evaluations, so it can quickly improve with better quality work.

3. How can I receive support for my Clickworker work?

The company provides three fantastic platforms for you to receive support. You can:

Do Little to Earn a Lot

When you break down your work into small tasks, it’s guaranteed to keep your productivity high.

By joining Clickworker, all your assignments are already broken down into small, interesting pieces — and the best part is, you don’t have to put them back together.

Interested in more online jobs that pay well?

Take a look at our guide of 21 legit online jobs that pay well to learn about more opportunities.

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